Chapter 476: Treasures Revealed


“You mean, we are inside a tower?” Hearing Chen Feng’s account of what happened to him, the four cultivators grew shocked.

“Yes. Additionally, it is a very big tower. We are currently on the third floor,” Chen Feng said coolly.

As they were not too close, they began going about their own matters after a brief discussion. Chen Feng too, used his soul power to investigate the massive statue standing before him. Chen Feng believed that in order to enter the fourth floor, he must first figure out this statue. 

He was not the only one. Ma Long and the other three cultivators had the same idea. Additionally, there were already investigating it. Soon enough, all four of them followed Chen Feng, releasing their soul powers to investigate every detail of the statue.

“How strange!”

After having checked every part of the statue, Chen Feng was incapable of noticing anything. He could not stop himself from feeling puzzled. The statue appeared as though it was carved out from normal rock. However, when Chen Feng used his soul power to scan it, he found that it was turbid all over. It felt as though there was a turbid power blocking his soul power’s attempt to scan it.

“My soul power cannot investigate anything. However, there are no signs of anything restrictive. How strange.” Chen Feng was puzzled.

As Chen Feng was pondering the issue, Ma Long finally could not endure anymore. He took action. His fingers rapidly drew lines in the air, causing spiritual energy to fluctuate there. Next, white light flashed and a talisman was condensed out. The talisman then shot towards the statue.


When the talisman struck the statue, it exploded and the surrounding streams of spiritual energy shook. It was a testament to just how powerful the talisman was.

“Lightning Talisman!”

“Excuse me for that. It is indeed a Lightning Talisman.” Ma Long smiled as his fingers kept tracing lines in the air. One talisman after another flashed out and flew towards the statue before exploding.

“Those are wood-type lightning. So, Ma Long is cultivating a wood-type cultivation technique.” Chen Feng could sense wisps of wood energy from the spiritual energy emanating from the talismans.

The series of attacks caused holes to appear on the statue and yellow sand kept pouring down from all over the statue. Seeing that shocked Chen Feng. “So, this statue is also formed using sand. To think that I had thought that it was made from stone. Looks like this statue is not as simple as it looks!”

There was, however, another matter that Chen Feng found surprising. The Lightning Talismans that Ma Long sent out were clearly very powerful. In the outside world, every one of the Lightning Talismans could easily destroy a large rock weighing tens of thousands of jin. The consecutive Lightning Talisman attacks that Ma Long unleashed should’ve been enough to level a 100-zhang-tall mountain. At that moment, however, all they managed to do was leave fist-sized holes on the surface of the statue.


Suddenly, a beam of black light burst out from the holes. Ma Long’s hand moved to grasp it.

“What is it?” The others gathered around Ma Long, who opened his palm to see a piece of black-coloured metal on his palm.

“Iron Core!” Li Wu exclaimed.

“Let me have a look.” Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump and he appeared before Ma Long. After a moment’s hesitation, Ma Long handed the Iron Core over to Chen Feng.

Holding it, Chen Feng inspected it for a moment and said, “It weighs 500 kilogrammes. This is a good piece of Iron Core. It should be worth 10,000 Prized crystals!”

There was no need for Chen Feng to mention it. The others had also recognized the value of the piece of Iron Core. Li Wu and the other two cultivators cast envious looks at Ma Long. As for Ma Long, his eyes glinted somewhat. It seemed as though he wanted to say something, but could not open his mouth.

Chen Feng smiled and tossed the piece of Iron Core back at Ma Long before saying with a grin, “Did you think I would snatch it from you?”

“He he! Senior Brother Chen, you jest!” Ma Long smiled as he kept the Iron Core.

The eyes of the other three cultivators shone and they swiftly displayed their abilities, attacking the statue. If Ma Long could acquire something from this statue, then – considering how massive it was – it must surely contain more items.

However, the statue was simply too durable. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that there was a mysterious power protecting it. Even though they were unleashing their all to attack the statue, they were only capable of leaving fist-sized holes on the statue.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then wielded the Fire Wyrm Sword and jumped up. With a flash, a head-sized hole appeared on the statue. When the cut portion left the statue, it transformed into grains of sand. Chen Feng performed a grasping move and a piece of blood-red jade appeared in his hand.

Intrinsic Blood Jade! It is even better than the one I bought from the auction house! Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. He quickly kept the blood jade. Sword light kept flashing out from his sword and holes kept appearing upon the surface of the statue.

Chen Feng was not attacking randomly. Instead, he was attacking according to the structure of the human body. He was specifically targeting spots where there would be acupoints. As expected, even though not every attack yielded an item, eight out of the ten attacks that Chen Feng unleashed yielded an item each.

There were some rare ores and several spirit stones that Chen Feng did not recognize. However, Chen Feng did not further inspect the items. Instead, he simply kept them all. His present objective was to finish off this statue standing before him. By now, everyone had realized that there were countless treasures inside the statue.

