Chapter 511: Bloody Lake


Hearing Chen Feng’s words, everyone fell silent as they pondered the matter. Bai Yunyan’s eyes quickly lit up. “In other words, there is something that can provide these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes what they need to cultivate?”

“Yes. Maybe its spiritual energy, or maybe it’s something else.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Do we have to follow those Virulent Killer Mosquitoes? If we get surrounded again, it will be difficult to escape.” Mu Qingfeng grew concerned. The two of them had yet to fully recover from the wounds that they received earlier.

“With risk comes reward. However, I wonder what it might be?” Chen Feng said, performing a grasping move with his hand. A Virulent Killer Mosquito was caught in his grasp. As the mosquito was struggling, it sent its sharp mouthpart stabbing towards Chen Feng’s palm.


A wave of primary energy flashed out from Chen Feng’s palm and the Virulent Killer Mosquito was immediately knocked unconscious. Next, Chen Feng sent his soul power into the Virulent Killer Mosquito’s mind.


The Virulent Killer Mosquito’s head instantly exploded and blood splattered out.

“Too weak. There is nothing inside its sea of wisdom.” Chen Feng grasped again to catch three Virulent Killer Mosquitoes this time. It did not take long before the three Virulent Killer Mosquitoes exploded as well.

“Let me give it a try.” Bai Yunyan caught a Virulent Killer Mosquito as well. This time, the mosquito did not explode.

Seeing that, Chen Feng became surprised. However, he quickly understood that it was due to his low cultivation level. Although his soul power was formidable enough, the quality of his soul power was still not comparable to the soul power of those who had overcome several Lightning Tribulations. 

After some time, Bai Yunyan opened her eyes and said, “There is only a bloody lake inside its sea of wisdom, nothing else.”

“Bloody lake? Is it their nest?” Chen Feng speculated.

“Most likely. However, I still do not know where it is.” After saying that, Bai Yunyan caught some more of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. Finally, she was able to determine the location of the bloody lake.

“The bloody lake is around 1,000 kilometres from here,” Bai Yunyan said.

“So far!” Chen Feng’s brows knitted slightly.

“The poisonous miasma here is already very difficult to defend against. Venturing 1,000 kilometres forward will likely be very difficult,” Mu Qingfeng said.

“Yes. The poisonous miasma here is simply too formidable. Even the Poison Prevention Pill is useless against it. We can only utilize primary energy to defend against it,” Zhang Xuanjin said as well.

“Senior Brother Chen, what do you think?” Bai Yunyan turned to look at Chen Feng.

“No matter what you fellows decide, I must continue forward,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“For the spirit stone mine up ahead?” A glint of light flashed across Bai Yunyan’s eyes.

“Yes. So, regardless if there is a bloody lake up ahead or not, I will be going forward. Naturally, this will be a very dangerous journey. I would not recommend following me. These are my sincere words,” Chen Feng said, turning to look at Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin as well. 

“It is indeed very dangerous, but I am unwilling to go back like this,” Zhang Xuanjin said, nodding.

“Ha ha! I also want to follow and see for myself what lies up ahead. Given how thick the spiritual energy is, there must be some goodies there,” Bai Yunyan said smilingly.

“If so, let’s talk about it while we venture forward.” As Chen Feng spoke, a fireball suddenly shot out from his hand to explode, creating a curtain of fire which enveloped them all. Naturally, that also included Zhang San and the other loose cultivator.

“There is a massive spirit stone mine up ahead, large enough for the creatures staying 5,000 kilometres away from it to cultivate. However, the number of Great Yaos is high. There are seven Yao Kings there.”

Next up, Chen Feng informed them what he knew about the spirit stone mine. After hearing it, Bai Yunyan and the others frowned.

“What a gigantic spirit stone mine! However, with Yao Kings standing guard, it will not be possible to approach it.”

“There are also many Great Yaos. We can’t even handle one strong Great Yao. To think that there would be hundreds of them around. This is too much.”

“Junior Brother Chen, is your information reliable?”

“Of course. I actually got it from one of the Great Yaos here,” Chen Feng said.

“Fellows, I think we should turn back. It is simply too dangerous up ahead.” Zhang San’s face was somewhat pale. It was unknown if it was due to fear or because he had lost too much blood earlier.

“Ha ha! It is as I have said in the beginning. If you are afraid of danger, there is no need for you fellows to follow me. On the way here, I have encountered two Great Yaos. They are both high-level Great Yaos. One is a tiger yao and the other is a panther yao. They are both very strong, capable of going toe-to-toe with Yan Qing and the others. 

“Moreover, these two Great Yaos are only staying in the peripheral areas of the spirit stone mine. I don’t even know what kind of Great Yaos are waiting up ahead. I’ll say it again, my objective is the spirit stone mine up ahead. There is a high chance of dying if you follow me,” said Chen Feng as he gave Zhang San and the other loose cultivator a glance.

“Err, it will still be better for us to stick together.” The two fellows’ faces revealed conflicted expressions. However, they dared not head back on their own. At any rate, the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes behind them were very scary. For now, they should just keep moving forward. It would be safer for them to stay with Chen Feng.

“Do you fellows have any spirit stones?” Chen Feng asked.

“We have some.” Mu Qingfeng and the others nodded.


After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a flying warship appeared above their heads. It was the one he had snatched from Manager He from Heavenly Origin Trade Association, a grade 1 Sacred-tier Skysoar Warship [1]

“Sacred artefact!”

Zhang San’s eyes instantly bulged wide open. Next, they turned fiery. If he could hide inside this warship, it would not be as dangerous.

