Chapter 499: Another Expert


A pure sword cultivator at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. No wonder he is so arrogant. Chen Feng identified the mighty-looking cultivator’s cultivation base with just a glance. However, Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned. Although this person’s cultivation base was quite high, it was not enough to threaten him. Chen Feng was only worried that more experts would come.

All the cultivators who had entered this pocket dimension were at the Sky Human stage. Naturally, that included those at level 9 of the Sky Human stage, cultivators who were close to reaching the Human Immortal stage. If a group of them were to appear, wielding Sacred artefacts, Chen Feng would have no time to continue collecting the Mystic Iron ores. Instead, he would have to think about how to run away.

In the face of the incoming attack, Chen Feng swiftly backed away and three beams of sword light shot forward from behind him, intersecting one another to block the attack coming at him.


Flames sparked all the way up into the sky and the three sword beams were once again shattered. The cultivator did not stop and the sword in his hand shot towards Chen Feng again.

The Gold Mustering Sword Technique that he practiced was one of Sword Hall’s sword technique involving the use of dark-gold sword energy. It was capable of mustering the power of metal around the user, gathering it upon the user’s sword to be unleashed when attacking the enemy. 

The power behind this technique was incomparable. Add the high number of changes behind the sword skills learnt from Sword Hall, most cultivators at the same level would find themselves at a disadvantage when facing this technique. This was also why pure sword cultivators would often show such arrogance towards others.

Chen Feng chose not to face him head on. Instead, he mobilized the Eight Trigrams sword array to fight the cultivator. They fought a few rounds, each round ending with Chen Feng in a disadvantageous position while the cultivator kept pressing the attack.

“Humph! Although the sword array is good, you are too weak. It is simply ineffective against me. Sword arrays consume a great deal of energy. I want to see how long you can keep this up!” the cultivator said with a scoff and three sword beams were fired out consecutively to attack Chen Feng, one from the top, one from the middle and one from the bottom.

“The disciples from Sword Hall are truly extraordinary. However, I do not have the time to play with you. I will have to finish you off first,” Chen Feng said and the Fire Wyrm Sword in his hand drew back the radiance emanating from its body to become like an ordinary sword. Next, Chen Feng stepped forward and displayed the Longevity Sword Technique. Rays of sword energy enveloped his surroundings in a rampaging manner and an overbearingly formidable sword attack immediately suppressed the cultivator. 

Witnessing such a skilful display of swordsmanship from Chen Feng, a look of shock appeared in the cultivator’s eyes. The surging pressure forced the cultivator to back away, but he only managed to take three steps backwards when a sword attack struck his body. Although the wound was not deep, the savage sword energy contained within the attack invaded his body to ceaselessly destroy his vitality.

“What kind of sword technique is this?” The cultivator was shocked. He was one of the best disciples from Sword Hall, someone who had practiced swordsmanship – from a young age – for hundreds of years to the point of perfection. Moreover, he was cultivating Sword Hall’s dark-gold sword energy, an overbearing sword technique from the sect. Unexpectedly, he would encounter someone whose sword technique could suppress his own sword technique. Additionally, it was clear that this opponent also had a much lower cultivation base. 


As he was retreating, the cultivator took another hit. This time, the sword beam striking him was even stronger than the previous one. After the sword beam exploded against his arm, he felt his whole arm going numb.

“Wildwind Sword!”

He knew that he would constantly be in a disadvantageous position if this situation were allowed to continue. In the end, he would lose. Thus, he gritted his teeth and displayed the Wildwind Sword Technique. It was something that he had only just begun practicing and had yet to successfully master. This technique was even more overbearing compared to his earlier sword technique, containing the explosive power of wind. Even so, he had yet to comprehend this technique properly and was only using this technique out of desperation.

Despite that, the effect of his move was very good. Displaying the technique, the cultivator was actually capable stopping himself from retreating.

“Look! It’s Yu Xiaojian from Sword Hall!”

Other cultivators had come over as well. Originally, they had wanted to break through the Eight Trigrams sword array that Chen Feng set up. However, the fight between Chen Feng and Yu Xiaojian attracted their attention instead.

“It really is Yu Xiaojian. He is a very formidable sword cultivator who has practiced several powerful sword techniques. Look, he is having the upper hand!”

“Humph! Do you fellows only recognize Yu Xiaojian? Look at his opponent.”

“Who? Let me have a look. It’s Chen Feng? It’s actually Chen Feng! Why are the two of them fighting? Does Yu Xiaojian want to capture Chen Feng and get the rewards offered by Nine Firmaments Palace?”

“I don’t think so. Chen Feng must be the one who set up this sword array. He wants to stop others from mining the Mystic Iron ores here.”

“Yes. The amount of Mystic Iron ores here is astonishing. We could sense it even from far away. The two of them are fighting one another. This is a good opportunity. Let’s work together to break this sword array!”

“Ha ha ha! There is no need to work together. Watch as I break this shabby sword array myself!”

One of them, a cultivator in white magic robes, waved his hand and a talisman – flashing with bolts of lightning – struck the Eight Trigrams sword array. Next, an intense flash of lightning flared out as a thunderous boom reverberated outwards. The Eight Trigrams sword array that Chen Feng set up shook violently, seemingly on the verge of dispersing.

“Good! Your Jade Talisman Sect’s Lightning Talisman is truly powerful!”

