Chapter 468: Massive Building


When cultivating with Chen Feng in the past, Jian Xiaotian had witnessed just how monstrous Chen Feng was. Even so, he was still shocked. After all, from what Jian Xiaotian knew, cultivators who utilized such a monstrous cultivation technique for their cultivation practice would definitely face severe after-effects in the future. Jian Xiaotian knew that many demonic cultivators practiced similar cultivation techniques, techniques involving forcibly plundering and absorbing other sources of power. 

However, as Jian Xiaotian had been travelling together with Chen Feng, he could sense that Chen Feng’s strength was rising every day. Although his cultivation level was rising somewhat slowly, Chen Feng was not suffering from any after-effects. Rather, he was constantly growing stronger. It was something that Jian Xiaotian secretly envied.

In the endless desert, the only other thing visible besides the boundless yellow sands was the searing yang power descending from the sky. Since Chen Feng began his cultivation practice, the searing yang power had not stopped entering his body.

Originally, I was thinking of linking up to the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang stars to open up my Yin and Yang acupoints. Unexpectedly, I could succeed in a place like this. Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Cracks finally appeared upon his Yang acupoint. Strands of innate yang power flowed out from the insight acupoint, causing Chen Feng’s body, which was already warm to begin with, to grow even warmer. It felt as though the power was entering his bone marrows. Instead of causing him to feel lazy, the power made him stronger and more positive.

“He’s already going to break through? So fast!” Sensing the rising fluctuations within the surrounding spiritual energy, Jian Xiaotian turned to observe the atmosphere radiating out from Chen Feng’s body. He instantly realized what was going on.


The two black vortexes on Chen Feng’s palms disappeared. However, an even bigger vortex appeared on top of his head. The searing yang power gathered together to form a line of spiritual energy with the thickness of a finger and it flowed into Chen Feng’s head.

A grand yang-type aura radiated out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, it condensed into a wave, which punched up into the sky. Jian Xiaotian felt as though he was hallucinating. It felt as though the sun above their heads had become even hotter.

Chen Feng, however, felt differently. At that moment, Chen Feng had entered a wondrous state. His mind seemingly entered deep into the universe. An incomparably massive ball of fire appeared within the depths of his soul. Of course, this impression swiftly flashed by and it became a blur. No matter how hard he tried, Chen Feng could not get a clear view of the ball of fire.

That must be the Extreme Yang star, no? As expected, it is incomparably massive. Who knows just how many times stronger its radiation is compared to Eternal World’s sun? This sun hanging above my head is far from a match for it, Chen Feng thought.

However, Chen Feng then felt puzzled. He was presently within a wondrous pocket dimension. And yet, during his cultivation practice here, he was actually capable of sensing the Extreme Yang star which was located at an unknown spot within the universe. What did this mean?

“It is nothing surprising. I have told you before. This pocket dimension is not necessarily the altered form of an Immortal artefact. It may simply be a genuine pocket dimension. In other words, it is something like the Eternal World, a separate space located somewhere. Besides, the Longevity Scripture that you are practicing is not an ordinary cultivation technique. To be able to sense the Extreme Yang star here is not something unbelievable,” Tower said all of a sudden.

“However, since you have already opened up the Yang acupoint, you should make use of this opportunity to assail the Yin acupoint as well,” Tower continued.

“Could it be that easy? Right now, there are practically no more cultivation materials left inside the Longevity Tower. Additionally, I am currently within a burning desert. It will likely be very hard to link up to the Extreme Yin star,” Chen Feng said, uncertainty in his voice.

“Heh! The two stars, Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, have existed for who knows how many hundred million years. These massive bodies are ceaselessly radiating yin and yang powers. They are many times larger than great worlds. However, very few people know that these two massive and ancient stars are very close to each other,” Tower said. 

“Very close to each other?” Chen Feng felt surprised.

“Naturally, this will depend on the point of reference. If you use the entire universe as a point of reference, or from my perspective, these two stars are very close to each other. For the average cultivator, though, it’s different. Even a Human Immortal would be incapable of flying from the Extreme Yin star to the Extreme Yang star within his or her lifespan,” Tower said.

Chen Feng nodded. He had come to understand what Tower meant. Thus, after successfully opening his Yang acupoint, he did not conclude his cultivation session. Instead, he continued, attempting to assail his Yin acupoint. After the Yang acupoint was opened, Chen Feng had sensed that his Yin acupoint was gradually growing brighter. It felt as though he could open it at any moment. Next, however, no matter how hard Chen Feng tried, he could not succeed in opening it. He could not even sense the Extreme Yin star.

After trying for two hours, Chen Feng was finally incapable of continuing. He finished his cultivation session and stood up.

“Brother Chen, your cultivation base has gotten considerably stronger. However, why is it that you still cannot undergo Lightning Tribulation?” Jian Xiaotian, who was beside him, asked with a shocked tone.

Strength wise, the present Chen Feng had already surpassed him, someone who had overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations. And yet, Chen Feng was still continuously growing stronger, not showing any signs of undergoing Lightning Tribulation. Seeing that made Jian Xiaotian both curious and shocked.

