Chapter 506: Transcendent Cloudpalm of the Nine Firmaments


By utilizing the Bloodblaze Flight Technique, Liu Guang and Qian Hong were instantly able to evade Chen Feng’s attack and they disappeared in a flash. However, they also left a thick scent of blood behind.

Hey, they burned their blood essence! Those two are quite decisive. However, it will take them some time to recover from this, unless they have high-grade medicinal pills. Chen Feng was shocked to see the two fellows evade his attack. At any rate, he had pushed out practically everything he had for the attack, exhausting vast amounts of his energy. In the end, however, they had managed to escape. 

However, Chen Feng did not falter. As he worked on replenishing his strength, he linked up with the Longevity Tower. Next, a semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower suddenly emerged from Chen Feng’s body before rapidly expanding in size. Then, it covered the ground. When the Longevity Tower’s silhouette rose up again, the spiritual fountain and the surrounding stretch of rare spiritual herbs had all disappeared, leaving only a large hole there. Naturally, all of them had entered the Longevity Tower.

Although this time’s harvest was not comparable to the harvest he obtained from the Mystic Iron mine, Chen Feng was still surprised to find that there were at least 100 spiritual herbs that were over 5,000 years old amongst the herbs there. He nearly whooped out in joy. Additionally, there was also a spiritual fountain, which was continuously releasing spiritual liquid. After putting all of them into the Longevity Tower, the herbal field inside grew in size. 

After collecting the spiritual fountain and the spiritual herbs, Chen Feng concealed himself again as he headed towards the tiger yao. 

Earlier, the uproar caused by the fight between him and Liu Quang and Qian Hong had alarmed the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Thus, the cultivator who was standing on the tree and giving them orders, Yan Qing, swiftly flew towards Chen Feng’s position.

Given Yan Qing’s level of strength, he could have simply unleashed an attack in that general direction. However, he feared that his actions would damage the spiritual herbs there. Thus, he had chosen not to attack.

While he was still halfway towards Chen Feng’s position, however, he saw a pagoda tower disappear, having collected the spiritual fountain and the spiritual herbs there. Seeing that infuriated Yan Qing greatly. In his fury, he howled out, creating rippling shockwaves, which spread out into his surroundings. Chen Feng, who was in the midst of flying towards the tiger yao after concealing himself was struck by the shockwaves and his figure was revealed.

Sigh, how unexpected! Although I have opened up the Void acupoint, I keep getting discovered. Looks like my cultivation level is still insufficient. Feeling frustrated, Chen Feng landed back on the ground. He brandished the Life Sword to sweep the shockwaves away.

“Tiger yao, I’ll help you!” Chen Feng shouted, sending the Life Sword flying forward to stab the magic array. Sword light erupted as the attack burst open a hole through the magic array entrapping the tiger yao.

Roaring Tiger Shockwave!

Seeing the hole, the tiger yao swiftly leapt out from the magic array before unleashing its attack. A cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace was struck and his body was reduced to bits.

Speaking of which, the tiger yao had only fallen prey to the magic array because the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace had caught it off guard. After successfully escaping from the magic array, it became like a mad beast and attacked the other cultivators. After beating up another two cultivators, it promptly turned around and rushed back to its lair. 

However, when the tiger yao reached its lair, it saw only a huge hole before it. Its body shook with rage and it nearly tumbled to the ground.

“Roar! You damned humans! I will kill all of you!” The tiger yao grew enraged. Its humongous body, that of a small mountain, grew even bigger.

By then, Yan Qing had arrived as well. He was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, the maximum level allowed for entering this pocket dimension. Thus, he could cover a distance of several hundred zhang in but a flash. When he finally got a good look at the deep hole there, rage flashed across his eyes and the corners of his mouth twitched. 

His party had laboured arduously to set up the trap, wanting to collect all of the spiritual herbs here. Their plan had initially succeeded. However, something unexpected happened along the way. The sudden appearance of a cultivator had disrupted their plan. 

Yan Qing then saw Liu Guang and Qian Hong and his face grew uglier to behold. Although their Nine Firmaments Palace had sent in a considerable number of cultivators inside, high-level cultivators were rare. The loss of one was a great loss to the sect. Cultivators capable of overcoming their 8th or 9th Lightning Tribulation were existences that could potentially assail the Human Immortal stage. That was especially so of Liu Guang and Qian Hong, who were the geniuses of the sect.

“Transcendent Cloudpalm of the Nine Firmaments!”

Two large palm silhouettes appeared, bringing a tempest with them as they shot towards both the tiger yao and Chen Feng. This magic technique was Nine Firmaments Palace’s sect guardian technique, part of its Nine Firmaments Scripture. This offensive secret technique could already be considered as a minor immortal technique. When combined, the Nine Firmaments Scripture, Transcendent Firmaments Scripture and Purple Firmaments Scripture form the Heavenly Immortal Technique. Passed down from the Immortal Plane, it could be considered as a top-grade cultivation technique within the mundane world.

“Spiralling sword beams!”

The Twin Swords of Life and Death swiftly swirled upwards, immediately piercing the palm silhouette. To Chen Feng’s surprise, however, all it did was create a hole on the palm silhouette. Instead of dissipating away, the palm silhouette savagely smashed down against Chen Feng.


A booming sound rang out as Chen Feng’s figure was smashed against the ground, causing the lands to quake. A deep palm print was left on the ground. 

