Chapter 492: An Immortal Artefact


“Go out? Forget it! If I go out, I will definitely be surrounded by the desert fire scorpions. Besides, other than those fire scorpions, there are only sand outside. It’d be better for me to stay here and look for other good items.” Chen Feng shook his head. Earlier, he was only testing to see if he could exit the place. Naturally, if something dangerous were to happen, he would not hesitate to run away from the colossal tower.

Chen Feng stood before the window for a while before turning around. He then walked deeper into the fifth floor of the tower. After just 100 plus steps, Chen Feng encountered another barrier. This time, however, the barrier he encountered was different from the one on the window. Chen Feng was able to walk past it. Next, the scenery before his eyes changed and he found himself within an unfamiliar place once again.

“Junior Brother Chen.” Before Chen Feng could inspect his surroundings, he saw Mu Qingfeng moving joyfully towards him.

“Eh? It’s only you?” Chen Feng was a little surprised. He did not think that he would be able to encounter Mu Qingfeng right after entering. However, he did not see Zhang Xuanjin and Bai Yunyan.

“Yes. I have been here for more than half a day now, but I have not met anyone else. My Messaging Talisman is also unable to contact Junior Brother Zhang,” Mu Qingfeng said.

“More than half a day?” Chen Feng was surprised. However, after considering it for a moment, he understood. The flow of time in the space that he was in earlier was different from the flow of time here.

“Tower, the flow of time here has changed. Normal Sacred artefacts should not be capable of doing this, right?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“Influencing time is something that Sacred artefacts cannot do. At the very least, it needs to be at the Dao artefact tier. Only a Dao artefact can modify the dao laws and affect time,” Tower said.

“You mean to say, this colossal tower is a Dao artefact?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Not a Dao artefact, an Immortal artefact.” Tower’s voice sounded different from normal. It sounded as though he was contemplating something.

“What? An Immortal artefact?!” Chen Feng nearly jumped from the shock.

“It is actually an Immortal artefact? Surely not?” Chen Feng was slightly incapable of believing it.

“What is so great about Immortal artefacts?” Tower felt displeased with Chen Feng’s tone. At any rate, he was an existence that surpassed the Immortal artefact tier. And yet, Chen Feng had never shown him much respect.

“I do think that this colossal tower is extraordinary. However, it has no immortal energy inside it. How can it be an Immortal artefact?” Chen Feng aired out his doubts.

“How many floors does this tower have?”

“Eighteen floors!”

“And which floor are you on right now?”

“The fifth floor.”

Naturally, Chen Feng understood what Tower meant. “I know what you mean. There are better items on the higher floors.”

“Horseshit! If even the Domain Tree, a valuable spiritual tree, is placed on the fourth floor, the higher floors must have things that are even better,” Tower said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“If so, are there any good items on the third floor of the Longevity Tower?” Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up and he asked.

“In the past, there were some good items. Now though… humph! Wait until your cultivation base is high enough. Either that or wait until I have recovered my powers. Then, you will know.” Tower shook his head, a slightly contorted look on his face.

“I was mistaken. This tower, formed from the condensation of sand, is actually an Immortal artefact. It is just that its grade is somewhat low. Still, there is one thing I did not expect. This tower should be a completely intact Immortal artefact,” Tower slowly said.

“A completely intact Immortal artefact? It is of an even higher grade than Pot Mountain?” Chen Feng asked in an astonished tone.

“How much did you gain from Pot Mountain?” Tower instead fired a question at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng considered the question for a moment before answering, “Quite a bit. There was so much immortal energy there. However, if I have to compare the two, it seems the immortal energy cannot compare with the items inside this colossal tower. I think it cannot even compare with the spiritual trees from earlier.”

“Truth be told, Pot Mountain is of a higher grade compared to this tower. However, Pot Mountain was damaged and it did not contain many good items. That is all. It is possible that someone had deliberately left this tower behind, otherwise who would spend so much time and effort to arrange these stages for cultivators to explore and train themselves?” Tower said.

“Tower, when you put it that way, the one who left this tower here did so with a certain objective in mind?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, that person definitely has an objective for doing this. When you reach the 18th floor, you might be able to find out why,” Tower said.

“Last time, you were able to collect Pot Mountain. This time, this tower shouldn’t be a problem for you either, right? After collecting it, we’ll have plenty of time to slowly study it. It beats getting held back here,” Chen Feng suggested.

“As if it’s that easy. I have already said it earlier, this tower is intact. Given my current level of strength, I cannot do it. If I try to use force to collect it, I fear that I might encounter some troubles,” Tower was quick to say.

“Troubles? What kind of troubles? Can this tower devour you?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Chen Feng was just joking. Unexpectedly, Tower nodded. “Yes. Even Sacred artefacts can give birth to artefact spirits, let alone Immortal artefacts. It will not be an issue for an Immortal artefact that is at its prime to gulp me down. Regaining this little bit of power has not been easy. If I end up getting devoured by this minor Immortal artefact, my reputation would fall into the gutter!”

“In that case, I’ll just explore the stages one by one,” Chen Feng said regretfully as he shook his head.

Next up, Chen Feng split up his focus into three different endeavours. He chatted with Mu Qingfeng while chatting with Tower. At the same time, he was also releasing his soul power to scan his surroundings.

