Chapter 498: Setting Up an Array


Observing the Metalchomp Ants running about in every direction, Chen Feng blurted, “There are so many Metalchomp Ants here. Would they devour the entire Mystic Iron mine?”  

At that moment, the Longevity Tower was still focused on devouring the ores from the Mystic Iron mine. The size of the small mountain decreased continuously as one ore after another was devoured.

“Tower, hurry up! Someone is here.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone as he stared at several cultivators who were approaching from afar.

Hopefully, they are from Nine Firmaments Palace. Of course, regardless of who they are, they can forget about getting a single Mystic Iron ore. An icy grin appeared on Chen Feng’s face and he brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword before standing at a spot halfway up the mountain. He quietly waited for the cultivators to arrive.

“It’s here! My Myriad Induction Geocompass is reacting. There must be a metal mine here.” One of them held a round geomantic compass in his hand. It was like the Myriad Induction Geocompass that Chen Feng possessed, capable of searching for ores. However, its shape was somewhat different.

“There is someone up ahead.”

“Let’s go and check it out. Don’t let him beat us to it!”

“Hey! If there is really a mine here, we should just kill him off!”

Three cultivators rushed towards the mountain that Chen Feng was on. When they reached the foot of the mountain, the three of them revealed looks of shock and joy. They shouted once again.

“Mystic Iron mine! This is actually a Mystic Iron mine! According to the Myriad Induction Geocompass, the amount of Mystic Iron here exceeds 5,000 kilogrammes!”

All three of them were holding a piece of ore. Due to their excitement, sparks began flying out from their eyes.

“I don’t know who that person standing halfway up the mountain is, but he is using a spatial-type magic treasure to collect this Mystic Iron mine!”

“Come, let’s go! It doesn’t matter who that person is, we’ll just kill him! This fellow could survive this long after entering this place. He must have some good items on him.”

As the three of them were planning on rushing forward to attack Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s figure swiftly floated up. Then, utilizing the power of wind, he arrived before the three cultivators in the blink of an eye. Chen Feng waved and the ores in the three cultivators’ grasp flew into his hand.

“The three of you are right. To be able to survive this long means that one would definitely have some good items. Now, there are two options for the three of you. The first option, hand over all the items you possess and I will spare your lives,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“What? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Did I hear that wrong?”

“Then, does the second option involve you killing the three of us?”

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the three cultivators immediately burst into laughter. It was as though they had just heard the funniest joke in the world. The three of them simply did not view Chen Feng as a threat.

“Do you three not recognize me?” A puzzled expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. In recent months, be it the cultivators from the various great sects or loose cultivators, not a single one would not recognize Chen Feng. They would either reveal fear or rush forward to kill him. None would react like this. 

“Kid, who are you? Are you the son of an immortal dao sect’s Sect Master? Or are you a bigshot from the Immortal Plane descending upon the mundane world? Why should we know you?” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, one of them laughed even louder.

Chen Feng was puzzled to see that there were still cultivators who did not recognize him. However, he continued asking, “Are you fellows from the Northern Plains?”

“That’s right, we are from the Demon Order! What about it? Are you afraid now? Judging by your looks, you should be just a loose cultivator, right?”

“Enough with the nonsensical exchange. If you had behaved yourself, we could have spared your life. Now, you will have to die,” one of them said and attacked Chen Feng. A black palm silhouette, emanating a sky-reaching aura of heresy, clawed at Chen Feng. It brought a thick and noxious scent with it. 

This is an offensive technique of the Demon Order. Looks like these three fellows have been constantly secluding themselves for their cultivation efforts, otherwise they would have recognized me. The Fire Wyrm Sword appeared in Chen Feng’s grip and a fiery light flashed out. The palm silhouette that was emanating a ferocious atmosphere of majesty was cleaved apart. The Fire Wyrm Sword’s power of fire was activated and the cleaved palm silhouette was utterly burned. Even the noxious scent was burned away by the flames.

After unravelling the cultivator’s attack, Chen Feng continued to attack. The Fire Wyrm Sword abruptly expanded in size and the indistinct silhouette of a wyrm appeared. It charged forward and the cultivator who attacked Chen Feng earlier screamed wretchedly as he was sent flying.

“Not good! This is a tough opponent, attack together!”

Realizing that the situation did not look good for them, they unleashed their magic techniques to attack Chen Feng. One of them sent out a stream of black energy while the other sent out a flying sword.


Before even approaching Chen Feng, the stream of black energy abruptly erupted, transforming into thick black clouds, which enveloped Chen Feng. 

“Ha ha ha! This is the Vile Poison Smoke that I cultivated! Just enjoy it!”

As the black smoke was enveloping Chen Feng, the flying sword flew right into the black smoke. It found Chen Feng’s exact position and shot towards his chest.


Chen Feng reached out with his hand to catch the flying sword in a tight grip. No matter how hard the flying sword struggled, Chen Feng did not loosen his grip.

Sensing that his flying sword was restrained, black light shone out from the cultivators’ eyes. Immediately, Chen Feng felt the flying sword in his grasp becoming hot. At the same time, countless sword beams charged out from the sword, attacking every part of Chen Feng’s body in a haphazard manner.

“A grade 5 Prized artefact.” Sensing the flying sword’s actions, Chen Feng was able to immediately determine the grade of the flying sword.

Chen Feng swiftly tightened his grip and the flying sword shattered apart with a bang, causing its owner to cry out in misery before falling to the ground.

