Chapter 513: Liu Mufeng


What a formidable power of blood! No wonder Tower would say it is at least at the Earthen Immortal stage. The blood of a Human Immortal could not possess this level of power. Chen Feng was shocked again.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, several Virulent Killer Mosquitoes flew towards Chen Feng. However, before they could get near Chen Feng, they were all incinerated by the Five Elemental Flames that Chen Feng sent out. Against bugs, fire was super effective.

“Senior Brother Chen, there are many experts here. We should exercise caution.” Bai Yunyan caught up to him. Chen Feng understood what Bai Yunyan meant. In this place, the threat posed by the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes was not high, Rather, the biggest threat here was the other cultivators. That was especially so for Chen Feng. He would most likely be targeted by the other cultivators. At any rate, an uncountable number of cultivators from the Northern Plains wanted to kill him.


The surface of the lake exploded, causing its waters to fly upwards. They surged into Chen Feng’s hand and disappeared. Naturally, that was only how it appeared to others. In truth, the waters were absorbed into the Longevity Tower. There, Tower controlled the waters and analysed its contents.

“I think there are some spiritual herbs beside the lake. Let’s go check it out,” Bai Yunyan said.

“Very well.”

When Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan came to the edge of the lake, they saw two cultivators fighting one another. They were fighting over a blood-red flower.

“It’s a Bloodsoul Flower,” said a shocked Bai Yunyan.

“That’s a good item,” Chen Feng said, rushing directly towards the blood-red flower. Stretching his hand out, he plucked the Bloodsoul Flower up. A power flowed out from the flower, causing Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to shake.

“Kid, you have a death wish!”

Seeing someone snatch the flower away, the two cultivators who were fighting one another immediately stopped to attack Chen Feng simultaneously.

One of them utilized a lightning palm attack, causing bolts of lightning to surge with just a swing of his hand. His attack contained formidable Sky Lightning. As for the other fellow, he utilized a sword containing a high amount of destructive power. Sword beams rampaged about to break space, shredding forward to slice Chen Feng to pieces.

Level 5 Sky Human stage cultivators. To think that cultivators of this level can also make their way here. Chen Feng was quickly able to determine their cultivation states. However, seeing their cultivation states surprised him somewhat. Even so, he did not falter. He sent out the Death Sword to execute a slash, which knocked the two fellows back. They coughed out blood as their figures smashed heavily against the ground.

“A Sacred artefact!”

“A grade 6 Sacred artefact!”

Chen Feng’s action immediately alarmed some other cultivators. Naturally, they were not alarmed by Chen Feng’s strength. Rather, they were alarmed by the Sacred artefact in Chen Feng’s hand.

Sensing the atmosphere of coercion emanating out from the Death Sword in Chen Feng’s hand, some felt dread, some felt envious and some simply revealed naked greed.

Chen Feng stepped forward to collect the two fellows’ spatial pouches. Next, he turned to look at the other cultivators. Sensing the waves of soul power scanning him, Chen Feng scoffed inwardly. Surface wise, however, he maintained a look of indifference. It seemed as though he simply did not view all the cultivators there as a threat.

“Chen Feng!”

“It’s the Chen Feng that Nine Firmaments Palace is after!”

“Hey, I know him. He is a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect. However, why is he travelling with a disciple from Flowing Cloud Hall?”

“Junior Sister Bai, you are here as well.” A young, tall and handsome cultivator appeared before Bai Yunyan.

Diagonally straight eyebrows, starry eyes, a heroic face and an upright stature. He sported a white-coloured, armoured attire and a coronet on his head. He wore a valuable jade pendant and a quaint-looking sword hung down from his waist. Both his appearance and temperament were of the best. The occasionally aura coming off his body, however, caused Chen Feng to feel wary. When he looked at Bai Yunyan, there would be a look of adoration within his eyes. However, when he turned to look at Chen Feng, his eyes turned different. Chen Feng could see the occasionally glints of killing intent within them. It gave Chen Feng an unpleasant feeling.

Heh! This fellow is much better looking than me. However, he seems antagonistic towards me. I wonder, is it due to Bai Yunyan or the rewards offered by Nine Firmaments Palace? Or does he just want to kill me off and snatch my items? Chen Feng contemplated the issue. Although he was feeling wary, he wasn’t particularly worried. This fellow was a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator. Someone at that level was still incapable of giving him too much problems. If this fellow really wanted to mess with Chen Feng, he would simply have to waste a bit of energy and utilize the Longevity Tower to quake him to death.

“Senior Brother Liu!” Bai Yunyan bowed respectfully.

“Ha ha! How many times do I have to say it? Junior Sister Bai, there is no need to be so courteous before me. Originally, I had wanted to go find Junior Sister Bai right after entering this pocket dimension. However, the space here is simply too big. I was unable to find any clues about your whereabouts. Thankfully, I am able to meet junior sister now. Junior sister, let’s leave this place. Don’t hang around with someone like this, otherwise you might end up getting dragged into trouble,” the cultivator, Liu Mufeng, quickly said.

“Senior Brother Liu, let me do the introductions. This is Extreme Celestial Sect’s Senior Brother Chen. This is my sect’s Senior Brother Liu Mufeng.” Hearing Liu Mufeng’s words, a look of discomfort flashed across Bai Yunyan’s face. However, she had still decided to introduce them to each other.

“No introductions are needed. I know this fellow. Chen Feng, the fugitive from Extreme Celestial Sect. You have offended Nine Firmaments Palace. He he! The way I see it, he does not have long to live. Junior sister, you should stay away from him so as to not end up provoking any troubles.” Liu Mufeng sneered at Chen Feng.

