Chapter 493: Successive Breakthroughs


Sensing the peculiar aura of the sword, the Void acupoint within Chen Feng’s body kept stirring. Moreover, the speed and frequency at which it was stirring kept rising. It was then that Chen Feng instinctively channelled the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, causing strands of void power to enter his body. The strands of void power then assailed his Void acupoint.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the Void acupoint – that he had attempted to break open many times in the past – began cracking. Almost immediately, a booming sound rang out. It was like the sound of a mountain crashing down and ice cracking. The energy within the Void acupoint linked up with the void power emanating from Sacred Voidsoul Sword. 

The streams of energy from the Void acupoint circulated throughout Chen Feng’s body and he was visited by a strange sensation. It felt as though a chasm had appeared between his body and his surroundings. However, this sensation quickly disappeared. Although it had felt peculiar, Chen Feng decided to put it aside first. He had only just broken open his Void acupoint. Now was the time to increase his strength.

Truth be told, there was no need for Chen Feng to deliberately focus on increasing his strength. As the streams of energy from the Void acupoint flowed, his aura slowly and gradually grew.

Throughout the whole process, Chen Feng had not loosened his grip on the Sacred Voidsoul Sword at all. As the Void acupoint within his body kept operating, his strength continued to rise and the Sacred Voidsoul Sword kept sending strands of energy into Chen Feng’s body. At the same time, the Sacred Voidsoul Sword was continuously linking up with Chen Feng. 

After one joss stick’s worth of time, the Sacred Voidsoul Sword became like a clump of smoke and it entered Chen Feng’s body. It did not stop, moving continuously until it entered the Void acupoint. Then, it began roaming about within the Void acupoint, like a carp swimming about in a river.

Due to the Acupoint Aegis Art, the instant the Void acupoint entered a state of tranquillity, Chen Feng’s whole body was affected. It was as though a huge boulder had been thrown into a water surface, causing the waters to splash out everywhere. That was exactly what Chen Feng was facing. The opening of his Void acupoint had caused changes to happen to his entire body. Void power and the other powers within the Sacred Voidsoul Sword kept moving across Chen Feng’s body, causing every part of his body, his meridians, internal organs, bones, blood and energy to transform and grow stronger and stronger.

As expected of a Sacred artefact. Just the aura and power that it is subconsciously emanating could greatly increase my strength. Looks like I will have to target more Sacred artefacts in the future. Chen Feng thought, sensing the changes within his body.

Although his cultivation base had improved significantly, Chen Feng did not become excessively overjoyed. This was something that happened every time he opened an insight acupoint. Thus, he had gotten used to it.

“I am really lucky. I happened to be able to get exactly what I was missing.” Chen Feng then continued cultivating himself for two hours before stopping for a moment.

“Humph! Kid, you sure are lucky,” Tower said, shaking his head.

“Good that you know. Follow me and you will surely be able to recover your powers,” Chen Feng replied with a smile after hearing Tower’s words.

“Hopefully, that is the case.” Tower simply nodded and said nothing else.

“Heh! Now, all that is lacking is the Actual acupoint and Return acupoint. These two insight acupoints should not take long to open.” Chen Feng laughed. Then, he waved a hand to pluck another Ice Pear, which he began munching. The cooling sensation washed over his entire body, giving him an incredibly pleasant feeling.

Chen Feng lay on the branch and rested for half a day. After the power inside his body had stabilized, Chen Feng then turned his attention towards the Four-sided Spirit Mace.


Something flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes all of a sudden and a boy with a bright smile on his face appeared right before him. Seeing that shocked Chen Feng so badly, he nearly fell off the tree. 

“Tower, what gives? You scared me!” Chen Feng mumbled in dissatisfaction.

“There are only you and me here. What are you afraid of?” Tower said, plucking an Ice Pear that was behind him. Looking at it for a while, he then tossed it to Chen Feng. There was unhappiness in his eyes.

“What is it? Why aren’t you eating it?” Chen Feng asked in a curious tone.

“Humph! If I can eat it, would I give it to you? It’s because I am not strong enough and the body I formed has yet to reach the level where it can eat foods.” Tower shook his head.

“Well, that’s too bad,” Chen Feng said, biting into the Ice Pear and munching before Tower. 

“Kid, are you doing this on purpose?” The smile on Tower’s face disappeared. However, Tower’s boyish face could not create an impactful atmosphere. Instead, Chen Feng found that he looked even funnier.

“Tower, the Sacred Voidsoul Sword is a grade 4 Sacred artefact while the Four-sided Spirit Mace is a grade 5 Sacred artefact, right?” Chen Feng quickly changed the topic of discussion.

“Yes.” Tower nodded. His hand beckoned and the Four-sided Spirit Mace flew into his hand. After regarding it for a while, he tossed it over to Chen Feng.

It was heavy and a thick power of earth flowed about within it. Chen Feng felt as though he was holding a mountain.

The steel mace had 13 joints, squarish in shape and with well-defined corners. And yet, it looked quaint and simplistic, lacking in fancy designs. A cultivator who was lacking in strength would have assumed this to be an ordinary steel mace. However, Chen Feng was different. He could clearly sense the extraordinary aspects of this steel mace.

