Chapter 480: Forming a Team


“Chen Feng, don’t think that you are now an expert just because you managed to kill off some core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. I will exchange a few rounds with you and see just what kind of skills you have,” the male cultivator extended his palm and five talismans swiftly swirled out from the tip of each finger. The glossy light radiating from each talisman was different. There was red, yellow, white, black and green. Surprisingly, the five talismans were the Five Elemental Talismans.

He could condense out talismans with five different attributes just by raising a hand. Seeing that surprised Chen Feng. At the same time, he thought to himself. No wonder he could so easily break my Storm of Sword Beams.

However, the two of them did not end up fighting. The cultivator that Chen Feng had beaten back earlier with his Storm of Sword Beams move had rushed over. His entire being was like a sharp and invincible sword as he shot towards Chen Feng. Wherever he went, deep sword marks would be left on the ground, and cracks kept spreading out to form a wide gully.

Sensing the killing intent and will to fight radiating from the cultivator, the male and female cultivator standing before Chen Feng exchanged glances before rushing to the side. It seemed as though they were somewhat fearful of the cultivator who was rushing over. Or perhaps, they wanted to watch both Chen Feng and the cultivator fight a mutually destructive battle.

Sovereign Fire sword intent. He truly is a cultivator from Sword Hall. The sword intent that the cultivator brought with him caused Chen Feng’s hair to billow upwards. There were only 300 plus metres left between the two of them.

He should be a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator. Thankfully, his cultivation base is not too high. Although the atmosphere that this cultivator exuded was very strong, Chen Feng was neither worried nor anxious. He could feel that this cultivator was certainly no match for him.

When there were still 100 metres left between the two of them, the cultivator’s speed suddenly doubled and Chen Feng immediately sensed the aura locking down on him growing stronger all of a sudden. Even his soul power was facing a formidable amount of suppression.

Unity of man and sword. This fellow’s cultivation base is quite good. Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised.

A distance of 100 metres was simply half a blink for the cultivator, who wielded a dark and shineless sword. When he arrived before Chen Feng, his power abruptly exploded. It was like a volcano that had been gathering power for a long time. It was so powerful that it caused a large hole to appear in the sky.

As expected of a disciple from Sword Hall. His body exudes the indomitable will to only advance. Additionally, the might of his unity of man and sword move is strong enough to kill off even cultivators on the same level as him. Now, let’s see how Chen Feng deals with him. Seeing that, the same thought came to the male and female cultivator and they observed the unfolding battle with unblinking eyes.


An even more violent fiery light discharged out from Chen Feng’s body to smash against the disciple from Sword Hall. A loud, sky-jolting boom rang out while fiery light spread out haphazardly into their surroundings from their point of contact. Then, the disciple from Sword Hall flew backwards like a meteor. This time, his figure ended up even farther away than before. In the end, his figure slammed into the ground.

Sigh! Am I being a bully here for utilizing a high-grade Prized artefact? Chen Feng shook his head before keeping the Fire Wyrm Sword.

“If you think that’s bullying, you can simply not use it. Don’t you also have that Lightstream Sword, Prudent Sword and other low-grade Prized artefacts? Besides, won’t it be even better for you to condense out a Longevity Sword to fight?” Tower sent a ridiculing jab at Chen Feng.

“Erkh!” Chen Feng felt that.

“He he! I will be using them in the future. Right now, I just don’t want to have to deal with so many troubles.” Chen Feng found himself an excuse.

“Top-grade Prized artefact!” Seeing Chen Feng defeat his opponent with just one move, the male and female cultivator watching nearby revealed looks of shock.

With this, no one will come out and stop me anymore, right? Chen Feng thought. Next, he started walking forward, each step covering a distance of 10 metres as he moved to leave the place.

However, before Chen Feng could take his second step, he saw a flash and the male and female cultivator rapidly appeared before him.

“You two still want to attack?” Chen Feng asked, frowning. By his estimate, his earlier display of might should have been enough to deter them.

“I really do want to fight you. But now, I have changed my mind,” the cultivator from Jade Talisman Sect said and the talismans swirling around his hand immediately slipped into his hand, disappearing from sight.

“Oh? And what is it?” Chen Feng asked, curious.

“We want to recruit you into our team,” the cultivator from Jade Talisman Sect said frankly.

“Recruit me into your team?” Chen Feng understood them. However, he had still asked.

“Yes. Earlier, I have already formed an alliance with this Senior Sister from Flowing Cloud Hall. Additionally, we have just come to an agreement to recruit you into our team,” the cultivator from Jade Talisman Sect said smilingly.

“That’s right. Chen Feng, this is not the outside world. We are in an unknown place. Although there will be treasures, there will be even more dangers. We are all here for experience and training, not to die. With numbers on our side, the amount of power we can field will rise. Joining up will be much better than going at this alone,” the beautiful female cultivator said with a gentle voice, looking at Chen Feng.

“So, you are a Senior Sister from Flowing Cloud Hall. My respects. No wonder you possess such a high cultivation base,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“However, I think you fellows are looking for the wrong guy. You said it earlier, this is not the outside world, but you may have forgotten who I am. How many cultivators from the three Palaces have entered this place? Not to mention, someone had just spread out the news that I am here. If you fellows form a team with me, you will be inviting a great deal of troubles upon yourselves. Not to mention, there is a high possibility that you two might end up dying,” Chen Feng was quick to say.

