Chapter 510: Breaking Out


Chen Feng ignored the three cultivators. Instead, he kept swinging the Fire Wyrm Sword to kill off the charging Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. At the same time, he brought out the flaming Eight Trigrams Fire Sword. The flaming sword split into eight other flaming swords, which flew around Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin.

“You two, hurry up and replenish your energy. Leave the rest to me,” said Chen Feng as he unleashed another Storm of Sword Beams. This was no ordinary Storm of Sword Beams. Instead, it was imbued with a formidable power of fire, the counter to these bugs. The Storm of Sword Beams swept outwards to create another extensive path through the mosquitoes. This move from Chen Feng ravaged at least several hundred of them to death.

“You fellows can follow us. However, whether you live or die will depend on your luck.” Chen Feng looked at the three cultivators before bringing Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin with him as he charged out.

With the Eight Trigrams sword array protecting them, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin need not worry about the attacks from the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. They could focus on taking medicinal pills and their recuperation. As for Chen Feng, he kept firing out one sword beam after another to kill off the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes, which were attacking them incessantly.

Hearing what Chen Feng said, the three cultivators were at a loss at what to do. However, they had no other options. Thankfully, Chen Feng was carving a path out of the encirclement. Thus, it was possible for them to escape by following Chen Feng’s team.

After killing off over 1,000 of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes, Chen Feng grew frustrated. The surrounding Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were endless. There was no way to tell just how many of them there were. Additionally, Chen Feng had this feeling. The number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes around them was rising and growing more violent. They practically did not care if they would die as they madly rushed forward to attack Chen Feng. Even after seeing Chen Feng unleash his Storm of Sword Beams to incinerate hundreds of them, even more of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes would swarm forward.

“Why are there so many Virulent Killer Mosquitoes here?” Chen Feng was beginning to feel pressured. The sword array was also beginning to wobble as the mosquitoes kept suiciding themselves against the sword array. Chen Feng would not have cared even if a hundred of them were attacking. At that moment, however, there were thousands upon thousands attacking the sword array. 


One of the eight flaming swords was knocked aside, causing a gap to appear within the sword array and a group of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes swarmed in. Their sharp mouthparts stabbed towards Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin.

“Argh! Save me!” one of the three cultivators following Chen Feng from behind suddenly screamed. The Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were latching onto his body and they furiously sucked away his vitality.

Chen Feng frowned. However, he did nothing to help the cultivator. Chen Feng was already having a hard time protecting himself. His soul power surged and the flaming sword that was knocked aside instantly flew back, allowing the sword array to operate once again. The Virulent Killer Mosquitoes that entered the sword array earlier were all killed by the rampaging sword beams inside. 

“Argh!” The cultivator whose blood was getting sucked out frantically rushed towards Chen Feng. However, he had only managed to take a few steps forward when his whole body withered up before breaking apart into powdery bits.

“Chen Feng! Please help us!”

Seeing what happened to him, the other two cultivators grew so terrified that their faces turned pale. One of them shouted out even as the two of them sped up. They wanted to rush into the sword array that Chen Feng had set up. 

“These mosquitoes are really troublesome.” Streams of flames were bursting out from the Fire Wyrm Sword. Moreover, the rate at which Chen Feng was unleashing the Storm of Sword Beams was increasing. Even so, he was still incapable of breaking out from the encirclement. Additionally, he also had to channel his energy to fend off the poisonous miasma in his surroundings. Thus, Chen Feng could feel his energy reserve falling rapidly.

Naturally, Chen Feng was confident that he could break through the encirclement if he was alone. However, bringing Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin along would prove somewhat tricky.

Finally, two Virulent Killer Mosquitoes broke past his defences and their sharp mouthparts struck Chen Feng’s body. However, before they could suck any blood out, a burst of flames shot out from Chen Feng’s body to incinerate the two mosquitoes.

It was the body armour that Chen Feng wore. Again, it was forged using the scales and hide of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. It contained formidable powers of ice and fire. As a grade 9 Prized artefact, a casual release of its aura was enough to incinerate the mosquitoes.

“Junior Brother Chen, looks like it is impossible. There is no need to worry about us. You should hurry up and leave this place,” Mu Qingfeng said.

“That’s right, Junior Brother Chen. You can definitely make it out if you are alone. We will just be a burden for you. Hurry up and go!” Zhang Xuanjin said as well.

“Don’t worry. We’ll definitely make it out,” Chen Feng said, gnashing his teeth.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

This time, the Storm of Sword Beams move he unleashed contained the power of wind. Its power rose greatly and it killed over 1,000 of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes.

“Let’s speed up! I don’t believe these mosquitoes are completely fearless!” Chen Feng said as he fired out another Storm of Sword Beams. After facing two Storm of Sword Beams in a row, the surrounding Virulent Killer Mosquitoes faltered slightly in their movements. It was as though they had become slightly fearful.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng brought Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin with him as he rushed forward and the two cultivators followed suit. However, the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were quick to give chase.

“Just what is up with these mosquitoes? Do they not get tired of this?” Chen Feng felt vexed.

