Chapter 491: Truly Inside the Tower


“Wait!” Seeing Chen Feng on the verge of attacking, the senior brother spoke up.

“All right. We’ll leave everything behind!”

“Senior brother!”

“Enough! With the verdant mountain intact, there is no need to fear a lack of firewood. Everyone, bring out everything you have,” the senior brother said [1].

Hearing their senior brother’s words, they brought out their spatial bags, looks of dejection on their faces. All of them cast hateful stares at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the spatial pouches in their hands and even the magic treasures on them flew into his hands.

“Truth be told, you fellows should thank me for not killing you all,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

After looting all the belongings of the disciples from Sword Hall, Chen Feng then flew swiftly towards the Longevity Tower.


After Chen Feng’s departure, the faces of all six grew even more contorted. However, there was nothing they could do about it. If they had provoked Chen Feng, he would have killed them all. It would have been a pointless death for them all.

“No wonder Chen Feng could remain safe despite the pursuing efforts from Nine Firmaments Palace. With such a magic treasure, not even a Human Immortal can stop him!”

“Senior brother, what do we do now? We don’t have anything at all right now. Additionally, we are wounded!” 

“What is there to fear? The amount of spiritual energy here is high. Additionally, there are also spiritual trees here. Now, we’ll pick some spiritual fruits and herbs to quickly recover. As for the lost magic treasures, we can just go robbing for them!”

Naturally, he did not mean finding Chen Feng to snatch their magic treasures back. Rather, he meant robbing other cultivators. However, they soon realized something dreadful. The spiritual trees and herbs that were growing luxuriantly over the mountains had utterly disappeared. The mountains and the hard ground of the surrounding areas, covering a radius of who knows how many li, had been turned upside down. In fact, the Longevity Tower had directly sucked up some mountains in their entirety.

“So clean?”

“Look! Even the apes are getting collected!”

“Senior brother, what artefact tier is the pagoda tower at? Could it actually be a Dao artefact?”

“It managed to withstand the attacks from so many Sacred artefacts back when it was collecting the Sky Meteorite. It is most likely a Dao artefact!”

“Let’s find a quiet place to heal ourselves first.”

By the time Chen Feng found the Longevity Tower, he saw that the Longevity Tower had grown one notch bigger. It had yet to recover the atmosphere it emanated back when it devoured Pot Mountain. However, it would not leave even a single blade of grass behind. 

“Incredible. Looks like Tower has been holding back considerably all this time.” Chen Feng watched as a 100-zhang-tall mountain was completely ripped up before disappearing into the passageway at the base of the Longevity Tower.


Chen Feng flew into the Longevity Tower. The first floor of the Longevity Tower was completely transformed. Mountain after mountain and stretches of spiritual trees could be seen there. Even his herbal field had grown several times bigger. There were also apes jumping here and there through the forest. When they saw Chen Feng, they did not pounce at him. Instead, they revealed ingratiating expressions towards him.

Chen Feng was nearly incapable of recognizing his surroundings and he thought that he had entered an unknown place instead. 

Next, Chen Feng sensed the Eight Trigram acupoints within his body stirring. Strands of domain power kept flowing into his body before getting absorbed by the eight insight acupoints.

This is the power emanating out from the Domain Tree. Chen Feng was surprised. He quickly moved to stand before the Domain Tree, where he began to carefully inspect his greatest harvest on this floor.

As the Longevity Tower was Chen Feng’s lifebound magic treasure, Chen Feng could clearly sense the joyful emotions that the Domain Tree was emanating. He could also sense the dense and constant streams of domain power flowing in from the various folds of space. After absorbing the domain power, the Domain Tree would refine the power before sending it to every part of its body, its trunk, its branches, its leaves and its fruits.

The streams of domain power were the nutrients that the Domain Tree required to grow. Perhaps it was due to the Longevity Tower, but the amount of domain power that the Domain Tree could draw in was somewhat excessive and it could not completely absorb all of them. The portion of the domain power that it could not absorb was thus dispersed throughout the interior of the Longevity Tower and was completely devoured by the Longevity Tower.

Even though Chen Feng was not consciously channelling his cultivation technique, it had still not taken long for his Eight Trigram acupoints to be filled to the brim with the domain power. Additionally, the domain power that his body absorbed was of a much higher quality than before, much, much higher. Chen Feng could feel his strength rising slowly.


As his strength increased, Chen Feng was surprised to discover that his Void, Actual and Return acupoints were becoming clearer. In fact, he could even sense that the three insight acupoints were stirring ever so slightly. A faint link was formed between his soul and the three insight acupoints. Surprised, Chen Feng then began assailing the three insight acupoints. However, Chen Feng was quickly disappointed. Although there was a faint feeling that he could break through, he kept getting the feeling that there was something missing.

After another three joss sticks’ worth of time, the Longevity Tower finally stopped. Then, it re-entered Chen Feng’s body.

By then, it had already found and gobbled up every spiritual tree and herb within all of the surrounding valleys.

“Kid, I found a teleportation array. Do you want to leave?” Tower said happily.

“Wait first. Right, is there any sign of Jian Xiaotian?” Chen Feng asked.

“No, he is likely not on this floor,” Tower said.

