Chapter 474: More People


Since Chen Feng had decided not to kill the two cultivators, he stopped paying attention to them after he was done with the spiritual herbs. Instead, he began considering where he should go next.

He came before the teleportation array and thought, If these two fellows can come here using this, I should also be able to use it to leave this place. According to them, the place they came from has a lot of spiritual herbs. If I can find the place, I will have quite the harvest. However, reaching the third floor hadn’t been easy. Additionally, I have not seen Brother Jian. Leaving this place like this doesn’t sit right with me!

After a brief moment of consideration, Chen Feng made up his mind. He would stay here and continue exploring for a while. He had this faint feeling that there was certainly something interesting waiting for him atop this massive 18-storey tower. 

In the past, Chen Feng might have utilized the Longevity Tower to simply collect this 18-storey tower. However, it was clear that the Longevity Tower was presently not in a good state. Additionally, Chen Feng also wanted to hone himself so that he could break through to the Sky Human stage as soon as possible. Thus, he was interested in this massive tower.

This is the third floor. However, it would appear that there is nothing here except this statue. Chen Feng released his soul power to continuously scan the palace hall. 

Empty. Nothing at all. Finally, Chen Feng returned his attention towards the statue.

The huge statue had a very vivid appearance of a middle-aged cultivator. Holding a sword in hand, the statue’s eyes were directed forward while the sleeves of its robes fluttered. It looked very dashing.

Strange. What is the significance of having this statue here? Or is this the end of the road? Do I use the teleportation array to leave? Chen Feng rapidly circled the statue once, but was incapable of discovering anything.

As Chen Feng was planning on utilizing his soul power to carefully study the statue, the teleportation array lit up again.

Someone else has come! Chen Feng’s brows were raised. At the same time, he began regretting not destroying the teleportation array just now. That way, he could avoid having others come and disrupt him.

This time, there were more cultivators. Surprisingly, a total of eight cultivators appeared. When they appeared, they swiftly checked their surroundings. Like the two cultivators before them, when they saw Chen Feng, several of them emanated faint killing intent. Naturally, there were also those who revealed prudent looks. However, when some of them saw the two bound cultivators, their eyes grew wary.

“I didn’t think I would encounter Chen Feng here!”

“I didn’t think that he would enter! Looks like we’re lucky!”

The first one to speak up was a cultivator from Purple Firmaments Palace while the other one was from Transcendent Firmaments Palace. As they spoke, they walked towards Chen Feng. It was obvious that they had the same plan as the two cultivators earlier. They wanted to either kill or capture Chen Feng.

When the other six cultivators saw that the two were making a move, they stayed still and watched on with interest. One of them was apparently acquainted with the two bound cultivators and he moved forward to prop them up before unravelling the seals that Chen Feng had placed on them.

Level 4 of the Sky Human stage. Additionally, they are the elites of the great sects. They will not be easy to deal with. Chen Feng was able to determine their cultivation states. At the same time, he was able to identity their identities through the magic robes they wore.

Chen Feng was not surprised to see those two making a move against him. He would feel puzzled if they did not. However, seeing the others not joining in on the act gave Chen Feng a sense of relief. He felt more confident about the situation.

Hopefully, no other cultivators will come out from the teleportation array, Chen Feng thought.

“I am He Xuanzi, from Purple Firmaments Palace!”

“I am Tie Jianping, from Transcendent Firmaments Palace!”

“Chen Feng, just come in quietly! That way, you can preserve your life!” The thin-looking He Xuanzi pointed at Chen Feng, a derisive smile on his face.

“I have no interest in knowing the names of people who are about to die. Additionally, going in quietly? Are you joking? So many of the cultivators from your three sects have died to me. Not to mention, I don’t think you two are particularly capable,” Chen Feng retorted with barbed words.

“Ha ha! You will know soon enough whether we are capable or not. Since you are unwilling to come quietly, do not blame us for using force!” said He Xuanzi, who began attacking Chen Feng.

He brought out a palm-sized bamboo tube. It was circular and crystal-clear, glistening green in colour. It looked as though it was freshly cut out. The bamboo tube had nine circular holes on its surface, arranged in a seemingly haphazard manner. It looked like a musical instrument.

However, Chen Feng knew that it was not a musical instrument. Rather, it was a magic treasure. Not to mention, it was quite a good magic treasure.


A gust of strong wind blew out from one of the holes. It was a wind blade formed entirely with the power of wind. Fast, tangible and strong, it spun as it attacked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had put up his guard the moment He Xuanzi brought out the bamboo tube. Thus, Chen Feng was not caught unprepared by the attack. With a swing of the sword in his hand, he broke the wind blade. Even so, he could sense a spinning power attempting to flow through the sword to reach him and knock him back. With just a shake of the Fire Wyrm Sword, Chen Feng unravelled the power. However, He Xuanzi’s next attack had arrived.

