Chapter 485: Ferocious Ape


A level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator with a formidable fleshly body, a steady pace and a slightly weaker soul power. He must be practicing a body tempering technique. Amongst the great sects, someone like him can already be considered a disciple with a decent cultivation base. Looking at the cultivator, Chen Feng swiftly analysed his cultivation state.

However, he dares to rush in alone despite seeing the top-grade Prized artefact in my hand. He either has a hidden move up his sleeve or he’s an idiot, Chen Feng thought.

When there were still 10 zhang between them, the young cultivator made his move. A black, massive blade, weighing who knows how many kilogrammes, roared as it slashed at Chen Feng. A gigantic blade beam sliced the space above them as it hacked down upon Chen Feng’s head. The young cultivator was confident in this attack of his. He had channelled all of his power into it and not even a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator could easily block it.

“Junior Brother Chen, be careful!” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin cried out in shock. Additionally, the two of them also wanted to step forward to help Chen Feng block the attack.

“Don’t be anxious.” Chen Feng stopped them. Next, he extended his palm to grab the incoming blade beam.

When they saw Chen Feng move to grab the blade beam with his bare hand, both Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s faces sank. Even when using their magic treasures, they would have needed to exercise caution in blocking the attack.

“You wanna die?!” Seeing Chen Feng’s move, the young cultivator smirked. With a thought, he began gathering power for a second blade beam. Once the first blade beam wounded Chen Feng, the second blade beam would take his life. 

However, what happened next surprised everyone. When Chen Feng’s palm made contact with the blade beam, a faint reddish light shone from his palm and the blade beam shattered apart like a thin layer of ice striking a hard piece of rock.

After shattering apart, the remnant fragments of the blade beam dissipated away. It had failed to leave even a single mark on Chen Feng’s faint-red palm. As the young cultivator was gaping, Chen Feng appeared before him and a mighty palm moved to grab the young cultivator’s throat.


The young cultivator howled, trying to drive away the fear in his heart as he exerted his all to slash at Chen Feng.


The blade was sent flying and Chen Feng’s five fingers joined up to form a palm, which furiously struck the young cultivator’s chest. It was as though there was a thunderclap erupting from the young cultivator’s chest. A domineering power of destruction exploded from within his body, causing his heart to swell violently before suddenly bursting apart. Even his other internal organs burst into pieces. The next to be affected was his durable breastbone (sternum). Finally, it was his sturdy muscles. When the young cultivator finally fell to the ground, a large see-through hole could be seen on his chest.

Chen Feng’s move was extremely ruthless. He had killed the young cultivator with one palm strike.

“How is that possible? How could he catch the blade beam with his bare hand?”

“Humph! Obviously, there is something up with Chen Feng’s hand. It might be a top-grade magic treasure!”

“According to the information we received from Nine Firmaments Palace, Chen Feng is wearing an entire set of body armour. Everyone, be careful!”

“Allow me!”

A flying sword shot forward at an extreme velocity without making a single sound. It was targeting Chen Feng’s eyes.

Since Chen Feng was wearing a body armour, his eyes would be his only weak points.

“Too slow.” Chen Feng swiftly swung his fist to break the flying sword into broken fragments.

“Soul Press Talisman!”

The cultivators from Jade Talisman Sect attacked as well. A talisman flew out with a speed that surpassed that of lightning to hover above Chen Feng. Then, it radiated faint rays of light, which enveloped Chen Feng.

The expressions on Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s faces sank. They knew of the Soul Press Talisman. It was something that was very difficult to craft. Even within Jade Talisman Sect, it was a very high-grade talisman. Unlike normal talismans, this talisman was capable of soul attacks. By then, however, the faint rays of light radiating from the talisman had already invaded Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. They were attempting to lock Chen Feng’s soul up.

“It’s your turn.” Mo Hong then said, looking at the two brothers from Vajra Sect.

The two brothers gritted their teeth and every muscle fibre on their bodies swelled up, radiating with a faint-metallic lustre. It was as though their bodies were moulded using metal. Next, they strode forward. Their fists, each the size of a human head, swung towards Chen Feng.

“You have a death wish!” Zhang Xuanjin could not hold back anymore. His figure dashed forward to appear before Chen Feng and two sword beams flew towards the two incoming fist attacks.

“Zhang Xuanjin, I’ll fight you!” The cultivator from Sword Hall made his move. A sword shot forward swiftly and over 100 sword beams slashed towards Zhang Xuanjin, forcing him to defend himself.

Sou! Sou!

The two sword beams that Zhang Xuanjin sent out left shallow wounds on the two Vajra Sect brothers. For them, those wounds could not even qualify to be called as wounds.

“Rampaging iron chains!”

“Raging dragon emerges from the sea!”

A thick arm and a large fist swung towards Chen Feng simultaneously, causing strong winds to erupt outwards and the earth to quake. The surrounding onlookers revealed looks of shock. They did not expect the minor Vajra Sect to possess this level of strength.

“Despicable!” Mu Qingfeng was infuriated. Energy streams surged around his body and a rapidly spinning hurricane sped out from his body, sweeping towards the two Vajra Sect brothers.

“Ha ha ha! It is said that Mu Qingfeng practices the Windsong Explosion Technique. Today, I will be having a gander at it.” The cultivator from Skypond Faction made his move as well. Additionally, he destroyed the rapidly-spinning hurricane that Mu Qingfeng sent out the moment he stepped forward. A chilling mote of light then exploded before Mu Qingfeng to transform into a sphere of fireworks, seemingly wanting to devour Mu Qingfeng.

