Chapter 488: Collecting the Domain Tree


After getting close to the Domain Tree, Chen Feng realized that he was mistaken about the fruits of the Domain Tree. The Domain Tree itself was very large, with branches extending about all over the place. However, not only was the number of leaves scarce, it had less fruits compared to the other spiritual trees.

Reaching his hand out, Chen Feng plucked a fiery-red fruit. Just by grabbing the fruit, Chen Feng could already feel the fire aura within it. This fruit produced by the Domain Tree contained the power of fire domain.

“It truly does possess an extremely high amount of fire domain power. It is even thicker and purer compared to the Fire Pears earlier,” Chen Feng blurted. Then, he stuffed the fruit into his mouth. Immediately, he felt as though there was a fireball exploding within his mouth. Next, his Fire Trigram acupoint began stirring. Strands of fire flowed within Chen Feng’s body. After he was done refining the strands of fire, Chen Feng felt that his Fire Trigram acupoint had expanded somewhat. Eating this one fruit was comparable to him cultivating for one month.

Chen Feng’s figure darted and he arrived upon another thick branch. The fruits growing out from this branch contained an extremely thick power of water.

The fruit containing the power of water also entered Chen Feng’s stomach. To Chen Feng’s surprise, eating two fruits was his limit. Thus, he sat atop one of the branches and began working on refining the power of the fruits. As Chen Feng was focused on cultivating himself, the Longevity Tower automatically flew out.

“Hurry, look! What is that?” Mu Qingfeng, who was already far away, pointed at the valley that Chen Feng was in and shouted.

It was not just Mu Qingfeng. Bai Yunyan, the cultivators who managed to escape and some other cultivators who had only just arrived also saw it. 

A massive nine-storey pagoda tower was floating above the Domain Tree and was continuously growing in size. It did not take long for it to become as big as a mountain. The surrounding energy streams kept fluctuating and space twisted. A heart-jolting aura spread outwards and everything within an extended radius fell into a state of silence. The apes that were hunting down cultivators with absolute savagery just moments ago turned meek. They crouched down against the ground, shivering.

“It’s the nine-storey tower! That’s right, it’s that tower! It looks completely identical!” some of the loose cultivators there had entered this pocket dimension after Chen Feng and they recognized the Longevity Tower.

“You recognize it? What is going on?” Some of the cultivators who were from the great sects asked. They had been amongst the first to enter this pocket dimension.

“This nine-storey tower took away the Sky Meteorite outside!”

“What? The Sky Meteorite was taken away?!”

“Just who is it?”

“Judging by the powerful atmosphere of the tower, it must be at least a high-grade Sacred artefact. It might also be a Dao artefact. Just who could it be? Did a Human Immortal enter this place?”

Seeing the Longevity Tower, all of the cultivators grew shocked and they began discussing the issue. At that moment, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin finally recovered from their shock. 

“Could it be Junior Brother Chen?”

“It must be Junior Brother Chen. This is amazing! Looks like that big spiritual tree will end up in Junior Brother Chen’s hand!”

Could it be Chen Feng? Bai Yunyan was standing far away, a thoughtful expression on her face. However, Bai Yunyan was quick to recollect herself. Ignoring the Longevity Tower, she began making use of the opportunity to dig up the surrounding spiritual trees. 

I exposed the Longevity Tower one time when I was outside. And now, I am exposing it again. I wonder how much trouble this will create? Screw it! At any rate, collecting the items in this pocket dimension will surely involve using the Longevity Tower a lot. These spiritual trees are already priceless items. And now, with this Domain Tree, entering this pocket dimension was not in vain. Chen Feng continued sitting on the branch as he let the Longevity Tower show off its might.

Finally, the Longevity Tower stopped expanding. It was already big enough to completely envelop the entire Domain Tree and even the surrounding mountains. Next, a formidable suction force emerged from the base of the Longevity Tower. With the Domain Tree as the point of origin, an area with a radius of 15 kilometres began quaking and cracks spread out across the ground. The cracks then became deep gullies. Shockingly, Tower wanted to collect not just the Domain Tree, but also the surrounding terrain into the Longevity Tower.

Chen Feng gaped. He did not expect Tower to put so much effort into this.

“Tower, are you up to this?” Chen Feng was finally unable to stop himself from asking.

“Humph! I can even collect Pot Mountain, let alone this small place,” Tower said with a scornful tone.

“Since you can say that, I can feel at ease.” Chen Feng waved his hand and jumped off the Domain Tree’s branch to quickly move far into the distance.

There were so many spiritual trees around. Chen Feng could not simply stand aside and do nothing.


Chen Feng suddenly appeared before Liu Shaolong. At that moment, Liu Shaolong had already met up with a fellow sect brother and was recovering with his help.

“Ah, Chen Feng!” Seeing Chen Feng appear so suddenly before him, Liu Shaolong’s face sank sharply. In his shock, he ignored his wounds and jumped to his feet.

“You are Chen Feng?” The cultivator standing before Liu Shaolong stared at Chen Feng and his hands, placed behind his back, kept moving about. Soon enough, two talismans emerged from his palms.

“Chen Feng, what do you want?” Liu Shaolong asked, a slight tone of guilt in his voice.

“He he! We are partners. Since you are wounded, I should help you take a look at them,” Chen Feng said with a chortle.

“Ha ha, thank you for your concern.” Liu Shaolong forced himself to smile.