Seeing Chen Feng obtain so many good items, Ma Long and the others were unable to hold back. The temptation of the treasures made them forget about Chen Feng’s terrifying might and they all rushed towards Chen Feng.

The Fire Wyrm Sword in Chen Feng’s hand drew a circle, causing Ma Long and the other three to cry out in shock as they backed away. Shallow wounds appeared on their bodies.

“Do you want me to kill you fellows first?” Chen Feng said, a disdainful smile on his face. 

Only then did they recall Chen Feng’s terrifying might and his horrifying killing conduct. He dared kill even cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Would he hesitate to kill them? Speaking of which, the fact that Chen Feng did not kill them off when they discovered that there were treasures here was already an act of kindness on his part.

Ma Long and the others revealed embarrassed smiles. Then, without first discussing it, they rushed towards another spot. There was no telling if some other cultivators would appear. Thus, it was imperative for them to acquire as many treasures as they could before that.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng and the others kept digging items out from the statue. Chen Feng noticed that there were peculiar items of all variety there. There were flying swords, medicinal pills, spiritual herbs, wood marrow, fire essence. There were even cultivation manuals. Generally speaking, though, most of them were rare metals and high-grade spirit stones of varying attributes.

Amongst the five of them, Chen Feng’s harvest was the greatest. Due to his might and powerful weapon, the items that Chen Feng acquired outnumbered the number of items obtained by Ma Long and the other cultivators combined. However, Ma Long and the others dared not think anything about it. Rather, they were thankful that Chen Feng did not just come over to kill them and plunder their harvest.


Yellow sand scattered down and Chen Feng’s hand grabbed hold of a small, quaint-looking, bronze-coloured axe. Upon making contact with the axe, Chen Feng immediately realized that it was a treasure. Although it was not a Sacred artefact, it was a high-grade Prized artefact.

“Bronze Armourbreak Axe.” With just a glance, Chen Feng saw the small words engraved into the handle of the axe.

Tsk, tsk! Although I did acquire a few Prized artefacts just now, their grades are not as good as this one. Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. There was already a good number of magic treasures within his insight acupoints. However, there were many more that were lacking the aegis of magic treasures. Almost all of the magic treasures he had recently acquired were refined and used to empower the Longevity Tower right before entering this pocket dimension. Thus, Chen Feng was once again lacking magic treasures.


As Chen Feng was feeling overjoyed, the teleportation array shone. Before even seeing people appearing within the teleportation array, Chen Feng had already begun swearing.

As expected, five cultivators orderly walked out from the teleportation array. When they first appeared, a confused look appeared on their faces. Then, they saw what was happening before them. It just so happened that Ma Long had just blasted out a hole upon the statue. The hole revealed a flying sword – shining with light – embedded within the statue. Immediately, the eyes of all five cultivators lit up. Seeing the holes on the human statue, even a fool would realize what was happening.

“A top-grade Prized-tier flying sword! That’s a good item!” The fastest amongst them swiftly charged towards the flying sword.


Chen Feng simply hurled the Bronze Armourbreak Axe at the cultivator. The axe broke the protective magic robes that he wore to cleave him into two.

“What are you fellows spacing out for? Do you want them to rush forward and divide the spoils?” Chen Feng shouted coldly. Next, he summoned the Bronze Armourbreak Axe back. Fiddling with it for a little, he felt very satisfied with it. 

Only then did Ma Long and the other three came to their senses. Next, they rushed forward to attack the four remaining survivors. However, these four cultivators were not to be underestimated. After a brief clash, neither side could claim a winning position. 

Chen Feng did not participate in the fight. Instead, he continued swinging the Fire Wyrm Sword to dig out treasures from the statue. In just one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng had dug out three top-grade ores, two unknown spirit stones and a meteorite iron that was covered with holes.

On the other hand, Ma Long and the others were still fighting, both sides having suffered from some wounds. However, judging by the development of their fight, they would not be able to determine the winning party any time soon.

“Ma Long, have you fellows gone stupid? That is Chen Feng! Why are you attacking us?” someone suddenly shouted. He was from an upper middle-sized sect, possessing a decent level of cultivation. He was also somewhat acquainted with Ma Long.

“Senior Brother Chen, please help!” Ma Long shouted, gritting his teeth.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the Fire Wyrm Sword whistled forward. Like a roaring wyrm, it struck the cultivator who shouted earlier, instantly reducing him to ash.

After killing that cultivator, Chen Feng stopped attacking the cultivators. Instead, he continued digging for treasures. However, Chen Feng’s actions of killing off the cultivator created a change in the fight, making it a four-on-three fight. Thus, Ma Long’s team was able to occupy the upper hand.

By the time Chen Feng acquired another ten items, the fight had ended. The other three fellows were killed while Ma Long’s team of four suffered from some wounds. However, the four of them ignored the wounds. They simply took some medicinal pills before moving back to attack the statue.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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