Chapter 490: Extortion


The auras from the six cultivators from Sword Hall converged together. Then, using a secret technique, their auras linked up with the Sacred-tier sword. As expected, after receiving the summons from the six auras, the rate at which the sword was moving towards the Longevity Tower slowed. Additionally, it was continuously struggling, attempting to break free from the Longevity Tower’s restraints.

On the other side, the cultivators from the three Palaces also displayed their techniques. Additionally, they were utilizing a minor immortal technique.

“Heavenly Summoning!”

This was one of the minor immortal techniques within the Heavenly Immortal Technique. Everyone within the world of cultivation knew that this technique was split between the three Palaces: Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace. The three Palaces’ sect guardian treasure was this Heavenly Immortal Technique. It was said that the immortal technique was a legacy passed down from the Immortal Plane. Only the top characters within the three Palaces may practice the Heavenly Immortal Technique. At that very moment, the 13 cultivators worked together to display the Heavenly Summoning in the hopes of retrieving their Sacred artefact, the Four-sided Spirit Mace.

As expected, under the summoning effect of the minor immortal technique, the Four-sided Spirit Mace immediately shook and cracks began spreading across the Longevity Chains binding it.

“I figured it’s those fellows. However, they have quite some cards up their sleeves. Tower, do you need my help?” Chen Feng had already brought out the Demon Sealing Sword. He believed that charging forward and slashing out a few times would prove very effective against them.

“You just keep watch. These little pipsqueaks are nothing to me,” Tower replied. 

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two streams of light flew out from the Longevity Tower to swiftly condense into two talismans with the word ‘trap’ on each of them. Next, each of them moved to paste themselves upon the Four-sided Spirit Mace and the Sacred Voidsoul Sword. The two entrapping talismans flared with light and the two Sacred artefacts grew still once more. Even after spraying out their blood to empower the Sacred artefacts, the cultivators from Sword Hall and the three Palaces were incapable of causing anything to change. In the end, they had to watch as the two Sacred artefacts were pulled into the Longevity Tower.

This ending caused all of them to cough out blood yet again. This time, it was their blood essence. A pale and despairing look was etched on each of their faces.

The Sacred artefact was taken away. What should we do? That was the thought going through the mind of every one of the cultivators there.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s attack arrived. Several astral lightning roared towards the cultivators from the three Palaces. The bolts of astral lightning were swift and formidable and the cultivators had no time to respond at all.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

In the blink of an eye, three cultivators were killed and several more were terribly wounded.

“Chen Feng!”

They finally saw the person responsible for the attacks and their faces sank sharply. Under normal circumstances, these cultivators would have felt overjoyed after seeing Chen Feng. Rather, it would remain true one hour ago. They would be overjoyed to see Chen Feng hand himself over to them. However, things were different now. Every drop of their strength had been sucked away by their Sacred artefact and they were all in their weakest state.  

They had absolutely no confidence that they could defeat Chen Feng in their current state. More importantly, it was very obvious that Chen Feng himself was wielding a very powerful Sacred artefact. 

Once again, fear surged into their hearts. As for the cultivators from Sword Hall, there were some distance between them and Chen Feng. When they saw the cultivators from the three Palaces getting killed, they quickly fled. They didn’t even bother saying anything.

As Chen Feng was charging towards the cultivators from the three Palaces, he waved his hand to send out the Immortal-binding Rope. The Immortal-binding Rope transformed into a long ribbon, which quickly flew through the sky to bind two cultivators from Sword Hall.

The cultivators from Sword Hall revealed quite the sense of camaraderie. All of them stopped running. They then turned around and attempted to help their bound fellow disciples. However, the Immortal-binding Rope was a grade 9 Prized artefact. It would be terribly difficult for them to break the rope.

Chen Feng waved his hand again to create a formidable suction force and the spatial pouches and magic treasures on the killed cultivators flew into his hand. Next, the Demon Sealing Sword swiftly flew out to chase and kill the fleeing cultivators from the three Palaces.

This time, Chen Feng did not go easy on them at all. At any rate, there was a deep grudge between him and the three Palaces. Chen Feng could not even count the number of disciples from the three Palaces who had died to him. It was an irreconcilable conflict. As such, it was presently imperative for him to kill them all and do his best to weaken their forces. 

Thus, Chen Feng went all out, empowering the Sacred artefact to kill the other party while collecting their spatial pouches.

While Chen Feng was attacking them, the Longevity Tower finished up what it was doing. The Domain Tree was collected and the two Sacred artefacts from Sword Hall and Nine Firmaments Palace were snatched away. The two Sacred artefacts were presently lying silently within the Longevity Tower. However, the Longevity Tower did not fly back into Chen Feng’s body. Neither did its massive body shrink. Instead, it flew towards the other areas, areas teeming with spiritual trees.

As the Longevity Tower moved forward, the spiritual trees and spiritual herbs on the ground began flying up as the Longevity Tower collected them all.

