Chapter 478: Snatching the Fountain


“It’s just a sword.” Tower was quick to reply.

“There is really something inside?” Chen Feng stopped asking more and the Fire Wyrm Sword in his hand shone before slashing down on the large sword.

As sword light flashed out, sword energy struck the large sword, causing layer after layer of sand to fall apart. The large sword gradually shrank in size until finally, a one-metre-long sword appeared before Chen Feng.

Despite the sword’s ordinary appearance, Chen Feng sensed lightness from it. It was as though the sword would fly up at any moment and move to hide within the clouds.

“A good sword.” Excited, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to grab the sword. However, sword light suddenly flared out from the sword. Seeing the expanding fiery-red light, Chen Feng’s heart thumped and he swiftly brought up the Fire Wyrm Sword to defend himself.


A loud sound of collision rang out and Chen Feng’s figure was thrown backwards, hurtling through over 100 metres before coming to a halt. As for Ma Long’s team of three, although the sudden burst of light did not kill them, it had still left them bloodied.

“A Sacred artefact! That’s actually a Sacred artefact!” Ma Long and the others cried out in shock. Blood continued trickling down from the wounds on their faces, giving them a somewhat scary look.

Chen Feng stepped forward again. This time, he succeeded in grasping the sword. By then, the sword energy on the surface of the sword, which had been sealed for a long time, had returned to a state of calmness. Holding the sword, Chen Feng sensed a faint power of fire and the impression of floating clouds.

“Sacred Firecloud Sword, a grade 1 Sacred artefact.” Without inspecting it in detail, Chen Feng managed to see the meaning expressed by the sword. 

This time’s harvest is really good. To think that I would be able to get my hands on a Sacred artefact. When I overcome my Lightning Tribulation, I will be able to slowly refine and nurture it. Chen Feng felt joyful.

Seemingly due to the loss of the Sacred Firecloud Sword, the remaining parts of the statue began shaking. Like a melting wax statue, vast amounts of sands began falling down from the statue.

Ma Long quickly stretched his hand out to grab hold of a small booklet.

“Overspace Finger, an Earthen-tier magic technique!” Ma Long uttered out in shock.

Chen Feng, too, took action. A powerful fist blast struck the head of the statue, which was still not fully dissolved, causing it to break apart completely. Next, Chen Feng grabbed another small booklet.

“Voidbreak Finger, an Earthen-tier magic technique.” Chen Feng was surprised. He had assumed that he would obtain a good item. Unexpectedly, it was a magic technique.

The whole statue dissolved and the four of them managed to gain some more items from it. After that, a circular hole appeared before all four and the pile of sands left on the ground flowed into the hole. In but a few breaths’ worth of time, the floor of the palace hall had become clean, leaving only the seemingly bottomless hole.

“Fellows, I’ll be heading in first.” Chen Feng was only momentarily taken aback. Then, he leapt into the hole, disappearing from sight in a flash.

“There must be good items down there. Let’s head down as well.” Ma Long and the other two exchanged glances before jumping into the hole together.

“Looks like this is the fourth floor.” Chen Feng stood upon hard ground as he checked his surroundings.

When the hole appeared earlier, Chen Feng and Ma Long’s team of three had different thoughts about the hole. Chen Feng had instantly regarded it as the passageway to the fourth floor of the tower. It was a belief that he continued to hold.

After waiting there for a moment, however, Chen Feng saw no signs of Ma Long and the other two fellows. That surprised him. Next, he smiled. “The three of them should have followed me down the hole. However, they did not appear here with me. Looks like we are separated. The portals here are very interesting!”

Having determined that he would not be meeting up with the three of them, Chen Feng then focused on inspecting his surroundings. Slowly, he hovered up, rising all the way up to an altitude of 100 zhang.

My cultivation base is still suppressed. Looks like this is how it’ll be. Every floor of this tower is a space of its own. However, I wonder how big each space is? Chen Feng wondered as his eyes focused on peering far ahead.

Hmm? There are some people there! To Chen Feng’s surprise, before he could get a grasp on his surroundings, he saw some other cultivators.

Pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng then landed on the ground before moving forward. He covered a distance of 10 metres with each step as he moved towards the cultivators he saw earlier.

Somewhere 15 kilometres away from Chen Feng, a group of cultivators was surrounding a fountain while facing off against one another group of cultivators. The fountain was only the size of a bowl, its waters clear. A perfunctory glance would reveal that it was without any impurities.

“You fellows from Purple Firmaments Palace are being too overbearing here! We were the ones who first discovered this place!” a young cultivator shouted loudly. His face was flushed and he appeared highly furious.

There were six cultivators on the young cultivator’s side while only four cultivators stood on the opposing side. However, it was clear that despite their numbers, the six cultivators were in a disadvantageous position. The two cultivators standing beside the young cultivator looked pale and there were blood stains on their chests. It looked like they had only just been wounded by the opposing party.

“Since you know we are overbearing, why aren’t you standing aside? How about this? We are not unreasonable fellows. Each of you can take 10 drops of water from this Spring of Life. Then, you fellows can leave,” said a haughty man in purple-gold magic robes, his face set in a scornful grin.

“What? We were the ones who discovered this Spring of Life! Not to mention, there is at least 10 kilogrammes of water in this Spring of Life. You want to send us off with just 10 drops? Keep dreaming!” the young cultivator replied with a scoff.