“Senior Sister Bai.” Chen Feng arrived before Bai Yunyan and greeted her. Bai Yunyan was about to leave the place and find more treasures.

“He he! I wouldn’t dare accept the title of Senior Sister. It would be more appropriate for you to address me as Junior Sister,” Bai Yunyan was quick to say, a smile on her face. After finding out that the highly powerful nine-storey pagoda tower was Chen Feng’s, Bai Yunyan felt a sense of oppression in facing Chen Feng again.

“Senior Sister Bai, you are too modest. Earlier, I found a teleportation array. I wonder, is Senior Sister Bai interested in leaving this place with me?” asked a smiling Chen Feng.

“Teleportation array? Is it connected to the fifth floor?” Bai Yunyan asked curiously.

“That I do not know,” Chen Feng replied.

“Junior Brother Chen!” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin came to stand before Chen Feng as well. This time, however, they way they looked at Chen Feng had changed. They knew from the beginning that Chen Feng was a formidable character. However, after Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Tower to collect the many spiritual trees, they came to realize that they had still underestimated Chen Feng. That was especially so after they witnessed Chen Feng kill off the cultivators back then. Seeing that had shocked the two of them so badly, their eyeballs nearly popped out from their sockets.

Mu Qingfeng considered for a moment before saying, “Junior Brother Chen, you killed so many cultivators earlier. I fear there will be trouble.”

“What troubles can there be in this place? Besides, are the troubles plaguing me small to begin with?” Chen Feng smiled. He was not feeling too worried. At any rate, all of the Northern Plains was after him and he had killed quite a number of cultivators from the various sects. Thus, killing a few more now would not mentally burden Chen Feng.

“Enough, no need to dwell too much on it. Nine Firmaments Palace has been after me all this time. Next up, I hope I can encounter more cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. The more of them there are, the better it’ll be. That way, I will be able to gain more.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Just now, I found a teleportation array. It is time to leave this place. What do you two plan on doing?” Chen Feng asked.

“We want to follow Junior Brother Chen and shine alongside you,” said Mu Qingfeng without any hesitation.

“He he! Do not forget, we are partners. It is only natural for us to move together,” Bai Yunyan, too, said smilingly.

“All right. In that case, let’s go together. However, there is an issue with the teleportation array here. It would split and send the ones using it to different places. Later on, you fellows will have to listen to my instructions,” Chen Feng said.

“Naturally, that will not be an issue.” Mu Qingfeng and the other two nodded in agreement.

The three of them followed Chen Feng and their team of four quickly came to a teleportation array. It was within a small and inconspicuous valley. A quaint look would be a kind way of describing it. Bluntly speaking though, it was dilapidated. If it weren’t for the fact that the four of them could faintly sense faint energy fluctuations coming from the teleportation array, they would have believed that this was an unusable teleportation array. 

The four of them entered the teleportation array at the same time and Chen Feng brought out the Demon Sealing Sword, which released a dimension to envelop all four of them.


The teleportation array began operating and the space there began fluctuating. After just one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng and the others had disappeared, sent into a spatial passageway.

By using the Demon Sealing Sword, Chen Feng had assumed that the four of them would not be separated. However, he quickly found out that he had underestimated the teleportation array. As they were getting teleported, Chen Feng sensed a formidable power of chaos assailing all four of them. Next, the dimension enveloping them was immediately torn apart. Not good! Chen Feng shouted inwardly. As he was just about to set up another dimension, however, light flashed before him. He had reached his destination.

“Eh?” When both his feet made contact with the ground, Chen Feng looked around and a look of shock promptly appeared on his face.

As expected, he had been separated from Mu Qingfeng and the others. A wall stood before him, a wall with a large window. 

After just one glance, Chen Feng could tell that he was inside the tower. Additionally, this massive tower was a solid object around him and not some boundless space.

Without thinking too much about it, Chen Feng then stepped forward to stand before the window. There, he could clearly observe the unending yellow sands of the desert.

I truly am still inside the tower. Additionally, judging by this height, I am on the fifth floor. In other words, I have always been inside this tower, Chen Feng thought. Other than the sands, Chen Feng could also see the desert fire scorpions gathering around the massive tower. Not only did the scorpions not disperse, their numbers had instead grown. However, the desert fire scorpions appeared fearful of a certain power there. Thus, they were only moving around the tower. Not a single one entered the tower and Chen Feng could clearly see that a circular area around the tower had been left untouched and unoccupied by the scorpions.

“I wonder. Since there is a window here, can I go down?” Chen Feng attempted to extend his palm out the window. As expected, he felt a strong power stopping his palm. No matter how much of his power he channelled for it, his palm could not move even an inch forward.

“I refuse to accept this!” Chen Feng brought out the Demon Sealing Sword and unleashed a furious stab at the window. This move from Chen Feng could pierce even a hard mountain. And yet, he had failed. All he managed to do was to cause a ripple to spread out across the window, like water ripples spreading across the water surface. Although his attempts had managed to bring about a certain result, it was still too weak.

“Tower, can you break this barrier?” Chen Feng asked.

“Easy-peasy. What, you want to head out?” Tower was quick to reply.

1 With the verdant mountain intact, there is no need to fear a lack of firewood. A saying which means, as long as the foundation remains intact, a temporary setback will not affect the big picture.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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