Chapter 496: Discovering a Mystic Iron Mine


Although Chen Feng managed to deflect the enemy attack, he was also wounded as a result. A deep wound had appeared on the surface of his fist, which bled. However, Chen Feng seemingly felt nothing. There was an indifferent look on his face. This level of injury was nothing to him.

The cloudy fog had already completely dissipated and Chen Feng stared intently at the distant silvery-white wyrm. The wyrm’s head kept moving about and light danced continuously within its mouth. Its pair of eyes stared at Chen Feng and flames seemed to be gushing out from the eyes. Those were the flames of rage. 

Chen Feng finally understood what was up with the earlier spear. It was actually the wyrm’s altered form. No wonder it could be so fast and dextrous, Chen Feng thought.

“A level 9 Great Yao,” Chen Feng whispered. Without utilizing his magic treasures, he would be no match for this Great Yao, even with his increased cultivation base. However, the fact that he could face this Great Yao earlier made Chen Feng feel satisfied with himself. 

Chen Feng, someone who had yet to overcome his Lightning Tribulation, had managed to fight against a top-level Great Yao. If news of this were to spread, there was no telling just how many cultivators would be shocked by it.

A clump of longevity-type primary energy swiftly enveloped his wounded fist. Soon enough, the bleeding stopped and the wound healed at a rate visible to the naked eye. Before the Great Yao could attack again, the wound on Chen Feng’s fist had already disappeared and his skin had regained its smooth texture.

Observing the human standing before it, a glint of surprise then flashed across the wyrm’s eyes. It was clear that this human did not possess a high cultivation level. And yet, the power inside him was simply too strong. He had actually managed to block its attack with his fist. The wyrm could not stop itself from becoming wary. It was an existence that was close to reaching the Yao King stage. It could not allow something unexpected to drag it down. Thus, it had to exercise caution.

“Human, leave now,” the silvery-white wyrm spoke using the human tongue. It had finally given up on the thought of fighting Chen Feng to the death.

“Fine, but I will be taking that Poison Dispelling Grass,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Dream on! Don’t be too greedy or you will end up without a proper corpse.” A ferocious light flashed out from the wyrm’s eyes and it began threatening Chen Feng.

“Humph! In that case, let’s give it a try.” Chen Feng’s figure shot into action. First, he attacked by swinging his hand to send a bolt of lightning out from his palm. The lightning bolt slammed heavily against the wyrm’s body only to produce a miniscule effect.

“Too weak. Since you have a death wish, don’t blame me,” the wyrm said, its body abruptly growing in size. It shook and an eye-piercing light shone from the many scales on its body. Then, opening its mouth, it fired a white stream of frost energy towards Chen Feng. Everywhere it went, a layer of white frost would appear, even in the air.

At the same time, the silvery-white wyrm’s scales shook, creating a resonating sound. Next, tens of its scales shone with white light before shooting out, intersecting one another before slicing towards Chen Feng. The scales were thin and fast and they left fine, white lines and dazzling lights in the air.

A large-scale attack with a frost breath while unleashing a sudden attack with its scales. The light they emit can affect vision. This wyrm’s battle judgement is very strong. Chen Feng was quick to determine. At the same time, he moved to counter the attacks.

Firing up the Void acupoint again, Chen Feng’s body was isolated from his surrounding space. At the same time, he sent out a Domain Palm, which flew forward to grasp the wyrm.

Thanks to the Void acupoint’s stealth function, Chen Feng managed to escape from most of the attacks. However, the scales were simply too peculiar and fast. Thus, Chen Feng had still ended up with some wounds. Still, those were superficial wounds that counted as nothing for Chen Feng.


The silvery-white wyrm easily smacked the Domain Palm into pieces. Next, the wyrm’s body abruptly elongated and it charged towards Chen Feng. It gave up on using long-ranged attacks and began using melee attacks.

So fast! All Chen Feng could see was a flash. Reflexively, he brought up both hands to place them defensively before himself. Next, he heard a banging sound and it felt as though a thick bolt of lightning had struck him. Both his hands grew numb and his figure flew backwards.

Next, the wyrm’s long body swirled and coiled in an attempt to squeeze Chen Feng to death.

“Sigh!” Chen Feng sighed. Knowing that he was no match for this wyrm, he waved his hand and the Immortal-binding Rope flew out from his hand. It immediately grew larger. In just an instant, the Immortal-binding Rope had bound the wyrm.

Chen Feng was in the midst of breathing a sigh of relief when the wyrm suddenly released an icy-cold frost energy from every part of its body. At the same time, its body grew larger. Immediately, tears began spreading out across the Immortal-binding Rope binding the wyrm. It seemed to be on the verge of breaking apart.

Chen Feng was shocked. He beckoned with his hand and kept the Immortal-binding Rope. This was no joking matter. The Immortal-binding Rope was a grade 9 Prized artefact. Having the Immortal-binding Rope broken would translate to a huge loss for Chen Feng. 

After breaking free from the Immortal-binding Rope, the wyrm attacked Chen Feng again. Chen Feng sighed to himself and brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword, using his all to fight the wyrm. After exchanging a few blows, Chen Feng was sent flying again.

This white wyrm is even stronger than the black wyrm I brought out from the Minor Dimension! Chen Feng was shocked.

“Naturally. This wyrm’s body contains the blood of dragons. However, it is too diluted. Who knows just how many generations there are in between them? Normal people would have been incapable of even detecting it,” Tower suddenly said.