It did not take long for another day to go by. The two of them were unable to gain much in terms of harvest. All they gained was some medicinal herbs and ores. For Chen Feng, those items were not particularly important. Having them or not did not make much difference to him. However, Mu Qingfeng was quite happy about it.

Other than that, they did not encounter any dangers at all. Rather, not a single yao beast had appeared. Due to that, the two of them felt puzzled and bored. Thus, on the second day, they stopped advancing and instead found a random but quiet place to cultivate themselves.

Once again, Chen Feng did not practice the other cultivation techniques. Instead, he continued to assail the three remaining insight acupoints. Speaking of which, in recent days, the Void, Actual and Return acupoints had entered a nearly-opened state. This felt unbearable for Chen Feng. Although he had attempted to assail the acupoints several times, he could not succeed in opening the insight acupoints. Even so, he did not give up. After adjusting his rate of breathing, he then began sensing and linking up with the three insight acupoints. 

“What a fool!” Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, Tower mumbled with a slightly scornful tone. However, he did not utter it out loud, not wanting to interfere with Chen Feng’s actions. At any rate, Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation was passable. Thus, he wanted to let Chen Feng cultivate and figure it out on his own. Relying on him all the time for pointers would affect Chen Feng’s path of cultivation in the future.

As expected, Chen Feng failed again. However, he did not feel discouraged. He moved into the Longevity Tower and sat down on the branch of a mighty spiritual tree there. Reaching out, he plucked one of the fruits growing from the tree and began chomping down on the fruit. 

It was an Ice Pear Tree. Leaning against the branches, Chen Feng ate the Ice Pear, satisfying his appetite while increasing his cultivation base. The strands of cool energy flowed through his whole body, giving him a pleasant feeling that gave him an impulse to exhale loudly.  

“Now this feels like a cultivator’s life. Constantly putting my life on the line for cultivation is excruciating,” said Chen Feng, who shook his head while finishing up the Ice Pear in his hand.

Next, Chen Feng beckoned and an exquisite wine jar flew into his grasp. After Chen Feng pulled open the wine seal, a strong aroma of wine wafted out.

“Tsk, tsk! Unexpectedly, this wine is quite good.” After drinking a mouthful of the wine, Chen Feng became surprised. The wine jar was from one of the spatial pouches that he had acquired. He himself did not know who the owner of the spatial pouch was.

After drinking a few more mouthfuls of wine, he ate another Ice Pear. The fiery heat of the wine and the icy coolness of the Ice Pear went all the way through his body. A comfortable feeling brought about by both ice and fire swept over Chen Feng’s body.

“This kid sure knows how to enjoy himself. A pity, I have only just condensed out my body. I still cannot eat anything. Argh, it’s driving me up the wall,” Tower, who was hiding in a corner, said with a displeased tone

However, after eating two Ice Pears, Chen Feng stopped. The surging spiritual energy and medicinal powers within him were churning. He would need to completely refine the powers within his body before he could continue eating the spiritual fruits.

“Huh! I didn’t think that these spiritual fruits could contain so much energy. Looks like I got a real bargain this time around,” Chen Feng said as he refined the spiritual energy within his body.

This was something that only a cultivator like Chen Feng could do. The body of any other cultivator on the same cultivation level as him would have exploded from energy overload after eating just half of the Ice Pear.

After refining the spiritual energy of the Ice Pear and the medicinal power of the wine, Chen Feng felt a refreshing sensation wash through his body. Then, he decided to go check out the two Sacred artefacts that Tower had collected earlier.

Of the two Sacred artefacts that the Longevity Tower collected earlier, one was the Sacred Voidsoul Sword, a grade 4 Sacred artefact from Sword Hall while the other one was the Four-sided Spirit Mace, a grade 5 Sacred artefact from Purple Firmaments Palace.

Even amongst Sacred-tier magic treasures, these two could be considered as strong magic treasures amongst mid-grade Sacred artefacts. For Sky Human stage cultivators, these were truly, truly, truly, high-grade magic treasures. It was no wonder that those from Sword Hall and the three Palaces would grow agitated to the point of puking blood after these Sacred artefacts were taken away from them. Rather, that would not be the end of it. Even the Human Immortals waiting outside would puke blood when they discover that their sects’ Sacred artefacts had been snatched away.

“This sword is quite unique.” Chen Feng picked up the Sacred Voidsoul Sword. As the sword contained its own sword domain, it had left a deeper impression on Chen Feng. Generally speaking, not only were swords containing their own sword domains strong, they also had a higher chance of levelling up.

Although it was around the same size as an ordinary sword, this sword did not possess a solid body. Blurry and grey, it looked as though it was condensed using smoke. Or perhaps, it was formed by moulding a clump of shadows into the shape of a sword.

And yet, despite its indistinct appearance, Chen Feng was still able to grasp it.

Immediately, Chen Feng was able to sense the peculiar aspects of this sword. The moment he held the Sacred Voidsoul Sword, he sensed his Soul and Anima acupoints stirring. More importantly, the Void acupoint that he had been trying to assail lately was also stirring.

“Tower, what is going on?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“What is there to be surprised about? This sword contains void power. Additionally, it is a soul-type offensive magic treasure. It is only normal for your body to react in such a manner,” Tower said nonchalantly.

“Void power and soul-type offence. What a coincidence!” Chen Feng was both stunned and overjoyed. This was exactly what he needed. He was currently cultivating his Void and Actual acupoints. Perceiving the void power and aura within the Sacred Voidsoul Sword would greatly benefit him.

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