Chapter 483: Divine Domain Tree


Chen Feng stood on the hard ground, watching as the group of apes moved ever closer towards him. His hand suddenly waved out and the Immortal-binding Rope transformed into a fine thread before streaking forward to swirl around the incoming apes. The fine thread twisted and moved through the air before finally contracting, binding the 11 apes. They struggled hard, but their attempts to break free were all in vain.

Chen Feng flicked his finger and the Immortal-binding Rope shone with light as the power of water and fire flowed into the apes’ bodies. Instantly, the apes turned stiff. It was as though they had been struck by lightning and they stopped struggling.

“Huh! I didn’t think this Immortal-binding Rope would come in so handy,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Next, he swung his hand to keep the apes into the Longevity Tower, where they were then suppressed.

A number of things that Liu Shaolong said earlier are inaccurate. I believe there will be even more of these Great Yaos around. Additionally, given the number of spiritual trees here, I don’t believe there are only Great Yaos of this level guarding this place. Chen Feng pondered the matter.

Next up, Chen Feng moved forward while collecting the spiritual trees and medicinal herbs. As he moved forward, he finally found some decent spiritual herbs, which he dug out and kept inside Longevity Tower. Naturally, there were also various types of spiritual trees.

As Chen Feng was collecting a few more of the Fire Pear Trees he found, he finally saw some other cultivators.

Inside an octagonal valley was a massive, towering tree. It was 330 zhang tall and its smooth and circular trunk was like a small mountain. Only after rising to a height of 100 zhang did thick branches began emerging from the tree. It did not have many leaves, but the leaves had varying shapes. Peering at it, Chen Feng saw a total of eight different types of leaves.

Tsk, tsk! Now this is what you call a massive, towering tree. It is comparable to a small mountain. However, I wonder what kind of tree this is? Chen Feng observed the tree from afar. Although the tree did not possess a luxuriant foliage, it was still able to cover the entire valley.

“Domain Tree! There is actually a Domain Tree here?! Hurry! Go! Go collect that Domain Tree!” Tower suddenly cried out in an excited voice.

“Domain Tree? What is a Domain Tree?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng.

“It is a type of spiritual tree that is viewed as valuable even in the Immortal Plane. No! It can no longer be considered as a spiritual tree. Divine tree! This is a type of divine tree!” Tower shouted, his voice containing the same tone of excitement.

“Divine tree? Tower, can’t you be more specific about it?” Chen Feng asked Tower as he slowly made his way into the valley.

“The Domain Tree is very rare. Even in the Immortal Plane, there are not many of them. It absorbs domain power to grow and the fruits it produces contain domain power. They could contain a singular type of power or more than one type of power. Naturally, the best fruit it can produce is the domain-type fruit,” Tower said quickly.

“Hold it, hold it! You mean to say that the fruits that this tree produces contain different types of power?” Chen Feng interrupted Tower.

“Yes. The fruits grown from this tree can contain the power of fire, or water, or lightning, or wind, or water and fire, or wind and lightning or even Heaven, Earth, mountains and lakes all in one fruit! Naturally, the best fruit it can produce will be the domain fruit, which contains all eight types of power!” Tower said with a chortle.

“Such a Heaven-defying spiritual tree exists?” Chen Feng was both astounded and doubtful. Some trees could produce fruits containing the power of fire, some others, the power of water. There were even those that can produce fruits containing the power of earth. Those were the trees that he had encountered along his way here.

And while he had yet to encounter it, Chen Feng was certain that – given how big the world was – there were surely some spiritual trees capable of growing fruits containing the power of water and fire, or the power of wind and lightning, or the power of mountains and lakes. However, to have fruits of all types of power growing out from one tree? This came as a total shock for Chen Feng. 

Although there were only eight types of power within the domain power, the combination of two types of power with another two types of power, or the combination of three types of power with another three types of power, or even the combination of four types of power with another four types of power could create an even greater level of power. How much stronger the resulting power would become was something that Chen Feng had yet to calculate. At any rate, even though Chen Feng had already condensed out his domain, he still did not know much about domain power and its utilization.

“What, you don’t believe me? Enough! Don’t talk so much now. You can slowly examine the Domain Tree after collecting it,” Tower said.

“Judging by the tone in your voice, this Domain Tree will also be good for you?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Of course! Like I said earlier, the Domain Tree can absorb domain power. By planting it inside the Longevity Tower, I can increase the tree’s rate of growth while the domain power that it absorbs can increase the rate at which I recover my powers,” Tower said.

“However, collecting this Domain Tree will not be easy.” By then, Chen Feng had already entered the valley. He could finally see every part of the Domain Tree. He could also see cultivators standing around the Domain Tree.

“Indeed, it will not be easy. Looks like I will have to expend some energy for this,” Tower said solemnly. 

Chen Feng nodded his head. He understood what Tower meant. There was a considerable number of cultivators there and their cultivation bases were quite high as well. However, should the Longevity Tower take action, it could easily flatten all of the cultivators there. The part that required Tower to expend some energy actually referred to the Domain Tree.

