Chapter 482: Collecting the Spiritual Tree


The snake, caught in Chen Feng’s grasp, kept struggling. Suddenly, several swooshing sounds rang out as tens of snakes – similar to the one he just caught – descended from the top of the spiritual tree. They became like a rain of arrows, desirous of biting Chen Feng apart.

Chen Feng had no desire to fight against the snakes. Instead, he simply linked up with the Longevity Tower, causing a vortex to appear before him. All of the snakes were sucked into the vortex, disappearing from sight.

Looks like Liu Shaolong was not telling the truth. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

However, these little snakes are not to be underestimated either. They are actually capable of seeing through the Invisibility Talisman. Chen Feng strode forward and both his hands moved to hug the thick tree trunk. Next, he began exerting his strength to move it. A force of 150,000 kilogrammes flowed through his arms towards the spiritual tree. However, the spiritual tree merely shook. He had failed to even budge the ground portion of the tree. For Chen Feng, it felt as though the great tree was a small mountain that was connected to the earth. No matter how much strength he exerted, it remained as steady as a mountain.

Hmm? As expected from a spiritual tree. Ordinary trees just cannot compare with it. After that, Chen Feng began increasing the amount of strength he was exerting upon the tree.

200,000 kilogrammes.

250,000 kilogrammes.

300,000 kilogrammes.

350,000 kilogrammes.

When the amount of force exerted reached 400,000 kilogrammes, Chen Feng stamped his feet and the spiritual tree began rising upwards. The hard soil around the tree began bursting up as the earth shook slightly.

Finally, the spiritual tree and the soil within a radius of over 10 metres were pulled out. Chen Feng did not stop there. He continued, pulling out eight spiritual trees in a row before stopping to catch his breath. After that, he waved his hand and sent the great spiritual trees into the Longevity Tower.

Looks like the tower needs some more soil. Chen Feng stamped and the ground began bursting. Large stretches of soil rose up before disappearing into the vortex that Chen Feng created.

“Enough! Kid, don’t randomly throw shit in here! Do you really take me for a spatial-type magic treasure now?” Tower suddenly spoke up, his voice containing displeasure.

“Your performance so far shows that you are a spatial-type magic treasure,” Chen Feng retorted. 

“You ingrate! When you encounter danger, am I not the one who had to blast the danger away? Have you ever seen such a powerful spatial-type magic treasure?” Tower was furious.

After taking a break, Chen Feng continued working even as he continued bickering with Tower. It did not take long before 100 plus spiritual trees were sent into the Longevity Tower.

Suddenly, Chen Feng stopped. Some ape yaos – having sensed what was happening here – had rushed over.

Chen Feng leaned motionlessly against a spiritual tree and he retracted his aura. There were many spiritual trees and medicinal herbs there that he had yet to collect. It was only natural for him to want to save up his energy. He did not want to fight those yao beasts.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One ape after another swiftly appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. They stopped somewhere not far away from Chen Feng’s position. When they saw the large holes on the ground, all of them roared out in fury, creating soundwaves which rocked Chen Feng’s blood energy.

This is bad! Chen Feng was shocked. He knew that his position was about to become exposed. Thus, he rushed up the spiritual tree. A sharp, clawed palm swiped the very spot that Chen Feng was standing upon just a moment ago, only to strike thin air.

Heh! So what if you found me? Chen Feng, whose body was still invisible, kept jumping from branch to branch and he quickly covered a distance of several hundred metres.

However, his earlier actions had exposed a strand of his aura. Additionally, the movements he made this time around was too much, allowing the apes to discover his trail. And so, the apes roared as they pursued Chen Feng.

These apes are truly fast. However, catching up to me will not be easy. Chen Feng rushed to the top of the tree and he began flying upwards. However, before he could fly too far away, he flew back down to land on the canopy of another tree.

It must be due to the great natural array here. I am actually incapable of flying. Or perhaps, my strength is simply insufficient, Chen Feng thought as he rapidly made his way forward.

Although he was incapable of flight there, by stepping on the branches, Chen Feng was able to cover a distance of tens of metres with each step. Thus, his figure moved like the wind.

Chen Feng was still invisible. Add his incredible speed to the equation, it did not take long for the apes behind him to be left in the dust.

Strange, where did Liu Shaolong and Bai Yunyan go to? Having found a secluded spot, Chen Feng stopped running and he released his soul power to begin searching around.

He failed to find Liu Shaolong and Bai Yunyan. However, he did manage to find something else.

Fire Dates! Chen Feng reached out with his hand and grabbed. A fiery-red fruit, which was hanging down from a spiritual tree not too far away, broke away from the tree branch to fly into Chen Feng’s hand.

It looked like an ordinary red date. However, this red date was fiery-red in colour and crystal-clear. There was a thick power of fire inside it, giving off the impression that there was a clump of flames raging inside the red date.

Chen Feng tossed it into his mouth. After Chen Feng chewed it a few times, it transformed into a fiery energy, which then burst out within his body. In the end, the resulting energy melded with Chen Feng’s primary energy.