“Enough, let’s collect it first,” said a 30-year-old, mighty-looking cultivator on the young cultivator’s side who stretched his hand out towards the fountain on the ground.

“You have a death wish!” The eyes of the purple-clad man flashed with chilling light. At the same time, the three cultivators standing beside the purple-clad man took action. They began displaying their killer moves.  

“Why exchange nonsense with them? Just kill them all!”

“I’ll handle these two fellows!”

The cultivators beside the purple-clad man were not some good Samaritans either. They had been preparing to attack for a long time. Thus, when the moment came, each of them decided on their respective targets as they unleashed their attacks.

“You fellows hold them up first. I will collect the Spring of Life’s waters!” 

It was a chaotic fight. Both sides unleashed their strongest killer moves the moment the fight began. On Purple Firmaments Palace’s side, they had long since wanted to kill all the other cultivators and take the Spring of Life for themselves. As for the six cultivators, they understood that they had to kill off every one of their opponents once the fight began. Should any of those from Purple Firmaments Palace survive and flee, all that would await them was death. At any rate, Purple Firmaments Palace was a power that loose cultivators like them could not offend.

“Heavenly Purple Thunder Astral Sword!”

A purple-coloured astral sword, flashing with electrical currents, rapidly swept forward to instantly hack a cultivator to pieces.

“Humph, pieces of trash! People like you dare resist?” The purple-clad man sneered as he raised his hand. A purple sphere of lightning was gathering upon his palm. Inside the sphere was a small, rapidly-spinning sword. His earlier attack had instantly killed one of the opposing cultivators and he lifted his head higher.

It was then that Chen Feng arrived. His soul power swiftly scanned the area and he quickly found the Spring of Life that was on the ground. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

How fortunate! I didn’t think I would encounter a Spring of Life here. Although it looks small, the grade and life force contained within this one is much higher compared to the one that I obtained in the past. Chen Feng was surprised. Next, he walked towards the Spring of Life.

Seeing someone else appear, the two sides that were currently engaged in a fight did not reveal looks of panic. However, when Chen Feng was about to get close to the Spring of Life, someone from Purple Firmaments Palace attacked him.


The one attacking Chen Feng was only a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator. Even the flying sword he used to attack Chen Feng was just a grade 3 Prized artefact. Thus, Chen Feng did not even bother stopping his steps. Instead, his palm swiped out, causing a blaring sound to ring out. Next, the flying sword pierced through the sky to fly far away, disappearing from sight.


The cultivator who attacked Chen Feng turned pale and he coughed out blood. It was an indication that his mind had been damaged. He could clearly sense that cracks had appeared all over his lifebound magic treasure. He was also incapable of getting any reaction from the magic treasure as he attempted to control it using his soul power. This meant that his lifebound magic treasure was most likely a useless piece of scrap metal now.

Due to how big of a scene that caused, the two sides stopped fighting. They wanted to get a better look at the newcomer and see who could be so arrogant.

“Chen Feng, it’s you!” The purple-clad man recognized Chen Feng and his face sank. In the beginning, a look of pleasant surprise had appeared on his face. However, it then turned to one of cautiousness.

“So, it’s the disciples from Purple Firmaments Palace. Are the cultivation bases of all the core disciples from Purple Firmaments Palace so weak?” Chen Feng said with a smirk. Again, he released another mighty palm attack and the cultivator who had attacked Chen Feng earlier was sent flying, his figure spinning through the air before slamming into the ground. There was no telling if he was dead or alive.

“You wanna die?”

The purple-clad man was infuriated and the purple sphere of lightning gathering upon his palm transformed into a large astral sword, which then shot towards Chen Feng. The purple-clad man was confident that this attack could kill most cultivators at level 4 of the Sky Human stage.

In the face of the attack, Chen Feng maintained a calm demeanour. The Fire Wyrm Sword appeared in his grasp and he used it to jab forward. The tip of the Fire Wyrm Sword made contact with the purple-coloured astral sword. Next, the seemingly invincible astral sword, condensed to the point of tangibility, burst apart like a water balloon. Chen Feng followed up with a swing. The purple-clad man cried out wretchedly as he furiously backed away. He looked at Chen Feng with a horrified face, like one who had just seen a ghost. The sword swing from Chen Feng earlier had cut off one of his arms. Additionally, the severed portion was still burning.

With that, no one else dared to attack. All of them simply watched as Chen Feng made his way forward to stand before the Spring of Life.

“It is indeed a Spring of Life.” After saying that, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to perform a grasping move. The waters of the Spring of Life transformed into a pillar of water, which rose upwards to gather together. In the end, the waters became a big, round sphere of water, which flew into Chen Feng’s hand.

“100 kilogrammes. Its grade is pretty good, comparable to several million Prized crystals.” Chen Feng smiled and kept the Spring of Life’s water into the Longevity Tower. At the same time, he also allocated a part of the water to water the herbal field.

After sprinkling drops of the Spring of Life’s water over the herbal field, the somewhat withered spiritual herbs there – due to the battle that the Longevity Tower was involved in before entering this pocket dimension – began emitting a faint lustre again. Seeing that, Chen Feng then sprinkled all of the remaining waters onto the herbal field, leaving not even a drop for himself.

If those cultivators there were to find out that the waters that they were so desperately fighting after were used by Chen Feng to water plants, they would probably grow infuriated to the point of coughing blood.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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