Chapter 505: Bloodblaze Flight Technique


The chaotic forces had only just subsided when a monstrous creature the size of a small mountain appeared before Chen Feng. It was a tiger yao and sharp fur – emanating a dazzling multi-coloured shine – covered its whole body. Next, exuding the aura of a king of beasts, it pounced at Chen Feng.

“Tsk, tsk, what a big tiger yao!” Observing the humongous, three-zhang-tall, multi-coloured tiger standing before him, Chen Feng grew shocked. While he had encountered large yao beasts before, this was his first time seeing such a large tiger. 

Sou! Sou!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out to circle around Chen Feng. This tiger yao’s power was extraordinary. Although it had yet to cultivate up to the Great King stage, it could still be considered a top existence amongst Great Yaos. Without utilizing the Sacred artefacts, Chen Feng had no confidence in his ability to handle it. Disregarding the Roaring Tiger Shockwave move that it had unleashed earlier, even the aura that it was radiating was enough to subdue everything.

“Sacred artefacts!”

Seeing the two swords circling around Chen Feng, a look of dread immediately appeared within the tiger yao’s eyes. It stopped itself from pouncing forward.

“Yes, they are Sacred artefacts. Tiger, you have quite the discerning eyes,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You humans only know how to rely on magic treasures! Given how weak your fleshly bodies are, without your magic treasures, I can beat you to death!” The tiger yao stared at Chen Feng, revealing a look of ridicule.

“Ha ha!” Chen Feng simply laughed. It was true. The body of a yao beast was far stronger than the human body. However, there was no absolutes in the world. If their cultivation levels were the same, the might of Chen Feng’s fleshly body would have allowed him to take the tiger yao head on. However, now was not the time to be quibbling about that.

“Looks like you want to fight,” Chen Feng said and the Twin Swords of Life and Death promptly shone with white and black light. The two auras that they were emanating distorted the surrounding space.

“Human, this is my territory!” Looking at the Twin Swords of Life and Death, the look of dread within the tiger yao’s eyes grew. The tiger yao could sense danger from the two swords. It had no confidence in its ability to block the attacks from the two swords.

“So what if this is your territory? It is not as though I had offended you in any way. I only wanted to head forward. Since you want to obstruct me, we can have a fight.” Chen Feng also did not want to start a mutually destructive battle with this tiger yao. His objective was the spirit stone mine up ahead, after all.

The tiger yao grew hesitant before asking, “You are not here for the spiritual herbs here?”

“He he! If you are willing to give me the spiritual herbs, I don’t mind.” Chen Feng nodded.

“As long as you are not here for the spiritual herbs, you may pass.” Although there was hardness within the tiger yao’s voice, the antagonistic quality within it had lessened somewhat.

“Not having to fight is for the best. I have no desire to start a mutually destructive fight. It is not beneficial for either of us,” Chen Feng said, nodding.

The two of them were just about to make peace with one another when the tiger yao’s face suddenly sank. Intense killing intent shone from its eyes. “Despicable human! You were actually using the lure the tiger out from the mountain plot! Just you wait, I will settle this with you later!”

The tiger yao roared, turned around and rushed far away. With a leap, it disappeared from sight.

Chen Feng was shocked and he was momentarily confused as to what the tiger yao meant. However, he quickly understood. It was highly likely that some other cultivator had gone over to the tiger yao’s territory to pluck its spiritual herbs while it was confronting Chen Feng.

I wonder who the other fellow is? This is quite a coincidence. I wasn’t planning on staying here, but now that something unexpected has happened, I should go check it out. I love fishing in troubled waters. Chen Feng made up his mind and swiftly followed the tiger yao.

Chen Feng fired up his Void acupoint and his figure disappeared into thin air, allowing him to hide himself and execute sneak attacks. 


After rushing forward for a bit, Chen Feng heard the tiger yao’s roar. Next, came the sounds of cultivators shouting and fighting.

Judging by the resulting racket, it is at least a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. Additionally, there are more than one of them. Chen Feng speculated. When Chen Feng first saw the tiger yao earlier, he had understood why many of the cultivators here would decide against coming over. All else aside, if there were seven or eight Great Yaos at this tiger yao’s level, entering would mean near-certain death.

By the time Chen Feng arrived, the tiger yao had already become entrapped within a magic array. The tiger yao roared furiously as it charged at the magic array. However, even though the magic array was continuously shaking, it did not break. Instead, the surrounding cultivators continued to form and send more magic seals into the magic array, causing it to grow stronger and more stable.

The tiger yao is in a bad spot. Once its power is exhausted, it will end up getting captured. This is quite a good magic array. Although its offensive power is only average, its ability to restrain its target is very strong. Chen Feng was quick to analyse the situation.

“This tiger yao is already trapped. Liu Guang, Qian Hong, you two go pick up the spiritual herbs.” A young, stern-faced cultivator who was standing on a 100-zhang-tall tree gave the order.

What a coincidence. They are from Nine Firmaments Palace! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

Liu Guang and Qian Hong were the two cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace who had attacked Chen Feng when he was still outside this pocket dimension. Both of them were level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators. Back then, Lei Feng had stopped them.

Let’s see what kind of goodies are up ahead. Chen Feng secretly followed them.