If nothing else, its status as a grade 5 Sacred artefact alone could deter every Sky Human stage cultivator. Even the average Human Immortal would want to snatch it.

“An earth-type offensive magic treasure. Its physical attacks could easily reach a force of tens of millions of jin. It can easily flatten a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain,” Tower said nonchalantly.

“So powerful?” Chen Feng was shocked. The present Chen Feng could unleash attacks with a force of over one million jin. However, the difference between one million jin and ten million jin was like the difference between a river and a sea. By wielding this steel mace and exerting a force of tens of millions of jin with it, Chen Feng would be able to kill even a Human Immortal. Naturally, a Human Immortal would not simply stand idle and let Chen Feng strike him or her.

“This steel mace is quite good. Four-sided Spirit Mace, capable of striking all four sides. A good name. It also contains such a vigorous power of earth. I wonder what was used to forge this weapon?” Chen Feng said as he held it.

“It’s just a cheap trick. Just wait until I have recovered my strength. Then, I will be able to simply rip out a mountain and easily forge a mace, one that is much better than this one,” Tower said disdainfully.

“Hey, I think this should be called earthen mace and not steel mace,” said Chen Feng, who swung it a few times. A grey-coloured energy stream rushed out from the Four-sided Spirit Mace and a spiritual tree that was standing not far away from Chen Feng was shattered into pieces.

“Oops!” Shocked, Chen Feng quickly stopped. Looking at the shattered spiritual tree, he reflexively clenched his teeth.

“You squanderer,” Tower said, waving his hand. The shattered spiritual tree instantly transformed into surging streams of spiritual energy before disappearing into the sky.

“Looks like I will need to be more cautious.” Chen Feng fondly stroked the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand.


Suddenly, the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand flared out with light. A glowing, grey-coloured mist radiated out from the steel mace to envelop Chen Feng. Before Chen Feng could recollect himself, the surrounding glowing mist abruptly disappeared and the Four-sided Spirit Mace had disappeared from his hand.

“Eh?” Chen Feng was shocked. Then, he sensed that the Four-sided Spirit Mace was already inside his body. If the earlier Sacred Voidsoul Sword was like a fish swimming through his body, this Four-sided Spirit Mace was like an overbearing crocodile. It kept smashing its way forward, sweeping aside everything before its path before finally smashing heavily against Chen Feng’s Actual acupoint.


Chen Feng jumped to his feet, his eyes wide open as a look of disbelief was etched on his face. At the same time, light shone from his body once again as turbulent waves of aura kept radiating out from Chen Feng’s body. It caused even the spiritual tree that he was standing on to shake.

“Am I seeing things now? This kid is going to break through again?” Even Tower was slightly taken aback.

The Four-sided Spirit Mace had easily broke open Chen Feng’s Actual acupoint earlier and was now like a sea-stabilizing pillar, safeguarding his Actual acupoint as vast amounts of energy gushed out from the Actual acupoint. Once again, Chen Feng’s power began growing.

“Huh! Tower, do you think I can take it? This power is too strong!” Sensing the continuously growing power, Chen Feng became concerned.

“Don’t worry. Any other cultivator would blow up due to overload, but you are different. Your fleshly body is several times stronger than the average cultivator. If you cannot even absorb and refine a power of this level, the training you underwent with the lightning pool would have been for naught,” Tower said coolly.

Hearing those words, Chen Feng felt relieved. Thinking back to the pain he had endured when tempering himself with tribulation lightning, Chen Feng grew confident. If he cannot even handle this, the pain he’d had to endure in the past training sessions would truly have been for naught.

Chen Feng used up to four hours in order to stabilize the power within his body. His primary energy circulated countless times through his body before finally entering a steady state.

“With this, only one insight acupoint remains. I wonder if I will be able to break through all at once?” The immense improvement in his strength caused Chen Feng’s sense of confidence to grow somewhat. In the end, however, Chen Feng gritted his teeth and controlled himself. 

He had only just opened his Void and Actual acupoints in quick succession and refined two Sacred artefacts into his body, causing his strength to rise to an unbelievable height. If he were to attempt to continue, there was no guarantee that no issues would arise. Additionally, Chen Feng was also not confident in his ability to control the power that would gush out from the Return acupoint.

Sensing the two Sacred artefacts staying obediently within his Void and Actual acupoints, Chen Feng felt somewhat pleased with himself. If other cultivators were to find out that he had managed to refine two Sacred artefacts, they would be shocked to the point of falling unconscious.

Seeing the self-satisfied smile on Chen Feng’s face, Tower could not stop himself from saying, “Humph! What is there to feel so pleased about? If it weren’t for my suppressing aura, you wouldn’t be able to deal with even one Sacred artefact.”

As his cultivation base had improved, Chen Feng felt very happy. He ignored Tower’s barbed words. Instead, he focused and carefully studied the various circumstances within his body. Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, Tower nodded.

While Chen Feng was cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower, Mu Qingfeng, who was outside, concluded his cultivation session and got up. He then found that he could not find Chen Feng at all. Instantly, his face sank. Searching around, he found no one. Thus, he expanded his range of search. By the time Chen Feng exited the Longevity Tower, Mu Qingfeng was already nowhere in sight.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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