“Come on in,” Chen Feng said, flying inside. Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin followed him closely. Next, Bai Yunyan, Zhang San and the other loose cultivator entered as well.

“Bring out your spirit stones, then. I don’t have any more spirit stones on me,” Chen Feng said.

“Not a problem!” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin brought out 10,000 Prized crystals each. Next, the Skysoar Warship started up and it quickly flew through the poisonous miasma.

“Ha ha! Junior Brother Chen is truly rich. With this flying magic treasure, we don’t have to worry about this poisonous miasma anymore.” Zhang Xuanjin laughed.

“It is really good. However, the rate at which it consumes spirit stones is too high.” Mu Qingfeng nodded. The minimum requirement for empowering a Sacred-tier flying-type magic treasure was Prized-tier spirit stones. Magic crystals were simply useless in that regard. 

“Ha ha! I have 20,000 Prized crystals here. Hopefully, it can help out somewhat.” Bai Yunyan laughed as she brought out some Prized crystals as well.

In the past, Chen Feng would not have cared about that amount of spirit stones. However, he presently did not have many spirit stones on his person. Thus, he could only rely on their donations to empower the Skysoar Warship.

“Your turn.” Zhang Xuanjin turned to look at Zhang San and the other cultivator. Every one of them were generously contributing to the cause, but the two of them were actually putting on indifferent looks.

“He he! Are these spirit stones still not enough? The two of us had not been able to get any harvest since entering this pocket dimension.” Zhang San forced out a smile.

“Humph! No matter how you cut it, you are a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. Do you not have any spirit stones at all? Fine. Junior Brother Chen, just put these two fellows down and let them walk through the poisonous miasma on their own,” Zhang Xuanjin scoffed.

“No, no! We are just talking here. Here are 2,000 Prized crystals. They are from the two of us.” Zhang San’s face sank and he instantly brought out some Prized crystals. Don’t joke around. If Chen Feng’s team were to drop them off right here, forget the poisonous miasma, if they were to encounter the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes again, they would be in hot soup.

“2,000 spirit stones? Hey, hey! Are loose cultivators all beggars?” Zhang Xuanjin said with a ridiculing tone.

“Yes, yes. We loose cultivators often face a hard time trying to cultivate ourselves. Naturally, we cannot compare with you fellows. I have heard that the cultivation environment in the immortal dao sects has spiritual energy that is several times higher compared to ours’,” Zhang San quickly said.

“Humph!” Zhang Xuanjin turned away, ignoring the two fellows.

There was an indifferent look on Bai Yunyan, who sat down nearby. She ignored what was happening. On Chen Feng’s side, he was piloting the Skysoar Warship. Thus, he, too, ignored what was happening. 

With the Skysoar Warship, the rate at which they were advancing rose several times. Additionally, they would not be surrounded by the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. Even when there were Virulent Killer Mosquitoes, they would be smashed to pieces by the energy streams enveloping the Skysoar Warship before they could even get near it.

After some time, Chen Feng said, “What a thick blood energy! Looks like we are close to reaching the bloody lake.”

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

By then, the number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes outside had grown in number as well. Some of them smashed themselves against the Skysoar Warship to create a series of popping sounds.

“The number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes here has risen. Does this miasmic zone only have these creatures?” Mu Qingfeng felt puzzled.

“Ha ha! I wonder if other cultivators would come here.”

“This time around, the various great sects have sent forth a high number of cultivators. The cultivators from each sect would bring in some Sacred artefacts with them as well. We do not have much of an advantage against them.”

“Senior Brother Chen is right. We will need to be careful. Before entering this miasmic zone, I had encountered two level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. Moreover, I was unable to determine their backgrounds,” Bai Yunyan said.

“They are most likely also aiming for the spirit stone mine up ahead,” Chen Feng said, increasing the Skysoar Warship’s flight speed. One spirit stone after another was consumed and Mu Qingfeng and the others gaped as they saw just how fast the spirit stones were getting consumed.

“Huh, we are here. It really is a bloody lake,” Chen Feng suddenly said. Transparent windows appeared across the body of the Skysoar Warship, allowing them to clearly see what was happening outside.

A blood-red lake appeared before their very eyes. One glance at it gave them a bloody and oppressive impression and they felt their souls shuddering.

“It really is a bloody lake. But, are the waters of the lake actually blood?” said a shocked Zhang Xuanjin.

“Oval-shaped, 10 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide. It can only be considered as a small lake. However, its waters are very peculiar. It can serve as a food source for so many Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. It is certainly not some ordinary lake,” Bai Yunyan said.

“Naturally, it is no ordinary lake. It is made entirely of blood. How can it be ordinary? However, I wonder, what creature’s blood is that?” Chen Feng piloted the Skysoar Warship and it slowed down before slowly descending towards the bloody lake. 

“We should not get too close to this bloody lake. I keep getting this weird feeling. We should just use this Skysoar Warship to fly straight towards the spirit stone mine,” Zhang San said.

“Shut up! This is not up to you.” Chen Feng grew somewhat irritated at him.

“Have you fellows realized it yet? There are less Virulent Killer Mosquitoes on the lake, but they are considerably bigger,” Bai Yunyan suddenly said.

 1 Manager He appeared in Chapter 442, first introduced as ‘an insidious-looking middle-aged man with triangular eyes’ alongside Xiao Jian. He was finally introduced as Manager He in Chapter 445. Both Manager He and Xiao Jian were trapped inside the Longevity Tower since Chapter 449, but were probably turned to fuel for the Longevity Tower when it was snatching away the Sky Meteorite.

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