It wasn’t just Chen Feng. Even the tiger yao was sent flying after getting hit by the palm silhouette. However, the tiger yao’s fleshly body was mighty and its body massive. After tumbling a few times across the ground, it got back up to unleash a Roaring Tiger Shockwave at Yan Qing, who was hovering up in the air.


Seemingly unharmed, Chen Feng flew out from within the deep palm print on the ground. Next, sword light flashed around his whole body. The sword light from the Twin Swords of Life and Death enveloped him and he flew away.

“Tiger yao, I saved you just now! Consider it as payment for going through your territory! All right, then. I am leaving now! It’s up to you to handle these fellows!” Before leaving, Chen Feng did not forget to shout at the tiger yao.

“You want to leave? Not so fast!” Yan Qing waved his hand to fire out another Transcendent Cloudpalm of the Nine Firmaments. This one was even stronger and faster than the previous one. It locked down on Chen Feng’s position, giving off the impression that the sky itself was falling down.

Sigh! I am simply no match for a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. Chen Feng was secretly feeling upset. Disregarding the fact that he was presently exhausted, even at his peak, he would be no match for Yan Qing.


A semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower suddenly appeared to cover Chen Feng and take on the palm silhouette that Yan Qing had sent over.


It felt as though two huge meteors were colliding against each other. For the other cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace, the resulting sound caused their blood energies to roil and stars to explode within their eyes. 

“Senior Brother Yan is truly formidable. This move of his must have killed off that kid!”

“Ha ha ha! Thank you!” Not only did the power behind the Transcendent Cloudpalm of the Nine Firmaments fail to harm Chen Feng, it had instead propelled him away at a higher velocity. His figure became like a meteor, drawing a line across the sky to disappear in a flash.

“What are you fellows spacing out for? That is Chen Feng!” Yan Qing shouted icily. Thinking back on how his two successive attacks had failed to kill off Chen Feng, Yan Qing’s face grew contorted.

“Allow me!” Yan Huo stepped forward. He pulled the Firecaller Bow in his hand and the surrounding power of fire gathered to form a long fire arrow. Releasing his fingers, the fire arrow transformed into a humongous, red beam of light, which flew after Chen Feng.

The Firecaller Bow in Yan Huo’s hand was also a Sacred artefact. He had attacked Chen Feng before in the past. Back then, however, Yan Huo was only at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. At present, he had already risen up to level 7 of the Sky Human stage [1].  

“Capture that tiger yao!”

Seeing Chen Feng running away, the tiger yao hesitated for a brief moment before running away as well. It ran after Chen Feng. The spiritual herbs in its territory were already gone while its enemies outnumber it. Staying behind, it would likely end up defeated. Thus, it was better for it to flee and find the other Great Yaos for help in dealing with these humans.

As the tiger yao was even stronger than Chen Feng, it managed to run away from the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace despite its injuries.

“Liu Guang, Qian Hong, how are you two?” Yan Qing asked, landing beside the two.

“We nearly died earlier. Since we have already utilized the Bloodblaze Flight Technique, it will take some time before we can recover.” Liu Guang’s face was somewhat ugly to behold.

“I have some Earthen-tier Essence Replenishing Pills here. Take it first. Yan Huo, you fellows help Liu Guang and Qian Hong with their recovery. I will go pursue Chen Feng first. He possesses Sacred artefacts. No matter what, we must not let him escape,” Yan Qing said.

“Senior brother, be careful. The number of Great Yaos here is quite high. Additionally, there might also be Yao Kings here,” Yan Huo said.

“Don’t worry. You fellows, notify our fellow disciples and also those from Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace. Tell them we discovered a large spirit stone mine.” After he was done giving them the orders, a sword flew out from his body. Next, he rode the sword and flew after Chen Feng.

“I’d like to see how far you can run. You have Sacred artefacts? So do I!” Yan Qing sneered.

Having evaded the fire arrow from Yan Huo, Chen Feng continued flying through a distance of several hundred li before slowing down. After slowing down, Chen Feng sensed that the tiger yao was catching up to him.

Eh, does it know that I took away the spiritual fountain and herbs? Chen Feng was puzzled. Although he was not afraid of the tiger yao, starting a fight here could potentially give rise to some other troubles. At any rate, this was the territory of Great Yaos.

He slowed down, allowing the tiger yao to catch up to him. When the tiger yao saw him, it immediately said, “Thank you for the assistance earlier. However, we need to speed up. They are coming after us!”

Hearing that, Chen Feng grew relieved. The tiger yao must believe that the spiritual fountain and spiritual herbs had fallen into the hands of those from Nine Firmaments Palace.

“There is quite a distance before we make it out from my territory. Next, we’ll be entering the territory of my good friend, Shadowless Panther. I’ll be contacting a few more of my friends. I can’t wait for them to catch up to me then,” the tiger yao said, killing intent rising from it.

“By the way, tiger yao. How many Great Yaos are there here? And are there any Yao Kings?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

Perhaps it was because Chen Feng had taken action to save it earlier, but the tiger yao was not particularly on guard against Chen Feng. Hearing Chen Feng’s question, it was quick to answer, “I am not sure exactly how many Great Yaos there are here. There should be at least several hundred that are above level 5. Of course, Yao Kings do exist here. There is a total of seven Yao Kings here.”

 1 Yan Huo first appeared in Chapter 405 as a nameless young cultivator. In Chapter 416, his status was upgraded from nameless young cultivator to named young cultivator, Yan Huo!


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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