Chapter 495: Formidable Yao Beast


A level 7 Great Yao! Chen Feng was slightly surprised. He did not think that such a powerful Great Yao would appear. The Great Yao had the appearance of a multi-coloured tiger. However, it was bigger and more muscular. The atmosphere that it was radiating – that of a king of beasts – could strike fear into the hearts of others.

Additionally, the Great Yao’s body also contained an extremely thick yang power. Sensing that, Chen Feng realized that this Great Yao was like the Sunshine Flowers, beings that absorb the power of the sun.

In the face of this roaring yao beast, Chen Feng did not retreat. Instead, he fired out a lightning-fast punch. The three cultivators who were standing some distance away saw only a flash of light before witnessing the Great Yao that had terrified the three of them to the point of petrification fall backwards. Next, Chen Feng swiftly brought out a rope, which he used to bind the level 7 Great Yao.

When they saw that, their eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. Such a mighty Great Yao was dealt with so easily? Thinking back to how the three of them had considered attacking Chen Feng, they were practically trying to court death.

Chen Feng pulled and the Great Yao – bound by the Immortal-binding Rope – was pulled before Chen Feng even as it struggled. By then, the ferocity in its eyes had disappeared, replaced by a look of fear. This youngster had been able to deal with it with just one move. Additionally, it was incapable of extricating itself from this rope. It knew then that it had kicked an iron plate. Thus, it began pleading for mercy.

“Don’t worry. I will not kill you for now. Let’s give you a good place to stay,” Chen Feng said, suppressing and putting the Great Yao into the Longevity Tower, where it became neighbours with the blue wyrm from the first floor. 

“By the way, did you three say something just now?” After he was done with the Great Yao, Chen Feng turned to look at the three cultivators.

Seeing Chen Feng turn his gaze towards them, the three of them felt their hairs stand on end. Even their hearts felt as though they might burst out from their bodies. It was too terrifying. The three of them had seen what happened earlier in detail. For Chen Feng, killing the three of them was simply a matter of waving a hand.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

In their fear, the three of them fell to their knees, their faces horribly pale. They could not even utter any words to beg for mercy. It was clear that the dread within them had reached the extreme.

Chen Feng shook his head. Given their level of courage and ability, the three cultivators would not have a promising future. He ignored the three cultivators and continued collecting the spiritual herbs there.

When Chen Feng was done collecting the Sunshine Flowers, the three cultivators were still kneeling obediently there. Seeing how Chen Feng was not saying a word, the three of them dared not get up. Should they provoke Chen Feng, he could kill them all with just a wave of his hand.

After he was done collecting the spiritual herbs there, Chen Feng ignored the three cultivators. Without tarrying, he simply moved forward. Although Chen Feng had plenty of time, he was not one to waste his time with people like these.

Seeing Chen Feng leave, the three of them exchanged glances, looks of disbelief on their faces. After waiting for a while, though, they saw that Chen Feng was not returning. Only then did the three of them stand up. They wiped away the sweat on their faces as they smiled bitterly.

“Is Chen Feng really gone?”

“Most likely.”

“He is letting us go just like this?”

“Maybe he thinks we are just minor characters. Enough! No matter what, we have managed to preserve our lives. Let’s hurry up and book it!”

“It’s strange. Isn’t he supposed to be extremely ruthless? It is said that he would indiscriminately kill even those from Nine Firmaments Palace. And yet, he actually let us off? How unbelievable!”

“What? Do you really want to die?”

“He he! I’m just saying.”

Seeing as Chen Feng was not coming back, their tense hearts gradually lightened and they chatted as they swiftly left the place.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had indeed thought of killing off the three cultivators. However, for some unknown reason, he had decided not to go forward with it. Perhaps the cultivator was right and that he simply did not view these minor characters as a threat to him.

It's strange. The farther in I go, the thicker the spiritual energy becomes. Looks like there must be something good up ahead, Chen Feng thought as he moved forward.

Chen Feng was no longer flying. As the density of the surrounding spiritual energy kept rising, so too did the number of spiritual herbs on the ground. Chen Feng had actually found a few decent spiritual trees as well. Naturally, along the way, some yao beasts would constantly jump out to greet him. Most of them were at the Great Yao stage. Chen Feng wounded and killed some of them. As for some of the more ferocious Great Yaos, Chen Feng had them suppressed inside the Longevity Tower.

There was a reason why Chen Feng chose to keep the yao beasts inside the Longevity Tower. On the one hand, he did have thoughts of taming them. On the other hand, they could be released during critical moments to create some difficulties for his enemies.

These few spiritual herbs are actually 5,000 years old. This is quite the harvest. Chen Feng happily regarded a strange-looking spiritual herb in his hand. Although he was unable to tell the name and uses of the spiritual herb in his hand, he could sense the thick medicinal energy within the spiritual herb.