“Wu Tian! Do you have a death wish?!” Mu Qingfeng bellowed icily. In Mu Qingfeng’s eyes, Wu Tian was simply no match for him. Thus, his actions of attacking Mu Qingfeng caused killing intent to rise up from Mu Qingfeng’s heart.

“The one to die today will not be me. It will definitely be you,” Wu Tian said smilingly. He then stretched his hand out to jab the air, causing a ripple to spread out from the air and another mote of light streaked towards Mu Qingfeng.

Putting aside the fact that Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were entangled by others, Chen Feng was not in a good spot. At least, that was what the onlookers believed. There was a Soul Press Talisman atop his head while the attacks from the two Vajra Sect brothers had arrived. It really wasn’t looking good for Chen Feng.

As the two forceful attacks were about to smash into Chen Feng, Chen Feng suddenly revealed a smile. The Fire Wyrm Sword in his hand abruptly swung out and a fiery light radiated all the way up into the sky. Next, the two Vajra Sect brothers cried out miserably as they retreated, their arms chopped off. Clumps of flames licked their bodies and soon, the flames spread to every part of their bodies.

Plop! Plop!

The two of them shrieked wretchedly as they rolled on the ground. However, even the ground began burning in the wake of their actions.

Liu Shaolong stretched a finger to draw a Water-gathering Talisman. Next, the power of water began gathering within the air and balls of water fell upon the two brothers’ bodies. By the time the smoke subsided, the two Vajra Sect brothers were already in a near-death state.

“Why isn’t my Soul Press Talisman working?” the face of Liu Shaolong’s senior brother turned grim as he stared at the Soul Press Talisman, which was still hovering above Chen Feng’s head.

“Soul Press Talisman. Looks like it has no effect on me.” Chen Feng reached out with his hand and grabbed the Soul Press Talisman before casually crushing it into pieces.

What a joke! Chen Feng practiced the Soul Subduing Mantra, giving him a solid and indivisible soul. Even if the Soul Press Talisman was ten times stronger, it would not be able to affect Chen Feng.

After Chen Feng crushed the Soul Press Talisman into pieces, the Fire Wyrm Sword in his grip promptly left his hand. Next, Wu Tian, who was fighting Mu Qingfeng, rapidly backed away. The Fire Wyrm Sword had severed one of his arms. Even before his severed arm could fall to the ground, it had become ash. Wu Tian’s face grew contorted and he used his other hand to strike the severed portion on his body to instantly extinguish the flames there. However, the resulting pain nearly caused Wu Tian to faint. 

With another thought from Chen Feng, the Fire Wyrm Sword flew towards the cultivator from Sword Hall. By then, the cultivator from Sword Hall was already prepared. He fired out over 100 sword beams from his sword to block the Fire Wyrm Sword’s attack.


Chen Feng shouted and a wyrm-like roar rang out from the Fire Wyrm Sword. Next, its fiery light flared out as the power behind it doubled. Instantly, the sword that the cultivator was holding broke apart. Its fragments scattered all around, causing wounds to appear all over the Sword Hall cultivator’s body. However, before blood could trickle out from the wounds, they were evaporated by the heat around him.

“Senior brothers, come stand beside me,” Chen Feng said solemnly. Seeing Chen Feng wound and kill those fellows with his attacks, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were both shocked and pleased. Next, their figures darted over to stand beside Chen Feng.

“Everyone, attack together!” Mo Hong’s face sank and he shouted. No matter how powerful Chen Feng may be, every one of them had believed that there was a limit to his might. Additionally, they were all core disciples from the great sects who thought highly of themselves. Although it was said that Chen Feng was very powerful, none of them had considered Chen Feng to be a true threat. At that very moment, however, having witnessed the fight, they understood that the rumours were very true. Chen Feng was not to be underestimated.

Thus, they decided to discard their sense of self-respect. They no longer cared about whether or not their actions were shameless. In this critical moment, finishing off Chen Feng was of utmost importance.

As the cultivators there were about to besiege Chen Feng, an uproar broke out amongst the cultivators who were observing the fight from afar. A ferocious ape had suddenly descended from the sky, smashing a cultivator there to a bloody pulp with its foot. Next, its arm swept out randomly in a grasping motion and another cultivator was ripped into two.

Seeing the extremely ferocious ape, the cultivators there panicked.

Everyone responded by launching their respective attacks at the ape. However, their attacks were ineffective. Seeing that, panic turned into dread.

Another cultivator failed to dodge the ape’s casual grasping move and was killed. It was then that two flying swords with the power to easily cut metal quickly struck the ape from behind. Shockingly, the flying swords actually failed to cut even a piece of hair on the ape’s back, let alone leave a mark.


Suddenly, the ape opened its mouth to reveal sharp fangs and roared. This move from the ape created an invisible shockwave, which spread outwards. Instantly, three cultivators shook uncontrollably as blood trickled out from their seven orifices. When they fell to the ground, their bodies were already lifeless. The shockwave had vibrated them to their deaths.

Next, the ape leapt, covering a distance of hundreds of metres with the leap as it pounced upon Mo Hong and the others.

“Tsk, tsk! Something interesting has happened.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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