Chapter 500: Too Ruthless


Ignoring the fact that the astral sword was moving at a speed that Chen Feng could not avoid, the sword intent locking Chen Feng down was already capable of stopping Chen Feng from escaping.

Using sword intent to condense out a tangible attack. This fellow is even stronger! Chen Feng was stunned. He dared not be careless. He swiftly channelled the Soul Subduing Mantra, causing his soul to become as steady as a rock. At the same time, his Soulflame spun, transforming into a soul storm.


The sphere-shaped sword intent exploded against Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, causing his soul, which was as steady as a rock, to shake ceaselessly. Cracks spread out across the surface of his soul and it seemed as though it would be shattered when Chen Feng’s Soulflame suddenly released an intense roar. 

Although the soul storm formed using his Soulflame could not compare with the storm of sword beams that Chen Feng had unleashed using the Longevity Sword Technique, it was still capable of grinding away the sword intent invading his sea of wisdom, bit by bit.

At the same time, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand released a dimensional power to envelop Chen Feng.


The 100-zhang-long golden astral sword smashed heavily against Chen Feng. The impact from the collision exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. Yu Xiaojian, who was seated not far away from Chen Feng, ended up spraying out blood from his mouth before getting thrown backwards. An area with a radius of 100 zhang, with Chen Feng as its point of origin, exploded due to the resulting waves of power. A reminder that this was not some ordinary ground. Rather, it was the hard ground containing Mystic Iron.

In the face of the formidable impact, the Eight Trigrams sword array behind Chen Feng finally shattered apart. The eight flaming swords joined up before flying back into Chen Feng’s body.

As for Chen Feng, his figure could no longer be seen as a large, circular crater remained where he was standing upon earlier. The impact had smashed his figure into the ground.


An ordinary-looking, middle-aged cultivator descended from the sky to land before Yu Xiaojian. Reaching out with his hand, he pulled Yu Xiaojian up. Then, he waved his hand to send a sphere of primary energy into Yu Xiaojian’s body. Following that, Yu Xiaojian’s body began recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Thank you, Elder Mo.” There was a touched look in Yu Xiaojian’s eyes.

“If I had been one step later, you might have died,” Elder Mo said coolly. Next, his eyes stared at the nearby crater. He wielded in his hand a Sacred artefact, the Goldscale Sword.

“Chen Feng should be dead, right?” Yu Xiaojian asked gingerly. In Yu Xiaojian’s opinion, if even the hard Mystic Iron ground could end up getting smashed to the point of forming a crater, what else could have happened to Chen Feng, who was only flesh and blood?

“No, he is still alive,” said Elder Mo, who strode towards the crater. At the same time, the Goldscale Sword in his hand rapidly gathered power for an attack.

“You are right. I am still alive,” Chen Feng said, flying out from the crater before landing gently on the ground.

Although Chen Feng’s clothes were a little ragged, a detailed look revealed that Chen Feng was not terribly wounded. Rather, it would not be remiss to say that he was completely unharmed.

Huh, what a formidable fellow! If I hadn’t utilized the Demon Sealing Sword in time, my body armour alone would have been insufficient to block his attack. Despite the nonchalant smile on Chen Feng’s face, his heart was actually feeling disturbed.

“And here I was, wondering who it might be. So, it’s Elder Mo from Sword Hall. I didn’t think that Elder Mo, a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator would use a Sacred artefact to execute a sneak attack against a minor character like me, someone who has yet to even overcome Lightning Tribulation. If news of this were to spread out, I wonder what kind of reaction it would cause.” 

As Chen Feng spoke, he secretly linked up with the Longevity Tower to utilize its power. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he was no match for Elder Mo, not even with the Demon Sealing Sword.

Chen Feng, a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. 

Mo Xuan, a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator.

The difference between the two was comparable to the difference between heights of Heaven and the depths of the Earth. If it weren’t for the Demon Sealing Sword, one attack from Mo Xuan could have left Chen Feng in a near-death state.

However, things would be different if Chen Feng could utilize the Demon Sealing Sword’s full power. After all, Tower had used the Demon Sealing Sword to repel Thunder Hegemon, a Demon King, back when he was in the Demon Trial Grounds, albeit for a moment [1].

No matter how powerful Mo Xuan may be, he had yet to reach the Human Immortal stage. If he had, Chen Feng would have simply hidden himself inside the Longevity Tower. Either that or have Tower obliterate Mo Xuan. However, doing so would exhaust the Longevity Tower’s power. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Chen Feng would not utilize the Longevity Tower.

“He is actually unharmed?” Seeing Chen Feng emerge unscathed, Yu Xiaojian’s eye bulged widely. Finally, he rubbed his eyes. He was simply incapable of believing what he was seeing. He knew just how powerful Mo Xuan was. And yet, despite using a Sacred artefact, Mo Xuan had still failed to kill off Chen Feng? A foreboding sensation began rising from Yu Xiaojian’s heart.

It wasn’t just Yu Xiaojian. Mo Xuan, too, was frowning. He did not think that Chen Feng was so hard to handle. However, when he saw the Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand, his eyes shone. He could not determine the grade of the sword. However, he knew that it was much better than his Goldscale Sword, a grade 1 Sacred artefact. If so, the sword in Chen Feng’s hand must be a Sacred artefact of an even higher grade.

“Chen Feng, hand over the sword in your hand and we’ll forget about what happened today,” Mo Xuan said coolly.