As he moved forward, the number of spiritual herbs he encountered rose, causing Chen Feng to feel puzzled about the situation. He had considered asking Tower the cause of this. However, after contemplating it, he finally decided against it. If he were to ask Tower about everything, he would end up becoming too reliant on Tower in the future. Thus, Chen Feng decided to move forward on his own to see for himself what lay ahead.


As Chen Feng was in the midst of collecting a Poison Dispelling Grass from a rivulet, a silvery-white wyrm, 10 plus zhang in length, surged out from the waters. The wyrm’s attack seemingly caused the entire rivulet to shake and countless pillars of water surged towards Chen Feng. As for the wyrm, it opened its mouth, causing a web-like soundwave to charge towards Chen Feng.

“Dragon Roar!”

Chen Feng was surprised. He did not think that this wyrm could unleash this type of attack. This was no ordinary soundwave attack. Rather it was a unique offensive skill of the dragon race. It contained natural laws and divine endowments. It was far, far stronger than the average soundwave attack.

Still, even though it was a unique offensive skill of the dragon race, some of the more powerful or variant wyrms could still display this skill. However, the power behind the moves would differ. The attack that this very wyrm had unleashed was very strong, causing Chen Feng to feel shocked and he wondered if this wyrm’s blood contained the bloodline of dragons.

The thoughts ran through Chen Feng’s mind in a flash. However, no matter how many more thoughts Chen Feng had about the wyrm, he no longer had the time to continue pondering. The silvery-white wyrm’s attack was already upon him.


Chen Feng did not attempt to take the attacks head on. Instead, his figure floated up to swiftly back away. At the same time, he unfurled his domain. Due to the fruits of the Domain Tree and the increase in his cultivation base, the domain that he could bring out had grown several times stronger.

The domain spread out and the pillars of water bombarding Chen Feng exploded into bits. As for the wyrm, it did not stop attacking. On the contrary, its attacks actually tore open a hole within Chen Feng’s domain before continuing to charge towards Chen Feng.

However, due to the obstruction from Chen Feng’s domain power, the power behind the wyrm’s attacks were exhausted considerably. What remained were swiftly smashed into pieces with a punch from Chen Feng.

Even so, the wyrm was very skilled. Chen Feng had only just broken the first wave of attacks when the second wave of attacks arrived before him. A cloudy fog suddenly rose up from the waters to envelop Chen Feng. Immediately, Chen Feng found his vision affected. His eyes flashed and he furiously ignited his Soulflame. 

Immediately, he saw a silvery-white spear shooting towards his forehead. Fast, accurate and powerful, it caused Chen Feng’s heart to thump. If an attack of this level were to strike him, despite his mighty fleshly body and the protection of his body armour, he would still be grievously wounded.

I can’t dodge! Chen Feng thought. He could sense that the opponent’s attack had locked him down. Any attempt to dodge or retreat would cause the power that he was channelling forward to weaken. Due to that, the next attack from the opponent would grow even stronger.


During that critical juncture, Chen Feng’s domain power transformed completely into the power of wind and lightning to abruptly explode before him. The obstruction caused the spear to falter slightly. However, it was only slightly. It then shrank quickly before shooting towards Chen Feng at an even higher velocity. Once again, it was aiming at Chen Feng’s forehead.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. Next, his Void acupoint stirred and his figure disappeared, causing the silvery-white spear to miss.

Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo!

Wherever the spear went, a series of booming sounds would follow. It was the result of the spear piercing through space. 

Huh, I managed to avoid it. This fellow’s attack is so irregular. Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. He continued to hide himself as he gathered his strength.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng had assumed that the other party would be incapable of making any moves against him when he saw the silvery-white spear pierce its way out from the cloudy fog again. This time, it did not initiate a direct attack. Instead, it spun rapidly. As it spun, the surrounding fog disappeared and cracks began spreading into the surrounding space.

Chen Feng felt a sensation of pain. Lowering his head, he saw that several minute wounds had appeared on his chest. Although they were not serious, blood kept flowing out from them.

Incredible, it could actually affect space! These wounds on my body are the work of the power of space. Chen Feng grew even more shocked. He did not think that the wyrm would be able to so quickly break his stealth technique.

Perhaps it was due to the blood flowing out from Chen Feng’s body, but the wyrm had once again found Chen Feng’s position. The spear transformed into a straight white beam of light, piercing through space as it stabbed towards Chen Feng’s chest.

Chen Feng’s Actual and Force acupoints stirred and a condensed and seemingly-tangible force swiftly circulated through Chen Feng’s body before surging out. This was the purest and most condensed power that Chen Feng had ever unleashed.


The power exploded out from Chen Feng’s fist to heavily strike the white light. However, the white beam of light was not shattered. Instead, it became like a ribbon as it swirled away. At the same time, a formidable power caused Chen Feng’s figure to re-appear.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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