Chapter 471: Blue Wyrm (long)


At that very moment, Chen Feng had opened up six of the nine insight acupoints for level 9 of the Concealed stage, the Soul and Anima acupoints, Life and Death acupoints, Yin and Yang acupoints. All that remained were the Void, Actual and Return acupoints. Not to mention, Chen Feng had attempted to assail those insight acupoints before. Although he had failed to open them, he could sense that it would not take long before he could open them up.

When the Yin and Yang acupoints entered a state of harmony, Chen Feng’s aura promptly flared out before disappearing. Clearly, his strength had improved again. Sensing the surging power within him, Chen Feng grew emboldened. Thus, he rode the Lightstream Shield to begin surfing through the water surface as he checked his surroundings.

As Chen Feng surfed across the water surface, he thought, Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to Brother Jian. However, this place doesn’t seem to contain any dangers.

After surfing for over 50 kilometres, Chen Feng finally lost patience. Thus, he asked Tower, “Tower, do you know where we are?”

“This should be a separate space. However, the power of water here is quite strong. Let me check it out,” Tower said.

It did not take long for Tower to speak up again.

“The waters contain the power of Blueveil Enigma Ice. Not bad, kid! I didn’t think you could find a treasure so quickly!” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Blueveil Enigma Ice? What is that?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng.

“It is a naturally-occurring spiritual object. You will understand once you find it. Carefully sense the chilling power within the water,” Tower said. 

Hearing Tower’s words, Chen Feng carefully sensed the flow of energy within the waters. As expected, it did not take long for him to find the source of the energy flows. There were strands of extremely cold energy dispersing out from the source.

Next up, Chen Feng moved, following the strands of chilling energy. As Chen Feng moved forward, the surrounding temperature kept falling. Finally, even Chen Feng’s strong and unyielding body was no longer capable of handling it. His sturdy muscles began convulsing.

Although the temperature was extremely low, no ice formed on the water surface. Chen Feng tried putting his hand into the water and instantly felt a bone-biting sensation of coldness. It felt as though even his blood had frozen.

“The water is so cold!” Chen Feng cried out in shock as he jerked his hand out. Looking at his hand, he saw crystalline bits sparkling on the surface of his hand. With a flick of his palm, Chen Feng shrugged off the chilling energy and his palm recovered.

This should be the point of origin. Is the Blueveil Enigma Ice underwater? Chen Feng thought. Earlier, he had placed his palm inside the body of water for just a moment only to have his blood frozen. He was not confident in his ability to dive deep into this body of water. 

Even so, he had found out that there was a treasure below. Thus, even though he was not confident, he had to take action. Chen Feng brought out the flaming sword to defend himself. Immediately, the chilling energy around his body was cleared away to be replaced instead with a warm sensation.

However, just as Chen Feng was about to enter the body of water, his pupils suddenly contracted. He had noticed a big block of ice drifting over. Seeing a block of ice here was not surprising for Chen Feng. What was surprising was the fact that there was someone inside the block of ice.

Chen Feng stretched his hand out and a suction force emerged from his palm to pull the block of ice over. After that, Chen Feng was able to clearly see everything inside the block of ice. It was a human; a vivid-looking middle-aged man without a single wound on his body. However, both his eyes were staring widely and a look of fear was etched across his face.

The chilling energy here must have frozen him to death. However, when did that happen?

Next up, Chen Feng found some more blocks of ice. Those blocks of ice would drift over every now and then; there were males and females of varying ages in those blocks of ice. All of them retained the way they looked before getting frozen, seemingly capable of living forever within the block of ice.

Some of the blocks of ice drifted over from afar while some emerged from the bottom of the water surface. It seemed as though these blocks of ice contained some strange powers. Here in this deathly still body of water, the blocks of ice were capable of drifting around randomly.

Before entering the waters, Chen Feng asked again, “Tower, are you certain there is Blueveil Enigma Ice down here?” 

“Without question!” Tower was quick to answer.

“Very well, then.” Chen Feng nodded. Astral energy surged out around him to form a thick shield around his body. Next, he slowly descended underwater.

Although he was not making direct contact with the waters, Chen Feng could still feel the incomparably cold aura seeping through the astral shield, desirous of freezing him into a popsicle. Additionally, the deeper down he went, the surrounding chilling energy grew even stronger. Finally, Chen Feng had to grit his teeth as his body began shivering.


