Chapter 479: Storm of Sword Beams


None of the cultivators there said a word when Chen Feng collected the Spring of Life. Neither did they step forward to stop him. Chen Feng had cut off the arm of the purple-clad man right after appearing there, shocking them all. They all knew that killing Chen Feng would give them a world of benefits, but they weren’t morons. Preserving their life was more important.

“How did you fellows appear here?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

The cultivators with the purple-clad man were all staring furiously at Chen Feng. Although they had chosen to not attack Chen Feng, would they answer his questions?

Getting no response from them, Chen Feng’s face grew grim and he wondered if he should kill a few fellows to display his might. Suddenly, however, a cultivator from the other party stepped forward.

“Greetings, Brother Chen. I am Li Ming, a loose cultivator.” A thin and young cultivator stepped forward to salute Chen Feng. After all, if it weren’t for Chen Feng’s appearance, the cultivators from Purple Firmaments Palace would have killed them all.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised by that. To think that he was so famous that a random cultivator would be able to recognize him. However, he then revealed a self-deprecating smile. Nine Firmaments Palace had declared him a wanted person throughout the Northern Plains. Every cultivator in the Northern Plains must have seen his wanted poster. Thus, getting recognized was nothing surprising.

“How did you fellows appear here?” Chen Feng asked again.

The young cultivator looked at Chen Feng, a slightly puzzled look appearing in his eyes. “Back then, after the big meteorite was moved, the cultivators from the various great sects entered this pocket dimension. Then, someone utilized a nine-storey pagoda tower to collect the meteorite, causing a change to occur to the portal. Thus, we loose cultivators rushed in.”

Hearing his words, Chen Feng’s face revealed shock. “You mean to say, you fellows appeared here right after entering the portal?”

“Yes. However, this place is quite big. It’s been quite a while since we entered this place, but we have only encountered less than 20 cultivators so far. Additionally, it also does not have much in terms of treasures. With the exception of a few ordinary ores, we have not even seen any precious spiritual herbs. It hadn’t been easy to find the Spring of Life earlier-” the cultivator quickly halted his words and he cautiously cast a glance at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded and he stopped caring about them. Instead, he flew upwards before flying far away. It wasn’t until Chen Feng had disappeared from their sights did the cultivators there recollect themselves.

“Let’s go.” The young cultivator’s party had several who were suffering from wounds. Thus, they dared not stay behind. As for the purple-clad man’s party, one of their members had been killed while another lost his arm. They, too, no longer had any desire to continue fighting.

The purple-clad man was seated on the ground, his face yellow. Sweat droplets the size of beans kept trickling down his face. He had stopped the bleeding on his severed arm. In fact, new flesh was beginning to grow out from the severed portion. Even so, losing an arm had still greatly damaged the man’s vitality.

“What do we do now?” the fellow next to him asked gingerly.

“What else can we do? Naturally, we’ll get reinforcements to besiege and kill Chen Feng,” said the purple-clad man as he brought out a Communication Jade, which he hurled up into the sky. The jade exploded and an invisible wave quickly spread out.

“This piece of jade talisman can spread this news through a very large radius. Every one of the disciples from our sect has one of these jade talismans. Once the disciples from our three sects receive this news, they will surely gather up swiftly. Here in this pocket dimension, Chen Feng has no one else to help him. I want to see where he can run off to.” The purple-clad man looked at his severed arm and a resentful expression appeared on his face.


Chen Feng had only flown through 50 kilometres when his face suddenly sank. He then stopped in mid-air. Earlier, he had clearly sensed a wondrous energy wave. To his surprise, he could clearly accept the information within the energy wave. Even more surprising was the fact that the information contained within the energy wave was about him.

Looks like I am still too soft-hearted. I should have eradicated the weeds by pulling out the roots. However, the strongest amongst the cultivators who can enter this pocket dimension is only at level 9 of the Sky Human stage. No Human Immortals can enter. Once the Longevity Tower has recovered some of its powers, I can sweep everything within this pocket dimension, Chen Feng thought. He was not feeling particularly concerned.

“Moving about unimpeded should not be an issue, but sweeping everything will be quite difficult. I sense that this pocket dimension is not to be underestimated. If an Immortal artefact were to appear, given my current state, wanting to collect it would be quite difficult,” Tower said.

“I wonder how many cultivators would be lured over by the energy wave. Additionally, it would appear that there is more than one teleportation array here. We should find a teleportation array first.” Chen Feng continued flying. He flew forward leisurely, checking the rate at which his power was getting consumed. Finally, Chen Feng settled on a certain flight speed. It was one that would allow Chen Feng to recover the amount of power consumed for the flight. Any faster that this and his rate of recovery would lose out to the rate of consumption.

Thus, Chen Feng flew through over 150 kilometres before finally encountering more cultivators. Three cultivators were flying towards him from three different directions. 

Chen Feng frowned. He did not understand how they could lock on to his position. Could there be something with the energy wave earlier? Chen Feng wondered.


A breath-taking sword beam pierced through the void, closing through a distance of 1,000 metres to attack Chen Feng. As for the other two fellows, they did not attack. Instead, they stayed to the left and right of Chen Feng to stop him from escaping.