Hearing his words, Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. This fellow has quite a decent appearance, but he was constantly going against Chen Feng. Even so, as a show of respect to Bai Yunyan, Chen Feng chose not to say anything and simply put some distance between them. 

“Did I say you could leave? Junior sister, move away a little. I’ll teach this fellow a lesson.” Liu Mufeng stepped forward and pulled Bai Yunyan behind him. Then, he reached out with his hand to jab a finger in Chen Feng’s direction and a wind bullet shot towards Chen Feng. Although it looked like a casual move, Chen Feng could clearly sense the formidable power behind the wind bullet.


When the wind bullet flew close to Chen Feng, it abruptly exploded, transforming into countless sword beams, which enveloped Chen Feng.

The sinister aspect of this attack shocked Chen Feng. However, he was able to quickly spur the body armour hidden within his skin to cover his body. Thus, all of the sword beams were stopped.

The body armour only appeared for a moment before disappearing into Chen Feng’s body again. Chen Feng knew that it would be very difficult to spur the body armour to appear again any time soon.

Heh! This Liu Mufeng fellow has a good cultivation base, but he is too arrogant. In that case, don’t blame me for this. After successfully blocking Liu Mufeng’s attack, Chen Feng’s domain power surged out to form a tangible palm silhouette. Wielding the Death Sword, the palm silhouette slashed at Liu Mufeng.

“Humph! Do you think you are the only one with a Sacred artefact? Behold, my Sacred Windflow Sword!” Liu Mufeng pulled out the quaint-looking sword and streams of light, filled with spiritual energy, slashed towards Chen Feng’s Death Sword.

Hey, that’s just a grade 1 Sacred artefact. He really doesn’t understand the meaning of death. Chen Feng smiled to himself. Empowering the Death Sword, he then sent it slashing forward.


The two Sacred artefacts collided against one another. Next, Liu Mufeng’s Sacred-tier sword was sent flying backwards, where it smashed against Liu Mufeng’s body. Blood sprayed out from Liu Mufeng’s mouth as he fell backwards. This result was only possible due to Chen Feng holding himself back, otherwise the move could have killed Liu Mufeng.

Liu Mufeng was only a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator. If he could block the attack from a grade 6 Sacred artefact with a grade 1 Sacred artefact, he would be a defiance of Heaven. Although Chen Feng was still incapable of unleashing the Death Sword’s full power, the same was true for Liu Mufeng. He could only bring out a portion of his Sacred-tier sword’s power.

“Senior Brother Liu, are you all right?” Bai Yunyan rushed forward to grab Liu Mufeng. No matter what, they were both from the same sect. She could not simply watch as Liu Mufeng die.


Chen Feng’s figure darted forward to appear before Liu Mufeng. At that moment, Liu Mufeng was still coughing out blood. His Sacred Windflow Sword had fallen to the ground, cracks evident on its body while the light radiating from it grew dim. It was already severely damaged.

“You! You!” Liu Mufeng opened his mouth and the blood gushing out from his mouth contained torn bits of his internal organs. The blow he received earlier had grievously wounded his internal organs.

“Tsk, tsk! As expected of a disciple from a renowned great sect. You are still alive after that. Say, do you think I should give you another blow?” Chen Feng brandished the Death Sword and said smilingly.

Seeing the smile on Chen Feng’s face, a hint of dread flashed across Liu Mufeng’s eyes. Perhaps the situation had stirred his body’s potential, but he actually managed to – arduously – stand up on his own.

“You want to kill me? You won’t have an easy time doing that.” Liu Mufeng was finally able to utter out a complete sentence.

“What? Don’t tell me you want to blow yourself up? I can easily kill you off with just one sword strike,” Chen Feng said with a ridiculing tone.

“Senior Brother Chen, just forget it. Senior Brother Liu is my fellow disciple from Flowing Cloud Hall, after all. You have already grievously wounded him. There is no need to kill,” Bai Yunyan hastily said.

“Very well. As a show of respect for Junior Sister Bai, I won’t kill you. Next time, keep your eyes wide open. You are lucky you met me. If this had been some other cultivator, given that insufferably pompous look you were putting on, they would have gutted you,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Liu Mufeng felt his pride battered. He could not stop himself from coughing out another mouthful of blood and his aura grew even weaker.

“Who dares hurt the disciples from our Flowing Cloud Hall?!” Suddenly, a beautiful and enchanting-looking woman who appeared to be in her thirties flew over. She landed before Liu Mufeng and stretched out her hand to send a stream of primary energy forward. Due to her actions, Liu Mufeng stopped coughing out blood and his wounds rapidly recovered.

“Greetings, Senior Sister Shangguan.” Bai Yunyan was surprised and she quickly saluted this woman.

“Humph!” The beautiful woman merely gave a harrumph, ignoring Bai Yunyan. Instead, she brought out a medicinal pill, which she gave to Liu Mufeng to help him recover.

A level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator! Chen Feng’s eyes shone and he wondered if there was a need to fight. Thus, he began to secretly mobilize his strength. If this person wanted to trouble him, he would have to utilize his killer move to subdue her.

“You are Chen Feng? You dare wound someone from our Flowing Cloud Hall? Do you know what kind of crime you just committed? Now, hand over the sword in your hand as compensation and I might be able to reduce your punishment,” the beautiful woman said as she looked at Chen Feng.

Hearing her words, Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, he could not stop himself from bursting into laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

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