Chapter 472: Various Sword Energies


“Thankfully, I had undergone gravity training before, otherwise I would have been incapable of handling this,” said Chen Feng, who shook his head. Although this force of gravity was very strong, it could not compare with the strongest force of gravity that Chen Feng had to go through back in the Longevity Tower. While Chen Feng’s pace had slowed down, he had not utilized his primary energy at all for it. He was simply relying on his fleshly body to advance.

Along the way, Chen Feng also chatted with Tower. He knew. Since someone had set up these obstacles here, the ability to reach the end would surely allow him to obtain something.

He did not know who built this tower and set up these things inside the tower. However, since he was already inside, Chen Feng would not let the opportunity to obtain good items slip away from him. Besides, Chen Feng refused to believe that a pocket dimension with the Sky Meteorite as its gatekeeper could have no treasures.

Taking one step after another, Chen Feng felt as though he was carrying a great mountain on him as he advanced. At that moment, there was still one tenth of the distance left between him and the mountaintop, but Chen Feng could feel that he was quickly reaching the limits of his fleshly body.



Endure a few more steps!

Every time Chen Feng felt that he could no longer continue, he would shout inwardly to encourage himself. Thus, Chen Feng continued advancing several more metres forward. By then, it was already over 100 times the force of gravity, something that exceeded the limits of Chen Feng’s normal training. Thus, Chen Feng stopped taking it head on. He circulated his primary energy and the pressure on his body immediately lessened.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s steps made him feel as though he was flying. Soon enough, he reached the top in one go.

“Huh!” Chen Feng released a lengthy exhalation. It was then that he sensed the aching sensations on his taut muscles. However, his rate of breathing remained smooth.

This time, there is a force of gravity obstructing my way. Surely my efforts will not go to waste? I wonder what kind of items will there be? Chen Feng kept looking around.


The portal atop the mountain disappeared as well, transforming into countless motes of light, which quickly dissipated away. However, a book had appeared on the ground.

A book! Could it be a secret technique? Surprised, Chen Feng stepped forward to pick up the book.

One chi long and half a chi wide. It was unknown what were used to craft the book, but it was practically floating on his palm. It was seemingly a non-existent item.

Earthen-tier cultivation technique – Demonquelling Bodyforging Technique.

Seeing the words on the book, Chen Feng grew dumbfounded.

For any other Sky Human stage cultivators, seeing this cultivation manual would definitely make them overjoyed. However, Chen Feng was someone who practiced the Longevity Scripture. This was nothing! Not even a Sky-tier cultivation technique could move Chen Feng’s heart.

Although I have no use for it, I can still sell it for a good price outside. When you think about it, this is not a loss for me. Chen Feng did not even look at the contents of the Demonquelling Bodyforging manual before keeping it.

“I still can’t get out. I have made it through two of the pathways here. I wonder if I can succeed for the others?” Chen Feng said smilingly. Having acquired an Earthen-tier cultivation technique, Chen Feng was no longer in a rush to leave. Instead, he grew interested in the other pathways.

Next, Chen Feng continued onwards, taking the third pathway. This time, he encountered no obstructions along the way. When he reached the mountaintop, the portal there disappeared and he turned to walk back down.

Whatever! If that is the case, I will not rush it. Let’s cultivate here for a moment. Chen Feng then sat down in the middle of the valley to begin cultivating himself. 

At present, Chen Feng was working on the Void and Actual acupoints. Chen Feng had found their locations long ago. However, he still hadn’t managed to open them up. Additionally, the explanation for the two insight acupoints inside the Longevity Scripture was a little too profound for Chen Feng. At the very least, Chen Feng had always found it to be an ambiguous matter. He did not understand what the two insight acupoints represented.

Void and Actual. Could they be referring to the physical and the illusionary? However, what exactly does that mean? Chen Feng felt confused. He had no clues about it at all.

Chen Feng had attempted to use his power to assail them a few times before, but he had never succeeded. In the end, he had no choice but to give up on assailing them first and instead focus on learning the cultivation method recorded in the Longevity Scripture.

“What a buffoon! He can’t even understand this? Sigh! I wonder if I made the right choice back then? Whatever! Now that it has come to this, I can only put all my hopes on him,” Tower, who was hiding in a mysterious corner within the Longevity Tower, whispered.

For three consecutive days, Chen Feng managed to gain nothing. However, his perception of the Void and Actual acupoints grew even clearer. Despite that, Chen Feng knew that it would still be very difficult to use his primary energy to open the two insight acupoints.

Thus, Chen Feng began walking up the fourth mountain. He had only just stepped on the path when a condensed sword beam silently stabbed towards him.

The highly ferocious sword beam contained a very formidable power behind it. And yet, it had not made any sounds. If it were not for the fact that Chen Feng’s divine sense was strong, the attack would have wounded him.


Chen Feng swung the Fire Wyrm Sword to easily slice the sword beam to pieces.

A level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator’s attack, Chen Feng thought. He was able to judge the power contained within the sword beam.

If that is the case, it will not take long for me to reach the mountaintop. Chen Feng considered.

