Chapter 494: Sunshine Flowers


“Eh, where is Mu Qingfeng? Why don’t I see him?” After exiting the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was unable to find Mu Qingfeng. Thus, he assumed that something had happened to him. However, after investigating his surroundings, he found no traces of battle. Due to that, Chen Feng grew relieved and he speculated that Mu Qingfeng must have left the place after failing to find him.

“I wonder if there is anything good on the fifth floor?” A stream of light flashed beneath Chen Feng’s feet and his figure slowly and leisurely flew up.

Chen Feng was in no hurry. He was also not afraid that he would have to spend more time there. It was true that the pursuit of cultivation was for the sake of obtaining a longer lifespan and Chen Feng also wanted to quickly improve his strength. At that moment, however, Chen Feng was not lacking time. 

Again, after entering the Concealed stage, an ordinary cultivator’s lifespan would increase by up to 1,000 years. If the cultivator cannot break through to the Sky Human stage by the time the 1,000 years was over, that cultivator would disappear from the world. The present Chen Feng was less than 20 years old. And yet, he was already close to reaching level 9 of the Concealed stage. He will be breaking through to the Sky Human stage soon after. After reaching the Sky Human stage, every Lightning Tribulation under his belt would increase his lifespan by another 1,000 years.

Additionally, he was cultivating the Longevity Scripture. Thus, his fleshly body and lifespan were greatly improved, putting him at a far superior position compared to the average cultivator. Due to that, Chen Feng had plenty of time. Furthermore, he had only just experienced two breakthroughs in a row. He needed some time to stabilize his cultivation base as well. Thus, he leisurely roamed the pocket dimension.

Naturally, there was another reason for his action. He hoped that he could encounter other cultivators. Meeting those that he had a grudge against like the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace would be for the best. However, Chen Feng did not mind having other cultivators attack him. That way, he would have an excuse to plunder them. At any rate, the more of them there were, the more power they could field. Ergo, those people could surely collect more treasures than him, who was going at it alone.

Despite not going fast, Chen Feng was still able to fly through a long distance in a day. Sensing the spiritual energy around him and the terrain of the ground, Chen Feng felt frustrated.

“Tower, the environment here is no better compared to the desert. It barely has a few spiritual herbs. I am now suspecting whether or not I am still inside an Immortal artefact.” Chen Feng finally had enough and he landed on a mountain.

The mountain was not small. It had a height of up to 2,000 zhang, with steep cliffs and some strange-looking stones on it. There was also a lush amount of vegetation growing on it. While Chen Feng could see a flock of birds there, there were only a few yao beasts present. The mountain had very little medicinal herbs and he could not sense even a single spiritual herb there.

“Heh! That is because you haven’t found the right place.” Tower laughed.

Chen Feng shook his head. He did not ask Tower where he should go next. After resting for a while, he flew forward again. This time, he flew faster. In the past, Chen Feng would not have used his primary energy in such an unrestrained manner. However, things were different now. He had already opened up his Void and Actual acupoints and refined two more Sacred artefacts into his body, thereby increasing his power several fold. 

At the same time, the rate at which he was absorbing worldly spiritual energy had also increased. Given Chen Feng’s current flight speed, he was indeed consuming his primary energy at a rapid rate. However, the rate at which he was replenishing his primary energy was even faster. Thus, Chen Feng was not feeling concerned.

It did not take long for him to fly far ahead. Sensing that the spiritual energy in his surroundings was becoming thicker, Chen Feng knew that he had come to the right place. Thus, he slowed down. At the same time, his Void acupoint stirred and a power emanated out from the Sacred Voidsoul Sword. Once again, Chen Feng was visited by a strange sensation where he felt as though he had been separated from his surroundings.

If there were someone standing before Chen Feng, that person would discover that Chen Feng had suddenly disappeared. It was as though he had pasted an Invisibility Talisman on himself, causing his body to disappear. Chen Feng knew that this was not the same as the effect of using an Invisibility Talisman. Rather, it was something of a higher grade compared to the Invisibility Talisman. He had isolated himself from the surrounding space and only an expert who practiced spatial techniques could detect Chen Feng. 

However, in order to practice spatial techniques, the cultivator would at least need to be at the Human Immortal stage. Thus, the average cultivators below the Human Immortal stage can forget about detecting Chen Feng. Naturally, with a higher cultivation base, even Human Immortals would have a hard time detecting Chen Feng. 

As expected. So, the Void acupoint possesses this function. I wonder if it has any other functions, Chen Feng thought. As he did so, a series of information appeared within his mind. Those were the introduction and cultivation methods for the Void acupoint. He followed the explanations and began going through the functions and power of the Void acupoint. Quickly, his aura began retracting again. This time, even a cultivator with a formidable divine sense would be incapable of sensing Chen Feng’s existence. 

In the past, after opening his Soul and Anima acupoints, Chen Feng was already capable of solidifying his divine sense. And now, he could even pull back the various types of aura radiating from his body. Chen Feng judged that this state of his was even better than using the Invisibility Talisman that Liu Shaolong had given him back then. 

There is a yao beast! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up as he saw cultivators and a yao beast fighting in the distance.

A total of three cultivators were besieging a yao beast that Chen Feng had never seen before. The yao beast was quite strong. It could be considered a mid-level existence amongst Great Yaos. However, in the face of the three cultivators’ siege, the yao beast was quickly killed. In the end, the materials from its body and even its yao core were split up between the three cultivators.

These three fellows possess decent cultivation bases. All three are at level 4 of the Sky Human stage. However, are they loose cultivators or are they from some sect? Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he ignored the three fellows and slowly flew past the three cultivators.

