Chapter 502: Black Hole


At that very moment, Zhao Feng was pushing the power of the Spiritchange Finger Technique to its limits, causing every drop of primary energy within his body to churn. He could feel a dire threat to his life coming from the energy blast of life and death charging towards him.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The collision between the two powers did not result in a sky-jolting boom. Instead, a series of grinding and ear-piercing sounds rang out. The energy blast of life and death and the Spiritchange Finger blast kept colliding against one another, grinding at each other. Although it felt like a lengthy process, it was actually something that happened in the blink of an eye. The Spiritchange Finger blast’s energy was utterly grinded away. As for the energy blast of life and death, it was weakened somewhat. However, it did not dissipate away. Instead, it easily pierced Zhao Feng’s body.


A circular hole appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder. Immediately after that, the hole expanded in size and his arm fell off. By the time Zhao Feng managed to mobilize his power to stop the wound from expanding, forget his lost arm, half his body was nearly gone.


Zhao Feng was quite the steadfast fellow. Clenching his teeth, every bit of primary energy within his body burned and he transformed into a stream of light, disappearing into the distance.

“Humph, consider yourself fortunate!” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked to see that his attack had failed to kill Zhao Feng. Although Zhao Feng’s cultivation base was decent, he was only a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator, a far cry compared to Mo Xuan. His ability to utilize his Spiritchange Finger Technique to block the attack unleashed using the Twin Swords of Life and Death had exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. This Zhao Feng could be considered a top genius amongst his peers.

After beating Zhao Feng back, the Life and Death acupoints within Chen Feng began stirring violently. Next, the Twin Swords of Life and Death began displaying its might, flitting about in the sky to kill off the other cultivators. By the time Mo Xuan was done removing the spinning energy spheres within Yu Xiaojian’s body, almost all of the cultivators who stepped forward earlier had died to Chen Feng.

“What a ruthless kid! Chen Feng! This action of yours can be considered as an act of provocation against the entire Northern Plains’ world of cultivation! No matter how powerful you may be, no matter how much Extreme Celestial Sect tries to protect you, you will not have long to live!” Mo Xuan shouted.

Chen Feng’s actions had stunned Mo Xuan and Yu Xiaojian. That was especially true for Yu Xiaojian. Watching Chen Feng’s ferocity in the earlier slaughter fest, Yu Xiaojian felt fortunate. He was fortunate that he managed to survive his fight against Chen Feng earlier.

“Ha ha ha ha! What a joke! How many cultivators from all of the Northern Plains have been coming after me all this time? Many cultivators from the various sects have already died under my hands? You think I will still care? If you want to kill me, you will need to have what it takes! 

“Although you are a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, it is not impossible for me to kill you!” Hearing Mo Xuan’s words, Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing. It no longer mattered which sect the cultivators were from. He will kill those who dared offend him without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“Such arrogance! I will kill you off today!” A dazzling light radiated out from Mo Xuan’s body while a sword intent soared up into the sky. The might of a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator was capable of overturning the seas and rivers. His sky-soaring sword intent alone was enough to arouse the attention of cultivators that were over 500 kilometres away from them. Not to mention, he was also wielding a Sacred artefact in his hand.

“There are people fighting. Additionally, they are experts!”

“What a pure sword intent! It is most likely someone from Sword Hall!”

“Heh! Judging from the emanations, it must be a level 9 Sky Human stage sword cultivator. For someone at this level to start a fight, it must be over a treasure. All right! Let’s go check it out!”

Even before their fight began, Mo Xuan’s actions had attracted more cultivators over.

“Tower, how is it going? Are there any Mystic Ironcores there?” Although Chen Feng was no match for Mo Xuan, he was not feeling concerned at all. By relying on the Sacred artefacts in his hand, he could hold Mo Xuan off for some time.

“Found it. A pity, there are too little here. However, they will be enough to repair a few of the cracks on my body,” Tower said happily.

“Repair a few cracks?” Chen Feng’s brows furrowed slightly. He knew all too well just how many cracks there were on the Longevity Tower. He also knew just how much metal essence was needed to repair one crack. Sometimes, Chen Feng would wonder. How did the Longevity Tower end up in such a state? It was simply too badly damaged. However, he also understood that his cultivation base was insufficient to get Tower to tell him about it.

“You’ll have to speed up.” Chen Feng’s figure suddenly grew faint before disappearing completely into thin air. He had utilized the Void acupoint, wanting to entangle Mo Xuan for a bit.

“Eh, a stealth technique?” Mo Xuan was surprised. However, he was not feeling concerned about it. Instead, he released his divine sense, which flowed like water, to search for Chen Feng’s position.

“Eh?” Next, however, Mo Xuan’s eyes widened due to shock. His divine sense had failed to detect Chen Feng.

“Is it an Invisibility Talisman crafted by a Human Immortal?”

It was no shock that Mo Xuan would come to such a conclusion. He was already a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. For someone like him to fail to detect Chen Feng, he must be using an Invisibility Talisman of a higher level. Mo Xuan would never believe that Chen Feng, with his level of cultivation, could practice a stealth technique capable of hiding himself from him.

Next, Chen Feng appeared behind Mo Xuan to fire out a compressed sword beam at Mo Xuan’s back. As it was just about to make contact with Mo Xuan, it abruptly exploded. This move was something that Chen Feng was currently researching, the Exploding Sword Beam. He utilized the principles behind a volcanic eruption and the Storm of Sword Beams from the Longevity Sword Technique to come up with this move. It was very suitable for this type of sneak attack. However, it was still in an experimental stage. Thus, as Chen Feng was performing the move, its aura was exposed for a brief instant.

