Chapter 507: Pursued


“What? Seven Yao Kings? Did I hear you wrong?” Chen Feng’s eyes widened in shock.

Although the number of Great Yaos had exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations, he was only surprised by it. However, hearing about the seven Yao Kings astounded Chen Feng. If Chen Feng were to encounter just one Yao King, he would be forced to flee. No joke. The governing laws of this place were suppressing Chen Feng and the other cultivators who entered this pocket dimension from the outside while seemingly not affecting the creatures living here. Thus, the gap between the two sides had grown bigger.

“Human, you look like a good guy. So, I’ll advise you. Don’t keep going forward. It is very dangerous,” the tiger yao said solemnly.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before finally asking, “Is there really a spirit stone mine up ahead?”

“Of course. However, you can forget about it. The Yao Kings have occupied the surrounding areas of the spirit stone mine. Why else would Great Yaos like us stay in the peripheral areas?” the tiger yao replied, shaking its head.

Chen Feng frowned. There was actually a spirit stone mine up ahead. However, the many Great Yaos and Yao Kings was a serious issue. It would be impossible for Chen Feng to approach the spirit stone mine by himself. If so, he would have to depend on the Longevity Tower.

I wonder how much has the Longevity Tower recovered. If only it did not get damaged by the Sacred artefacts before entering this pocket dimension, Chen Feng thought.

“Tower, how about it? Do you have the confidence in doing it?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Hey! I can even collect an Immortal artefact, let alone some Yao Kings. No matter what happens, this spirit stone mine is mine!” Tower said haughtily.

Despite Tower’s confident tone, Chen Feng knew that it would not be simple. At any rate, he did witness the Sacred artefacts bombard the Longevity Tower. Besides, a broken Immortal artefact did not possess much in terms of offensive power. However, those Yao Kings were living creatures with formidable destructive powers. 

Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling apprehensive. Even so, the allure of the spirit stone mine caused his heart to palpitate. For seven Yao Kings to decide to stay around it, one could imagine just how ginormous this spirit stone mine was.

“Tiger yao, do you know how big the spirit stone mine is? Or, do you know what grade of spirit stone it is?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“I don’t know exactly how big it is. However, the spiritual energy coming out from the mine is enough for us, living within a radius of tens of thousands of li away from it, to practice cultivation. It is probably not small. As for what grade it is, I think it should be high-grade Prized crystals,” the tiger yao answered after a moment’s consideration.

Chen Feng was stunned. Just the spiritual energy that it was emitting was enough for the creatures staying within a radius of up to tens of thousands of li to cultivate? If so, just how big was this spirit stone mine?

“Tower, looks like we absolutely cannot miss out on this. If you can devour this whole spirit stone mine, your powers can recover to the Dao artefact tier, right?” Chen Feng said in excitement.

“It’s not that simple. You are presently just at the Concealed stage. As you have yet to reach the Human Immortal stage, you do not understand just how powerful a Dao artefact is. For the average magic treasure, after pouring in so much resources into it, you might actually be able to turn it into a Dao artefact. However, I am not some mediocre magic treasure. Do not forget, I have devoured an Immortal artefact before. And yet, I was still incapable of returning to the Dao artefact tier,” Tower said solemnly. 

After pondering the issue, Chen Feng came to understand what Tower meant. It was true. Tower’s recovery needs were similar to his cultivation needs. Chen Feng’s cultivation base was strong enough for him to instantly kill off cultivators on the same level as him. In fact, he could even kill off opponents that were at a higher level.

However, the amount of energy he needed in order to level up was gargantuan. On Chen Feng’s part, he had been fairly lucky. He managed to find some spirit stones and spiritual herbs along the way while his cultivation technique also played a crucial role in his efforts to level up. If it weren’t for that, relying purely on absorbing the worldly spiritual energy would take Chen Feng at least 100 years to reach the Sky Human stage. 

That was assuming he could cultivate as fast as a cultivation genius. For the average cultivator, however, most of them would fail to reach the Sky Human stage no matter how hard they tried. Then, their lifespan would end and they would die of old age. Either that or be killed before that.

“No matter! There are so many spirit stones here. I must think of a way to get them,” Chen Feng replied. Due to the attacks the Longevity Tower took from the Sacred artefacts back then, all the spirit stones that were stored within it had been used up. Thus, Chen Feng was now very poor. He was in serious need of spirit stones.

“As if you had to say that. I also need them to recover my powers,” Tower could not stop himself from chuckling.

“Hurry up. The fellow chasing us is catching up to us,” the tiger yao suddenly said.

Chen Feng focused and found that Yan Qing was pursuing them. Additionally, he was very fast. He was rapidly gaining on Chen Feng and the tiger yao.

“Hou! I will be speeding up!” the tiger yao roared. Next, the surrounding power of wind surged as its velocity rose and it left Chen Feng behind. 

“As expected of a high-level Great Yao. It is so fast.” Chen Feng, too, spurred the Twin Swords of Life and Death, causing the sword light enveloping him to flare up and his flight speed rose.

Although his cultivation base was suppressed, by desperately pushing himself, he was able to cover a distance of hundreds of li in half a joss stick’s worth of time.

I wonder, have I reached the Shadowless Panther’s territory? Chen Feng wondered. Although he had already sped up, the pursuing Yan Qing was getting even closer. 

“Chen Feng, just stop. You won’t be able to escape!” Yan Qing said, gathering his strength.

