Chapter 475: Killing Them One by One


It’s a really strong attack. If I am not wearing the body armour, it would have shredded my arm. As it is, this level of attack is insufficient. Chen Feng retracted his palm before abruptly unleashing a punch forward. Energy streams flowed turbulently as strong winds spread out, causing the web-like hurricanes to halt before breaking apart.

“How is this possible?!” He Xuanzi shouted, a look of disbelief on his face.

“You are wearing a body armour!”

“Yes, I am wearing a body armour.” Chen Feng came to stand before He Xuanzi. Next, he unleashed a lightning-fast punch against He Xuanzi’s head.

“No! You cannot kill me! Tie Jianping, hurry up and save me!” He Xuanzi shouted fearfully. However, it was already too late. Moreover, Tie Jianping was already in a wounded state. There was simply no way for him to save He Xuanzi. Thus, with a banging sound, He Xuanzi’s head exploded and his soul disappeared. He Xuanzi’s incomplete body then fell heavily against the floor.

“Chen Feng! You’re a dead man!” Tie Jianping howled furiously. However, he swiftly rushed towards the teleportation array instead as he attempted to flee.

“Trying to leave now? It’s too late.” With a thought from Chen Feng, the Fire Wyrm Sword transformed into a red beam of light, which then appeared before the teleportation array to block Tie Jianping’s path. As for Chen Feng, he rushed towards Tie Jianping.

“You fellows, hurry up and attack! After killing me, Chen Feng will not let you fellows live as well!

“Everyone, attack and kill Chen Feng together! My Transcendent Firmaments Palace can accept you fellows as elders!

“Hurry! Attack Chen Feng and we’ll split his possessions!”

Seeing Chen Feng rushing ever closer, Tie Jianping shouted in panic. He wanted to spur the others to attack Chen Feng so as to save himself.

Tie Jianping’s words were indeed somewhat tempting for the six cultivators there. However, they had witnessed Chen Feng’s performance earlier. Thus, they hesitated. Then, Chen Feng arrived before Tie Jianping to send a heavy punch forward.

A fist silhouette, containing the thick and ferocious power of earth and the towering power of mountains, flew forward. It was a simplistic punch, yet Tie Jianping felt as though a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain was pressing down on him.

At the end of the day, however, Tie Jianping was a disciple of Transcendent Firmaments Palace. He possessed a cultivation base that could allow him to soar to the sky and slip underground. Although he was already badly wounded from the earlier confrontation, the threat of death forced out an unprecedented level of strength from him. The power accumulated within him throughout the hundred plus years of cultivation completely erupted outwards. Tie Jianping’s eyes turned blood-red as he burned his blood essence. A Heavenly Origin Palm that was even more solid compared to the previous one shot towards Chen Feng’s incoming punch. 

A deafening boom rang out as the large palm silhouette broke apart and a somewhat dim-looking fist silhouette sent Tie Jianping flying. Tie Jianping’s chest dented inwards and about half of the bones within him were all cracked. However, Tie Jianping survived. He then rushed towards the other six cultivators.

“As long as you fellows help me stop Chen Feng, I will give you the cultivation formula for the Heavenly Origin Palm!” Tie Jianping said with his final ounce of strength.

The six cultivators exchanged glances. Finally, two of them were moved. They jumped out to stop Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, just stop. Don’t just kill everyone!” one of them said, waving his hand to bring out a one-zhang-tall shield before Chen Feng. The surface of the shield shone with a faint-yellow lustre. As there was no need to kill Chen Feng, he was confident that he could block Chen Feng.

The other cultivator swiftly set up a small magic array, wanting to entrap Chen Feng and buy some time.

“You fellows are courting death!” Chen Feng’s eyes glinted and he unleashed a heavy blow against the shield.

To his surprise, the force of over half a million kilogrammes behind his punch rapidly disappeared upon making contact with the shield. It felt as though the shield was connected to the earth, capable of channelling his power to the earth.

“Chen Feng, just stop. Don’t wait until you have no choice.” At that moment, the small magic array began spreading out and strands of restraining power began intersecting one another within the space around Chen Feng. Furthermore, the strands of restraining power were quickly shrinking. The cultivator had a good plan up his sleeves. All he needed to do was to hold Chen Feng up. Of course, if he could capture Chen Feng, that would be even better. Naturally, he did not believe that Chen Feng could unravel his magic array.

When he imagined Chen Feng getting caught by him, the cultivator could not stop himself from feeling excited.

“Chen Feng! My shield can connect with the earth and borrow its power. You don’t have what it takes to break this Earth Shield of mine!” the shield-wielding cultivator too, said with a prideful expression.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The restraining power of the magic array kept growing stronger to quickly affix Chen Feng within a limited space, with only a radius of one zhang. Chen Feng attempted to move a bit and found that the space around him felt viscous.

“Are you fellows not going to attack? Kill Chen Feng together and our Transcendent Firmaments Palace will reward you generously!” Seeing Chen Feng restrained, Tie Jianping, who believed he had escaped the disaster, shouted at the remaining four cultivators.

The four cultivators continued to hesitate. However, the two cultivators who were looted by Chen Feng earlier channelled forth all their strength to stand up and unleash a forceful palm blast at Chen Feng.

“Do you think it’s so easy to trap me?” Chen Feng revealed a derisive smile as both his hands reached out to perform a grasping motion. A series of popping sounds rang out and the surrounding strands of restraining power and the incoming attack were torn apart. Next, Chen Feng strode forward to unleash another punch against the shield.



