Chapter 481: Finding the Spiritual Trees


“Spiritual fruit tree!” Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan’s eyes lit up. Regardless if there were dangers involved or not, this was a tempting item for them. Additionally, they also had one similar thought. If even Liu Shaolong could obtain it, then they too, would surely be able to obtain it.

“Yes. The place is over 500 kilometres away from here. However, the yao beasts there are very powerful. We should plan this carefully,” Liu Shaolong said.

“500 kilometres. It is not too far away from here. In the outside world, we can get there in less than one joss stick’s worth of time,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes. Truth be told, in the outside world, the Great Yaos there would not be particularly dangerous. However, this place is suppressing our cultivation bases. Thus, those Great Yaos could prove somewhat dangerous,” Liu Shaolong said.

“What type of Great Yaos are they? Their attacks, defences, speed, attribute?” asked Bai Yunyan after a moment’s consideration.

“It is a group of ape yaos. There are at least 50 of them. Almost all of them have overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations or more. Their speed is very fast and they possess both a very high defensive and offensive power. However, there is one thing to note. These yao beasts would only stand guard around the spiritual fruit trees. They will not move too far away from the trees, otherwise I would not have been able to escape,” Liu Shaolong said.

The three of them discussed the matter as they moved forward. It did not take long for them to see some small valleys within winding and rolling range of mountains. The height of each mountain did not exceed 100 zhang. Even from afar, the three of them could see the grasses growing upon the valley. At the same time, they could sense that the surrounding spiritual energy was growing thicker. 

“There really are spiritual trees there,” Chen Feng said.

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you fellows, right? This time, by working together, the three of us will be able to obtain a few more of them. Let me tell you, the fruits produced by the trees can do more than just increase one’s cultivation bases. There are other functions as well.” Liu Shaolong smiled as he brought out two fruits, which he tossed over to Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan.

The fruit felt heavy, several times heavier compared to ordinary fruits picked from the wild. For Chen Feng, it felt as though someone had placed a block of iron on his hand. Biting into the fruit caused fragrance to fill his mouth. When the fruit made contact with the interior of his mouth, it seemingly melted. Additionally, a faint medicinal scent could be felt from the resulting fruit juice. After entering his stomach, it then transformed into strands of cooling energy, which flowed throughout his body. Despite not deliberately channelling his cultivation technique, his body would automatically absorb all of the energy strands.

“It contains the attributes of wood and water. If I can eat fruits like these every day, my rate of cultivation will rise to a higher level,” Chen Feng said.

“I believe there is more than just this one type of spiritual tree here, right?” Bai Yunyan said. 

“Naturally. This spiritual tree I obtained was located at the outermost area. The fruits it produces contain the attribute of wood and water, but farther inside are spiritual trees with other attributes. From afar, I could see Fire Dates, Fire Pears and Bloody Dragon Fruits,” Liu Shaolong said.

Hearing Liu Shaolong’s words, Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan’s eyes shone. They had heard of the spiritual fruits before. They were all objects that cultivators would fight over.

“Why else would I be so enthusiastic about teaming up with you fellows? The spiritual trees here are simply too attractive,” Liu Shaolong lamented.

Chen Feng understood how Liu Shaolong was feeling. With enough strength, no one would be willing to share the spiritual trees here with others.

“However, I think things will not go smoothly for us,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Why do you say that? Are the pursuers from Nine Firmaments Palace here already?” Liu Shaolong’s face sank as he asked.

“Someone arrived before us,” Bai Yunyan said solemnly.

Chen Feng was surprised. He was borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power. Thus, his scanning ability was not something that the average cultivator could match. Liu Shaolong had failed to notice anything amiss, but this Bai Yunyan was actually able to sense it. This came as a surprise to Chen Feng. He thought to himself. This woman is definitely not to be underestimated.

“He he! This is thanks to the cultivation technique that I am practicing. Unexpectedly, Junior Brother Chen could possess such a powerful soul power despite not having overcome your Lightning Tribulation. After you overcome your Lightning Tribulation, won’t you be strong enough to sweep cultivators like us aside?” Bai Yunyan said smilingly.

Liu Shaolong cast a bewildered look at Chen Feng. He had never seen a monstrous character like Chen Feng before. Even when compared to the few geniuses amongst geniuses within his sect, Chen Feng was superior by a certain degree.  

However, after thinking about how Chen Feng possessed a top-grade Prized artefact, perhaps even a Sacred artefact, the feelings of envy within Liu Shaolong slowly subsided.

He is just borrowing the power of his magic treasure. If I possess a Sacred artefact, I too can kill opponents that are at a higher level. Having thought of that, Liu Shaolong finally recollected himself. 

“Looks like we’ll have to modify our plan. Let’s go see who those fellows are first,” Chen Feng said in a hushed tone.

“Yes. If they are weaker than us, we can just kill them,” Liu Shaolong said icily.

“Hopefully, they are not from Jade Talisman Sect or Flowing Cloud Hall,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Also, hopefully not from Extreme Celestial Sect,” Bai Yunyan said with a smile of her own.

Liu Shaolong flicked his fingers and two talismans flew out to stick upon Chen Feng and Bai Yunyan’s bodies. Immediately, their figures disappeared. Not a strand of their auras was exposed.

“Jade Talisman Sect’s rune techniques are truly extraordinary. This is much stronger than the Invisibility Talismans that I bought.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from the void.

