Chapter 477: Strange Sword



A spirit stone, shining with a crystalline light, fell into Chen Feng’s grasp. Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat. Earlier, the Fire Wyrm Sword had clearly struck this spirit stone. Although Chen Feng was quick to retract his strength during that critical moment, the fact that this spirit stone could resist an attack from the Fire Wyrm Sword without getting damaged meant that it was not some ordinary item. 

“Tower, what is this item?” Chen Feng simply kept the spirit stone into the Longevity Tower.

“It’s a Sky Mirage Stone. These stones can be found everywhere in the Immortal Plane,” Tower answered casually.

“You mean to say it is an item from the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Yes. Although it cannot be considered something particularly good, it is still good enough for me to absorb, albeit barely.” After that, the spirit stone that Chen Feng tossed into the Longevity Tower broke, transforming into strands of spiritual energy, which flowed into the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, you are going overboard with your actions.” Chen Feng felt somewhat displeased.

“Shut it, kid! If it weren’t for my actions, how could you have entered this pocket dimension? Doing that exhausted so much of my energy. Your task right now is to quickly find some treasures for me to recover,” Tower said as-a-matter-of-factly.

By then, hundreds of holes had appeared on the statue. And yet, it continued standing tall. As for Ma Long’s team of four, despite the wounds they took from the earlier battle, the faces of all four were red. As more and more treasures were dug out, the four of them could not stop themselves from shouting aloud.

Does this floor only have benefits and no dangers? The thought suddenly came to Chen Feng’s mind.

Chen Feng did not believe that he could obtain the treasures just like that. Even on the very first floor of the tower, he had encountered some obstructions and dangers. And yet, with the exception of the statue standing before him, Chen Feng had yet to sense anything amiss so far.

It is because nothing is happening that I am feeling something amiss here. Although I still cannot sense anything, my intuition is telling me that something will happen. Having come to that conclusion, Chen Feng slowed his attacks. Holding the Fire Wyrm Sword, he then drifted down before landing on the floor.

Suddenly, Li Wainian, the loose cultivator, rushed towards the statue’s head. Seeing what Li Wainian was doing, the eyes of the other three lit up at the same time. Indeed. If the other parts of this statue could contain so many treasures, those important parts would certainly contain even more treasures.

Li Wainian’s objective was the statue’s eyes. His hand stretched out and his palm grasped one of the statue’s eyes.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

Sands fell as a hole appeared on the statue’s right eye position. Minute rays of red-coloured light radiated from the hole and Li Wainian’s hand caught an egg-sized bead.

“What is that?” The eyes of Ma Long and the other two grew fiery. Clearly, they had recognized the extraordinariness of the item within Li Wainian’s hand.

“Glassy Falsebreaker Bead! Ha ha ha! This is a Glassy Falsebreaker Bead!” Looking at the round, fiery-red bead in his hand, Li Wainian laughed loudly.

“So, it’s a Falsebreaker Bead. This fellow is really lucky.” Ma Long and the other two exchanged glances, traces of killing intent glinting within the depths of their pupils. That was especially true of Ma Long, who was on the verge of killing him to plunder the bead.

Falsebreaker Bead, a naturally-forming spiritual object, capable of seeing through stealth techniques and find the flaws of magic arrays. During a fight, it could also be used to figure out an opponent’s flaws.

Although they had managed to gain a considerable harvest, Ma Long knew that all of the items he had obtained could not match up to the value of that one Falsebreaker Bead.

As Ma Long was considering whether or not to attack, Ning Bu rapidly rushed towards the other eye. Only after seeing Ning Bu’s actions did the others remember. If one eye could contain something, the other eye would surely not be empty.

Ma Long and Li Wu felt secretly upset when suddenly, an eye-piercing red light radiated out from the dug-out hole on the statue’s right eye. Next, it exploded, becoming like a dazzling firework.

“NO!” Ma Long and Li Wu were from the great sects. Thus, their cultivation bases were slightly higher compared to Li Wainian and they were able to sense the danger immediately. Promptly, they rushed to the side. 

It was like a bloody flower blooming suddenly in the air, expanding continuously. Li Wainian was the first to suffer. In the face of the red light, Li Wainian’s figure exploded, transforming into a large flower of blood before getting utterly burned away. Like a flash in the pan, he disappeared. It was as though he had never existed.

Li Wainian had completely disappeared, leaving the Glassy Falsebreaker Bead, which dropped down. However, the hole on the statue’s right eye exerted a suction force, which attempted to pull the Falsebreaker Bead back to it.

Chen Feng finally took action. A palm silhouette formed using his domain power swiftly grabbed the Falsebreaker Bead. As the palm silhouette brought the Falsebreaker Bead towards Chen Feng, however, the palm silhouette began breaking down.

“What power!” Chen Feng was surprised. He hadn’t expected the suction force to be this powerful.

After obtaining the Falsebreaker Bead, Chen Feng did not inspect it in detail. Instead, he swiftly kept it. Seeing the Falsebreaker Bead end up with Chen Feng, Ma Long and the other two dared not think anything about it. Naturally, it was also not the time to be thinking about it. What happened earlier had scared them.

