Chapter 484: Spiritual Tree Attacks


“Sword Hall.” Needless to say, Chen Feng recognized the cultivator’s background.

Next up, the cultivators there began revealing their stances. Generally speaking, they would only make two choices. The first choice was to be neutral. The second choice was to stand beside Mo Hong. Of course, the majority of them chose to stand beside Mo Hong.

Soon enough, only two remained. Liu Shaolong and Bai Yunyan. Chen Feng himself was curious to see what they would do.

“Junior Brother Liu, what are you spacing out for?” a cultivator standing beside Mo Hong said.

Liu Shaolong smiled at him. Then, he turned to look at Chen Feng, an apologetic smile on his face before turning to move towards Mo Hong’s group.

“Everyone, you made the right choice. Junior Sister Bai, are you still not coming over?” Mo Hong turned towards Bai Yunyan and said.

“Sorry, I am here to search for treasures, not to fight a bloody battle,” Bai Yunyan said coolly before walking to the side. She had decided to stay neutral.

“I am sorry, Chen Feng. This is my only option.” Bai Yunyan sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled, not answering. In his opinion, it was only normal for Bai Yunyan to do so. In her shoes, he would have done the same thing. Rather, he might even stand on Transcendent Firmaments Palace’s side.

As for Liu Shaolong, Chen Feng believed that he did nothing wrong. Even so, Chen Feng would still not let him off. Why? Because Chen Feng found him to be an eyesore.

“Ha ha ha! There are only three of you while there are 23 of us. How do you plan on fighting us? You can’t even escape now!” Mo Hong laughed loudly.

Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s faces turned grim. In a three-on-three fight, or even all the way up to a three-on-six fight, the two of them would not feel worried. At that moment, however, there were so many people on the opposing side. Not to mention, the cultivation bases of the opposing cultivators were in no way inferior to their own cultivation bases. Thus, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin felt very worried.

“I didn’t think that Sword Hall, Jade Talisman Sect and Skypond Faction would collude together with Transcendent Firmaments Palace to commit a nefarious deed. Do not forget, even if you finish us off, you fellows will not be able to get anything good,” Zhang Xuanjin said coldly.

“There is no need for you fellows to worry about that,” the cultivator from Skypond Faction retorted.

“Junior Brother Chen, do not try to fight them head on. Later on, we’ll find an opportunity to charge out!”

“It will be very difficult to charge out. I think we might as well charge towards the spiritual tree. Maybe something unexpected would happen.” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were secretly communicating with one another.

Comparison wise, there was a calm expression on Chen Feng’s face. He appeared completely unperturbed at the current crisis. Seeing his ability to remain calm, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin felt admiration towards him They thought to themselves, No wonder Junior Brother Chen could remain safe despite getting pursued by Nine Firmaments Palace for so long. His ability to remain calm like this is something that no ordinary people could possess.

It was true. Chen Feng wasn’t worried. Rather, if the two of them were to find out what was on Chen Feng’s mind, they would probably grow even more shocked. He was wondering if he should continue to wait and observe for any changes or if he should just bring out the Longevity Tower and smash the other cultivators to their deaths before figuring a way to collect the Domain Tree.

“Ha ha ha ha! This place looks lively!” A loud laughter rang out and more people arrived. There was a total of three cultivators. The moment they arrived, they blocked the path of retreat for Chen Feng’s group.

“Not good! They are from Nine Firmaments Palaces.” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s faces grew extremely ugly to behold. They thought to themselves: This is very bad!

“Chen Feng, ha ha ha! This really is a meeting between enemies on a narrow road!” One of them saw Chen Feng and chuckled, a look of amusement in his eyes. Although they had the upper hand, they were in no hurry to attack. Instead, it would appear that they wanted to toy with Chen Feng’s group.

“It has nothing to do with narrow roads. You fellows just have a death wish,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Although there are quite a few who chose to remain neutral, most of them chose to stand against us. Additionally, many of them are from the other great sects. Is this because Extreme Celestial Sect is too weak? Or is this all because of me?” Chen Feng secretly conversed with Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin.

“Junior Brother Chen is not to be blamed for this. It is just that our Extreme Celestial Sect is too weak,” Mu Qingfeng replied with a sigh.

“It is not that. The main issue here is that the three Palaces are too strong. They are practically the overlords in the Northern Plains. The other sects can’t wait to ingratiate themselves to them. Naturally, they wouldn’t dare offend the three sects. In truth, many disciples in our sect highly admires Junior Brother Chen for killing so many disciples from the three sects,” Zhang Xuanjin said in a hushed tone.

“Senior brothers, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to us today.” Chen Feng smiled.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the two of them felt their hearts skip a beat. Chen Feng had become a target of pursuit for so long, and yet he had continued to remain safe. If so, he must possess certain means to protect himself. Additionally, the two of them had heard that Chen Feng also possessed a Sacred artefact. If Chen Feng could bring out a Sacred artefact, then it might turn their situation around. Thinking about that, the two of them revealed a somewhat hopeful look. 