“Naturally.” Liu Shaolong smiled proudly as his figure, too, slowly disappeared into the void.

That was a sincere compliment from Chen Feng. At that moment, even if a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator were to stand there, he or she would be incapable of noticing the three of them there.

Won’t the effect of using this Invisibility Talisman to execute sneak attacks be very good? Chen Feng thought. At the same time, he began considering it. If there were time later on, he wanted to buy various types of talismans from Liu Shaolong to serve as backup. He was presently getting pursued by various forces. During critical moments, he could utilize talismans like this Invisibility Talisman to save his life.

The three of them slowed down their rate of advance. As they were approaching the valley, Chen Feng’s divine sense could already see what was happening within the valley. Yao beasts with the appearance of apes were fighting a group of cultivators. The apes were very fast and they jumped about ceaselessly. Their movements seemed unsightly, but to Chen Feng, those were all ferocious attacks.

“Three loose cultivators, two from Ardent Flame Order, one from Skypond Faction and one more from Sword Hall.” Bai Yunyan was very knowledgeable and she immediately recognized the background of the cultivators.

“Not just that. There are three more cultivators deep inside the valley. However, I do not know their backgrounds,” Chen Feng said.

Bai Yunyan cast a surprised look at Chen Feng. Due to the cultivation technique that she was practicing, she possessed a powerful divine sense. Unexpectedly, this fellow who had yet to even reach the Sky Human stage could be better than her in this regard.

“Good, the more, the better. It will be easier for us to succeed once they have attracted the attention of these apes,” Liu Shaolong said joyfully.

“These apes’ combat power is quite high. Looks like things are not looking good for those cultivators,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

That was the truth. In a one-on-one battle, the cultivators might be able to obtain the upper hand. However, it was clear that the apes held a numerical advantage over the cultivators. Four to five apes would surround and fight each of the cultivators there.


A loose cultivator’s arm was ripped off. The loose cultivator was quite the hardy character. After getting his arm ripped off, he gritted his teeth as he attempted to rush out. Unfortunately, one of the ape’s long arm swept out to smash him to pieces.

“Impressive! What a formidable attack! The cultivator had at least 3 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. Unexpectedly, he would die just like that.” Chen Feng was surprised.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng. Even Liu Shaolong was gaping at the spectacle. “Thankfully, I did not get besieged by these apes back then!”

Sky-encompassing sword silhouettes flashed forward and three apes were sent flying at the same instant. Next, a figure rapidly rushed deeper into the valley. Like a beam of sword light, the figure disappeared in a flash.

“That Sword Hall fellow is quite powerful,” said Chen Feng, who nodded his head.

Thanks to the Invisibility Talismans on their bodies, the three of them were able to safely make their way into the valley. After entering the valley, Chen Feng sensed that the surrounding spiritual energy had grown several times thicker. Everywhere he looked, he saw spiritual trees and medicinal herbs that looked like weeds.

“Spiritual energy gathers without dispersing. So, there is a natural array protecting this place,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Several medicinal herbs flew up, roots included, to land on Chen Feng’s hand.

“Dreamleaf Grass, Thousand Seeker Flower, Inferno Flower, Living Rootgrass. Although they are not too old, there is value in growing them.” After saying that, Chen Feng tossed the medicinal herbs into the Longevity Tower.

The metallic combat puppet that had been staying still within the Longevity Tower all this time suddenly moved forward. One by one, it planted the medicinal herbs that Chen Feng tossed into the tower within the herbal field.

“How can you be certain that this is a naturally-forming array?” asked a puzzled Liu Shaolong.

“Intuition,” Chen Feng casually replied.

Liu Shaolong then ignored Chen Feng and sped up as he moved forward. He turned a blind eye towards the medicinal herbs on the ground and the spiritual trees that were right before his eyes.

“He he! Looks like there is something even better deep inside,” Bai Yunyan chuckled and followed suit.

Chen Feng shook his head. He did not follow them. Instead, he continued to collect the medicinal herbs that were on the ground. The herbal field within the Longevity Tower had taken a serious hit. Thus, Chen Feng wanted to dig up some medicinal herbs to restore the herbal field.

Speaking of digging up medicinal herbs, Chen Feng could already be considered as an expert. It did not take long for over 1,000 of the medicinal herbs to enter the Longevity Tower. Next, Chen Feng moved to stand before a stretch of spiritual trees. The fruits produced by the spiritual trees were similar to the one that Liu Shaolong had brought out earlier. Like humans, the spiritual trees kept absorbing and ejecting the surrounding spiritual energy. 

As the Magnetic acupoints on Chen Feng’s feet were operating continuously, he could clearly sense everything that was transpiring underground. There were countless roots growing deep into the earth and they kept absorbing nutrients and energy from the earth. Chen Feng could even sense hard rocks getting crushed by the absorption power of the roots.

What a formidable spiritual tree! Chen Feng felt excited. By collecting these spiritual trees into the Longevity Tower, he could add more life force into the Longevity Tower. Additionally, the interior of the Longevity Tower would allow these spiritual trees to grow faster.

However, just as Chen Feng was about to take action, a tiny and agile snake silently flew down from the top of the tree and it tried to bite Chen Feng.


Chen Feng’s palm flashed out to grab the tiny and agile snake. It was one chi long, with the thickness of a little finger. Dark-grey in colour, it would be difficult to notice it when it hid itself within the foliage. However, by looking at the sharp fangs extending out from its mouth, one would never doubt its offensive power.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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