After searching around painstakingly, Bai Yunyan had finally found herself a stretch of Ice Pear Trees. However, she had only just collected three of the trees when the Ice Pear Trees there began flying upwards, bringing a good chunk of the surrounding soil with them before quickly disappearing from sight.

Bai Yunyan raised her head and beheld the nine-storey pagoda tower above her head. A high number of spiritual trees and spiritual herbs covered the sky as they swirled into a massive passageway on the tower. In just the blink of an eye, it had collected all of the hundred plus Ice Pear Trees there. All that was left on the ground was large holes. The tower had even scraped up a thick layer of the ground where spiritual herbs were growing upon.

That was not the end of it. The massive pagoda did not stop. Rather, it continued flying forward at a leisurely pace. Everywhere it went, with the exception of stones and soil, every plant on the ground would be swept up. For Bai Yunyan, this spectacle was something that she could never even dream of, let alone imagine.

Looking at the Longevity Tower, which was moving farther and farther away, Bai Yunyan then turned to look at the empty ground. Her beautiful face twisted slightly, seemingly desirous of saying something. Finally, however, she simply sighed. She quickly recollected herself. The fact that she could gain so much this time around was something that had already exceeded her expectations.

Whenever she thought back to how Chen Feng had obtained the Domain Tree, a slight feeling of envy emerged within her heart. However, she thought back to the killed cultivators and her heart calmed down. She felt fortunate that she had not gotten into a conflict with Chen Feng. She had no confidence in her ability to block Chen Feng’s attack.

By then, Chen Feng had killed off eight of the thirteen cultivators from the three Palaces. The remaining five cultivators were also grievously wounded. Fortunately for them, they managed to escape from Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s figure turned around and he sped towards the cultivators from Sword Hall. To his surprise, not a single one of the six cultivators from Sword Hall fled. The four cultivators who could have escaped stood around their two tied-up fellow disciples as they regarded Chen Feng warily.

These fellows have quite the sense of camaraderie. Chen Feng was shocked.

“Chen Feng, is the nine-storey tower yours?” Seeing Chen Feng come closer, complicated looks appeared on their faces. Some revealed fear, some seemingly view death as homecoming, but none attacked. All of them had witnessed Chen Feng butcher the cultivators from the three Palaces. The fact that he could even casually butcher the cultivators from the three Palaces meant that this Chen Feng was truly fearful of nothing. He was a demonic monster-like character.

“Since you fellows know that the tower is mine, I have to kill all of you in order to keep this a secret,” Chen Feng said with a smirk.

“Chen Feng, enough with your display of arrogance! Do you take us cultivators from Sword Hall as the kind who are afraid of dying? If you want to attack us, just attack!” one of the disciples from Sword Hall could not stop himself from shouting.

“Shut up!” A senior brother, the leader of their group, spoke up.

“Chen Feng, what do you want to do? Do you really want to kill us all? Do not forget, you have already offended the three Palaces. Do you also want to make an enemy of Sword Hall?” the senior brother asked grimly.

Two amongst these six fellows have overcome 7 Lightning Tribulations. No wonder they would possess a Sacred artefact. However, others below the Human Immortal stage can also enter this pocket dimension. If so, there are also cultivators at level 8 and level 9 of the Sky Human stage. They will also have Sacred artefacts, Chen Feng thought as he regarded the six fellows.

“Chen Feng, just what is it you want?” Seeing Chen Feng say nothing, the senior brother shouted again. They quickly used the time to gather their strength in order to deal with whatever might happen next.

“I won’t kill you fellows.” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“What?” The cultivators from Sword Hall were surprised. They appeared to be doubting what they had just heard.

“I said, I won’t kill you fellows.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Immortal-binding Rope tying up two of them immediately transformed into a stream of light, which flowed into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Very well. Until next time.” Seeing as Chen Feng was really going to let them go, a look of surprise flashed across the eyes of all six. To be able to stay alive was for the best.

“Hold it! Isn’t it inappropriate for you fellows to leave just like this? You fellows attacked my magic treasure just now, you know?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“What do you want?” the senior brother asked solemnly.

“Leave everything you have here. Make sure you get this right, I mean everything,” Chen Feng said with a smirk.



All of them shouted. Are you joking? They had entered this hidden dimension to find treasures. At that moment, they had only managed to acquire a small amount of treasures. And yet, they were expected to hand over everything they possessed? How could they accept that? Besides, this pocket dimension was fraught with dangers and they were already wounded. Without their magic treasures, encountering yao beasts would mean death.

“Ha ha! It’s not up to you fellows. Now, you have two choices. The first, all of you will die under my hands. Second, hand over everything on you fellows and I will let you all live,” said Chen Feng, who flicked the body of the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand. A faint coercive atmosphere of majesty spread out, causing them to take several steps back.

“You are going overboard here! Everyone, attack together! We’ll fight him to the death!”

“That’s right! I will stop him, you fellows run! Try to escape as best you can!”

The cultivators from Sword Hall immediately shouted in rage.

“He he! Fine. Since you fellows have decided to attack, I will not hold back.” Chen Feng brandished the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand a few times and made ready to attack.

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