Realizing that, Chen Feng then asked, “No wonder it is so powerful. It is said that the dragon race is gifted with a Heaven-defying talent for battle. This wyrm must have some legacies of its own, right?” 

“Of course.” Tower nodded.

“This wyrm is already extremely close to reaching the Yao King stage and it possesses a vast amount of combat experience. I will definitely keep losing if I do not utilize any Sacred artefact for this fight,” Chen Feng said. Next, his Life and Death acupoints stirred and the Twin Swords of Life and Death shot out from the two insight acupoints. Emanating life and death energies, the two Sacred artefacts became like two ribbons as they flew forward to entangle the silvery-white wyrm.

Sensing the mighty and coercive atmosphere, the wyrm realized that the situation was not looking good for it. It opened its mouth to spray out a stream of frost energy before quickly shrinking down. Next, it turned as it attempted to flee.

However, Chen Feng had already brought out the two grade 6 Sacred artefacts. Would he allow this wyrm to escape? The Twin Swords of Life and Death swirled out a few times and bound the wyrm with their energies.

Despite that, the wyrm continued to struggle fiercely. Chen Feng waved his hand and collected the wyrm into the Longevity Tower. After that, he swiftly condensed out a massive stele, which he used to suppress the wyrm.

By borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power, Chen Feng was able to suppress the wyrm. After that, he breathed a sigh of relief. Given his current level of strength, utilizing the Twin Swords of Life and Death was something that he could only do for a while. There was simply no way he could wield them for an extended period of time.

“What is this place? Let me out right now!” the wyrm screamed in dread. Its body could not move, seemingly suppressed by a mountain.


Chen Feng’s figure flashed and he re-appeared before the wyrm. Bringing out the Death Sword, he swiftly made a cut on the wyrm’s body. Next, he extended a hand and exerted a suction force with it to suck out the blood essence hidden within the wyrm’s body. The sucked-out blood essence transformed into a ball of blood and flew into Chen Feng’s palm.

Next, Chen Feng utilized the Demonic Heavengorging Art and a black vortex appeared upon his palm to swiftly devour the ball of blood.

Next, wisps of overbearing power began erupting out from Chen Feng’s body. The power lashed about in every direction, seemingly wanting to tear everything within Chen Feng’s body.

“Kid, you have a death wish! You want to absorb my blood essence? Just wait for it, your body will blow up!” Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, the wyrm was first taken aback. Next, it snarled loudly. It seemed convinced that it would be able to witness Chen Feng getting blown to bits from overload.

“The blood essence’s power is indeed overbearing. However, it is a little inferior compared to tribulation lightning,” said Chen Feng with a smile as he swiftly refined the wyrm’s blood essence.

The blood essence of a level 9 Great Yao. Even for the average Sky Human stage cultivator, one drop of the blood essence could blow up his or her body. As for the average Concealed stage cultivator, just the aura emanating from the blood essence was enough to break the cultivator.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was able to absorb and refine the blood essence. Firstly, his fleshly body was mighty. Secondly, he practiced the Longevity Scripture. Thirdly, there was also the utility of the Demonic Heavengorging Art.

The ball of blood essence from the wyrm took Chen Feng two hours to refine. Even then, he could not fully refine them. The remainder was stored within his fleshly body, where he would slowly refine them when he had the time.

“How do you feel?” Tower suddenly appeared before Chen Feng.

“I just feel a highly aggressive aura from it. Other than the fact that the power is somewhat brutal, I feel nothing else,” Chen Feng said.

“The dragon power inside is too weak. Whatever! When your cultivation base has risen, you will eventually get to see a true divine dragon.” Tower nodded and said nothing more.

Chen Feng then spent some time cultivating inside the Longevity Tower before moving forward once again. After covering a distance of over 50 kilometres, Chen Feng managed to collect some spiritual herbs. Additionally, he also found a mine.

“Tsk, tsk. I didn’t think I would be able to find a Mystic Iron mine here,” Tower suddenly said, his voice containing excitement.

“Mystic Iron mine?” A look of surprise appeared on Chen Feng’s face as he regarded a small and inconspicuous mountain that was located not far away from him. There were only over 100 metres between him and the small mountain. Appearance wise, it looked like a real mountain. It really looked normal. At the very least, Chen Feng was incapable of seeing anything special about it.

“If I say it is, then it surely is. Could I be wrong about it?” Sensing Chen Feng’s doubts, Tower spoke out with a slightly displeased tone.

Chen Feng sped up and it did not take long before he reached the small mountain. He casually picked up a fist-sized stone there. Instantly, he blurted out in a hushed tone, “Eh? The stones here are so heavy!”

“They contain Mystic Iron. Of course they are heavy. Do you think they are just ordinary stones?” Tower said with a ridiculing tone.

With a thought from Chen Feng, a clump of flames appeared from his palm. Chen Feng was using the Five Elemental Flames. Fire counters metal. Under Chen Feng’s prodding, the flames in his palm began burning the piece of stone.

It did not take long for the stone to melt down. The impurities within the stone were burned away and the stone grew smaller and smaller. In the end, only a nail-sized, black-coloured piece of metal was left. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that this was Mystic Iron.

“There is only so little left.” Chen Feng grew somewhat disappointed.

“Humph, what do you know? To be able to extract this much Mystic Iron from just a piece of stone means that it contains a decent amount of Mystic Iron. Naturally, this is only limited to the stones in the peripheral area. The pure Mystic Iron must surely be within the core area,” Tower said. 

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