This time, the horrifyingly strong shield shattered into pieces and a faint-yellow fist silhouette shot past the fragments to send the shield-wielding cultivator flying.

“How? How can you break my Earth Shield?” The cultivator cast a look of disbelief at Chen Feng. Streams of primary energy flowed out from his body. The shockwaves from the earlier fist attack had broken all of his meridians.

“Because I am also cultivating the power of earth,” Chen Feng replied smilingly. His hand beckoned and the Fire Wyrm Sword soared before swiftly streaking over. Next, the cultivator was cleaved into two and his body were lit on fire. In just a few breaths’ worth of time, his body was completely incinerated. Even the magic robes he wore and the magic treasures on his person were incinerated to ash.

“No!” The cultivator who had utilized the magic array saw that things were not looking good. Thus, he turned in an attempt to flee. However, the Fire Wyrm Sword streaked forward again and the cultivator too, became a ball of flames.


Tie Jianping struggled to run far away, his face pale to the extreme. He knew that he was already a goner. Even so, he did not want to die. Thus, all he could do was to shut his eyes and run a few more steps.

Under Chen Feng’s control, the Fire Wyrm Sword ceaselessly left fiery-red marks within the palace hall. In the end, Tie Jianping and the two cultivators who jumped in to attack Chen Feng were all reduced to ash.

Keeping the Fire Wyrm Sword, Chen Feng then turned to look at the remaining four cultivators with an impassive expression. Due to the coercive sensation coming from Chen Feng’s gaze, the four cultivators could not stop themselves from taking a few steps back.

“Chen Feng, we didn’t attack you just now!” one of them was quick to say.

“Don’t worry. I am not someone who kills people indiscriminately,” Chen Feng said coolly. Since the four cultivators did not attack him earlier, there was no reason for him to kill them.

Hearing that, the four cultivators breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, they felt slightly ashamed. The four of them could already be considered as talents. They had also spent longer on their cultivation compared to Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, when facing Chen Feng, they would feel so pressured that they could not even muster up the courage to say anything.

“Tell me what happened after the four of you entered this pocket dimension.” Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to just ignore them. However, after considering it for a moment, he decided to question them. At any rate, this was an unfamiliar territory. Having more information would help.

Seeing the lack of ill intent from Chen Feng, the four cultivators exchanged glances. Then, one of them spoke up. “Greetings, Senior Brother Chen, I am Ma Long, from Jade Talisman Sect!”

“Oh, a Junior Brother from Jade Talisman Sect? No need to stand on ceremony.” Chen Feng smiled. He was not too surprised. This time, most of the people entering this pocket dimension were from the Ten Great Sects of the Northern Plains. He will surely be encountering more disciples from the Ten Great Sects.

This Ma Long was Jade Talisman Sect’s core disciple, possessing a cultivation base that was higher than Chen Feng’s. Not to mention, Chen Feng was someone that Nine Firmaments Palace was hunting for. There should have been no need for him to be courteous. However, the world of cultivation was a place where might makes right. Firstly, Extreme Celestial Sect had not expelled Chen Feng, as far as he knew. Secondly, he had already witnessed Chen Feng’s terrifying power. Thus, these few fellows could not stop themselves from acting courteously. Should they anger Chen Feng, he might kill them all. That would be unfortunate.

“Li Wu, from Pill Ding Sect. Greetings, Senior Brother Chen!”

“Ning Bu, from Demon Sound Sect. Greetings, Brother Chen!”

“Li Wainian, a loose cultivator. Greetings, Brother Chen!”

Seeing Chen Feng’s show of courtesy, the other three cultivators also stepped forward to salute. They were all here on an adventure. Since Chen Feng bore them no ill will, it would be better for them to have peaceful relations.

“Demon Sound Sect?” Chen Feng was taken aback. Then, he asked with a smile, “How is Xiao Yin doing?”

“So, Brother Chen knows our Young Sect Master!” Ning Bu was taken aback. Next, however, a pleased look appeared in his eyes. Since Chen Feng was acquainted with his Young Sect Master, he would surely be safe [1].

“We met before in the past.” Chen Feng nodded.

Ning Bu thought for a moment before answering, “Our Young Sect Master is recently in cultivation retreat. It has been a few years since I last saw him.” 

“All right. Fellows, it hasn’t been easy to come here. We all share the same objective. Let’s share what we know. This way, we’ll be able to get more benefits,” Chen Feng said.

Next up, the four of them recounted everything that had happened to them within this pocket dimension. Listening to them, Chen Feng pondered.

According to them, every one of the cultivators who entered this pocket dimension would appear alone. They had only met up with one another later on.

Additionally, this pocket dimension was very dangerous. A strange-looking monster had nearly swallowed Ma Long earlier. He was only able to escape by a hair’s breadth.

Ma Long had appeared within a towering mountain. Li Wu, a great canyon, Ning Bu and Li Wainian, a grassy plain. They had all appeared far from each other. Although they had also encountered other cultivators inside this pocket dimension, the number of cultivators they encountered was small.

“In other words, this pocket dimension is not small. Although it is somewhat dangerous, with more danger comes a greater harvest.” Chen Feng smiled. The four of them did not inform Chen Feng what they obtained along the way while Chen Feng himself chose not to question them about it.

 1 Xiao Yin was first introduced in the Demon Soul Valley arc in Chapter 142.

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