Chapter 466: Critical Moment


Seeing the Great Elder send Lei Feng and the others into the portal while leaving him and Jian Xiaotian out, Chen Feng knew that his hunch was correct. He looked at the chilling light within the Great Elder’s eyes and smirked inwardly. He had this impulse to bring out the Longevity Tower to smash him.

“Looks like Great Elder wants to capture and bring me back to the sect,” Chen Feng said with a scornful smile.

“I will not capture and bring you back to the sect. I hereby announce that you are expelled from our sect. In other words, from this moment onwards, you are no longer a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. This is why you cannot join the other disciples to enter the pocket dimension,” the Great Elder said coolly.

Chen Feng was not surprised. Instead, there was an amused tone in his voice as he asked, “Oh, is that so? Is this the decision of the Department of Elders or the decision of the sect?”

“This is the decision of our Department of Elders and also the decision of the entire sect. As the Great Elder of the Department of Elders, it is not an issue for me to expel a cultivator who is not even at the Sky Human stage,” the Great Elder continued, a ridiculing expression on his face.

“I believe the Sect Master is unaware of this, right?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Ha ha ha ha! You must be joking. Who do you think you are? You are just a minor cultivator at the Concealed stage. There are thousands and thousands of cultivators like you in the sect. You think that the Sect Master would care about a small fry like you? Enough, stop talking and be obedient.” After saying that, the Great Elder snickered and waved his hand. Immediately, Chen Feng could sense the air around him becoming restricted and he was no longer capable of moving. He could not even open his mouth to speak. Jian Xiaotian, who was beside him, was also facing the same situation.

He he! He has already expelled me from the sect, but he also restrained me. My hunch back then was right. This Great Elder bears ill will. However, I wonder why he imprisoned me? Is he planning on handing me over to Nine Firmaments Palace? Chen Feng wondered. Although he was completely restrained, Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he calmly analysed his situation.

Finally, all the disciples from the Ten Great Sects of the Northern Plains below the Human Immortal stage had gone through the portal to make their way into the pocket dimension. Next, the disciples of the Demon Order, Holy Flame Sect and some other sects and loose cultivators who contributed earlier entered the portal as well. The Human Immortals from the Ten Great Sects did not object. Clearly, they were keeping their end of the bargain.


Suddenly, a Human Immortal from Sword Hall jabbed out with a finger and a beam of sword light shot forward to explode in mid-air. After exploding, it transformed into several sword beams to instantly kill off six cultivators. Their corpses fell to the ground.

“Hah! If you are not afraid of death, then come!” the Human Immortal from Sword Hall scoffed. The six cultivators had not contributed earlier, but had wanted to sneak inside. However, they were found out and killed. Seeing that, some of the loose cultivators who were planning to take action grew honest.

Truly, ruthless. Chen Feng pursed his lips to the side.

“Ha ha! That is not ruthless enough. If that were me, I would have killed all the cultivators present. Then, I will go in alone,” Tower interjected.

“So, why aren’t you doing it?” Chen Feng deliberately asked.

“Humph! If my power is sufficient, I would have killed them all long ago. You think I would be waiting here for an opportunity?” Tower replied with a harrumph.

“What now? The portal has already appeared and the spirit stones within the Longevity Tower is almost all gone. You should already be capable of collecting this meteorite, no?” Chen Feng asked with a displeased tone.

“No problem! I’ll be taking action soon. I’ll have you witness my power,” Tower said, laughing.

At that moment, some cultivators from the Demon Order were entering the portal. An unaffiliated Human Immortal who had contributed earlier also tried to rush into the portal.

The Human Immortal from Sword Hall stepped forward and said, “You cannot enter.”

The Human Immortal’s face sank and he said angrily, “I contributed as well just now! Why can’t I enter?”

“Human Immortals cannot enter this portal,” the Human Immortal from Sword Hall answered nonchalantly.

“Humph! Who do you think you are bluffing here? A three-year-old?” The unaffiliated Human Immortal retorted. Next, his figure flashed forward as he rushed towards the massive portal again.

This time, the Human Immortal from Sword Hall did not block him. Instead, his figure darted to the side.


Earlier, all the cultivators they sent forth had been able to enter the massive portal unhindered. At that very moment, however, a loud booming sound rang out as the Human Immortal charging into the portal was bounced back. Although he was not injured, the fact that he was thrown over 100 metres back in front of so many people caused his face to turn red. In his rage, he stepped forward once more. When he was standing before the portal, he unleashed a heavy punch against it. Generally speaking, the punch of a Human Immortal could shatter a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain. However, this punch from him had seemingly struck the surface of water. First, ripples spread out. Next, waves emerged to strike the Human Immortal’s body.

Thus, the Human Immortal cried out miserably as his figure was thrown backwards, blood spraying out from his mouth all the way.

“Heh, what a fool! Do you not see us Human Immortals just standing by and not going in?”

“Only cultivators below the Human Immortal stage can enter this portal. Doing otherwise will result in a backlash from the portal. This is something that only we from the Ten Great Sects would know. Even if there are others who know about this, they are few in numbers.” Seeing the Human Immortal sent flying after forcibly trying to break his way through, all of them snickered.