“There is no helping it. It is due to the cultivation technique that I am practicing. However, I can sense that it will not take long before I have to face my Lightning Tribulation,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Although Chen Feng had failed to open up his Yin acupoint earlier, his strength had increased by a notch. Additionally, he could sense that his Yin acupoint could open up at any moment. All he was lacking was an opportune moment.

The best way to open up the Yin acupoint would be to find a place of extreme yin attribute. However, given my current state, I should be able to open it by leaving this desert and going to a normal environment. Chen Feng understood his present state.

“I wonder when we’ll make it out from this desert? Also, where did the other cultivators go to? Back then, I had performed a head count. The number of cultivators who had entered the portal should be around 5,000. At the very least, there should be 4,000. It’s been a while since we entered. And yet, we haven’t seen a single one of them,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“It’s just a matter of time before we encounter the others. I am only worried that the others might get to the treasures here first,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Unbeknown to Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, something had happened in the outside world after the two of them entered the portal.

Perhaps it was due to the Longevity Tower’s action of collecting the Sky Meteorite. Or perhaps it was due to some other factors, but the massive portal grew even bigger. At the same time, it emanated a brilliant light and its aura spread out furiously into its surroundings to inundate the entire Starsea Region. The overpowering atmosphere it unleashed sent the Human Immortals around the massive portal flying. On the other hand, the average cultivators who had been watching from afar were unharmed by it. Finally, seeing two Sky Human stage cultivators rush into the portal, the remaining loose cultivators clamoured joyfully as they, too, swarmed into the portal.

The Human Immortals there tried to stop them only to be forced back by the light coming from the portal. They could not approach at all and could only watch as the tens of thousands of loose cultivators poured into the portal.

“We had to work so hard to open this portal. In the end, the Sky Meteorite was taken away by some mysterious person while these loose cultivators get the benefit!” the Human Immortal from Jade Talisman Sect said, gnashing his teeth.

“Don’t worry. We’ll just keep guard here. Once they emerge, the treasures they obtained inside will naturally become ours.” A sinister smile appeared on the face of the Human Immortal from Nine Firmaments Palace.

“However, we will need to take some measures. Since we cannot approach the portal, we’ll have to extend our perimeter. Given how many Human Immortals we have here, we can keep guard over a large area.”

“That’s right! Each of us will occupy one spot. They’ll need to get our permission before they can enter and exit this place!”

The Human Immortals there were quick to come to a decision. Next, they spread out to create a defensive perimeter with a radius of 150 kilometres around the massive portal to stop the other cultivators from entering.

“If there aren’t any soul attacks coming from some hidden fellow, I would really just go back and kill all those fire scorpions.” After having opened his Yang acupoint, the power within Chen Feng had grown more vigorous. Additionally, he was presently like a naked beggar. He needed to go hunt some valuable items. The yao core of the fire scorpion was a decent item. 

“If only we have a magic treasure capable of defending the soul. I also want to see what kind of creature is constantly attacking us with those soul attacks,” Jian Xiaotian said, nodding his head.

Although Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were not flying, they were hardly slow. Every step they took brought them ten plus metres forward. In one day, the two of them could easily advance hundreds of li through the desert.

For three consecutive days, the two of them did not encounter any danger. On the fourth day, they finally saw something. There was a building on the flat desert. It was a building that should not have appeared in a desert.

“I think I see a tower,” Jian Xiaotian said, his voice sounding uncertain.

“It really is a tower!” Chen Feng was shocked as well.

Next, however, the two of them felt excited. Although it had not been too long, staying in the desert had felt quite tedious. And at that moment, they had caught sight of a building rising high up within the desert. While they did not know if there were anyone within the building, the sight of the building managed to lift their spirits.

They sped up, rushing towards the tower located ahead of them.

“For a building to suddenly appear in a desert, something is probably about to happen.”

“There will probably be treasures inside it!” 

“If there are treasures, then there will also be a high possibility of danger!”

Even though they had been capable of seeing the tower-shaped building from afar, the both of them knew that it would still take some time before they could reach the building. As expected, after running through 15 kilometres, they saw that there was seemingly no change to the visual size of the building at all. It was as though the two of them had not been moving forward at all.

“Looks like this tower is quite sizable,” Chen Feng said.

“It is at least 1,000 zhang tall,” Jian Xiaotian said.

The two of them covered another 15 kilometres. Finally, the tower appeared slightly bigger. Even so, the two of them had yet to arrive before it.

“Hopefully, it is not some illusion or mirage,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile, shaking his head.

After another 25 kilometres, the two of them finally arrived before the tower. Observing the dilapidated and massive tower-shaped building, the two of them fell into a slightly dazed state.

Jian Xiaotian raised his head to look at the tower before saying, “It should be around 1,500 zhang tall with a total of 18 floors. Tsk, tsk. I have never seen such a big tower before. 

“This is also my first time seeing such a big tower. However, there is something strange about the materials used for the construction of this tower,” Chen Feng said, moving to stand before the wall of the tower. Reaching out with his hand, he grasped at the wall. A handful of yellow sand appeared in his palm.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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