Not bad. This Fire Date Tree is of a higher grade compared to Liu Shaolong’s spiritual tree. Chen Feng nodded his head. Next, he extended his hand to perform a jerking motion. A suction force emerged from his palm and the 100-metre-tall Fire Date Tree immediately shook. Like meteors, one Fire Date after another flew towards Chen Feng. In just the blink of an eye, Chen Feng had collected several hundred of those Fire Dates. He sat on the tree and ate a few of them. After that, he felt a fiery energy surging within his body. He was actually feeling hot.

What a powerful Fire Date! One date is about the same as an Earthen-tier Ardent Fire Pill. All right. No matter what, I must take away these Fire Date Trees! Thinking of that, Chen Feng’s eyes began burning.

Liu Shaolong and Bai Yunyan have gone farther inside. Looks like there must be better spiritual trees inside. However, that is fine. It will not be easy for the two of them to obtain it. Besides, if someone else really did take away the good items, I can consider resorting to some other means, Chen Feng thought as he landed on the ground.

This time, Chen Feng did not use his hands to pull the tree up. Instead, he raised his foot to stamp heavily against the ground to mobilize the power of earth. The soil around the Fire Date Tree began quaking. In just two breaths’ worth of time, the entire Fire Date Tree had risen up from the ground and Chen Feng moved it into the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, these spiritual trees have different attributes. I am currently in a hurry. You create a great array to facilitate these spiritual trees’ growth,” Chen Feng talked to Tower.

“Humph! Treating me as a spatial-type magic treasure is one thing. Now, you are treating me as a labourer?” Tower answered with a displeased tone.

“The Longevity Tower is your main body. Who’s going to do it if not you? Besides, having these trees grow inside the Longevity Tower will be good for you,” Chen Feng said.

“I don’t need you to tell me that. I know that it’s good for me. Say, can’t you hurry it up? You’re pulling it up one by one, how long is this going to take?” Tower said, his voice taking on an anxious tone.

“Why the rush? I am currently cultivating and honing myself. Besides, if you think I am slow, you can do it yourself,” said Chen Feng, who stamped his foot again to quake another Fire Date Tree up.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself!” Chen Feng’s words finally made Tower lost patience. The space before Chen Feng shook and a massive vortex appeared. Next, one spiritual tree after another was uprooted. In just the blink of an eye, 18 of the Fire Date Trees standing before Chen Feng and ten plus spiritual trees that Chen Feng had never seen before ended up inside the Longevity Tower.

“Sigh! Is there a need for you to make a move for something like this? You should gather up your strength for crucial moments,” Chen Feng blurted.


Before Chen Feng could continue, Tower’s actions came to a halt. The vortex disappeared and everything went still. Seeing that puzzled Chen Feng.

“Unexpectedly, my powers are suppressed as well. How peculiar. Truly, peculiar,” Tower said with a tone of disbelief.

“Surely not? You can even devour and refine Immortal artefacts. Some minor laws can suppress you?” Chen Feng was also in disbelief.

“Would I lie to you? Enough! Maybe it is because I have not recovered enough of my powers. Kid, I will not be taking action. Hurry up and deal with this. And be quick about it!” After saying that, Tower grew silent. It seemed he was pondering something.

As there were not many Fire Date Trees around to begin with, Tower’s actions of sucking up the trees there had immediately created a large, open space there.

Chen Feng was in no hurry to leave the place. He instead jumped into one of the holes left by the uprooted trees. The Magnetic acupoints on both his feet operated and the power of earth circulated within his body. Immediately, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom could sense what was happening underground. Streams of spiritual energy were constantly flowing in every direction within the soil. It was as though there were countless rivulets appearing within Chen Feng’s eyes.

The power of earth and water. There should be the power fire up in the air. Tsk, tsk. Two conflicting types of power could appear within one spiritual tree. I wonder if this is the handiwork of a human cultivator? After that, Chen Feng fired up both his Magnetic acupoints and Four Extreme acupoints, causing the strands of spiritual energy within the soil to gather up before getting absorbed into Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Fend stretched his palm out and a water droplet appeared on his palm. Under the illuminating rays of the sun, the pure and perfect water droplet shone with a magnificent splendour.

It could be underground or somewhere nearby, but there is definitely a fountain somewhere. After analysing his surroundings, Chen Feng came to the conclusion.


Suddenly, Chen Feng’s figure slowly appeared out of thin air. The talisman on Chen Feng’s body transformed into countless motes of light before dissipating into the air.

It only lasted for such a short time? Or is it just my Invisibility Talisman? Chen Feng wondered.

As Chen Feng was about to walk out from the hole, several forceful blasts of wind charged towards Chen Feng from every direction, accompanied by large swaths of soil.

In the face of the attacks, Chen Feng did not instantly bring out his own magic treasures. Instead, he stamped heavily, causing the surrounding soil to erupt upwards to form a very thick barrier. At the same time, a big crack appeared on the ground beneath Chen Feng’s feet. Next, he darted underground.

All the incoming attacks missed him. When Chen Feng finally emerged, he was already over 100 metres away from the place.

Chen Feng could see a total of 11 apes there. After failing to execute a sneak attack against Chen Feng, all of them roared out furiously. Then, their figures formed beams of light across the sky as they pounced at Chen Feng again.

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