Chapter 465: Entrance Appears


“Are you confident?” asked a surprised Chen Feng.

“Of course! With these people doing the work, I am fully confident in collecting this meteorite,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Great! With the martial wills on the surface of this meteorite, my rate of cultivation will definitely improve. Additionally, my friends will also be able to study and cultivate using the meteorite.” Hearing Tower’s words of confidence, Chen Feng felt excited.

The marks on the surface of the meteorite were left by Human Immortals and Earthen Immortals. With the meteorite, Chen Feng will be able to study and cultivate using the meteorite for a long time. He could hone himself and increase his cultivation base. Additionally, the void storm holes on the meteorite could allow Chen Feng to experience the mysterious powers of the universe in advance.

Looking at it from a certain perspective, not even an Immortal artefact could match the value of this meteorite. At this moment, even if Chen Feng were given a whole Immortal artefact, that magic treasure would not help him improve and steady his cultivation base.

“You said that this meteorite is the entrance to a pocket dimension. This meteorite is already such a Heaven-defying existence with the many martial wills left on its surface. I am now very curious as to what is inside the pocket dimension,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“The past me would have considered this a broken and unremarkable stone. However, given my current circumstances, this meteorite is quite good. It is especially good for you. Additionally, by looking at this meteorite, I can see that this pocket dimension is also quite good. It must contain a lot of treasures, otherwise these Human Immortals would not be going all out to open it up,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“What about Driftcloud Immortal Mountain? I keep getting a feeling that this pocket dimension is at a much higher level than Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.” Chen Feng was suddenly reminded of the immortal mountain.

“Hey, hey, you are wrong about that. You should not look down on that Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. In the past, your cultivation base was lacking while I had yet to recover much of my powers. Thinking back, I feel like we have missed out on a great deal of things there. If there is an opportunity, we should enter the mountain and check it out again. I have a feeling that the mountain is quite extraordinary,” Tower said slowly. 

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The Sky Meteorite was shifting at a steady pace. The sky and the earth would quake with every shift in the meteorite’s position while the surrounding cultivators would have to exhaust who knows just how much of their powers.

Finally, the silhouette of a portal appeared in the air. The silhouette had seemingly appeared from the ground. And yet, it also seemed to have appeared out of thin air. Regardless, the three-dimensional image that it was giving off was real enough that the cultivators there knew, stepping through the portal meant that they could enter another space. That space was the pocket dimension.

“Look! It’s a portal!”

“The entrance leading to the pocket dimension!”

“The entrance has appeared! We can enter the pocket dimension!”

Everyone there shouted with shock and joy. Due to their feelings of joy, some cultivators who were secretly lurking around charged forward, wanting to rush into the pocket dimension. They forgot about the might of the meteorite and the surrounding Sacred artefacts, which were in the midst of unleashing their powers. Thus, those risk-taking cultivators ended up getting obliterated by the forces at play. It was a very swift death.

“Humph! A bunch of morons!”

“All right, everyone calm down. The portal is not fully open yet. Now is not the time to relax, otherwise we’ll fail at the last minute,” a Human Immortal from Jade Talisman Sect said.

The cultivators there had already exhausted a great deal of their powers earlier. However, they knew that this was not the time to relax. Thus, they clenched their teeth and began burning even more spirit stones.

“We’ve really poured in a lot of capital for this. If we still cannot open the portal, I wonder how many cultivators would puke blood?”

“We will definitely be able to open up this portal!”

The Human Immortals there exchanged glances. Next, they all brought out some spirit stones. These spirit stones were different from the ones that Chen Feng had seen in the past. They were of a higher grade compared to the Prized crystals that Chen Feng were using for cultivation. Each of them looked more attractive compared to the most valuable gem in the world. The energies within the spirit stones swirled like liquid.

“Top-grade Prized crystals! Heavens! There are even Enigma crystals!”

“I saw it earlier! That is a pile of Jade crystals!”

“Huh! The Human Immortals from Nine Firmaments Palace actually brought out a bunch of Immortal crystals. Immortal crystals! Those are spirit stones that only Immortal Humans can use!”

“What do you know? Human Immortals are Immortal Humans as well. Of course they can use Immortal crystals!”

“Immortal crystals? Isn’t that something that only exists in the Immortal Plane? Does our Eternal World also contain Immortal crystals?”

“After cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage, one can link up with the Immortal Plane. What’s the big deal about condensing out some Immortal crystals?”

“Tower, are those Immortal crystals?” Chen Feng pointed at the pile of spirit stones hovering up in the sky while radiating a faint, white-coloured light.

“It can barely be considered as the lowest grade Immortal crystal. It would be more accurate to call it a top-grade Prized crystal,” Tower replied scornfully. 

Feeling dubious, Chen Feng asked, “After entering the Human Immortal stage, a cultivator can really link up with the Immortal Plane and condense out Immortal crystals?”

“Yeah.” As Tower was focused on keeping an eye on the Sky Meteorite, he grew somewhat vexed at Chen Feng’s questions.

