Chapter 473: Entering the Third Floor


Soul suppression! This time, it’s soul suppression. Chen Feng could feel a mountain-like will assailing his sea of wisdom.

There were no fancy moves, just straight-up suppression. World-encompassing, orderly and overwhelming. For Chen Feng, it felt as though a small mountain was pressing down on him, making it so even his soul was incapable of moving.

It’s the equivalent of a soul suppression from a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator. This is quite difficult. Chen Feng’s entire body trembled. Next, his figure seemingly transformed into a spear. Both his feet seemingly took root and he stood upright. After that, he kept his eyes on the mountaintop and began moving forward, one step at a time.

Heh! If I hadn’t tempered myself with the lightning pool back then, I would probably be incapable of reaching even 100 steps. Chen Feng smiled wryly. He was already halfway up the mountain. He rested himself for a moment before forging ahead again.

Thankfully, it was just soul suppression. If it had been soul attacks, Chen Feng would likely be sent flying after just a few steps.

When there were still 100 metres between him and the mountaintop, Chen Feng felt himself reaching his limit. However, he did not give up. He did not even stop. Rather, he accelerated. His sea of wisdom roiled about, his Soulflame raged and the surrounding soul power spun continuously like a storm. His Soul and Anima acupoints too, began releasing strands of energy, which linked up with his sea of wisdom. On the other hand, the blood energy within Chen Feng’s body churned like a volcano. As Chen Feng’s cultivation base kept improving and his fleshly body grew mightier, the blood energy within him grew more vigorous as well. Sometimes, Chen Feng felt as though his blood energy alone could melt down Mystic Iron and evaporate rivers.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Chen Feng’s steps grew heavier and heavier, requiring more effort. He moved faster and faster. A thunderous sound rang out from Chen Feng’s body as he roared again and again. Finally, he vaulted past the last ten metres to arrive at the mountaintop.

“Huh! Finally here!” Chen Feng had only just breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the two temples on his forehead twitching with a faint sensation of pain.

Hopefully, there will be something good this time around. Chen Feng stepped forward to pick up the book on the ground.

However, when Chen Feng read the details on the book, a bitter smile appeared on his face. Earthen-tier technique, Soul Bolstering Essence Manual. It can strengthen the soul power and improve blood energy. Quite a good secret technique. However, I am already practicing the Soul Subduing Mantra, something that is at least 100 times stronger than this!

After resting for one hour, Chen Feng began climbing the final mountain. Once again, Chen Feng was surprised. He encountered no obstructions along the way to the top. However, when he reached the mountaintop, he was attacked.

A humanoid combat puppet attacked Chen Feng the moment he reached the top of the mountain. The humanoid combat puppet was one zhang tall and was made completely from metal. Its movements were dextrous, its body impervious to weapons, both water and fireproof while possessing formidable strength. All in all, it was a perfect combatant.


Chen Feng’s fist collided against the combat puppet’s fist. His body shook and he was forced to back away. Shocked, he said, “Incredible! Its attack force exceeds half a million kilogrammes!”


As Chen Feng was feeling stunned, the combat puppet rushed forward again. A palm attack struck Chen Feng’s body to send him flying. The attack had nearly rendered him unconscious.

“Longevity Chains!”

Chains shot out from his body to quickly and firmly bind the combat puppet. However, the chains were instantly shattered apart.

Stabilizing his body, Chen Feng once again rushed forward to fight the combat puppet head on. Finally, he was able to determine that the combat puppet’s combat power was the equivalent to that of a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. Naturally, it was limited to only physical attacks.

After figuring out the combat puppet’s characteristics, Chen Feng brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword and swung continuously, aiming his attacks specifically against the combat puppet’s joints. After Chen Feng successfully landed several hits, the combat puppet’s movement speed slowed down. Chen Feng then made use of the opportunity to send out his soul power to envelope the combat puppet. It did not take him long to discover layer after layer of interconnected magic arrays on the combat puppet’s body. It was thanks to these magic arrays that this combat puppet could possess such a formidable combat ability.

Finishing off this combat puppet is easy. However, collecting this combat puppet for my own use will take some time, Chen Feng thought.

His soul power scanned it a few times, but he was unable to find any flaws. Seeing no other options, Chen Feng used the Fire Wyrm Sword to pierce the combat puppet’s hands and legs. Finally, he used the Immortal-binding Rope to tie up the combat puppet.

Puppet Crafting Technique. Seeing the secret technique manual that appeared in his hand, Chen Feng revealed a pleasantly surprised look. After making it past six mountains, Chen Feng finally found something that truly satisfied him.


The portal disappeared and a black passageway appeared. Knowing that this passageway was connected to the third floor of the tower, Chen Feng did not rush in. Instead, he sat down and began studying the Puppet Crafting Technique. 

After two hours, Chen Feng finally managed to understand some of it. Then, he repaired the combat puppet he captured to its undamaged state and placed his soul imprint within its magic arrays. With that, he could completely control the combat puppet.