Chen Feng’s finger flicked the flaming sword in his grasp, causing a strong yang-type energy to flow around him. However, the warm yang-type energy only lasted a moment before it gradually weakened. Finally, it disappeared and the chilling sensation descended upon Chen Feng’s body again.

With a thought, Chen Feng brought out a yao core that he had obtained by killing the desert fire scorpions. Gripping it, he felt a stream of fiery energy flow through his palm and into his body to once again give him a feeling of warmth.

After descending for an indeterminate amount of time, Chen Feng finally reached the bottom. The temperature at the bottom was so cold, it was practically unimaginable. If it were not for the fact that Chen Feng was holding a fire-type yao core and the flaming sword, he would probably have ended up as a popsicle as well.

There is nothing here! Chen Feng felt the bottom surface. It was hard and cold and he did not know if it was rock or soil.

“Move forward!” Tower urged him.

After moving forward for quite a while, Chen Feng finally saw a clump of blue light. The blue light was not dazzling. Rather, it was a somewhat soft light. It radiated faint blue-coloured halos of light. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that it was the Blueveil Enigma Ice that Tower had mentioned earlier.

“Tower, you said that Blueveil Enigma Ice is a naturally-occurring object?” Just by looking at the clump of blue light from afar, Chen Feng could feel that the object was indeed extraordinary. The feeling he sensed was unlike the chill that he had felt when entering this body of water. Instead, he felt minute cooling sensations enter his body. It was a pleasant sensation.

“That’s right. A pity, it is only a spiritual object. It is still far away from the standard of a divine object. Even so, this piece of Blueveil Enigma Ice is indeed a treasure for someone like you,” Tower said with an amused tone.

Hearing that, Chen Feng then walked towards the blue light, unaware that an icy-blue wyrm was slowly creeping towards him from some nearby spot. By the time Chen Feng noticed something amiss, there were only around 10 zhang between him and the wyrm.

“A wyrm! It’s a Great Yao, this is bad!” Chen Feng’s face sank and he quickly used the flaming sword to defend himself.

The icy-blue wyrm opened its mouth and a watery-blue current surged towards Chen Feng.

For Chen Feng, it felt as though a 10,000-year-old iceberg was pressing down against him. The surrounding water current had seemingly become frozen as the temperature plummeted. Even before the watery-blue current arrived, Chen Feng’s hairs were already standing on end. They stood firmly, like sharp needles.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

When the watery-blue current struck the flaming sword, a series of popping sounds rang out. Next, Chen Feng sensed cracks spreading out across the surface of the flaming sword. He grew horrified. He knew that allowing this to continue would mean that this grade 6 Prized artefact would be destroyed.

He wanted to keep the flaming sword only to find that his arm had become utterly numb. Only then did he realize that the watery-blue current had completely frozen his arm. However, that also triggered the body armour that he was wearing. The body armour which had melded with Chen Feng’s skin and flesh was a grade 9 Prized artefact. Additionally, it also contained the power of ice and fire. Due to the power of ice attacking Chen Feng, some of the body armour’s functions were triggered. The power of ice and fire circulated to absorb and exhaust the power of ice invading Chen Feng’s body.

Gradually, Chen Feng was able to feel his arm again. By then, however, the Great Yao was already upon him. It wanted to devour him.

There was no time to even panic. With a thought, Chen Feng brought the Fire Wyrm Sword out from his body to stab the wyrm.


The Fire Wyrm Sword was a grade 9 Prized artefact. At that very moment, its power was unleashed and the surrounding water currents were instantly evaporated to create an empty space. However, it did not take long for more water currents to pour in and fill up the empty space.

The Fire Wyrm Sword flew out from Chen Feng’s grasp and the waters in its path were all evaporated. As for Chen Feng, the earlier collision had knocked him backwards. Reaching out with his hand, he grasped the Fire Wyrm Sword again.

As a grade 9 Prized artefact, the Fire Wyrm Sword was three grades higher than the flaming sword. Chen Feng was thus able to unleash a greater level of power with it compared to the flaming sword. At the same time, however, it also consumed Chen Feng’s power at a much faster rate.

I wonder how I’ll be able to fare with this sword? Although Chen Feng had faith in the power of the Fire Wyrm Sword, Chen Feng also knew that it was likely impossible to kill off this wyrm.