“Humph! With this little ability, you want to execute a sneak attack against me? You overestimate yourself!” Mo Xuan scoffed and he simply nudged his body to the side before displaying a sword slash to unravel Chen Feng’s attack. At the same time, he unleashed several more sword attacks. Every one of the sword attacks shot accurately towards Chen Feng, forcing him out from the void.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

Knowing that he was far from a match for Mo Xuan, Chen Feng utilized his killer move right from the start. Sword beams swirled rapidly to form a hurricane, which moved to envelope Mo Xuan.

“Wind Pacifying Sword!” The Goldscale Sword in Mo Xuan’s hand swung forward. Gold-coloured scales emerged from the body of the sword and strands of sword energy abruptly erupted to break the storm of sword beams that Chen Feng had sent forward.

“This Storm of Sword Beams move is indeed powerful. However, your strength is still insufficient,” Mo Xuan said, the sword in his hand becoming like a great river as a sword beam surged towards Chen Feng.

As someone who practiced the Longevity Sword Technique, Chen Feng possessed a high level of swordsmanship and was skilled with the sword. However, Mo Xuan was a pure sword cultivator who had been training for hundreds of years. Thus, there was a considerable gap between the two of them. The Longevity Sword Technique that Chen Feng displayed was insufficient to block Mo Xuan’s attacks and he was only barely able to exchange blows with Mo Xuan. Even so, he was forced to retreat again and again.

Sigh! My cultivation level is too low. My strength, reaction rate and even my understanding of sword techniques are far inferior compared to him. Looks like I will need to use some other methods, Chen Feng thought.

“Solo Skybreak Sword!”

The Goldscale Sword in Mo Xuan’s grip transformed into a massive 100-zhang-long astral sword, seemingly desirous of cleaving Chen Feng apart. Seeing that, Chen Feng sighed. Knowing that he would be incapable of blocking the attack, he simply teleported into the Longevity Tower.


Mo Xuan’s attack missed and the astral sword exploded against the ground, resulting in a series of loud booms. A huge crater with a radius of 100 zhang was left on the hard ground.

“Strange! Where did he go? Did he get obliterated?”


Initially, Mo Xuan had assumed that the attack had smashed Chen Feng to bits. However, he quickly knew that was not the case. He could clearly sense that his attack had missed. Additionally, there was neither any blood energy nor dissipating soul power around him. That can only mean one thing. Chen Feng had left the place before his attack reached him.

Did he utilize a Teleportation Talisman? It is a possibility. Mo Xuan was quick to react. After determining that Chen Feng had disappeared, he sent his soul power out to scan his surroundings to quickly discover a black hole. This black hole was in the midst of devouring the Mystic Iron ores around it.

“Is this black hole Chen Feng’s magic treasure?” With a thought, Mo Xuan rushed towards the black hole.

The black hole was a portal with a suction force created by the Longevity Tower. As for Chen Feng, he was seated on a spiritual tree inside the Longevity Tower as he rapidly replenished his strength. In the earlier battles, using the Demon Sealing Sword and the Twin Swords of Life and Death had utterly exhausted him. Thus, he had to rest for a while. 

“Ha ha! He would have been tough to deal with. Unexpectedly, he decided to send himself over!” Chen Feng, who was inside the Longevity Tower, was able to clearly see Mo Xuan rushing towards him. A smile instantly appeared on his face.

Mo Xuan was indeed difficult to handle. That was especially so with him wielding a Sacred artefact. Generally speaking, even when borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power, Chen Feng would find it hard to finish off Mo Xuan. However, the situation had changed. Mo Xuan was actually presenting himself to the Longevity Tower.

Even before reaching the black hole, Mo Xuan could already sense a formidable suction force. The suction force could even rip him to pieces. And yet, instead of feeling fearful, Mo Xuan revealed a look of excitement.

“A good magic treasure! It must be a Sacred artefact! It’s mine now,” Mo Xuan said, extending his hand to grab the black hole. As his hand stretched forward, bolts of lightning spread out from his palm to quickly condense out an even bigger lightning palm silhouette.

Mo Xuan had already overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations, refining a vast amount of Sky Lightning in the process. Condensing out a lightning palm silhouette was an easy feat for him. In Mo Xuan’s opinion, this black hole should be a simple spatial-type magic treasure. It was a generally known fact that spatial-type magic treasures possessed weak offensive capabilities. Additionally, Mo Xuan could see that Chen Feng himself was far from a match for him. Thus, he believed that it would be very easy to snatch this spatial-type magic treasure that Chen Feng possessed.

However, what happened next surprised him. When the lightning palm approached the black hole, the suction force coming out from the black hole suddenly grew stronger to tear the lightning palm that Mo Xuan condensed out into pieces. However, that was not the end of it. The black hole suddenly moved to envelop Mo Xuan. Judging by the power behind the suction force, getting pulled into it meant that Mo Xuan would have a very hard time trying to escape. In the worst-case scenario, he would be ripped to shreds. In the best-case scenario, he would be grievously wounded. 

“No!” Mo Xuan was aghast and cold sweat broke out all over his body. Next, he felt an overwhelming suction force pulling him in. His sleeves broke apart and tears began spreading through his left hand. Immediately after that, a booming sound rang out and his left arm blew up, turning into bloody bits. However, the overwhelming suction force instantly evaporated his blood.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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