“This poisonous energy is quite decent. However, it looks like it is not too effective against me.” The Fire Wyrm Sword in Chen Feng’s hand then sprayed out streams of blazing flames and the surrounding poisonous smoke was immediately burned away.

“Demonic Energy Bead!”

The two of them had finally realized just how powerful Chen Feng was. The two of them pushed their arms forward to send two black-coloured energy balls forward.

Bang! Bang!

The two black-coloured energy balls exploded abruptly and a formidable power of destruction swept towards Chen Feng. The two of them knew that this could not harm Chen Feng. However, their objective was to obstruct him so as to buy them the time they needed to flee.

Before escaping, however, they went to pick up their other companion. While it was unknown whether or not this person was dead or alive, they pulled him along as they ran away. At the same time, one of them crushed a jade talisman. It was an Emergency Talisman, capable of notifying and summoning their fellow sect members over.

However, they had underestimated Chen Feng. Just as the three of them were about to flee, Chen Feng stepped out from the explosion caused by the two black-coloured energy balls. His Magnetic acupoints fired up and it took Chen Feng merely two steps to catch up to them. Next, he unleashed a palm silhouette to easily smash the three fellows to the ground.

“No, don’t kill us!” Feeling dreadful, one of them cried out for mercy.

Chen Feng ignored their pleas. After swiftly collecting the spatial pouches on them, he swung the Fire Wyrm Sword at them.

“These three fellows possessed fairly decent cultivation bases and combat skills. A pity, they ended up meeting me. Just consider it bad luck on your part,” Chen Feng said coolly. Next, he raised his hand and the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword flew out from his body and split into eight flaming swords. After that, the eight swords moved to surround the Mystic Iron mountain in accordance to the Eight Trigrams array.

The reason Chen Feng did that was because there were more cultivators coming from afar. Moreover, it would appear that there were quite a lot of them. Although Chen Feng was not afraid of them, he did not want to have them rush forward to snatch away the Mystic Iron ores here. Having to face them one at a time would be more troublesome for Chen Feng.

At that moment, Tower’s actions had caused the Mystic Iron mountain to shrink to a height of less than 100 metres. Furthermore, it was continuing to shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Chen Feng felt conflicted. On the one hand, he wanted Tower to quickly collect every last bit of the Mystic Iron ore here. On the other hand, he hoped that there would be an astonishing amount of Mystic Iron ores here. This meant that, the longer Tower needed to collect it, the better it would be.


One of the flaming swords shook and Chen Feng knew that someone had arrived. Additionally, that someone had also launched an attack at the flaming sword. With a thought, Chen Feng’s figure swiftly arrived at the location of the flaming sword. Within this Eight Trigrams array, Chen Feng’s speed and strength had risen by a notch.

“Who is it? Who came here to raise a ruckus? Hurry up and leave, or die,” Chen Feng said coldly.

“And who are you? This mine is not something that you alone can occupy. Hurry up and take down this array. It is only logical for everyone to share it!”

Due to the Eight Trigrams sword array, Chen Feng was able to clearly see what was happening outside while those outside the array could not see what was happening inside. All they could see was a thick layer of flaming barrier standing before them.

“This fellow should be a loose cultivator. Very weak, I’ll just kill him then!”

After clearly determining the fellow’s cultivation base, Chen Feng mobilized the sword array’s power and a fiery-red sword beam abruptly shot out from the sword array to strike the cultivator’s body. Immediately after that, the cultivator was transformed into a lump of charcoal. A spatial pouch floated upwards and into the flaming barrier before flying into Chen Feng’s hand.

Two more cultivators who arrived after the now-dead cultivator grew shocked at the spectacle. They dared not move forward and instead put some distance between themselves and the barrier. Then, they circled the sword array that Chen Feng had set up to inspect it.

After half a joss stick’s worth of time, another flaming sword shook. Additionally, the intensity with which it was shaking was higher compared to the previous one. In fact, the entire Eight Trigrams sword array was shaking as well. It seemed as though it might be broken soon.

Eh? An expert has come. Let’s go check it out. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he immediately arrived outside the array where he saw a young and mighty-looking cultivator. Wielding a sword shining with golden light, the cultivator was bombarding the sword array that Chen Feng had set up.

“Dark-gold Sword energy, a disciple of Sword Hall,” Chen Feng said.

“Hah! And here I was, wondering who could be so arrogant. So, it’s Chen Feng. Chen Feng! Take down this sword array right now!” the cultivator said, stopping his attacks on the sword array.

“You want me to take down the sword array? That will depend on whether or not you possess the ability.” After Chen Feng said that, a fiery-red sword beam shot out from the sword array towards the cultivator.

The Eight Trigrams Fire Sword was a grade 6 Prized artefact. Although it had split up to form the sword array, every one of its attacks had undergone a condensation process through the cyclical process of the surrounding space. Thus, the power behind its attack was much stronger compared to the attack from a normal grade 6 Prized artefact. Some ordinary level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator would find it hard to block the all-out attack from the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword.

“Gold Mustering Sword Technique! Break!”

The sword in the cultivator’s hand rapidly jabbed forward to fire out a clump of golden light. The clump of golden light blew up the sword beam that Chen Feng sent out. Next, without moving away from his spot, the cultivator drew an arc with his sword, causing it to pierce space and attack Chen Feng. 

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