As expected, before the chaotic water currents had even subsided, Chen Feng could already sense a chilling blast of energy charging towards him. A dragon-like talon, shining with blue light, swiped at Chen Feng.

The surrounding water currents did not obstruct the talon. Instead, the water currents would converge upon the talon to increase the might and atmosphere of the talon. By the time the talon arrived before Chen Feng, it had grown thrice in size. It seemed capable of even tearing up a mountain.

This wyrm has already grown out dragon talons. With those talons, it can truly be qualified for the title of wyrm. Chen Feng dared not be careless. He swung and the Fire Wyrm Sword struck the dragon talon.

The waters rocked about violently and Chen Feng’s figure blasted backwards. The Fire Wyrm Sword that he was wielding was knocked out of his grip again. In the earlier confrontation, the monumental power behind the dragon claw had informed Chen Feng that – despite utilizing a high-grade Prized artefact – he was seriously outmatched by this wyrm. Moreover, this was the wyrm’s home field. 

Do I have to resort to using the Demon Sealing Sword? Chen Feng thought.

“Moron! This wyrm is a high-level Great Yao that is already on the verge of rising to the Yao King stage. Given your current level of strength, not even the Demon Sealing Sword can make you a match for this wyrm,” Tower suddenly said.

“What then? Will you be taking action?” Chen Feng asked.

“Your objective is the Blueveil Enigma Ice. Go get it first,” Tower said.

“Easy for you to say,” Chen Feng said with a displeased tone. However, he swiftly swam forward, wanting to circle around the wyrm to reach the Blueveil Enigma Ice.

Would the wyrm allow Chen Feng to move past it so easily? Opening its mouth, it unleashed another highly cold current at Chen Feng.

It was then that the Longevity Tower appeared. It hovered before Chen Feng to completely devour the cold current. As for Chen Feng, he made use of this opportunity to move forward. Reaching out with his hand, he grasped the Blueveil Enigma Ice, which was shining with blue light. 

Cold to the touch, circular in shape and the size of a human head. It glowed with blue light, containing a power that was as vast as the ocean. After successfully obtaining it, Chen Feng immediately knew that it was a treasure. Just the pure energy within it was enough to turn the eyes of countless cultivators bloodshot as they fought one another for it.

“A good item, collect!” Chen Feng simply tossed the Blueveil Enigma Ice into the Longevity Tower. At that moment, the wyrm had its mouth opened wide as it exerted a strong suction force. It wanted to devour the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, what are you spacing out for? Hurry up and collect this wyrm!” Chen Feng shouted.

“You think it’s that simple? If I can do that, would I wait so long to do it?” Tower replied, secretly gathering his power.

“As expected.” Chen Feng nodded. After facing the combined attacks of so many Sacred artefacts earlier, the Longevity Tower had gotten damaged. It couldn’t even instantly finish off a yao that was not even at the Yao King stage.

“Humph! It’s all because I haven’t fully refined the broken Immortal artefact and the meteorite, otherwise I could collect this little snake with a wave of my hand!” Tower said furiously.

“Let’s do it together, then.” Chen Feng shook his head. A thin, one-metre-long red and white rope appeared in his hand. Despite its ordinary appearance, the thin rope was actually an extraordinary item. It was forged using the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s tendons, a grade 9 Prized-tier magic treasure. Chen Feng named it the Immortal-binding Rope. He had successfully refined it into his body, but had never used it before.

His soul power surged and the Immortal-binding Rope in his hand flew up, elongating continuously to become a rope with a length of 100 zhang and the thickness of an arm in the blink of an eye. It swirled around without respite as it moved to wrap up the blue wyrm.

As Chen Feng was executing his move, the Longevity Tower, which had remained motionless since appearing, suddenly shook. A formidable suction force emerged from the tower as well to clash against the suction force that the blue wyrm was exerting, causing the might of both suction forces to fall. It was then that Chen Feng’s Immortal-binding Rope arrived. In a flash, the Immortal-binding Rope tightly bounded the blue wyrm.


The blue wyrm struggled a few times to extricate itself, but was unsuccessful. Next, it raised its head upwards to release a roar. Following that, Chen Feng sensed that the surrounding temperature was falling.