Chen Feng did not say anything. He continued flying forward as fast as he could while ignoring Yan Qing. He understood that by talking back to Yan Qing, he would create a momentary pause, which would allow Yan Qing to catch up to him.


A sword beam shot out from the sword that Yan Qing was riding, piercing through the sky to attack Chen Feng. This Yan Qing was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator while the sword that he was riding was a Sacred artefact. Additionally, through the brief confrontation Chen Feng had with Yan Qing, he could tell that Yan Qing was slightly stronger compared to Mo Xuan. This was something borne from instinct.

The moment Yan Qing unleashed the attack, Chen Feng had instantly dived down. He crashed heavily against the ground, creating a large crater as a result. After that, Chen Feng jumped out and swiftly made his way into a thick forest.

Seeing the gleaming spiritual herbs on the ground, Chen Feng sighed to himself. He was incapable of collecting the spiritual herbs here for now.

“Cyansoul Sword Technique!” 

Both of Yan Qing’s hands swiftly formed a sword seal and the Sacred-tier sword beneath him unleashed its might, firing out one concentrated beam of sword energy after another at Chen Feng, who was on the ground. In the face of the bombardment of sword beams, trees were pulverized and smooth, circular holes appeared on the ground.

Heh! I wonder if the tiger yao will get reinforcements over to help or if it’ll just stand by and watch as the two of us get wounded, Chen Feng thought, evading the attacks coming at him from above.


A sword beam locked on to Chen Feng’s position. The sharp intent within it caused Chen Feng’s hairs to stand on end. He gritted his teeth and the primary energy within him circulated furiously. Next, his rapidly advancing figure came to a sudden halt. To suddenly halt himself while rushing forward at such a high velocity gave Chen Feng a highly unbearable feeling and he nearly coughed out a mouthful of blood. 


A sword beam flew past Chen Feng’s head and the ground before him instantly exploded. It was as though a fiery-hot steel plate had fallen upon wax, causing a hole to appear there. There was no way to tell just how deep the hole was.

“Looks like I cannot run anymore.” Chen Feng extended his hand to jab at the sky. The Death Sword transformed into a beam of black light as it attacked Yan Qing.

“A Sacred artefact containing the power of death. It is also of a high grade. However, you are incapable of unleashing its full power.” Just one glance was enough for Yan Qing to determine the details of the Death Sword. A look of greed flashed across his face. His Sacred artefact was only a grade 2 Sacred artefact. Although it was a decent magic treasure, it could not compare with this Sacred artefact from Chen Feng. If he could snatch away Chen Feng’s Sacred artefacts and take them for himself, his combat prowess would rise.


The Sacred artefact that Yan Qing was riding flew forward to block the Death Sword. Next, Yan Qing stretched his hand out to grab the Death Sword. 

Heh! He sure is fearless. Seeing what Yan Qing was doing, Chen Feng reflexively smiled. His Death acupoint stirred and the Death Sword immediately emanated a formidable death energy. Before Yan Qing could grab the Death Sword, he could already sense that the vitality within his palm was quickly diminishing. He was so shocked that he rapidly retracted his hand.

“What a potent death energy!” Yan Qing was shocked. He dared not be careless. Wielding his sword in one hand, he used his other hand to unleash another Transcendent Cloudpalm of the Nine Firmaments at Chen Feng.

“Humph, bring it! Storm of Sword Beams!” Chen Feng shouted and the Life Sword swiftly swirled to unleash Chen Feng’s strongest offensive technique.

As Chen Feng was fighting Yan Qing, the tiger yao and a black panther yao was secretly observing their fight from afar. The panther yao was the Shadowless Panther, a very formidable Great Yao. At that moment, the Shadowless Panther’s eyes were gleaming with black light as it regarded the two cultivators who were battling one another.

“Panther Bro, it’s time we attack!” the tiger yao said anxiously.

“What’s the rush? Wait until the two of them are wounded first. Then, we’ll attack and finish off the two of them,” the Shadowless Panther said in a hushed tone.

“But the youngster had saved me back then. Without his assistance, I would have been captured by them now,” the tiger yao said.

“Hey, humans are very cunning. Perhaps they were simply putting on a show earlier? Besides, so what if he had saved you earlier? I do not believe that these humans are some good Samaritans. They are coming after the spiritual herbs and spirit stones here.” The Shadowless Panther did not move, seemingly having no intentions of attacking.


After several rounds, Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding on. This Yan Qing was indeed stronger than Mo Xuan. His primary energy was wild and vigorous while his attacks were extremely ruthless. He kept unleashing the Transcendent Cloudpalms of the Nine Firmaments Palace at Chen Feng, leaving large craters on the ground.

“Do your Nine Firmaments Palace always like to bully the weak?” An attack sent Chen Feng flying and his hurtling figure smashed through several thick trees.

“You are wielding a Sacred artefact, so this action of mine cannot actually be considered as bullying the weak. How about this? As long as you hand over the Sacred artefact in your hand, I can let you go. What do you think?” said Yan Qing as he condensed another clump of pure energy on his palm.

“Ha ha ha! I don’t have the courage to believe a word that you cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace say.” Chen Feng laughed.

“In that case, I will have to expend some effort to kill you first,” Yan Qing said and the clump of energy on his palm abruptly flew out, transforming once again into a large palm silhouette, which bombarded Chen Feng.

1 li = 0.5 km

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