Sensing the sword intent contained within the void-piercing sword beam, Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat. “Is he from Sword Hall?”

As he considered that, Chen Feng did not falter. He brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword and quickly swung it. He did not attempt to break the sword beam with force. Instead, the Fire Wyrm Sword rapidly released a pulse. It was one of the sword skills within the Longevity Sword Technique. Three rapidly-vibrating sword beams were fired out from the Fire Wyrm Sword. The three sword beams converged to form a spiral, which swiftly spun while vibrating at a high frequency. The incoming sword beam was instantly unravelled, leaving not a trace of it behind.

“Eh?” Chen Feng was surprised. That was a sword skill that he had inadvertently comprehended some time ago. Unexpectedly, it was so strong. Given his past methods of fighting, he would have needed to expend 400 % more power to deal with the sword beam. 

Seeing Chen Feng so casually break his sword beam, the cultivator was surprised as well. However, before he could unleash another move, a storm of sword beams was already rushing towards him.

Chen Feng’s follow-up attack had arrived. Only, the amount of power Chen Feng put behind this attack was even stronger. Chen Feng was confident that even a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator would be incapable of taking on the attack.

As expected, the cultivator was swept into Chen Feng’s storm of sword beams, where he began spinning. After that, the cultivator rapidly flew over 100 zhang away, moving to the ground as he did. 

Even though Chen Feng was able to beat back one of them, he was not feeling happy. Rather, he revealed a look of surprise. Although he had managed to beat back the attacking cultivator, he knew that the cultivator was not wounded. When the cultivator was swept up by the storm of sword beams earlier, every spin he displayed had unravelled the sword beams surrounding him.

Sou! Sou!

After the storm of sword beams were smoothly unleashed, Chen Feng once again unleashed two more of the storms at the other two cultivators, one to his left and one to his right. Although the two of them were not attacking him at the moment, Chen Feng did not believe that they had good intentions for coming at him.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, both of his attacks were completely ineffective. In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, one of the cultivators swiftly fired out a talisman, which shone with golden light. The talisman exploded and the storm of sword beams was utterly dissipated.

The other cultivator was even stronger. That person stretched one palm out to emit a peculiar wave of power, which instantly caused the storm of sword beams that Chen Feng sent out to become submissive. Both its power and scale kept shrinking until it was only a one-chi-tall mini hurricane. Then, with a banging sound, it exploded and disappeared.

Experts! These two must be experts. The one who used the talisman must be from Jade Talisman Sect. However, which sect is the beautiful female cultivator from? Chen Feng gave the two of them a quick glance. Then, his figure swiftly flew down to land on the ground.

The ground was hard. While it was not too withered, it was such that there were not many weeds growing on it, let alone spiritual herbs.

Sou! Sou!

The two cultivators, one male and one female, brought strong winds with them as they landed before Chen Feng. Dust rose up, but were all blocked by an invisible barrier before they could make contact with Chen Feng.

With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng then sent a small hurricane forward to sweep away all the dust in front.

“Chen Feng?” The dashing-looking male cultivator had a somewhat arrogant look on his face and he asked tentatively, light glinting across his eyes.

“To be able to repeatedly escape Nine Firmaments Palace’s pursuit, you are quite extraordinary,” the beautiful yet glacial-looking female cultivator said coolly, looking at Chen Feng.

“You overpraise me. You two can casually block my attack, meaning you two are also extraordinary characters,” Chen Feng replied smilingly. Despite his relaxed demeanour, Chen Feng was secretly on guard. He could already determine their cultivation bases. The male cultivator was a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator while the glacial-looking female cultivator was even stronger. She was actually a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. Without utilizing Sacred artefacts, Chen Feng would certainly be no match for the two of them.

“As expected, you have yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation. To be able to kill off several core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace with a Concealed stage cultivation base, I have to say, you are a first-rate talent in the world of cultivation.” The glacial-looking female cultivator’s voice remained monotonous. However, her pair of eyes shone with a gaze capable of seeing through a person’s soul.

Chen Feng was stunned. He didn’t think that she would be able to determine his cultivation level. Immediately, he secured his Soul and Anima acupoints and stabilized his mind. His aura instantly disappeared in its entirety, becoming like a lifeless piece of cold iron block.

“Even so, Chen Feng, you randomly attacked us earlier. If it weren’t for the fact that we have some tricks up our sleeves, we would have died to you earlier. What do you think we should do about that?” The male cultivator revealed a disdainful smile. Chen Feng saw that light was swirling around his five fingers. A talisman was on the verge of shooting out from the tip of each finger.

“So, you are from Jade Talisman Sect.” Chen Feng nodded his head. “It’s simple. By killing you fellows, I will be able to put an end to this!”

Chen Feng then reached out with a finger to flick the body of the Fire Wyrm Sword in his grip. A clear sound could be heard coming from the fiery-red body of the Fire Wyrm Sword. At the same time, a searing power of fire and an incomparably sharp sword intent radiated out from the sword.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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