Chapter 512: Blood Fruit


“Yes. Although their numbers have decreased, their individual strength has risen,” Chen Feng said, controlling the Skysoar Warship to exert a formidable suction force upon the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. Immediately, several of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were brought into the ship, placed before them all.

Indeed, the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were bigger and stronger. The blood pumping within their bodies were also of a higher grade. After getting sent into the ship, the mosquitoes immediately attacked Chen Feng and the others. While their sharp mouthparts were stabbing forward, they also released soundwaves capable of affecting the mind. However, they were quickly slapped to their deaths. 

“Am I hallucinating right now? The strength of each of these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes is at level 1 of the Sky Human stage!” Zhang Xuanjin exclaimed.

Bai Yunyan revealed a look of shock while Chen Feng revealed a look of concern. The Virulent Killer Mosquitoes here were several times stronger than the ones they had encountered earlier. While they were confident in their ability to kill off a hundred of these mosquitoes, there were so many of the mosquitoes swarming around the bloody lake. None of them could tell just how many Virulent Killer Mosquitoes there were. Rather, they would not feel doubtful if someone were to tell them that there were one million Virulent Killer Mosquitoes there.

Even a thousand plus of these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes would be capable of killing them by swarming forward. Mu Qingfeng, Zhang Xuanjin, Zhang San and the other loose cultivator revealed looks of dread.

“Looks like we are not the earliest ones here,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes. There are other cultivators.” Bai Yunyan’s eyes lit up.

To their surprise, there was quite a number of cultivators there. Some were searching around the bloody lake while some kept flying above the bloody lake. Some were even diving into the blood-red waters of the lake. There were also some flying-type magic treasures hovering around, though many of the cultivators there were fighting against the swarm of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes.

“Cosmos in a sleeve!” A mighty-looking, middle-aged cultivator furiously swung his hand and wind blew out from his voluminous sleeve while creating bursts of formidable suction force. Instantly, over 100 Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were sucked into the sleeve.

“That is Wang Wuliang from Ironsleeve Sect, a level 8 Sky Human stage expert,” Bai Yunyan said.

“Mysterious fire burns Heaven!” Flames were spraying out from a short cultivator’s palm. Like an erupting volcano, the flames swirled to incinerate several stretches of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes.

“That is Liu Feihuo from Holy Flame Sect. He is also a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator,” Mu Qingfeng said.

By then, Chen Feng had noticed something else. It was true that the number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes here was high and that they possessed a higher level of strength compared to the ones Chen Feng had previously encountered. However, they were not attacking others with a maddening fervour like the previous ones. Rather, these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were tactical in their attacks, making use of whatever openings they could see.

They were acting like yao beasts that had gained intelligence. Their attacks were not executed randomly. Rather, they would seek to attack their opponent’s weak points. Additionally, should they encounter enemies that were far stronger than them, they would not simply charge to their deaths.

“Looks like these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes have gained wisdom. Although they are hard to deal with in some aspects, they are also easier to deal with,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Yes. By having a high-level cultivator, it would be possible to deter these mosquitoes,” Bai Yunyan said.

Chen Feng’s eyes were suddenly pulled towards a young cultivator who was standing upright as he floated above the bloody lake. However, there wasn’t a single Virulent Killer Mosquito around him. Seeing that had left Chen Feng shocked. A detailed observation then revealed that it was not because no Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were attacking him. Rather, before they could get within a radius of three zhang from the young cultivator, an invisible force would shred them apart.

“What a formidable sword energy! Is he from Sword Hall?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Yang Jitian from Sword Hall. One step is all that remains between him and the Human Immortal stage. He cultivates the slicing-type sword energy. He is very powerful, even more so compared to that Mo Xuan,” Bai Yunyan said.

Chen Feng nodded. There was no need to say more. Just the invisible atmosphere that he was emanating from his body was enough for Chen Feng to tell that this fellow would be tough to deal with.


Suddenly, Yang Jitian made his move. Like a propelled sword, his figure charged towards the edge of the bloody lake and countless Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were shredded in his wake.

His hand then grabbed outwards and a blood-red fruit appeared in his hand.

“Blood Fruit!” Bai Yunyan’s face was filled with shock.

“Blood Fruit?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“Yes. There is no exact name for this fruit since it can only grow in fiendishly bloody places. Additionally, it contains a thick amount of blood energy. Thus, it came to be known as Blood Fruit,” Bai Yunyan said.

“Oh? It contains fiendish blood energy?” Chen Feng grew more shocked. He didn’t think that such a fruit existed. 

As they were talking, a blood-coloured pillar of water rose up from the churning waters of the bloody lake. Hovering above the pillar of water was a fist-sized Blood Fruit.

“Eh, another Blood Fruit? It is produced from within the bloody waters!” With a thought from Chen Feng, the Skysoar Warship released a suction force to collect the Blood Fruit.

Holding the Blood Fruit, Chen Feng could immediately sense the thick blood energy within it. Additionally, the blood energy within Chen Feng automatically roiled. It was seemingly going berserk.

“So powerful!”

Chen Feng was surprised. He had yet to attempt to refine it, but the mere act of touching it could actually bring about such a reaction. 

“If I am not mistaken, the waters in this lake are formed by blood. I am currently still incapable of analysing the full details of the blood. However, my initial estimate is that it is at the lowest, the blood of an Earthen Immortal,” Tower said.

