Chapter 501: Spiritchange Finger


Seeing no one making a move, Chen Feng collected the spatial pouches belonging to the killed cultivators. Next, he gripped Yu Xiaojian and shouted at Mo Xuan, “Stop it, or I will kill him!”

Mo Xuan was presently fighting against the silvery-white wyrm. As a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator with a Sacred artefact, it did not take long for Mo Xuan to inflict grievous injuries upon the white wyrm. Just as Mo Xuan was planning to kill off the Great Yao, he saw Yu Xiaojian in Chen Feng’s grasp. He had no choice but to stop what he was doing and rush forward to stand before Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, hurry up and let him go. You know the consequences of not doing so,” Mo Xuan shouted coldly. Even so, he dared not attack, fearing that Yu Xiaojian would be killed as a result.

Chen Feng threw out the Immortal-binding Rope to tie up the silvery-white wyrm before sending it back into the Longevity Tower, where he suppressed it with a stone stele again. However, he did not just ignore it. Plucking a few spiritual fruits, he tossed them to the silvery-white wyrm. Now that there was no longer any immortal energy inside the Longevity Tower, it could only rely on the spiritual fruits to heal itself.

Speaking of which, this silvery-white wyrm was quite unfortunate. After meeting Chen Feng, it ended up getting captured and was suppressed inside the Longevity Tower. Then, it was released only to get grievously beaten up by a human for no good reason. If it had been able to regain its freedom after that, it would have been fine. However, it ended up getting suppressed again.


The silvery-white wyrm sighed. Even when it had been uninjured, it was already incapable of breaking free. At that moment, it had to save its strength. Only, there was no telling how long it would take for it to recover.

As it was lamenting its fate, a pile of spiritual fruits appeared before it. Sensing the energies contained within the spiritual fruits, the silvery-white wyrm’s eyes lit up.

“These spiritual fruits should be enough for you to recover your strength. Don’t worry. As long as you perform well, I can let you go for real.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out.

Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, the silvery-white wyrm gave a sigh of relief. Judging from Chen Feng’s words, its situation could change for the better.

“Oh? I would like to hear what the consequences are?” Chen Feng smiled, continuing to hold Yu Xiaojian in a nonchalant manner. Truth be told, Chen Feng was trying to buy time. The Longevity Tower had increased the rate at which it was taking in the Mystic Iron ores. However, the size of the Mystic Iron mine here had exceeded his expectations. It would take some more time to completely absorb all of them.

“The Mystic Iron ores here are about to be completely taken away! Are you fellows just going to stand here and watch? Don’t worry! With me here to hold Chen Feng down, you fellows can do whatever you want!” Mo Xuan’s eyes shone and he shouted at the spectating cultivators.

Hearing Mo Xuan, more cultivators became tempted. Even so, they were still feeling hesitant. At any rate, they had witnessed Chen Feng’s display of tyranny earlier.

“Ha ha ha! To think that there is a Mystic Iron mine here! How lucky!” Before the cultivators there could make their move, someone else arrived. Additionally, this newcomer was very arrogant.

Another expert. I wonder which sect he is from? Judging by the aura coming down from above, Chen Feng knew that this person was tough to handle. Additionally, for him to be flying freely up in the sky, this person was surely no ordinary character.


A concentrated and formidable yellow-coloured energy suddenly descended from the sky to land upon the Mystic Iron mine. Instantly, it caused an explosion. It was as though a divine lightning from the Nine Heavens had struck the earth and Chen Feng could sense the grounds nearby quake. Ores flew about as the explosion created a 100-zhang-radius hole upon the Mystic Iron mine.

A young cultivator – a haughty look etched on his face – appeared up in the sky. He wore yellow robes and the corners of his mouth was curled upwards. His palms were glowing with an intense yellow radiance. It was unknown just what kind of magic technique he practiced.

One of the cultivators there recognized the newcomer and he exclaimed, “It’s Zhao Feng from Skypond Faction! The technique he used earlier is the Spiritchange Finger Technique!” 

“Skypond Faction?” Chen Feng was surprised. He was not surprised by his identity. Rather, he was surprised by the technique that Zhao Feng had displayed earlier. It was uniquely strong. More importantly, however, was the fact that he had unleashed the move using his finger. He had not used any magic treasure for it.

Skypond Faction’s Spiritchange Finger Technique. It’s quite a good offensive technique, Chen Feng thought. Although he did not know much about the great sects, he was aware of some publicly-known information.

Despite the arrogant expression on Zhao Feng’s face, he did not casually attack Chen Feng. Instead, he moved to get himself some goodies the moment he arrived. His finger jabbed underneath to fire out two more yellow beams at the Mystic Iron mine, causing an explosion to erupt. One Mystic Iron ore after another flew out. 

By then, the Longevity Tower had completely sucked in the entire mountain and was drilling underground, causing the flat ground to keep sinking. The large crater there kept going deeper and deeper. At that depth, the amount of Mystic Iron ores within the Mystic Iron mine was higher. In fact, pure nuggets of Mystic Iron had emerged as well. Due to Zhao Feng’s attacks, several highly refined nuggets of Mystic Iron flew out.

Zhao Feng then brought out a storage-type magic treasure to begin collecting the Mystic Iron ores and nuggets that were scattering about, ignoring Chen Feng and the others, who were standing nearby. For him, it did not matter who these people were. All that mattered was that he could obtain some benefits. 