“Enough! If you have any questions, ask them later. Right now, I am gathering my powers so as to collect this meteorite in one go,” Tower said. After that, Chen Feng felt the Longevity Tower shake. To his dismay and distress, the spirit stones within the Longevity Tower were rapidly getting consumed and the resulting streams of energy flowed to the second floor of the tower.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

A portion of the 100,000 great magic arrays within the second floor of the Longevity Tower began operating. As the great magic arrays began operating, Chen Feng could immediately sense that the power of the Longevity Tower was rising. The rate at which it was rising and the magnitude of its power left Chen Feng astounded.

“Tower, why did you use up so many spirit stones? Do you want me to become a poor beggar?” Seeing the ever-decreasing number of spirit stones, Chen Feng could not stop himself from shouting.

In just a few breaths’ worth of time, over five million Prized crystals had been transformed into surging streams of spiritual energy. And yet, it was still not enough. With every subsequent breath, at least another one million spirit stones would be consumed.

“Pipe down! This meteorite is something that you cannot buy even with one billion spirit stones. Additionally, if we can enter the pocket dimension, who knows how much benefits you can gain with my detection abilities?” Tower said with an annoyed tone.


The meteorite finally stopped moving. A large portal appeared before them all. The portal was 1,000 zhang tall and several hundred zhang wide. The bottom part of the portal was connected to the ground while the top part of the portal rose up into the sky.

The portal looked like a massive mirror. Spiritual energy flowed within it. And yet, despite the seemingly transparent quality of its surface, no matter how hard they tried, they were incapable of seeing what was inside it.

“The portal is open! The portal is open!” A cultivator cried out with a pleasantly surprised voice.

That was especially so for the cultivators who were close to the meteorite. They could sense that the density of the spiritual energy there was continuously climbing. After taking just a few breaths, they could feel their cultivation bases moving somewhat.

“Is the pocket dimension filled with immortal energy?”

“It’s not necessarily immortal energy. However, it is at least a high-grade spiritual energy. Hurry, charge in! It must contain treasures!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After just a few cries of shock from the crowd, several cultivators dashed towards the portal. In the blink of an eye, a few of the cultivators had disappeared into the portal.

“What a thick spiritual energy!”

“What am I seeing? There are spiritual herbs everywhere!”

“What a big meteorite! I am rich!”

Faint voices could be heard coming out from the massive portal. However, the voices quickly disappeared. It was as though the portal had blocked the voices from moving over.

“It really is a pocket dimension. Hurry, enter!”

Seeing some people enter, the others were unable to hold back as well. They all grew eager to rush out. Finally, one cultivator after another rushed towards the portal.

Without discussing it at all, the Human Immortal experts from the Ten Great Sects took action simultaneously. They created a thick layer of energy to block entry to the portal from every direction. Some of the cultivators who were rushing into the portal slammed against the layer of energy and were ruthlessly thrown backwards.

“What are you fellows rushing for? Follow the rules!” the Human Immortal from Nine Firmaments Palace shouted, his voice shaking the sky to suppress the chaos.

“Each sect will select ten fellows to enter the portal at the same time!” the same Human Immortal continued shouting. Naturally, the ‘each sect’ he mentioned referred to the Ten Great Sects. It did not include the others.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Immediately, 100 disciples were gathered and they entered the portal at the same time.

It was then that the other cultivators who had contributed to the opening of the portal clamoured. “We also worked hard for this! Why are you not letting us enter?”

“What’s the rush? It’s not your turn yet,” the Human Immortal from Nine Firmaments Palace snapped at them.

Next up, the Ten Great Sects from the Northern Plains gathered a total of 300 cultivators before swiftly sending them into the portal. Stepping into the portal, the cultivators instantly disappeared. While there were occasional sounds of exclamation coming from beyond the portal, none of the cultivators there knew what was happening inside. 

400 cultivators entered at the same time…

500 cultivators entered at the same time…

Watching the continuous stream of disciples from the Ten Great Sects entering the portal, one of the Human Immortals from the Demon Order was finally incapable of holding back. “You fellows are going too far! Do you think that your Ten Great Sects can control everything? Such an overbearing attitude. Many of us contributed greatly just now. You fellows could not have opened the portal on your own otherwise!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Immediately, ten Human Immortals from the Ten Great Sects flew out. A ferocious light shone out from their eyes as formidable auras radiated out from their bodies.

“Heh! If you try to attack, not a single one of you can enter today. Now, be obedient and just stay here. When everyone from our side has entered, those of you who had contributed earlier can enter.” 

“This is too much! This is too much!” 

They grew furious and some could not stop themselves from taking a step forward. However, seeing the ten Human Immortals blocking their path, they resentfully backed off.

“All right. It is time for us to enter. How unexpected, I can encounter something like this on my trip to the Starsea Region,” Lei Feng said smilingly.

They started moving. However, the Great Elder suddenly waved his hand to block Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Great Elder, what is the meaning of this?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“You two cannot enter. Don’t worry and just stay outside,” the Great Elder said coldly.

“Great Elder, Chen Feng is also a disciple of the sect. Why can’t he enter together with us?” Lei Feng could not stop himself from asking.

“Enough! There is no need for you to ask about this. It is now your turn. Hurry up and enter, otherwise the treasures inside will be snatched away,” said the Great Elder, who waved his hand to send a formidable power forward. The power enveloped them. Next, Lei Feng and the group of disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect lost control over their bodies as the power pushed them into the portal, where they disappeared from sight.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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