Chapter 504: Roaring Tiger Shockwave


“Sacred artefacts!” Every one of the newcomers there were astounded. That was especially true of the middle-aged cultivator who had shouted coldly at Chen Feng earlier.

Liu Xiyun was a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. And yet, Chen Feng had easily killed him off. All of the cultivators there were certain that, if they were to attack, they would also meet the same ending. Although Sacred artefacts were very alluring, one must possess the ability in order to snatch them.

The middle-aged cultivator was inwardly regretting his earlier decision. If only he had known that Chen Feng possessed Sacred artefacts, he would not have spoken up. That was the equivalent of committing suicide.

“Oh ha ha, we are just on our way through. Just passing through. Goodbye, Brother Chen!”

“Yes, yes! We did not say anything earlier. We’ll be leaving now.” Seeing such a display of prowess from Chen Feng, smiles immediately appeared on the faces of the cultivators there and they moved to the side.

All of them had entered this pocket dimension in order to seek treasures, not death. Given how powerful Chen Feng was, so what if they had to put up a show of weakness? Staying alive was the most important thing for them.

Seeing no response from Chen Feng, all of them breathed a sigh of relief. They were truly fearful that Chen Feng would attack all of a sudden to kill them all. This was a common occurrence within this pocket dimension.

“Hold it. You cannot leave.” Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his hand to stop the middle-aged cultivator who had spoken up earlier.

“Chen Feng, don’t go overboard! I am Liu Zhizhou from Pill Ding Sect,” the middle-aged cultivator said, gritting his teeth as his face sank. This Liu Zhizhou was at the same level as the dead Liu Xiyun. As Chen Feng could so easily kill off Liu Xiyun, he would also have an easy time killing him off. However, dying in such a manner was too much of a loss. Thus, despite the extreme dread gripping his heart, Liu Zhizhou forced himself to endure so as to not lose his reputation.

“Oh? So, you are a cultivator from Pill Ding Sect! If so, you must have quite a number of medicinal pills on you, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Humph! What do you want?” Liu Zhizhou forced himself to put on a tough act.

“Hey, it’s nothing. If you don’t want to die, hand over everything you have. That way, I can spare your life,” Chen Feng said, the same smile on his face.

“Dream on! That’s impossible!” Liu Zhizhou’s eyes turned bloodshot. Handing over everything on him was the equivalent of cutting off his own flesh. No matter what, he could not agree to it.

“Impossible, hmm? Very well. Since you are unwilling, I will help you,” Chen Feng said, jabbing forward with a finger. Next, the Death Sword transformed into a beam of black light as it shot towards Liu Zhizhou.

Seeing Chen Feng attack so frivolously, Liu Zhizhou panicked. However, he was a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. How could he simply stand by and do nothing? Thus, he empowered his lifebound magic treasure and a bronze-coloured pill furnace appeared before him to block Chen Feng’s attack.

However, Chen Feng’s Death Sword was a grade 6 Sacred artefact. It was not something that any Prized artefact could block. Thus, the pill furnace was knocked away. Rather, if it weren’t for Chen Feng’s action of holding back somewhat during that critical moment after seeing that the pill furnace was a decent item, the attack could have cleaved the pill furnace.

Sou! Sou!

The Death Sword flashed by and four bloody holes instantly appeared on the joint areas on Liu Zhizhou’s four limbs. Next, Liu Zhizhou screamed wretchedly as his body fell limply on the ground. He had failed to put up the slightest bit of resistance.

No way! No matter how you cut it, he is a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. And yet, he was so easily defeated? He is even weaker compared to Liu Xiyun. Could this fellow be someone who usually focuses only on concocting pills? Does he not possess any combat experience? The thought came to Chen Feng’s mind.

Chen Feng was right. Liu Zhizhou was someone who usually focused on pill concoction and would rarely leave the sect. Even if he did leave the sect, by relying on the name of Pill Ding Sect, no one dared to offend him. As Pill Ding Sect was recruiting the elites of their sect to enter this pocket dimension, Liu Zhizhou’s family had arranged for him to be sent over as well. Unexpectedly, despite his decent cultivation level, his combat ability was actually not worth mentioning.

Next up, Chen Feng collected everything that Liu Zhizhou had and simply left. Seeing Chen Feng disappear from sight without killing him, Liu Zhizhou breathed a sigh of relief. However, when he thought back to how he no longer had any medicinal pills on him, he sighed. Then, he began absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy to heal himself up only to quickly realize that there was a powerful deathly energy within his wounds corroding his vitality.

The streams of spiritual energy that he was absorbing were simply insufficient to match the rate at which his body was losing spiritual energy. Thus, his face grew extremely ugly to behold. Should this situation be allowed to continue, he would surely die. Thus, he began asking for help. Thankfully, there were some cultivators that had good relationships with Pill Ding Sect there. There were also those that wanted to ingratiate themselves with Pill Ding Sect. These fellows stepped forward, bringing out some medicinal pills to help Liu Zhizhou, allowing him to preserve his life.

Chen Feng didn’t care if Liu Zhizhou could make it or not. For the present Chen Feng, the fact that he did not simply kill him off was already a soft-hearted move on his part. He moved towards the place with a high concentration of spiritual energy. He was curious to know just what kind of dangers there were up ahead.