“Since we are partners, I need to borrow something from you,” Chen Feng continued, the same smile on his face.

“What is it?” Liu Shaolong instinctively felt a foreboding sensation.

“Lend me your spatial pouch.” Chen Feng grinned. 

“You have a death wish!”

Liu Shaolong’s face contorted greatly and his senior brother beside him attacked. Two talismans flew towards Chen Feng. One of them was a Lightning Talisman and bolts of lightning fired out from the talisman to strike Chen Feng’s body. As for the other one talisman, it spread out web-like patterns. It was a restraining-type talisman, capable of controlling and affecting movements.

Speaking of which, in the world of cultivation, cultivators from Jade Talisman Sect generally possessed weaker fleshly bodies. The same was true for their primary energies and soul powers. And yet, their offensive power was strong. In a battle between two cultivators, the one who cultivated talismans would immediately fire out their offensive talismans, items that they had inscribed long ago. Thus, even pure sword cultivators would have a headache when dealing with them.

In the face of the cultivator’s talisman attacks, any other cultivator might have gotten wounded. Either that or become flustered. Unfortunately for the cultivator from Jade Talisman Sect, his opponent happened to be Chen Feng, someone who usually used tribulation lightning to temper his fleshly body. Thus, this level of lightning could only tickle Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The bolts of lightning struck Chen Feng’s body to erupt like fireworks. It appeared very powerful and a pleasantly surprised look appeared on the Jade Talisman Sect cultivator’s face. However, it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The bombardment from the bolts of lightning had failed to harm Chen Feng.

Chen Feng extended a hand to perform a grasping motion, causing the restraining-type talisman to explode. Another grasping motion and the Lightning Talisman above him was disintegrated.

The cultivator’s face sank sharply. Knowing that Chen Feng would not be easy to deal with, he opened his mouth and the lifebound talisman that he had cultivated for decades flew out. This Lightning Talisman was bigger and more beautiful compared to the two talismans that were destroyed earlier. Streams of spiritual energy flowed and lightning flashed around the surface of the talisman. As it swirled forward, it radiated a suction force which locked down Chen Feng’s figure.

This was Jade Talisman Sect’s trademark talisman, the Upright Five Lightning Talisman. It possessed an overbearingly yang-type offensive power, capable of breaking most of the yin-type vile energies. It was an overwhelming existence seemingly capable of sweeping everything aside.

Five thick lightning bolts, flashing with different types of colour, shot towards Chen Feng simultaneously. The five lightning bolts were ten times stronger than the previous lightning bolts. The cultivator was confident that, even if this failed to kill Chen Feng, it should be able to seriously wound him. Rather, even if it failed to seriously wound Chen Feng, this move would buy him the time he needed to flee.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five lightning bolts erupted upon Chen Feng’s body simultaneously, causing his figure to stagger. Taking several steps back, Chen Feng then stretched one hand out to grab the large talisman.

After falling into Chen Feng’s grasp, the Upright Five Lightning Talisman promptly shrank to the size of a palm and it lay meekly on Chen Feng’s palm.

“How is this possible?!” the cultivator cried.

“This is a good talisman.” Chen Feng smiled, taking a forward stride as he sent a formidable punch against the cultivator. The punch contained the domain power of water and fire. As Chen Feng’s fist flew forward, the refined power from the two fruits he ate earlier was instantly unleashed.


The cultivator screamed loudly and light flashed from his chest. Once again, another talisman appeared. It was a Body Shielding Talisman, crafted using the power of earth and metal.


The fist struck the talisman, which responded by flaring out with bright light. Next, however, it broke apart and the cultivator’s figure was blown apart by Chen Feng’s fist with a resounding boom, transforming into a bloody mist.

Seeing the cultivator’s body blowing up shocked Chen Feng as well. For Chen Feng, his punch was indeed very strong, strong enough to potentially kill off his opponent. However, he had felt that breaking the cultivator’s body was already an acceptable outcome. Unexpectedly, his punch actually produced this result.

“This fellow’s fleshly body is too weak.” In the end, that was the only conclusion Chen Feng could come up with.

After taking the cultivator’s spatial pouch, Chen Feng then realized that Liu Shaolong had fled through a distance of several li. When his senior brother started fighting Chen Feng earlier, Liu Shaolong had already fled. He had suspected that his sect brother would be incapable of stopping Chen Feng.

“He’s quite fast at running.” Chen Feng smiled. Then, he brought out Bloody Soul, which immediately drew a bloody line of light across the air as it sped towards Liu Shaolong.

“Huh! Run! Run farther away!” Liu Shaolong struggled to rush through a forest. Although there were valuable spiritual trees on either side, Liu Shaolong was in no mood to care about that. Rather, he did not even look at them. He had turned to look behind earlier only to see Chen Feng blow his senior brother up, transforming him into a mist of blood with just one punch. Seeing that had shocked Liu Shaolong so badly, he nearly fell to the ground.

Liu Shaolong began regretting his decision. If only he had known that Chen Feng was so formidable, he would never have chosen to offend him. However, it was already too late. All Liu Shaolong could do was pray that Chen Feng do not chase him.


Liu Shaolong’s state of panic did not last long. Bloody Soul quickly caught up to him and easily pierced his body before pinning him to the ground. Then, Bloody Soul’s blood absorption ability began taking effect to suck away the blood essence within Liu Shaolong’s body.

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