However, Chen Feng quickly realized how mistaken he was. The next three sword beams blasted Chen Feng out of the mountain path and he landed back within the valley.

Two of the three sword beams were ferocious while one was soft. Additionally, the three attacks had been unleashed one after another. However, that was not the most important detail. The most important detail was the fact that all three attacks were the equivalent of attacks unleashed by a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator.

The first attack was very weak, but the next ones were very strong. Was it an accident, or did it sense something? Chen Feng frowned as he re-entered the pathway. As expected, another sword beam shot towards Chen Feng. This time, Chen Feng did not utilize the Fire Wyrm Sword. Instead, he flicked his finger to send out a Longevity Sword beam.

Sure enough, the next attack grew in strength, becoming as strong as the Longevity Sword beam that Chen Feng sent out earlier.

So, that is how it is. It can sense the strength of the cultivator’s attack and release attacks of a similar level of strength. If so, using the Fire Wyrm Sword is a big disadvantage for me. Chen Feng smiled and he kept the Fire Wyrm Sword.

The Fire Wyrm Sword was a grade 9 Prized artefact. Naturally, the corresponding attacks from the pathway would also be similar to attacks from a grade 9 Prized artefact. It was only natural that Chen Feng, who had yet to even overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation, would be incapable of defending against consecutive attacks of such magnitude. 

After keeping the Fire Wyrm Sword, Chen Feng’s hand reached out to condense a Longevity Sword. Next, he unleashed his strongest level of strength as he advanced. As expected, all the sword beams shooting out from the pathway had the same level of strength that Chen Feng was displaying.

It was unknown how the pathway was set up. All it did was send sword beams at Chen Feng. Additionally, each of the sword beams had different attributes. Some were soft, some were fierce, some were swift, some were slow, some were illusionary, some were tangible, some contained the power of Astroyang Metal, seemingly capable of sweeping everything aside, some contained the power of wood, with the power to seemingly multiply endlessly, some contained the power of lightning and some could hide within the void to launch a sneak attack against him.

Again and again, the sword beams – with varying attributes – kept bombarding Chen Feng from every direction. Those were not some average attacks. Rather, each of them was the equivalent of Chen Feng’s strongest attack.

Chen Feng advanced by 100 steps, having taken on 100 sword beams. Finally, on his 100th step, a sword beam containing the power of metal struck him and he was blasted into the sky before falling back into the centre of the valley.

Blocking 100 attacks in a row – each as powerful as his strongest attack – was his limit. However, Chen Feng did not feel crestfallen. Instead, he sat down cross-legged and silently analysed the sword beams from earlier. If all of the sword beams had contained only one attribute and power type, Chen Feng was confident that he could have gotten farther. However, the sword beams kept alternating their attributes and power types, causing Chen Feng’s mind to feel terribly drained.

After studying it for one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng got up again. Once again, he utilized that same level of strength as he moved up the mountain. As he stepped forward, one sword beam after another shot towards him.

This time, Chen Feng managed to take 150 steps before a sword beam, filled with the power of earth, sent him flying. Once again, Chen Feng began studying the sword beams. At the same time, a pleasantly surprised look appeared on his face. He was using the same level of strength that had allowed him to take 100 steps forward earlier. This time, however, he managed to take 150 steps forward. The extra 50 steps showed that he was improving.

After another session of analysis and recuperation, Chen Feng began climbing the mountain again. As always, he used the same level of strength.

Knocked back.


Climb again.

And thus, Chen Feng spent his time repeating this cycle. However, every time he did, he would be able to go slightly farther.

Some other cultivator might have decided to simply utilize their weakest level of strength to face the sword beams and climb all the way up the mountaintop. However, Chen Feng did not do so. Chen Feng sensed that this was a good opportunity to train himself. It could hone his ability to respond and counter his enemies.

The fourth mountaintop took Chen Feng a good ten days to climb. When Chen Feng reached the mountaintop, the portal there disappeared as well and a sword manual appeared within Chen Feng’s grasp.

Earthen-tier technique – Sword Breaker Technique. This is quite a decent sword technique. I can practice this. Chen Feng smiled and kept the sword manual.

“Earthen-tier technique? Humph! Shitty sword technique!” Tower spoke up with a disdainful tone.

“Truth be told, I have realized something. The Longevity Scripture is indeed a peerless cultivation technique. However, for the current me, it is too high of an existence. On the contrary, this lower tier technique can help me improve faster. Naturally, it is not like I want to practice other techniques. I just want to use it as a reference material,” Chen Feng said slowly.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Tower suddenly fell silent. After some time, he said, “You are right. It was my mistake for comparing someone like you with geniuses. Actually, you are correct. Walking the path that suits your cultivation ability is the correct path!”

“Ha ha! Actually, I realized something else that is interesting. No matter which mountain I choose to climb, I will need to climb all of them in the end.” Chen Feng laughed.

And so, Chen Feng made his way towards the fifth mountaintop. Chen Feng had assumed that this one would be easy. However, he was mistaken. The moment he stepped on the pathway leading up the mountain, he felt a formidable soul wave pressing down on him. Instantly, the pores on his scalp were opened.

1 chi = 0.333 m

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