Hopefully, the dangers up ahead can stop the other cultivators. If some other cultivators end up finding the spirit stone mine first, this trip would have been for naught. Chen Feng was concerned that he was too late and that someone else might have taken away the spirit stone mine.

Chen Feng continued rushing forward. Along the way, he would occasionally encounter some cultivators from the various sects and forces. Seeing that, Chen Feng slowly grew puzzled. Since entering this tower, he had not encountered anyone on the first and second floor, only meeting a few on the third floor. Only on the fourth floor did he encounter more cultivators. This time, however, he had encountered even more cultivators. Seeing that, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling puzzled.

The higher up this tower I go, the more treasures there are. Do the cultivation bases of the creatures here also go up as well? However, this is peculiar. Logically speaking, this colossal tower should only be part of this pocket dimension, but why do I get the feeling that this colossal tower encompasses this entire pocket dimension? The more Chen Feng considered the issue, the more confused he became. However, he really wanted to figure it out.

“Kid, hand over everything you have and I can spare your life!” As Chen Feng was moving about in the open, it did not take long for some other cultivator to target him.

There were plenty of treasures inside this pocket dimension. However, there were things that were even more valuable compared to treasures here, cultivators. In the eyes of some cultivators, the other cultivators were fat sheep that were even more valuable compared to treasures. Acts of plunder were very common in such situations.

Two thick fire snakes attacked Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. Wherever they went, the surrounding trees would explode before getting burned away entirely. Rather, even the hard ground was quickly exploding about due to the high temperature brought about by the two fire snakes.

“Fire technique!”

Chen Feng felt amused. He suddenly recalled that his master was an expert in fire techniques. However, as his apprentice, Chen Feng had not learned much fire techniques from him. Still, an attack of this level was not qualified to be viewed as a threat.

When the two fire snakes approached Chen Feng, both of Chen Feng’s hand swiftly moved to grasp them. Instantly, his grasping hands crushed the two fire snakes into pieces and the dissipating flames were all absorbed by Chen Feng.

The face of the attacker, a cultivator in resplendent attire, sank. He knew that he had kicked an iron plate. Without a word, he turned and ran.

“Quite a fast reaction. However, it is already too late.” The Magnetic acupoints beneath Chen Feng’s feet flashed and Chen Feng quickly caught up to the cultivator in less than one breath’s worth of time.

“Brother, be magnanimous! I can hand over everything on me!” Knowing that he was no match for Chen Feng, he openly begged for mercy.

“He he! Aren’t you a candid fellow? Fine, Hand over everything you have and I can let you go.” Chen Feng snickered.

After taking his spatial pouch, Chen Feng did not bother taking a detailed look and simply continued onwards. On his way forward, he encountered a few more cultivators who attempted to obstruct and rob him. Naturally, all the encounters ended up enriching Chen Feng instead. All the cultivators who had attempted to rob Chen Feng would either die or get wounded.

Naturally, there were also those who managed to determine that Chen Feng was powerful and that their cultivation bases were lacking. Seeing Chen Feng appear, they swiftly rushed away to avoid him. Since they did not try to make a move on him, Chen Feng had no desire to rob them. Of course, that treatment was only for the average cultivators. If the ones he encountered were cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace, Chen Feng would rush forward and attack them without saying a word.

The farther ahead Chen Feng went, the thicker the surrounding spiritual energy became. The mountains around him also grew higher and steeper while the trees were thicker. Even the grasses and herbs on the ground was rising in number. Occasionally, he could even see some spiritual herbs.

A 1,000-year-old knotweed root. This is good. I can use it to concoct some lifespan-extending pills. Disregarding all else, just the spiritual herbs here are enough to make this trip worthwhile, thought Chen Feng as he regarded the spiritual herbs around him.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng kept moving forward. Although he was moving at a fairly fast pace, some of the spiritual herbs he encountered along the way would still disappear, plucked up by Chen Feng. As there was a spirit stone mine up ahead, Chen Feng did not want to waste his time on some normal medicinal herbs. 

What a formidable aura! There must be a Great Yao up ahead. Chen Feng slowed down.

“Human, this territory belongs to me, the Berserk Tiger. Get lost right now and I will not kill you.” A coarse-sounding roar rang out and the surrounding trees shook.

Humph! If there is a Great Yao, there must be something good here. Chen Feng smiled. Instead of backing away, he moved forward and accelerated towards the source of the voice.

“You have a death wish! If so, I will send you off! Roaring Tiger Shockwave!”

A circular shockwave – flashing with golden light – swept towards Chen Feng from the front, leaving a very deep gully in its wake while devastating the trees on either side, reducing them into ash.

“Storm of Sword Beams!” 

Two beams of sword energy, one of life and one of death, sped out from Chen Feng’s body and rapidly spun to form a hurricane of sword beams. The hurricane then swept forward to meet the incoming shockwave.

The two powers collided, resulting in an even greater power of destruction. A crater appeared on the ground, expanding in size at a furious rate. When the colliding forces finally subsided, a deep crater the size of a fish pond could be seen on the ground. As for the trees that were originally growing there, they had long since become ash.

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