Chapter 509: Virulent Killer Mosquitoes


“Senior Brother Yan has a point. There is a good number of spiritual herbs here. There is no need for us to be anxious about chasing Chen Feng. Besides, there will certainly be formidable Great Yaos up ahead. Letting Chen Feng go explore ahead first is a good idea,” Liu Guang said.

“Even though the concentration of the spiritual energy here cannot yet be considered high, we have already encountered two Great Yaos. I believe it will be even more dangerous up ahead. It would be for the best if we can contact some more of our fellow sect members. We can also find those from Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace,” Yan Huo said as well.

Moving away from Yan Qing’s group, who had chosen to stay and dig up the spiritual herbs there, Chen Feng was running away. He had fled the instant he collected the Nine Leaf Lotus. This was the Shadowless Panther’s territory, after all. Since he had taken away its treasure, it would most likely come after him.

Looks like it will be quite difficult to approach the spirit stone mine. I have only just entered the peripheral area, but I have already encountered such a formidable Great Yao. Chen Feng contemplated the matter. At the same time, he operated his Void acupoint and his figure became hidden within the void.

After flying through a lengthy distance, Chen Feng slowed down. Having figured out the situation here, he knew that swiftly finding the spirit stone mine was an unrealistic goal. It would be better for him to search for spiritual herbs and spiritual trees as he slowly made his way forward. Perhaps, he could group up with other cultivators to form a team.

Heh! I am now outside the Shadowless Panther’s territory. I wonder what kind of powerful yao beasts I will encounter next? However, it will definitely be stronger than the tiger yao!

During his time in the Shadowless Panther’s territory, Chen Feng had also collected some spiritual herbs and spiritual trees that were over 1,000 years old. However, Chen Feng was despondent to find that his journey through the Shadowless Panther’s territory was too quiet. He did not encounter a single powerful yao beast. Occasionally, he did see some ordinary flying-type yao beasts. However, before Chen Feng could even release his aura, the flying-type yao beasts had flown far away.

Did the Shadowless Panther eat up all of the yao beasts here? Isn’t he too cruel? I think I didn’t see any yao beasts in the tiger yao’s territory as well.

Eh? There is poison in the air. Even the number of trees up ahead has fallen. Have I entered a miasmic zone? Chen Feng stopped. Reaching out with his hand, he performed a grasping motion and the surrounding streams of spiritual energy gathered to form a sphere within his palm.

Inspecting it carefully, he saw that there were grey-coloured energy streams flowing amongst the other spiritual energy streams. Chen Feng slowly inhaled some of them and determined that it was poisonous miasma.

It seems that the yao beast threat is not the only thing I have to face if I want to find the spirit stone mine. I also have to face this miasma. Hopefully, the poisonous miasma here is not too potent, otherwise I would have to hide inside the Longevity Tower and advance using it. Chen Feng considered, closing every pore on his body. At the same time, he used his primary energy to put up a shield to stop the surrounding poisonous miasma from invading his body. 

After having put up the poison-prevention measures, Chen Feng advanced again. As expected, as he advanced, the poisonous miasma grew in concentration and the energy shield that he had put up around his body was continuously eroded by the poisonous miasma.

I wonder how far this miasma stretches? However, this is a good thing. The more poisonous the miasma here is, the less yao beasts there will be, right?

Chen Feng slowed down. After advancing for half a day, he had only managed to cover a distance of over 50 kilometres. There were almost no spiritual herbs and spiritual trees to be found on his way forward. However, those that Chen Feng would occasionally find would immediately be collected. Plants capable of growing within such a poisonous zone must certainly be extraordinary.

This is Blood Eroding Grass! Good item! A rare spiritual herb that cannot be bought no matter how much money one has. It is difficult for them to grow even in places with thick spiritual energy. It is only capable of growing in places filled with poison like this one. After collecting several black-red medicinal herbs, Chen Feng could not stop himself from becoming overjoyed. Although the medicinal herb was not very old, it did possess some unique functions. For example, it can be used to practice poisonous cultivation techniques and concoct poisonous pills. Cultivators practicing poisonous cultivation techniques can even ingest and refine them directly.

This is a Soul Captivating Flower! Its value is in no way inferior compared to the Blood Eroding Grass. Cultivators with weak soul powers can be knocked out with just a whiff of this thing while the medicinal pills concocted using it can improve soul power. Seeing a faint-black flower, Chen Feng stopped again.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of soft popping sounds rang out from the energy shield around Chen Feng. As the energy shield was about to become completely eroded, a clump of flames emerged from Chen Feng’s body. Next, the flames burned away the surrounding miasma like a blazing sun dispersing the dark clouds.

Huh! I didn’t think that the poisonous miasma here could be so powerful! It could actually counter primary energy. However, cultivators who cultivate fire techniques will be getting a bargain here. The flames that Chen Feng released were the Five Elemental Flames. With the protection of the Five Elemental Flames, Chen Feng need not worry about the surrounding poisonous miasma for the time being.

Chen Feng sped up again. Not long after that, Chen Feng heard the sounds of fighting. Moreover, he could sense chaotic movements within the surrounding streams of spiritual energy.

There are people fighting! Or did some yao beasts appear? Let’s go check it out!