There was a total of 30 cultivators surrounding the Domain Tree. Seeing that surprised Chen Feng. He did not expect to see so many cultivators here. It had been a while since Chen Feng entered this pocket dimension. Despite the many cultivators who had entered this pocket dimension, this was the first time Chen Feng saw so many cultivators. More importantly, all those cultivators possessed formidable cultivation bases. The quality of those cultivators was several times higher compared to the cultivators that he had encountered earlier.

Next, however, Chen Feng understood. This place contained many spiritual trees and the yao beasts guarding the trees were also very strong. Cultivators who could make their way in were certainly no ordinary characters. At the very least, Chen Feng believed that cultivators at level 4 of the Sky Human stage or below would find it very hard to fend off the siege of the apes.

Seeing Chen Feng appear there, a trace of shock flashed across Liu Shaolong’s eyes. Noticing that, Chen Feng scoffed inwardly. However, he maintained an impassive face as he walked towards Liu Shaolong and Bai Yunyan. 

While Liu Shaolong had revealed an irregular expression, Bai Yunyan smiled at Chen Feng. There was nothing suspicious about it.

“Chen Feng? It is Chen Feng!”

“Chen Feng? What is he doing here?”

“I have heard that Chen Feng possesses a Sacred artefact! Everyone, be careful!”

“Hey! Chen Feng is a member of our Extreme Celestial Sect! Why do we have to be careful? You fellows are the ones who need to be careful!”

Seeing Chen Feng appear, everyone there revealed differing expressions. Two cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect moved towards Chen Feng.

“Junior Brother Chen,” one of them greeted Chen Feng with a smile.

“Greetings, senior brothers.” Chen Feng did not recognize the two fellows. However, looking at their attires, he was still able to determine that they were disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect. Additionally, they were disciples with quite some status.

Both have overcome 6 Lightning Tribulations each. Chen Feng determined.

“Chen Feng, you dare show your face before us?” a cultivator wearing a quaint-looking combat armour suddenly shouted.

“What a joke? Who are you to talk to me this way? Are you tired of living?” Chen Feng replied with a scornful smile.

Naturally, Chen Feng knew that the cultivator was someone from Transcendent Firmaments Palace. However, he could not stand the haughty behaviour that he was displaying. Thus, Chen Feng had deliberately fired barbed words at him.

“Everyone! I recommend clearing this place before we collect this spiritual tree,” the armour-clad cultivator said coldly as he brought out a spear, which flashed with bolts of lightning.

“Junior Brother Chen, he is Mo Hong, from Transcendent Firmaments Palace. He practices the Flamebolt Hegemon Formula and possesses a cultivation base at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. The Flamebolt Spear in his hand is a grade 8 Prized artefact. Even the combat armour he is wearing is a grade 8 Prized artefact,” the Extreme Celestial Sect disciple beside Chen Feng, Mu Qingfeng, whispered.

“This fellow is hard to deal with. If the other side attacks, I will hold off Mo Hong,” said the other disciple, Zhang Xuanjin.

“Yes. I believe everyone here understands just how precious this spiritual tree is. There are too many of us here. Firstly, it will be troublesome to try and divide it equally. Secondly, we are also incapable of splitting it up too much. So, I suggest that we finish off Extreme Celestial Sect.” After hearing Mo Hong’s words, another cultivator spoke up.

“This fellow’s name is Liu Ming, from Nine Firmaments Palace. He is also a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. However, he is far inferior compared to Mo Hong,” Mu Qingfeng said again.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

Two cultivators walked forward to stand beside Mo Hong and Liu Ming. They looked somewhat similar, likely brothers.

“Humph! Two cultivators from some small sects are nothing to fear. After we get out, I will bring my fellow brothers and sisters to eradicate their sect,” Zhang Xuanjin said with a disdainful smile, a look of contempt in his eyes.

Chen Feng understood that, in the eyes of the disciples from the great sects, any sect that was not part of the Ten Great Sects in the Northern Plains was just a small sect. Even if the sect possessed a Human Immortal, that sect would still be an inferior sect.

As Zhang Xuanjin did not lower his voice, all the cultivators there could clearly hear what he said earlier. Immediately, the faces of the two brothers sank.

“Ha ha ha! The Vajra Sect is within our Transcendent Firmaments Palace’s territory. The hand of your Extreme Celestial Sect is probably not long enough. Besides, you fellows should worry about yourselves because you are about to die.” Mo Hong laughed as he pointed at Chen Feng’s group of three with his Flamebolt Spear. Instantly, the air shook violently.

“You want to kill us? You don’t have that kind of ability just yet! When the time comes, you will be left with nothing!” Zhang Xuanjin replied with a smirk.

“Is that so? Then, let’s see what the others think.” Mo Hong then turned to look at the other cultivators.

“We will not be having any part in this.” Several cultivators exchanged glances before taking a few steps back to signify their stance.

They were all loose cultivators. They did not possess the confidence to participate in a matter between the great sects, fearful of bringing a calamity upon themselves.

“I agree, we should take out some cultivators.” Two more cultivators nodded and spoke up.

“Heh! When did the Skypond Faction become the running dogs of Transcendent Firmaments Palace?” Zhang Xuanjin scoffed.

“Ha ha ha! Naturally, if you fellows leave now, we will not take action.” A cultivator bearing a broad iron sword laughed.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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