“Are you sick? Did you get hit in the head? To think that you could utter out such drivel!” Chen Feng reflexively chortled.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Mo Xuan’s face twitched. Clearly, he was feeling infuriated. However, he held himself back. “Chen Feng, you should know that you are simply incapable of unleashing the sword’s full power. Do you think you can block my next attack?”

“Let’s put that to a test,” Chen Feng replied with a look of indifference.

By then, the Mystic Iron mountain that Chen Feng was standing upon had shrunk to the point where it had nearly become flat ground. Tower then began moving underground.

“Kid, I made a mistake earlier. I didn’t think that there would be so many Mystic Iron ores here. The amount of Mystic Iron ores underground is at least 10 times the amount available on top,” Tower said in a pleasantly surprised tone.

“So many?!” Chen Feng almost jumped from shock and joy. There was no need to think about it to know just how valuable that many Mystic Iron ores were worth. 

“Given the high amount of Mystic Iron ores available, there must surely be Mystic Ironcore here as well. If so, I will be able to leave more Mystic Iron ores for you,” Tower said happily.

“Very well. Hurry up and collect all the Mystic Iron here. There are more and more cultivators rushing over,” Chen Feng said, suppressing the feelings of excitement within him.

Seeing Chen Feng put up a fight against Mo Xuan, the spectating cultivators there gaped. They dared not believe what they were seeing.

“Am I hallucinating? Chen Feng is actually so powerful? Thank goodness I did not charge forward earlier!”

“That’s right! Those three that were instantly killed off earlier deserved it for not having eyes!”

“Yes. Although the Mystic Iron mine here is very tempting, our lives are more important. At present, even a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator has stepped forward. We should not have any funny ideas!”

“Sigh! It’d be better to go explore the spiritual energy valley. Although it is dangerous, it beats wasting time here!”

It did not take long for a group of the spectating cultivators to leave. There were also those who remained to watch the show. Naturally, there were also newcomers who arrived one at a time. At any rate, the Mystic Iron mine here was very tempting.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

More cultivators were unable to hold back. They deliberately moved farther away from Chen Feng and Mo Xuan as they rushed towards the Mystic Iron mine, where they used their magic treasures to dig.

I just need to dig up one ore. No matter what, I cannot let this trip be in vain. That was the thought going through their minds.

“They truly have a death wish!”

As the cultivators were making their move, Chen Feng, too, attacked. The Demon Sealing Sword in his hand fired out bolts of astral lightning at the several cultivators who were attempting to dig up the Mystic Iron ores.

As soon as Chen Feng attacked, Mo Xuan attacked as well. Naturally, he was attacking Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, you are too conceited! You dare allow yourself to be distracted while facing me?” Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, a trace of hesitation first appeared within Mo Xuan’s eyes. However, he quickly resolved himself. Stepping forward, he slashed out at Chen Feng.

In the face of Mo Xuan’s attack, Chen Feng merely snickered. Next, a silvery-white wyrm abruptly emerged from the space before Chen Feng. The wyrm was massive and it ended up blocking the attack for Chen Feng.

This was the silvery-white wyrm that Chen Feng had previously suppressed within the Longevity Tower, a level 9 Great Yao. During that critical moment, Chen Feng had released it to serve as a meat shield.


Mo Xuan’s attack landed heavily against the wyrm’s body, causing its tough scales to break and blood to gush out. The wyrm howled out wretchedly as a result.

As for Chen Feng, his figure darted away. He was rushing towards Yu Xiaojian.

“What?” Seeing a Great Yao suddenly appear to block his attack, Mo Xuan’s face sank. Next, he saw Chen Feng rushing towards Yu Xiaojian. Shocked, he wanted to turn and go help Yu Xiaojian. 


The silvery-white wyrm was enraged. It was only just given freedom by Chen Feng when it ended up suffering from an attack, which wounded it badly. Thus, it flew into a fit of rage and charged towards Mo Xuan. Unfurling its massive body, it attacked Mo Xuan.

Mo Xuan had no choice but to deal with the silvery-white wyrm’s attack first.

On Chen Feng’s side, he had easily grabbed Yu Xiaojian. However, he did not kill him. Instead, he brought Yu Xiaojian along with him as he ran. Earlier, Chen Feng’s attacks had killed off several cultivators. However, a few of them had managed to avoid his attacks, scooped up some Mystic Iron ores and were in the process of running away.

The Demon Sealing Sword in Chen Feng’s hand flew out. Every time it flashed with light, a cultivator would be killed. By the time the Demon Sealing Sword returned to Chen Feng’s hand, all of the cultivators who chose to dig up the Mystic Iron ores earlier had died.

Amongst them were loose cultivators and even cultivators from the various immortal dao sects. For Chen Feng, however, they were all the same. He had already made himself clear in the beginning. He would kill anyone who tried to make a move on the Mystic Iron ores. 

“Anybody else wants to make their move?” Chen Feng shouted coldly.

Looking at Chen Feng, who was radiating with killing intent, the cultivators there then turned to look at the killed cultivators. All of them grew silent. Don’t joke around. That was a Sacred artefact, capable of even blocking Mo Xuan’s attack. Anyone who dared make a move must surely be crazy.

“Chen Feng is truly a madman. He dares kill anyone! Amongst those killed earlier is a member of Jade Talisman Sect, a disciple from Skypond Faction and two members of Holy Flame Sect!”

“Hey, he dares kill even disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace, let alone these fellows. We should just be good. There is no need for us to make a move. That is a Sacred artefact, you know? I can’t handle that kind of thing.”

 1 Thunder Hegemon is a sealed Demon King in the Demon Trial Grounds. His first appearance is in Chapter 282.


 1 zhang = 3.333 m

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