This Puppet Crafting Technique is quite good. However, it has a weakness. The puppet can only deal physical attacks. Additionally, it requires rare metals, ores and spirit stones to power it. Crafting it will take quite some time. However, if I have some free time, I can craft some puppets to play around with. It will be nice if I can craft out an army of these combat puppets. A pity, I do not have much ores on me right now. This is all Tower’s fault. He used up too much of them back then, Chen Feng thought.

After he was done with the combat puppet, Chen Feng stepped into the passageway. It did not feel particularly special. Light flashed before his eyes and he found himself inside what appeared to be a palace hall.

The spacious palace hall had a radius of at least tens of li. There in the middle of the palace hall was a big, 100-metre-tall statue. That was the first thing Chen Feng saw after arriving.

As Chen Feng was about to move forward to get a better look, a spot before the statue suddenly lit up with light and two cultivators walked out.

A teleportation array! Chen Feng was surprised. Only then did he realize that there was a teleportation array set up before the statue. It was a circular-shaped stone tile, engraved with runes and symbols, giving off an atmosphere of ancientness.

“What is this place!”

“There is someone here!”

The two newcomers immediately noticed Chen Feng. In the beginning, they were curious and cautious looks appeared on their faces. However, upon getting a better look at Chen Feng’s face, glints of killing intent flashed across their eyes. Next, they smirked as they moved towards Chen Feng. 

“Loose cultivators?” Chen Feng did not recognize the two fellows. Feeling confused, he asked.

“How fortunate! I didn’t think I would get to encounter you here. You don’t need to care about who we are. You only need to know that you are about to die.” One of them, a middle-aged man with a high forehead and thin lips, snickered.

“How did you fellows appear here?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Enough with all your nonsense! Just die!” the middle-aged man said, waving his hand to send out several chilling beams of light, which moved to surround Chen Feng. The other cultivator, who had not said a word, attacked as well. Two curving sword beams shot to the left and right to cut off Chen Feng’s escape route.

Chen Feng casually swung the Fire Wyrm Sword, blocking off all of the attacks, causing them to shatter apart. The several chilling beams of light were actually small flying swords forged from Frost Iron, designed for sneak attacks. All of them were shattered by the Fire Wyrm Sword.

Next, Chen Feng strode forward, rapidly swinging the sword in his hand to slash diagonally at the two cultivators.

When he was climbing the mountains on the second floor, Chen Feng had encountered sword beam attacks of varying attributes. His training session there had increased this reaction rate considerably. Thus, although the two cultivators’ attacks were fast and highly complementary, they were terribly slow in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Not good!”

The two cultivators did not expect Chen Feng to be this powerful. Shock gripped them and they watched as an incomparably violent sword beam slashed down against them.

Bang! Bang!

The shocking move Chen Feng unleashed sent the two cultivators flying. If it were not for the fact that Chen Feng had questions for them, they would have died already.

“Two level 3 Sky Human stage cultivators think they can kill me?” Chen Feng scoffed. With a wave of his hand, two Longevity Chains flew out from his palm to bind the two fellows.

“Now, surely you fellows are ready to answer my questions?” Chen Feng flicked his fingers and two blasts of primary energy were sent into their bodies.

“Mercy! Don’t kill us!”

Having borne witness to how powerful Chen Feng was, the two of them were instantly terrified. Without waiting for Chen Feng to take action, the two swiftly begged for mercy. Thus, Chen Feng was able to quickly get his answers.

“Interesting. So, only Sky Human stage cultivators can enter? Tsk, tsk. Looks like there is something peculiar about this pocket dimension,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

After interrogating the two cultivators, Chen Feng found out that these two were first sent into a forest after entering this pocket dimension. They explored the forest for some time before encountering the other cultivators who had also entered this pocket dimension. After a conflict arose, they ran away and inadvertently fell into a cave with strong suction powers. Next, they found themselves here.

Chen Feng nodded. He did not doubt the two cultivators’ words. Next, he collected the spatial-type magic treasures on them.

Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, the two cultivators immediately turned pale. They had seemingly wanted to say something. In the end, however, they said nothing.

Chen Feng easily broke the seals on the spatial-type magic treasures and his soul power inspected the contents of the magic treasures. A look of surprise appeared on his face. “Tsk, tsk! I didn’t think that you fellows could possess some good items. Fine! Originally, I was thinking about killing you fellows. However, seeing as you have so many items here, I will spare your lives!”

Hearing that, the two cultivators breathed sighs of relief only to have their hearts ache soon after. Actually, the two cultivators did not possess anything that were particularly good in the beginning. However, after entering this pocket dimension, they had picked up some rare spiritual herbs. That was also why the other cultivators were hunting them. Unexpectedly, those spiritual herbs would end up with Chen Feng in the end.

Once again, Chen Feng planted all of the spiritual herbs inside the Longevity Tower’s herbal field. Seeing some of the spiritual herbs that were over 5,000 years there, Chen Feng could not stop the joy from rising up within his heart.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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