By itself, Mystic Iron was not a highly valuable item in the world of cultivation. However, there was a high amount of Mystic Iron in this mine. Given its size, even a Human Immortal would be moved by the Mystic Iron mine. Of course, it would be even better if they could find some Mystic Ironcore.

For the average cultivators, weapons forged using Mystic Iron could become practically indestructible, capable of sweeping everything aside. However, for true experts, ordinary Mystic Iron was not worth their attention. What they wanted was Mystic Ironcore. Forget the mundane world, it was a decent material even within the Immortal Plane.


Zhao Feng continued unleashing his attacks even as he was collecting the Mystic Iron ores. Additionally, all his attacks were concentrated on one point. Zhao Feng’s objective was to reach the core position of this Mystic Iron mine to find Mystic Ironcore.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Seeing someone take action, the other spectating cultivators were finally incapable of holding back. One after another, they moved forward, unleashing all their powers to dig up the Mystic Iron mine.

“He he!” Seeing some of the cultivators rush forward to dig up the mine, Mo Xuan chuckled.

“Kid, how about it? Are you still not going to release Yu Xiaojian? As long as you release him, I will not make things hard for you.” Mo Xuan smiled. Naturally, his words were simply for decoration to lull Chen Feng. The moment Chen Feng released Yu Xiaojian, whatever happened next would depend on him.

“Ha ha!”

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng laughed. He appeared unfazed by the fact that there were cultivators rushing forward to snatch the Mystic Iron ores.

As Mo Xuan was feeling puzzled as to why Chen Feng was laughing, he saw Chen Feng jabbing several spots on Yu Xiaojian’s body before tossing Yu Xiaojian over to him.

“I just used a Meridian Severing Technique on him. If you cannot unravel it within a quarter of an hour, this fellow will become a cripple.” After saying that, Chen Feng turned and rushed towards Zhao Feng, who was floating up in the air.

“What? Meridian Severing Technique?” Mo Xuan’s face sank. Only then did he realize that Yu Xiaojian’s face was already contorting.

“Elder Mo, save me.” Yu Xiaojian’s heart was as unyielding as iron. However, sensing what was happening to his body, dread had still surged to the fore. He was not fearful of pain, but he was fearful of inexplicably losing his cultivation base.

Gripping Yu Xiaojian, Mo Xuan carefully sensed the interior of his body. Immediately, his face sank. Various meridians within Yu Xiaojian’s body was sealed. Additionally, this was not some ordinary Meridian Severing Technique. He could see energy spheres formed using spiralling primary energy roaming around Yu Xiaojian’s meridians. 

Mo Xuan knew, should the energy spheres erupt, Yu Xiaojian’s meridians would be blown up and he would become a cripple. While it was possible to repair his meridians with spiritual herbs, it would still affect his future. This Yu Xiaojian was something of a genius within Sword Hall. Mo Xuan could not simply let that happen to him. 

Thus, he could no longer pursue Chen Feng. Instead, he began to carefully unravel the spinning energy spheres within Yu Xiaojian’s body.

“How unexpected, this Chen Feng has this level of skill. Letting the primary energy spin to allow its might to rise severalfold,” Mo Xuan whispered as he focused on removing the spinning energy spheres.

“Earlier, I was wounded by his storm of sword beams. If the attack had been slightly stronger, it could have torn my body to bits,” Yu Xiaojian said, sighing.

“Storm of sword beams? Is he a pure sword cultivator?” Mo Xuan grew even more astounded.

Moving away from Mo Xuan’s treatment of Yu Xiaojian, Chen Feng was presently charging towards Zhao Feng. Two cultivators happened to be standing in between Chen Feng and Zhao Feng. They were collecting Mystic Iron ores, but they had been keeping an eye on their surroundings as well. Thus, when they saw Chen Feng rush over, they grew frightful and quickly backed away.

However, it was already too late. Chen Feng had already started a killing spree, not hesitating to kill even those from the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains. At any rate, it had not been easy to find this Mystic Iron mine, something that he and the Longevity Tower needed. Additionally, he had already made himself clear from the start. Anyone who dared take action would die. Now that Chen Feng was attacking, it was only natural that he would not let them off. Although the two cultivators were already rushing to avoid him, Chen Feng had still chosen to attack them.

Sou! Sou!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out, one from the left and one from the right. They swiftly left two lines across the air and the two cultivators were killed. One had his vitality eroded while the other had his body cleaved into two.

After finishing off the two cultivators, the Twin Swords of Life and Death suddenly moved to form a cross. Next, two beams of energy, one black and one white, one death and one life, shot out from them. The two sword beams with two opposing attributes swiftly swirled forward. Although they could not utterly meld together to form a true singular power of life and death, its power kept rising as it sped through the air. Its powerful aura caused Zhao Feng’s hairs to stand on end.

“Not good, it’s a Sacred artefact!” By then, Zhao Feng had dug out a hole that was several hundred metres deep. Unexpectedly, as he was in the midst of continuing his digging efforts to find Mystic Ironcore, he saw Chen Feng rushing towards him. Additionally, Chen Feng had unleashed a formidable move right from the start.

“Spiritchange Finger!”

In that critical moment, Zhao Feng shouted and his entire body radiated with a dazzling yellow light. Next, the yellow light disappeared all of a sudden and his palm instead shone before transforming into a huge ball of yellow light. In the end, the ball of yellow light rapidly compressed, gathering upon both his middle and index finger. Following that, a yellow beam of light, seemingly compressed to the point of attaining tangibility, shot out from the two fingers to collide against the attack formed using life and death energies that Chen Feng had sent his way.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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