“Chen Feng, looks like your sword array is about to break. Like I said before, you cannot take this mine for yourself.” Seeing the other cultivators arriving, a smile appeared on Yu Xiaojian’s face. His Wildwind Sword Technique, which was originally somewhat stiff, became smoother and the power behind it gradually grew.

“There is still time.” Chen Feng smiled. He appeared unperturbed.

“What are you talking about?” Yu Xiaojian was puzzled. He did not understand what Chen Feng meant by that.

“I am saying, there is still enough time to finish you off before dealing with this.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Ha ha ha! With your skills? Anyone can brag, but you are in a disadvantageous position now!” Yu Xiaojian said with a scornful smile.

“Is that so?” Chen Feng revealed a faint smile and a change happened to the sword technique that he was displaying. A rapidly swirling sword beam flew forward to break the Wildwind Sword attack that Yu Xiaojian had sent out.

“A spiralling sword energy!”

Yu Xiaojian was stunned. This type of sword energy was not something that anybody could casually unleash. Although he could also release a beam of spiralling sword energy, he would not have been able to do so with such ease.

After releasing one spiralling sword beam, the Fire Wyrm Sword in Chen Feng’s hand shook and its ordinary-looking blade abruptly released an intense power of fire. Next, three spiralling sword beams were fired out consecutively. The beams came together to form a huge hurricane, which continuously expanded in size.

Storm of Sword Beams.

This was a move that Chen Feng had only just comprehended not too long ago. It was highly powerful and cultivators who cannot block the attack would easily be shredded by the sword beams into pieces.

Seeing Chen Feng unleash just one spiralling sword beam earlier had already shocked Yu Xiaojian. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng was actually sending a storm of sword beams at him using the spiralling sword beams, an act which utterly terrified Yu Xiaojian. Even before he could figure out how he should deal with the attack, the storm had engulfed him. 

Immediately, the magic robes that he was wearing were shredded. Then, pangs of pain spread throughout his entire body and countless wounds appeared on his body. Blood kept flowing out at an increasingly fast rate. By the time Yu Xiaojian fell to the ground, not a single part on his body was whole. He had become completely stained with blood.

Witnessing what just happened, the cultivators there became astounded. They did not think that the formidable Yu Xiaojian could end up getting beaten so badly. Those who had been harbouring thoughts of rushing forward to destroy the sword array in order to snatch the Mystic Iron ores froze.

Despite his success in defeating his opponent, Chen Feng was surprised. Yu Xiaojian’s whole body was covered with sword wounds and stained with blood. However, he could still stand. The aura emanating from his body had fallen to an extremely weak state, but the will to fight radiating from his body did not disappear.

“Still alive?” Chen Feng was shocked. He had believed that Yu Xiaojian would die to the storm of sword beams. It would appear that he was mistaken.

As Chen Feng was considering whether or not to step forward and give him another blow, a formidable sword intent charged towards Chen Feng from afar. The sword intent locked down onto Chen Feng’s movements. It felt as though any movement from Chen Feng would cause it to unleash a fatal blow towards him.

What a formidable sword intent. It’s another cultivator from Sword Hall. A peculiar smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

The cultivators from Sword Hall were always an overbearing and arrogant bunch in the Northern Plains. Sometimes, even those from Nine Firmaments Palace would not have the guts to offend these madmen.

However, Chen Feng had no such scruples towards them. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there was nothing that could cause him to hesitate, let alone the disciples from Sword Hall. That was especially true here in this pocket dimension. He would kill anyone who dared compete against him for treasures. As for the consequences of his actions, that would have to wait.

Sensing the sword intent, Yu Xiaojian’s face grew relaxed. He ignored the possibility of Chen Feng trying something against him and simply fell on his butt to focus on healing himself.


Seeing Chen Feng locked down by a sudden sword intent, some of the spectating cultivators finally made their move.

A total of three cultivators took action. They made their move simultaneously, charging towards the Eight Trigrams sword array from three different directions. They gave it their all right from the start, wanting to break the sword array that Chen Feng set up and rush inside to collect the Mystic Iron ores inside.

Their plan was a good one. Chen Feng, having wounded a cultivator from Sword Hall, was presently locked down by the opposing party’s sword intent. He would never attack them. Naturally, the three cultivators were not the only ones there. And yet, even though the other cultivators had wanted to make a move, they had some scruples. Some were fearful of Chen Feng, some wanted to use the three fellows as vanguards and some wanted to become the golden oriole from behind. 

The three cultivators rushed out recklessly. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng, whom they believed would not attack them, actually chose to attack. Additionally, it was a lightning attack.

Three bolts of lightning flashed forward and the three cultivators’ figures abruptly came to a halt. Next, all three bodies exploded at the same time. Their flesh blasted outwards into their surroundings and a scent of blood and scorched flesh wafted in the air.

Chen Feng did not hesitate in the slightest when attacking the three cultivators. He had directly utilized the Demon Sealing Sword’s power of astral lightning. When Chen Feng killed the three cultivators, the sword intent locking down on Chen Feng abruptly changed, condensing into a sphere before shooting deep into Chen Feng’s soul. 

At the same time, a golden astral sword, over 100 zhang in length, shot towards him from afar. Everywhere it went, space itself would shake to create ripples in the air. The astral sword was aimed at Chen Feng, moving at such an incredible velocity that Chen Feng was simply incapable of dodging away.

Note: ‘Become the golden oriole from behind’ is from the idiom ‘the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the golden oriole from behind’. It meant secretly preying on the hunter who is busy hunting his prey.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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