Li Wainian had disappeared completely, not even a trace of his soul power was left. It was a very clean death. Seeing the red light radiating ceaselessly from the hole on the statue’s right eye, Ma Long and the other two dared not approach the statue. They quickly moved to stick close to Chen Feng.

“Senior Brother Chen, what is going on here?” asked a shocked Ma Long.

“Someone must have set up a magic array within the statue. The magic array must have been triggered earlier. Everyone, be careful,” Chen Feng said solemnly. Truth be told, Chen Feng was also uncertain what was going on. However, since he could successfully obtain the Falsebreaker Bead earlier, it shouldn’t be anything serious.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng reached out with a finger and pointed. Next, the Fire Wyrm Sword swiftly flew forward to dig out another hole upon the statue’s other eye. Another Falsebreaker Bead fell down before ending up in Chen Feng’s grasp. After that, a red light shone from the hole as well to strike the Fire Wyrm Sword, causing it to shake intensely before falling to the floor.

That one attack shattered the divine sense that Chen Feng had attached upon the sword. However, the Fire Wyrm Sword itself was not particularly damaged.

“It is the equivalent to an attack from a high-level Sky Human stage cultivator. Most of the cultivators who can enter this place would find it hard to survive from this attack.” Chen Feng opened his palm to retrieve the Fire Wyrm Sword.

Seeing Chen Feng obtain two Falsebreaker Beads in a row, the eyes of Ma Long and the other two grew fiery again. However, none dared say anything.


Wielding the Fire Wyrm Sword, Chen Feng then cut out two of the statue’s thick fingers. After the sands fell down, two pieces of jade appeared in Chen Feng’s grasp.

“Those are Prized Turquoise Jades. They can be used to forge spatial-type magic treasures!” Ma Long uttered in shock.

Seeing Chen Feng attack the statue, Ma Long and the other two rushed towards the statue again to hack at it. In the face of benefits, the three of them tossed the fear in their hearts aside.

“I don’t have time to play with this. Tower, collect this statue.” Chen Feng grew impatient.

“No need to collect it. Just shatter all of it,” Tower said with a chuckle.

Chen Feng nodded. Next, he mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power, causing a terrifying aura to radiate out from his body. The faces of Ma Long and the other two sank sharply and they reflexively moved backwards. All three of them cast looks of dread at Chen Feng.


The Fire Wyrm Sword began thrumming. It was an expression of excitement. Finally, with the Longevity Tower’s power, the Fire Wyrm Sword would be able to unleash an even greater level of power.


With a simply swing from Chen Feng, the Fire Wyrm Sword transformed into a flaming-red curtain of sword energy, hacking the statue’s arm – which was over 10 metres long – down.

Upon leaving the statue’s body, the arm, which had originally been intact, instantly broke down into sands. Chen Feng’s hand swiftly shot out and a purple-coloured sword, mottled with rust, appeared in his grasp.

For the entire arm to only contain one sword, Chen Feng knew that this was surely an extraordinary sword.

Holding the sword, Chen Feng then channelled his primary energy into it. Immediately, the sword, which looked like scrap iron, radiated a faint, scintillating and glossy purple light. The rust covering its body completely disappeared to reveal a faint-purple body. Motes of starlight covered the surface of the sword to give it the appearance of a starry sky. There were also crack-like patterns engraved upon it. One look was all Chen Feng needed to know that those were runes engraved by an expert. The runes improved the attributes and offensive power of the sword.

Star Rune Sword, a grade 9 Prized artefact. It contains the power of stars and runes. Additionally, the body of this sword is forged using rare metals from outer space. Tsk, tsk! This sword is in no way inferior to the Bronze Armourbreak Axe I obtained earlier. A pity, it is not a Sacred artefact. Chen Feng chuckled.

Seeing Chen Feng cut down such a large arm with just one slash, Ma Long’s team of three had backed away in fear. When they then saw Chen Feng obtain such a good treasure, the three of them wanted to rush towards the statue again, but they were fearful of the powerful atmosphere that Chen Feng was emanating.


Another sword slash and another pile of sands weighing tens of thousands of jin fell down. Next, Chen Feng kept attacking, utilizing the Longevity Tower’s power in conjunction with the Fire Wyrm Sword. Every one of Chen Feng’s attacks was the equivalent of a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator’s all-out attack. It did not take long before only one third of the statue remained. 

I wonder what is inside this sword? Could it be a sword as well? Chen Feng looked at the sword that the statue was holding. Chen Feng sensed that the sword must be extraordinary.


With a slash, Chen Feng cut down the arm of the statue that was holding the sword. To Chen Feng’s surprise, after the arm was shattered, the nearly 30-metre-long sword simply fell to the floor. 

It was intact.

So far, everything that was cut down from the statue would instantly break apart into sands. This sword was the only exception, remaining intact after falling down, lying silently on the floor. Even a fool would be able to see that this sword was beyond ordinary.

Seeing that, Ma Long and the others could not stop themselves from gathering around. There were looks of surprise on their faces as they looked at the intact sword.

“Tower, can you sense anything?” Chen Feng did not move forward. Instead, he secretly asked Tower.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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