“Ha ha ha! We have a death wish? I think you must have become a fool. I have heard that you possess a Sacred artefact, allowing you to escape from our pursuit time and again. However, did you forget who we are? The ones to enter this pocket dimension are the elites of the elites! The core amongst core disciples! You have a Sacred artefact? Do you think we don’t have Sacred artefacts?” the cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace laughed and ridiculing looks appeared on the faces of the other cultivators.

Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s faces had only just turned slightly calmer when they turned pale again. It was true. Although Human Immortals could not enter this pocket dimension, these cultivators could bring in Sacred artefacts. If they really did possess Sacred artefacts, even one Sacred artefact would translate to a disaster for them.

“Tower, do they really have Sacred artefacts?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“Mm, there are two,” Tower replied.

“Only two? Sigh! Better than nothing, I guess.” Chen Feng revealed a slightly disappointed look.

The two sides confronted each other. Chen Feng’s team of three appeared to be in a disadvantageous position. Given the current situation, the moment the fight broke out, the three of them would be either captured or killed. There would be no moment of suspense. With the exception of Chen Feng, everyone there – the onlookers and the cultivators on either side – believed that to be the case. The reason the cultivators on Nine Firmaments Palace’s side had yet to take action was because they wanted to see the despairing looks on Chen Feng’s team. Naturally, it would be even more interesting if the three of them begged for mercy.


Before either side made their move, however, something interesting happened all of a sudden. A watery-blue bolt of lightning streaked out from one of the Domain Tree’s branches to suddenly explode in mid-air. After that, a completely charred cultivator suddenly appeared out of thin air as he fell heavily on the ground. A scorched scent wafted out from his body.

His vitality diminished rapidly. Clearly, he had utilized a stealth technique to approach the Domain Tree only to end up getting attacked by the massive spiritual tree. Additionally, it had smacked him to his death.

“A level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator!” Chen Feng was taken aback. Although the cultivator was already dead, Chen Feng could still sense the remnant energy waves emanating from his body.

If Chen Feng could sense it, so too could many of the surrounding cultivators. Firstly, none of them could have guessed that someone would try to secretly make a move before their very eyes. Additionally, they had failed to notice this fellow. This was already a shocking matter. However, they then saw the fellow killed by a lightning bolt before he could even approach the spiritual tree. This was even more shocking to them. 

Even though they all knew that this spiritual tree was extraordinary, they had never imagined that it would possess such a formidable offensive power. One by one, they felt thankful that they had not gotten too close to the spiritual tree. 


Before they could recollect themselves, however, another one of the Domain Tree’s branches jerked to fire out a sharp and powerful wind blade. Next, a wretched cry rang out as another cultivator appeared out of thin air. However, the wind blade had already cleaved the cultivator into two. The wind blade seemingly contained a formidable power of destruction, which destroyed nearly every trace of vitality within the cultivator’s body. After struggling for a bit, the cultivator then turned deathly still.

A bolt of lightning and a wind blade, each at an incomparably fast speed. They were so fast that there was no way to dodge those attacks. The two cultivators who died earlier possessed fairly high cultivation bases. And yet, the tree had instantly killed them. Seeing that caused most of the cultivators there to feel shocked and scared to the point of sweating.

“Humph! When I first arrived, I have already used some techniques to probe it and found out about the dangers involved. Why else would we keep standing around it? These two fellows took the risk of approaching it. It is only natural that they would die,” someone said with a snort.

The Domain Tree is indeed no ordinary spiritual tree. Right! Tower, it looks like none of the cultivators here recognize this Domain Tree? While Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were feeling concerned, Chen Feng was casually chatting with Tower, secretly of course.

“Humph! It is as I have said earlier, Domain Trees are rare even in the Immortal Plane. How can people from this mundane world recognize it?” Tower said with a disdainful tone.

“Mundane world.” Chen Feng smiled. It was true. Compared to the Immortal Plane, this Eternal World was indeed just a mundane world.

“Enough, let’s take action to finish off the three of them first. Remember, Chen Feng must be taken alive.” Mo Hong finally could not hold back anymore.

“Naturally. He has killed so many of our fellow disciples. Dying is too good for him!” the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace replied.

Chen Feng’s hand grasped and the Fire Wyrm Sword appeared in his grasp. Sparks began flying off the body of the Fire Wyrm Sword. It would appear that Chen Feng was getting ready for a fight.

“Not a Sacred artefact?” Everyone there looked at one another with puzzled looks. They had assumed that Chen Feng would bring out his Sacred artefact to carve a path out.

“Everyone here is a member of the great sects. You fellows will not be using numbers to fight me, will you? Who dares step forward to exchange pointers with me?” Chen Feng waved the Fire Wyrm Sword in his hand and said smilingly.

“Humph, I’ll fight you!” A young cultivator standing beside Mo Hong stepped forward. His name was Tie Hu, a loose cultivator. He was trying to ingratiate himself with Mo Hong. It would appear that he wanted to join Transcendent Firmaments Palace. Seeing Chen Feng challenge them, he believed that his chance had come. Without waiting for Mo Hong to say anything, he jumped out.

Fool! Mo Hong swore inwardly. Although Mo Hong appeared quite arrogant, he had quite the cautious mind. At the very least, Mo Hong was wary in dealing with Chen Feng, someone who could shake off the attempts to capture and kill him for so long.

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