This time, two of the holes simultaneously unleashed an attack against Chen Feng. Following the attack was a sharp, frightful sound. This sound did not simply spread outwards. Instead, it condensed into a fine, needle-like thread, which shot towards Chen Feng.

A fine wind thread and a rapidly spinning hurricane. One wanted to bind Chen Feng while the other wanted to tear him to pieces.

Wind was the symbol of speed to begin with. After going through a deliberate process of compression, the two attacks became even faster. They arrived before Chen Feng about the same time he managed to deal with the first attack.

A magic treasure capable of releasing the power of wind to attack. A decent magic treasure. I can snatch it and use it, Chen Feng thought.

The frightful sound did not have much of an effect on Chen Feng. With two sword slashes, Chen Feng swiftly hacked the two incoming attacks into two each. Next, Chen Feng stopped waiting for He Xuanzi to attack him. Instead, he charged forward. The Fire Wyrm Sword in his hand became like a blazing wyrm, opening its jaws as it surged towards He Xuanzi.

He Xuanzi did not respond to Chen Feng’s attack. Instead, he focused on preparing his next move. The reason for that was because Tie Jianping, who was beside him, had taken action.

A large palm, formed entirely of runes, each shining with various colours, suddenly appeared. Ignoring the attacking Fire Wyrm Sword, it instead attacked Chen Feng.

“Heavenly Origin Palm!”

Someone cried out in shock. That person had recognized the technique that Tie Jianping was displaying. This was Transcendent Firmaments Palace’s ultimate sect guardian technique. Some of the cultivators there revealed passionate looks of envy.

In the face of the attacks launched by the two, Chen Feng quickly made up his mind. The Fire Wyrm Sword left his grasp and shot forward to attack He Xuanzi, who was unleashing an attack of his own. As for Chen Feng, he raised one hand to block the Heavenly Origin Palm rushing towards him.

The bamboo tube in He Xuanzi’s hand launched an attack at the same time. This time, a total of three power of wind, condensed into threads, pierced through the air to swirl around Chen Feng.


Chen Feng gave up on blocking the Heavenly Origin Palm attack, allowing it to bombard him and disrupt He Xuanzi’s attack. His figure flew back as a result. However, it was not for nothing. The Fire Wyrm Sword had struck He Xuanzi, searing the skin on his entire left arm. Additionally, a stream of blazing flames was moving through his arm towards his body. 

“Quite a decent technique. With a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivation base, you can unleash a level 6 Sky Human stage attack. However, it is ineffective against me. Also, how many times can you unleash that attack?” After steadying his figure, Chen Feng beckoned and the Fire Wyrm Sword turned to attack Tie Jianping.

It was true. After unleashing the Heavenly Origin Palm, Tie Jianping’s strength had fallen by quite a bit. Even if he wanted to, he no longer possessed the strength to unleash that move again. In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, he had no choice but to send out a flying sword, hoping that it could block Chen Feng’s attack.

Although the flying sword that Tie Jianping sent out was quite a decent Prized artefact, it was seriously no match for the grade 9 Prized-tier Fire Wyrm Sword. A banging sound rang out and the flying sword was shattered. Next, Tie Jianping coughed out a mouthful of blood as he fell backwards. The magic robes on his chest exploded and his flesh and blood burned.

“Nine Holes Demonwind Execution!”

At that moment, He Xuanzi – despite not having settled the issue with his own body – hastily attacked Chen Feng. Tossing the bamboo tube in his hand up, he sprayed a mouthful of his blood essence upon it. Immediately, the bamboo tube emitted a wailing sound. The frightful sound caused the observing cultivators to quickly back away while circulating their energies. As the two cultivators who were only just rescued had yet to fully recover their energies, they ended up bleeding from their seven orifices before fainting again.

Nine hurricanes simultaneously shot out from the nine holes before spinning about, intersecting one another. Next, like a sky-encompassing, unfolding spiderweb, they moved forward to entangle Chen Feng.

This was He Xuanzi’s strongest move. He had once used this move to shred a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator into pieces. In He Xuanzi’s opinion, there was no way Chen Feng could block his attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s finger flew and a total of four Longevity Swords shot forward. However, the moment they made contact with the hurricanes; they were shredded by the grinding winds.

“Ha ha ha! Just get ready to be sliced to pieces!” He Xuanzi, who was vomiting blood, laughed with a wild and arrogant voice.

“You are going to be disappointed.” Chen Feng suddenly smiled. Without using any magic treasures, he instead stretched his arm forward.

“This fellow has gone mad! He is actually putting his arm into the attack? It will be shredded!” Seeing what was happening, looks of surprise and ridicule appeared in the eyes of the onlookers.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The rapidly spinning power of wind kept slicing Chen Feng’s arm. Torn clothes were scattered as the sleeves on Chen Feng’s arm were shredded and cuts appeared on his arm.

However, that was all, cuts. Fine and shallow cuts. They had even failed to cut through Chen Feng’s outermost layer of skin.

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