However, while the wyrm was occupied with its struggle against the rope, the Longevity Tower shot forward and enveloped it before collecting the wyrm into itself. The wyrm was sent into the second floor. There, one of the broken magic arrays began operating at a slow pace, and the wyrm was easily suppressed. No matter how hard the wyrm struggled, it was to no avail. As the magic array continued its operations, the aura coming off the wyrm grew weaker and weaker. Finally, it began begging for mercy.

“Unexpectedly, the magic arrays on the second floor are quite powerful,” Chen Feng praised.

“When these magic arrays are completely repaired, they can easily suppress even Immortal Humans, let alone a puny little wyrm,” Tower said proudly.

“All 100,000 magic arrays are practically broken. Repairing them is easier said than done.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Let’s keep this wyrm alive for now. It might prove useful in the future.” Seeing the wyrm on the verge of getting exhausted to death, Chen Feng spoke up.

“Humph! Better to just exhaust it to death and use it to concoct some medicinal pills. It would be more worthwhile that way,” Tower said disdainfully.

“I forgot! There is still another wyrm inside the tower!” Chen Feng suddenly shook his head and his mind entered the Longevity Tower. Somewhere on the first floor was a separate space. There, a black wyrm had coiled itself to form a small mountain and streams of energy swirled ceaselessly around the wyrm. It seemed as though it was cultivating a secret technique.

This was a top-level Great Yao that Chen Feng had brought out from the Minor Dimension. Back then, in order to gain access to life and death energies there, Chen Feng had reached an agreement with this wyrm. He would bring this wyrm out from the Minor Dimension. After arriving outside the Minor Dimension, this wyrm would be able to assume human form.

Seemingly having sensed Chen Feng’s arrival, the black wyrm stopped its cultivation session and opened its eyes. It asked, “Are we outside already?”

“Err, not yet. We are still inside the pocket dimension. When we are outside, I will send you out,” Chen Feng said, feeling somewhat guilty. At any rate, it had been some time since he left the Minor Dimension. However, he had completely forgotten about this wyrm that was stuck inside the Longevity Tower all this time.

“Oh. In that case, don’t bother my cultivation session.” After saying that, the black wyrm closed its eyes and the surrounding energy streams began swirling at an even faster speed.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt relieved. He then used the Longevity Tower to suck in the surrounding water currents at a maddening rate. Once again, a lake was swiftly formed on the first floor of the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng then noticed that a black portal had appeared at the very the spot where the Blueveil Enigma Ice had been earlier.

This must be the portal to the second floor of the tower, Chen Feng thought as he moved into the portal.

When Chen Feng emerged from the portal, he found that he had seemingly returned to where he had first started, a passageway leading to an unknown place. Still, narrow and without a way to turn back.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng kept moving forward. As expected, after walking for 1,000 metres, he saw a door. It was the same one that he had encountered with Jian Xiaotian.


Chen Feng cleaved the door open and walked forward. When he re-appeared, he found himself within a valley. It was a very special valley. Circular in shape, with six mountains positioned around it to firmly enclose the valley. There were six paths, each one leading to one of the six mountains.

What is going on here? Chen Feng felt somewhat bewildered. However, he was quick to figure it out.

At the top of each mountain is a portal leading to an unknown location. Additionally, flying is not allowed here. Looks like I can only walk.

However, since someone has designed this kind of environment, going to the mountain top will likely not be smooth. If so, I will just have to kill my way forward!

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword again as he walked along one of the paths leading to one of the mountaintops. His journey up the mountain was very smooth. Unlike what Chen Feng was expecting, with the exception of some thorns, which needed to be cleared away, Chen Feng did not encounter any yao beasts or monsters.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to reach the top of the mountain, arriving before the portal there. However, before Chen Feng could even get a clear view of the portal, it disappeared into thin air. Seeing that, Chen Feng had wanted to walk around the mountain to inspect the other areas there when a layer of invisible barrier blocked his path. The barrier contained the power of space and Chen Feng knew that he did not possess the strength to break through the barrier. Thus, he could only walk back.

After a brief pause, Chen Feng then went with another path. His foot stepped down on the path, but before he could complete his first step, he felt a mountain-like pressure bearing down on him.

“The suppressive force of gravity?” After taking a few more steps forward, Chen Feng mumbled with a puzzled tone.

As Chen Feng continued stepping forward, the force of gravity bearing down on him continued to grow stronger. When he was halfway up the mountain, his pace of advance finally slowed down.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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