“Huh, the yao beast was really tough! If it weren’t for the fact that the three of us had joined forces, we would have been incapable of finishing it off!”

“True. I didn’t think that this pocket dimension could be so dangerous. If we hadn’t joined forces and had been venturing solo, I fear that each of us would have been wounded or eaten up by the yao beasts here. However, despite the dangers here, the harvest we can gain is also considerable. Since entering, we have already managed to hunt down six yao beasts. One of them has 5 Lightning Tribulations under its belt!”

“That’s right! This yao beast we just killed is a fire-type yao beast. It just so happens that I am practicing a fire cultivation technique. Though, I wonder if we can find any spiritual herbs up ahead?”

“Enough! Let’s not spend too much time chatting. We should hurry forward. There will surely be good things lying up ahead!”

Thus, the three cultivators began running forward while continuing to chat amongst themselves. Although they were not flying, the speed at which they were advancing was not slow either. Covering a great distance in a single day was not an issue for them. Additionally, they were moving in the same direction as Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not hear the words exchanged between the three cultivators. He also did not care that they were moving in the same direction as him. He was simply not feeling concerned. All three of them were only at level 4 of the Sky Human stage. Despite joining forces, they had to spend so much effort to kill a yao beast that was on the same level as them. Thus, they were certainly not in possession of anything good. Moreover, the three of them had not offended him. Chen Feng was not someone who would kill indiscriminately.

I wonder if Mu Qingfeng and the others came here? Chen Feng speculated, landing upon the peak of a small mountain. Casually performing a grasping move, Chen Feng caused a clump of soil, along with a spiritual herb, to fly into his hand.

A 1,000-year-old Vitriolclear Grass, capable of purifying the impurities within the body. Not bad. Chen Feng nodded his head and collected it.

The spiritual energy here is two to three times higher compared to the outside world. Cultivators who manage to find this place would likely be unwilling to leave. Chen Feng smiled and he spread out his divine sense and found a few more spiritual herbs. Naturally, he collected them as well.

Oh, they have come as well. Chen Feng had only just found stretch of Sunshine Flowers, shining with brilliant light, when the three cultivators from earlier arrived. Seeing the stretch of Sunshine Flowers, all three of them grew excited and their eyes shone brightly.

“Sunshine Flowers! Those are really Sunshine Flowers!”

“How can there be so many Sunshine Flowers? There are over 1,000 of them. Every one of them is over 1,000 years old. We have really struck it rich this time! With so many Sunshine Flowers, we can exchange them for a Sacred artefact in the outside world!”

“Ha ha ha, how lucky! I didn’t think that the three of us could be so lucky!”

“Wait, there is someone!”

Excited, the three of them moved forward and they finally caught sight of Chen Feng. As Chen Feng was not utilizing his stealth technique, they were able to see him. Their appearance caught Chen Feng by surprise as well. However, his hand moved quickly. With just a wave of his hand, more than 100 Sunshine Flowers had entered the Longevity Tower.

“Hold it!


“You have a death wish?”

Seeing only one person there, the three cultivators grew relieved. Immediately, they rushed forward to surround this person. The three of them were loose cultivators. Normally, whenever they encountered the disciples from the Ten Great Sects, they would do their best to avoid the disciples. If they could not avoid the disciples, they would do their best to not offend the disciples. 

However, the current situation was different. This person was alone. For the sake of these spiritual herbs, they would ruthlessly join forces to kill this person off even if he was a disciple of the Ten Great Sects. Additionally, the three of them had yet to get a good look at Chen Feng’s face. Due to their impulse, they simply rushed over.

When they finally got a good look at Chen Feng’s face, the three of them were shocked. Quickly, however, their hearts burned. It was said that Chen Feng possessed countless good items on him. If they could kill Chen Feng, not only would they obtain the treasures on his person, they could also go to Nine Firmaments Palace to receive the rewards for him. 

Naturally, the fact that Chen Feng could remain safe despite Nine Firmaments Palace’s efforts to hunt him down meant that he must possess a certain level of ability. Thus, they were fearful that they were no match for Chen Feng. The three of them hesitated, uncertain as to whether or not they should attack.

Chen Feng ignored them. Instead, he continued collecting the Sunshine Flowers at a rapid pace. It did not take long for half of the stretch of Sunshine Flowers to end up inside the Longevity Tower.

Seeing the number of Sunshine Flowers fall without respite, the three cultivators were finally incapable of holding back. They decided not to attack for now. Instead, they would move forward to collect the Sunshine Flowers as well. It was not a bad decision. However, before the three of them could make their move, a huge, fiery-red yao beast appeared out of nowhere to pounce at them. There was still a distance of over 100 zhang between them and the yao beast, but the atmosphere that it was emanating shocked them so badly that their bodies trembled and their mouths gaped.

“Oh, no! This is probably a peak-level Great Yao!”

“We’re doomed! Hurry up and run!”

“We’re probably incapable of escaping anymore. No wonder there are so many spiritual herbs here. How can there be no yao beasts guarding them?”

The three cultivators were shocked and they were uncertain what to do. Even though they wanted to escape, their bodies felt limp. As for fighting back, that was simply impossible.

To the three cultivators’ relief, the Great Yao, which had appeared all of a sudden, did not attack them. Instead, it rushed towards Chen Feng. At any rate, Chen Feng was still in the midst of collecting the Sunshine Flowers. Thus, he had become the Great Yao’s number one target.

[Note: I mentioned this sometime ago, but the author sometimes uses the word ‘soul power’ for cases where he would usually use ‘divine sense’ and vice versa. So, I am assuming that they mean the same thing.]


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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