“All right, I’m going in!” Tower suddenly shouted; his voice filled with excitement.

Two fine spatial cracks appeared beside Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. With a minute quake from the cracks, both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian simultaneously disappeared. Next, the Longevity Tower rapidly expanded in size as it flew towards the Sky Meteorite, smashing everyone in its path. The Human Immortals standing in its path were all sent flying. Some were badly wounded by the collisions. 

This was mostly because Tower had kept his power in check. If he had unleashed his full power, all those Human Immortals in the Longevity Tower’s path would have zero chances of survival.


The Longevity Tower was extremely fast. Before the cultivators there could react, it had already arrived atop the Sky Meteorite. A formidable suction force then enveloped the Sky Meteorite. Next, before the shocked gazes of everyone present, the big meteorite flew towards the Longevity Tower.

“Courting death!”

All of the Human Immortals there reacted, instantly mobilizing their Sacred artefacts to attack the Longevity Tower. Their thoughts on this was very simple. Someone wanted to plunder the burning house and take away the meteorite.

It was a priceless treasure that the various great sects would go all out to snatch. More importantly, all of them had expended a great deal of effort and spirit stones to pull out the meteorite earlier. They were planning on slowly dividing it later on. Unexpectedly, someone had suddenly taken action, wanting to snatch away the Sky Meteorite. Seeing someone with the audacity to snatch something from the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains caused them all to feel shocked. However, their feelings of rage outweighed their feelings of shock.

Add the Demon Order and the other sects, a total of 16 Sacred artefacts unleashed attacks at the Longevity Tower. The might of just one Sacred artefact was already enough to demolish mountains, evaporate lakes, crack open earth and split rivers. At that very moment, 16 Sacred artefacts were unleashing their might all at once. It was a power capable of transforming the very landscape and trigger the explosion of earthen fire.

“Tower, will you really be able to do it?” Chen Feng shouted anxiously. Borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power, Chen Feng could clearly see what was happening outside. Seeing the storm-like flurry of attacks shooting their way, Chen Feng felt like he was on a small boat within a sea in the face of a maelstrom and tsunami combined. It felt as though he could be torn to pieces at any moment.

“So many Sacred artefacts, so terrifying!” Jian Xiaotian fell on his buttocks.

The Longevity Tower was still collecting the meteorite. Only one third of the meteorite had entered the Longevity Tower.

“Ha ha, don’t worry! I have long since planned for this!” Tower laughed, his voice containing a slight touch of wildness. However, it mostly felt firm and full of confidence. 

“Spirit stones! Explode!”


Every single spirit stone that Chen Feng had accumulated inside the Longevity Tower exploded. Next, streams of spiritual energy – so thick that they could overturn rivers and seas – burst into the air. After that, all of them gushed into the second floor of the Longevity Tower.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Another portion of the magic arrays on the second floor began operating, causing the Longevity Tower’s power to rise again.

“Not enough! Still not enough! Immortal energy, burn!”

The immortal energy absorbed from Pot Mountain was burned and the energy generated was used to empower the 100,000 magic arrays on the second floor.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attacks from the Sacred artefacts finally arrived. Not a single one missed as they all bombarded the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng felt as though he was inside a large bronze bell while a group of musclemen wielding iron hammers were striking it furiously from the outside.


Chen Feng fell to his buttocks, blood flowing out from his seven orifices. He quickly circulated all his powers to fend off the shockwaves.


Opening his mouth, Chen Feng sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He could hear blaring sounds echoing within his head and his whole body felt as though it was adrift in space. It was as though it was no longer his body.

Turning, he saw that Jian Xiaotian had already passed out. Although Jian Xiaotian was unconscious, his body was still twitching and convulsing.

Waving his hand, Chen Feng pulled Jian Xiaotian over. Next, he utilized the Demon Sealing Sword to envelop the two of them. At that moment, Chen Feng could no longer utilize the Longevity Tower’s power. The Longevity Tower was presently facing a far greater danger than the one Chen Feng was facing.

“Not enough power! Still not enough power!” Tower roared.

Under the besieging attacks from the 16 Sacred artefacts, the Longevity Tower remained intact. Everything appeared normal and not a single crack appeared due to the attacks. However, Chen Feng knew that the situation was extremely bad for the Longevity Tower. Tower had exhausted all of the immortal energy and spirit stones within the tower and the 100,000 magic arrays on the second floor began collapsing. The Longevity Tower’s power was also constantly falling. Due to the close connection between the Longevity Tower and Chen Feng, the severe damage that the Longevity Tower was receiving felt unbearable for Chen Feng. He felt as though there was a violent power attempting to pull the Longevity Tower out of his body. Chen Feng knew; if that power could succeed in pulling the Longevity Tower out from his body, the Longevity Tower would fall into a state of slumber once more, returning to its previously broken state.

In other words, all his efforts throughout the years would have been for naught. The Longevity Tower would become an ordinary object again.

“Tower, hold on!” Chen Feng shouted, channelling all his power in an attempt to aid Tower. However, his aid was utterly inadequate.

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