Truth be told, Chen Feng believed that this fight must be due to acts of plunder from cultivators. He did not think that it could be due to yao beasts. At any rate, he had entered this miasmic zone for quite some time, but had yet to encounter a single yao beast.

Concealing his body, Chen Feng then quickly made his way to the source of the sounds. There, he saw a group of cultivators surrounded by a swarm of blood-red mosquitoes. Each of the mosquitoes was bigger than a fist, with a completely red body. Blood flowed within their bodies and their movement speed was very fast. Their sharp mouthparts were seemingly made from metal, capable of easily piercing iron. 

Virulent Killer Mosquitoes! Chen Feng was stunned. These poisonous insects were social creatures. He had encountered them before back in Demon Soul Valley. However, the size and number of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes that he had encountered back then could not compare with the ones he was looking at right now.

Layer after layer of Virulent Killer Mosquitoes surrounded the cultivators while even more streamed over ceaselessly from afar. Listening to the constant cries of shock from the cultivators, Chen Feng knew that things were not looking good for them.

I wonder who these fellows are? Chen Feng did not move forward. Although the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes were difficult to handle, Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned about them. However, he also did not want to get dragged into the mess for no good reason. If the ones surrounded were cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace, him taking action would be foolish.

However, Chen Feng quickly rushed over, striding forward as he did. At the same time, flames raged upon his palm. Earlier, he had heard a familiar voice. Thus, he decided to take action. 

After Chen Feng revealed himself, the surrounding blood-red Virulent Killer Mosquitoes flew over to attack him. The Virulent Killer Mosquitoes flew forward, their wings flapping rapidly without making a single sound. And yet, their flight speed was very fast. In just the blink of an eye, several hundred of the mosquitoes had surrounded Chen Feng. 

The countless sharp mouthparts stabbed towards Chen Feng. By successfully piercing their way into Chen Feng’s body, they would be able to suck up everything within him, reducing him into a withered husk.


Chen Feng swung and a large fireball exploded. At the same time, the Five Elemental Flames burning around him grew more intense. Popping sounds rang out and the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes surrounding Chen Feng were instantly burned to their deaths.

However, even more of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes swarmed forward to attack Chen Feng. There was no end to them and they simply did not know the meaning of fear.

These social creatures are the hardest to handle. Like the Metalchomp Ants, they don’t understand fear. Thankfully, their individual strength is not high. If every one of these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes possesses the strength of a Great Yao, even a Human Immortal would find it hard to deal with this swarm, Chen Feng thought. Next, he brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword. Every swing from the sword would reduce tens of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes into ash.


One of the cultivators surrounded by the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes suddenly screamed out wretchedly. Several Virulent Killer Mosquitoes could be seen biting him. As the mosquitoes continued sucking his blood away, the cultivator’s body grew withered. Both his hands slapped about haphazardly, but he only managed to slap two of the mosquitoes to death before death claimed him. His withered corpse fell down. However, before it could even make contact with the ground, it broke into bits, scattering all over the ground like powder.

Chen Feng saw what happened to him as well. Impressive! These Virulent Killer Mosquitoes are not only capable of sucking blood, they can also suck away the essence inside the human body!

However, seeing someone die, Chen Feng grew apprehensive as well. He decided to speed up his actions and unleash his formidable sword move.

Once again, he sent out a Storm of Sword Beams. Everywhere it went, the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes would be incinerated and an extensive path was opened up in front of him.

“Junior Brother Chen!”

Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin exclaimed simultaneously. They had been besieged by the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes for quite some time now. They had been stung a few times as well. While they did attempt to break out several times, they had failed in the end. Just as they were feeling concerned about their depleting reserve of primary energies, Chen Feng arrived. Seeing him, the two of them felt pleasantly surprised.

“What are you two doing here?” Chen Feng quickly arrived before them. Both Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s faces were pale, a sign of having lost too much blood. Some parts of their bodies were also shrivelled up, the handiwork of the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes’ bites. However, despite their wretched appearances, they had no other injuries on them. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt relieved.

“We heard that there are plenty of spiritual herbs here. Thus, we decided to come here for an adventure. We also thought that we’d be able to find Junior Brother Chen here. Looks like we did find you,” said Zhang Xuanjin.

“However, these Virulent Killer Mosquitoes are very tough. Not to mention, we have used up too much of our energies. Junior Brother Chen, do you have the confidence in breaking out?” Mu Qingfeng asked.

“I can try. Who are they?” Chen Feng looked at the other three cultivators who were there alongside Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin.

“They are probably loose cultivators. We had only temporarily grouped up,” Mu Qingfeng said.

Chen Feng understood what Mu Qingfeng meant. They had no relationship with the three cultivators and he could just ignore them.

“Fellow brother, please help us. My name is Lu Dalong, a loose cultivator. I will definitely repay you for this,” one of them, a stout-looking fellow, shouted.

“Please help us out! As long as we can get out, we are willing to give you everything we have!” the other two hastily shouted as well.

The three of them were in a worse shape compared to Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. One of them had even lost his whole arm. It appeared he must have cut it off after the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes managed to latch onto it.

Seeing the formidable attack from Chen Feng earlier, they knew that their chance to escape had arrived. Naturally, they would have to follow Chen Feng.

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