A spirit fountain! Chen Feng was already familiar with the aura.

Heh! If there is a spirit fountain, there must also be spiritual herbs. Chen Feng sped up. However, his actions ended up creating some movements.

“Hmm? It feels like there is someone here.” Qian Hong suddenly turned around and her eyes checked the area behind them vigilantly.

“There is no one there. Junior Sister Qian Hong, did you make a mistake?” Looking around, Liu Guang found nothing.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Qian Hong swung one hand forward and countless rays of intense light shone forward, causing the area behind them, covering a radius of 100 metres, to be pelted by the rays of light. Minute holes appeared upon the trees, rocks and soil. While the power behind this move was not high, it covered a large area. It was used for searching people and not for inflicting damage.

“No one. Looks like I was mistaken.” Qian Hong shook her head, feeling puzzled.

Spiritual liquid was constantly spilling out from a one chi square spirit fountain, creating trickling sounds as it did. After spilling out from the spirit fountain, the spiritual liquid began flowing into its surroundings, taking a rippling shape as it did. In the end, all of them seeped into the earth. A thick spiritual energy spread out. Breathing in the air there would give one a refreshing feeling; it would feel as though they had gained a few more years of life.

This spirit fountain is much bigger than the one I found in the past. It is at least 100 times bigger! Chen Feng felt somewhat excited. Spiritual liquid was a good thing. The spiritual herbs inside the Longevity Tower needed the nourishment of spiritual liquid. Additionally, he could also use them for pill concoction or the forging of magic treasures.

Despite his feelings of excitement, he held back. He could see an entire stretch of spiritual herbs there as well. Additionally, all the spiritual herbs there were the rare kind. One glance from Chen Feng revealed several spiritual herbs that were over 5,000 years old. Due to that, however, he failed to stop his heart from beating.

Two heartbeats. It ended up exposing Chen Feng. Although he was quick to steady himself and retract his aura, it had still alarmed Qian Hong and Liu Guang.


Both Liu Guang and Qian Hong turned around simultaneously to unleash attacks in Chen Feng’s direction. On Chen Feng’s end, he had immediately taken action the instant his heartbeats exposed him. His figure was revealed and the Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out to promptly unleash the Storm of Sword Beams move.


Sensing the oppressive atmosphere of might radiating from the Twin Swords of Life and Death, the two of them were quick to realize that they were in an unfavourable situation. Qian Hong immediately let out a warning cry to inform the others while Liu Guang brought out a thick shield to block the incoming attack.

Liu Guang and Qian Hong had high cultivation bases and possessed a great deal of combat experience. In the face of the attack, they had instantly responded in the best possible manner as fast as they could.


The grade 6 Prized-tier shield was shattered and both Liu Guang and Qian Hong were sent flying backwards, their bodies stained with blood. Chen Feng swiftly followed up by sending out his Immortal-binding Rope. However, his attack missed. The Immortal-binding Rope swirled around several times but Liu Guang and Qian Hong were able to evade it. Even so, their clothes were completely ruined and they appeared terribly wretched. When they saw that their attacker was Chen Feng, they grew even more shocked.

“Chen Feng! I didn’t think that you would come in as well. You are practically courting death here!” said Liu Guang, who moved to hold Qian Hong’s hand. Next, the two of them raised their hands to unleash an attack against Chen Feng. 

“Flowing Ripple Power!”

Like waves of water, ripples of primary energy surged towards Chen Feng. Each wave rose higher than the preceding wave, like a great raging river desirous of inundating Chen Feng.

“Spiralling Sword Beam!”

The Death Sword spun rapidly to punch through the waves of power, charging towards Liu Guang as it did. As for the Life Sword, it drew a line across the air as it charged towards Qian Hong.

Next, Chen Feng swung his hand forward and the Sacred Voidsoul Sword flew out from his Void acupoint as well. It rapidly expanded in size, transforming into a huge and indistinct sword. Chen Feng wanted to kill off both Liu Guang and Qian Hong with this one all-out attack. Since he had decided to attack, it had to be a killer move. He would get rid of the weeds by pulling out the roots so as to avoid any future troubles.

After sending out the Sacred Voidsoul Sword, Chen Feng felt a wave of weakness assailing his mind. He felt a slight bout of dizziness overcoming him and his churning sea of wisdom was seemingly on the verge of withering up. Chen Feng knew that this was because he was overusing the Sacred artefacts. However, he had no other choice. He had to finish off these two fellows first.

“Bloodblaze Flight Technique!”

Sensing a life-threatening danger, Liu Guang and Qian Hong knew that this was a crisis. Thus, the two of them displayed a secret technique. Swiftly, they tapped their chests. Next, streams of boiling blood essence gushed out. After gushing out, the blood essence began burning and the resulting power, a formidable power, took effect. 

Before Chen Feng’s attacks could reach them, they had fled far away. Their speed had risen by 200 %. This was the secret technique’s formidable aspect, using blood essence to initiate a formidable power beyond the norm. However, they would then enter a weakened state. Additionally, it would be very hard for them to recover the lost blood essence. It was something that they would only use as a last resort.

Note: Liu Guang and Qian Hong (female) first appeared in Chapter 462 when Chen Feng was still studying the martial wills on the Sky Meteorite.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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