“Yes, this is not the outside world. No one knows how big this place is. However, even though many cultivators have entered this place, the chances of a fight happening between us here are much lower compared to the outside world. While the three Palaces have sent in a high number of cultivators, I believe it will not be easy for them to deal with you. Besides, we are only forming a team with you. We will not be fighting them for your sake. In this regard, although Nine Firmaments Palace is overbearing, they will not be attacking us for no reason,” the beautiful female cultivator said.

“You fellows are certain you want me to join you fellows?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Why are you so bothersome? If you are not willing, then forget it. You’re a man, what’s up with all this hesitation?” the cultivator from Jade Talisman Sect ridiculed.

“Very well, I agree.” Chen Feng smiled. He didn’t mind the cultivator’s attitude.

“If so, from this moment onwards, we’ll be partners. For now, let’s discuss what we know. I’ll start.” Seeing Chen Feng agree, the beautiful female cultivator revealed a faint smile.

“I am Bai Yunyan, a disciple from Flowing Cloud Hall. When I first entered, I had appeared within a thick forest with towering trees all over the place. There is a considerable number of ancient trees that are over 1,000 years old there. Yao beasts reigned within the forest, counting many strange Great Yaos amongst them. Additionally, there are also some freakish fellows with seemingly inexhaustible might there. They are like the legendary barbarians. It is a very dangerous place. 

“However, it also has many spiritual herbs, rare and valuable spiritual herbs. After entering this pocket dimension, I had been staying in the forest until I stumbled upon a teleportation array. That happened today. I was just teleported over, so I have yet to figure out the situation here,” Bai Yunyan gave a brief account of what happened to her. 

“I am Liu Shaolong, a disciple from Jade Talisman Sect. Since entering this pocket dimension, I have gone to two different places. This is my third. When I entered, I had first appeared somewhere halfway up a massive mountain. There was a teleportation array and some spiritual fruits there. However, there was a powerful Great Yao defending the fruits. Finally, failing to obtain the fruits, I entered the teleportation array. The teleportation array brought me to a place beside a volcano. There I fought against several yao beasts that emerged from the volcano. Finally, I found another teleportation array within a volcanic crater there, which sent me to this place. 

“This is my second day here. From what I can tell, while this place appears somewhat barren, it still possesses a considerable number of good items. Just earlier, I had obtained a spiritual fruit tree.” As he said that, Liu Shaolong brought out a fist-sized, red-coloured fruit. It was even more alluring than a red apple. Additionally, it was clear that it contained a formidable amount of spiritual energy.

“There is no need to introduce myself, is there?” Chen Feng smiled.

“Ha ha ha, naturally! Right now, you are the hottest topic in our Northern Plains’ world of cultivation.” Liu Shaolong laughed.

“When I entered, I first appeared in a desert. It is a very ordinary desert and the spiritual energy there is scarce. It only has some power of fire. However, the fire scorpions in the desert are very powerful. Later, I found a tall tower. It has 18 floors. Right now, we should be on the fourth floor,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“What? A tall tower? 18 floors? You mean to say, we are currently inside a tower?” Liu Shaolong was surprised.

“Logically speaking, that should be the case. However, after hearing what you two said, I am now doubting whether or not we are still inside the tower.” A contemplative look appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Kid, there is no need to doubt. I can confidently say this. You are definitely still inside the tower. Additionally, this is the fourth floor,” Tower secretly said.

“He he! Even if I know that, I will not be telling them,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Chen Feng, from what I can recall, you have another companion. Did you two get separated?” Bai Yunyan suddenly asked.

“Yes. Didn’t you two appear alone when you came in?” Chen Feng deliberately asked.

“Naturally, I was alone. After hearing what you said, though, I believe that we are inside a tower,” Bai Yunyan said solemnly.

“Why do you say that?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng.

“Intuition,” Bai Yunyan said with a hushed tone. Her eyes shone with light, making it impossible to determine what was on her mind.

This Bai Yunyan is not to be underestimated, Chen Feng thought.

“All right. Let’s discuss what we should do next,” Liu Shaolong interjected.

“Our objective for entering this place is to find treasures and train ourselves. Places with treasures will definitely be dangerous. Danger means training ourselves. Senior Brother Liu has been here the longest. I suggest that Senior Brother Liu lead the way. Of course, if we encounter other cultivators here, I suggest we join forces to plunder them,” Chen Feng was quick to say.

“I have no objections.” Bai Yunyan nodded her head in agreement.

“Very well. Since you two trust me that much, I will lead the way. As I mentioned earlier, I managed to obtain a spiritual fruit tree here. Truth be told, there are a few more spiritual fruit trees that are of a higher grade compared to the one I obtained. However, there are yao beasts defending them. Alone, I am lacking in strength. The fact that I could obtain one of them is already something to feel thankful for,” Liu Shaolong said.


Note: Going to be using ‘three Palaces’ in place of ‘Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace’.

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