“Earthen Immortal!” Chen Feng’s eyes widened in shock. That was an existence surpassing the Human Immortal.

“Naturally, I do not mean that all of the bloody waters here are the blood of an Earthen Immortal. Perhaps, there is just one drop, or one clump,” Tower continued.

“A drop? A clump? Can a clump of blood end up creating such a large bloody lake?” Chen Feng was shocked once again.

“Theoretically speaking, Earthen Immortals should be the strongest existences within this Eternal World. They are existences surpassing the Human Immortal stage. These are things that the current you cannot comprehend. If every drop of water within this bloody lake is the blood of an Earthen Immortal, you fellows would simply be incapable of approaching it. If you get too near such an existence, the blood energy it emanates alone could kill you fellows off,” Tower said.

“Who is it? Hand over the Blood Fruit.” Suddenly, Yang Jitian arrived, hovering before the Skysoar Warship. When he saw the emblem of the Heavenly Origin Trade Association on the warship, however, he chose not to immediately attack. However, he felt curious. Back when he was outside this pocket dimension, he hadn’t seen anyone from Heavenly Origin Trade Association.

“If you want to attack, just attack. No need for pointless words.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from the Skysoar Warship.

“You have a death wish! Do you think that you can be arrogant just because you have Heavenly Origin Trade Association’s backing? I will be teaching you a lesson today!” 

Yang Jitian knew that Human Immortals were incapable of entering this pocket dimension. Since only Sky Human stage cultivators could enter this pocket dimension, he was already a top existence amongst all the cultivators here. Naturally, there was no need for him to fear anyone. Although this Skysoar Warship hovering before him was a Sacred artefact, it was only a flying-type magic treasure and not an offensive-type magic treasure. Thus, he was not feeling too concerned.

“This is bad, this is bad! It’s Sword Hall’s Yang Jitian! We’re goners now!” Zhang San said anxiously.

“If you are afraid, you fellows may leave,” Chen Feng said with a smirk.

He had only just said that when Zhang San and the other loose cultivator sped out. They were so fast, Chen Feng ended up feeling stunned. Even Yang Jitian, who was hovering outside, was taken aback by their sudden appearance.

“Just two minor cultivators at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. To think that you two would dare put on airs before me. You may die now,” said Yang Jitian, who prepared to make his move.

“Don’t attack! Don’t attack! We are just loose cultivators! We have nothing to do with what happened just now. The owner is inside!” Zhang San quickly said.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter if you are the owner or not. You still have to die.” Killing intent glinted across Yang Jitian’s eyes.

“Hurry up and run!” Sensing that things were not looking good, Zhang San and the other fellow wanted to run away. However, a beam of sword light swiftly flashed forward and the two of them were instantly sliced into two each. Next, the two halves of their corpses were further split into pieces. Naturally, the spatial pouches on them flew into Yang Jitian’s hand.

“Those two fellows really do have a death wish.” Mu Qingfeng sighed.

“The cultivators from Sword Hall are truly arrogant. Here in this pocket dimension, they have become even more unscrupulous,” Chen Feng said smilingly. However, he was not worried about what was happening.

“Are you not going to come out and die yet?” After killing the two fellows, Yang Jitian swung to send forth a thick sword beam, which bombarded the body of the Skysoar Warship. Instantly, Chen Feng and the others felt the ship shaking violently.

“Heh! Let me test just how powerful this fellow is,” Chen Feng said, empowering the magic arrays within the Skysoar Warship. Instantly, 1,000 spirit stones were burned as three sword beams shot towards Yang Jitian.

Despite his arrogance, this Yang Jitian was a capable fellow. In the face of the attacks coming from a Sacred artefact, he did not reveal apprehension. Instead, he swiftly fired out three sword beams of his own. Those three sword beams were different from the sword beams that Chen Feng was used to seeing. The sword beams contained a formidable slicing-type power. In a flash, the three sword beams that the Skysoar Warship sent out were completely unravelled.

“So, this is the slicing-type sword energy. It is truly extraordinary,” Chen Feng said.

“Should we head out?” Bai Yunyan asked. Bai Yunyan and the others were feeling somewhat concerned. They did not have as much confidence as Chen Feng about this. Yang Jitian was a high-level existence that the three of them could not handle.

“No rush, let’s wait first.” Chen Feng waved his hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a few more pillars of water burst up from the lake somewhere far away. A Blood Fruit was spinning rapidly atop each pillar of water and cultivators rushed towards them the instant they appeared.

“Consider yourselves lucky! I’ll let you fellows off first,” Yang Jitian said, turning around to charge towards the fruits. At the same time, he fired out sword beams at the other cultivators.

“Yang Jitian! You wanna die?!” Cultivators who could make it here were all extraordinary characters, after all. Even though Yang Jitian was a formidable character, there were also others that were capable of standing up against him.

“Let’s head out and check it out,” Chen Feng said, flying out from the Skysoar Warship. Bai Yunyan followed him. As for Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin, they chose to stay behind. There were too many experts here. Additionally, there was also a high number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. As they were aware of their limitations, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin decided to simply stay inside the Skysoar Warship.

After emerging from the Skysoar Warship, Chen Feng immediately sensed a formidable wave of blood energy blowing towards him, causing his heart to palpitate quickly. His blood surged ceaselessly and even his sea of wisdom was affected as it roiled about.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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