Suddenly, clumps of white cloud swirled over. The rapidly swirling clouds were somewhat similar to the Storm of Sword Beams move that Chen Feng had unleashed earlier, capable of damaging a large area and possessing a high level of might. Any Virulent Killer Mosquitoes that got too near the clouds would be torn into pieces.

“It’s Flowing Cloud Hall’s Flowing Cloud Skysoar Formula!” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

“It’s Bai Yunyan!” Mu Qingfeng exclaimed as well.

Chen Feng nodded. By then, Bai Yunyan had appeared before them. Her five slender fingers kept dancing about and another clump of rapidly swirling clouds instantly attacked to create a path out of the dense swarm of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes. 

Despite the ordinary appearance of the clouds, Chen Feng knew that it contained the power of wind and clouds, possessing both speed and killing power.

“How are you fellows?” Bai Yunyan landed gently beside Chen Feng.

“We’re fine. However, this is somewhat troublesome,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“It is indeed troublesome. I didn’t think that there would be so many Virulent Killer Mosquitoes here.” Bai Yunyan’s beautiful brows were furrowed.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment and said, “I have a plan. Let’s launch our attacks together next.”

“Not a problem!”

Soon enough, the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes that were scattered away gathered up behind them again. Additionally, it seemed as though their numbers had not fallen at all. Seeing that truly vexed Chen Feng.

“All right, attack! Storm of Sword Beams!”

“Dance of Clouds and Winds!”

Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan released their strongest attacks simultaneously. Immediately after that, Chen Feng brought out several fiery-red bottles. The bottles exploded and clumps of fire essence promptly burst outwards. Those fire essences were even stronger and purer compared to the Five Elemental Flames that Chen Feng was utilizing. They were Enigma Flame Extract. Some had been refined for him by his master, Sage Enigma Flame while the rest were items that he had managed to obtain along the way. However, since Tower had used up nearly everything inside the Longevity Tower when he collected the Sky Meteorite, there were not many left. These were the last few Enigma Flame Extract that Chen Feng possessed. After Chen Feng used them, they formed a sea of flames to block their rear.

Crack! Crack!

Crackling sounds could constantly be heard as the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were burned to death.

“Hurry up and leave.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

Bai Yunyan was surprised to see Chen Feng bring out so many fire essences. However, she did not say anything. She knew that now was not the time to be discussing that.

This time, Chen Feng and the others advanced through hundreds of li before coming to a halt. The Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were no longer chasing them. Although they would encounter two or three Virulent Killer Mosquitoes on their way forward, this small number was no threat to them.

“Thank you!”

The two cultivators stepped forward. Having successfully made it out from the dangerous situation, they quickly thanked Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan.

“Since it’s no longer dangerous, you fellows should leave,” Chen Feng said coolly.


A look of hesitation appeared within their eyes. They had clearly witnessed just how strong Chen Feng was. Meanwhile, this was a dangerous place. By following Chen Feng, they would be much safer. Besides, there was no telling when they would bump into an even more formidable yao beast or poisonous creature. 

“Err. Chen Feng, can you let us follow you fellows? We are not familiar with this place. Besides, that we can meet is also a form of fate. The more of us there are, the stronger we become, right?”

“Yes, yes! We both have 6 Lightning Tribulations under our belts. We should be able to help out somewhat!”

Flattering smiles filled their faces as they did their best to ingratiate themselves with Chen Feng.

“Following me is not necessarily a good thing. Nine Firmaments Palace’s Yan Qing and some others are after me. Follow me only if you fellows are not afraid of death,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Yan Qing!” The two cultivators immediately revealed looks of shock. Only then did the two cultivators remember that Chen Feng was someone that Nine Firmaments Palace wanted to capture. They also knew about Yan Qing. A level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator was not someone that the two of them could fight against.

“Let's go!”

Chen Feng did not bother checking their reactions. Instead, he turned and moved forward, leaving the two cultivators there as they pondered what they should do.

“Junior Brother Chen, do you think they will follow us?” Mu Qingfeng asked.

“They will probably follow us for now,” Chen Feng said indifferently.

“For now.”

Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin exchanged glances. They understood what Chen Feng meant.

As expected, it did not take long before the two cultivators caught up to them, smiles on their faces.

“He he! We have thought it through. It will still be safer for us to move together,” one of the loose cultivators, Zhang San, said smilingly.

“Don’t get scared into running away when Yan Qing catches up to us,” Zhang Xuanjin deliberately said.

“No, we won’t, we won’t! No matter how you cut it, Senior Brother Chen had saved us earlier. If the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace catches up to you, we brothers will rush out and fight them!” Zhang San said with a chuckle. However, the glint within his eyes betrayed his true intentions.

Chen Feng did not bother spending too much time with them. They were merely minor characters. Having them follow him was not an issue, provided they stayed clear of troubles.

“Although the poisonous miasma here is very thick, the number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes here is simply outrageously high. How do they survive? Could they simply devour the miasma here to cultivate?” Chen Feng said solemnly.

1 li = 0.5 km

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