Chapter 461: Splitting Territory


Although all the cultivators there had been quick to run far away, some were still affected. The energies unleashed by the meteorite would either wound or kill them. 


After all of the storms and attacks had subsided, the cultivator who had attempted to collect the meteorite earlier fell heavily onto the ground. At that very moment, the cultivator’s entire body was stained with blood and he had lost an arm and a leg. As for his body, there were many bleeding, see-through holes there. His aura was gradually weakening. He was in extremely dire straits.

“Kill him!”

“Attack! Kill him!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Immediately, a group of cultivators descended upon him. They were not on the same side. However, they acted in concert with one another, unleashing ruthless attacks against the cultivator. After just a few breaths’ worth of time, the formidable cultivator who had been acting arrogantly just moments ago ended up dying to the average Sky Human stage cultivators besieging him. They then cleanly split up everything that he had on him.

After the situation had subsided, everyone then realized that a change had come over the meteorite. Although it was still as big as before, an atmosphere was slowly oozing out from it. Sword intent, blade intent, various other martial wills and even the void storm impressions were continuously gathering upon the surface of the meteorite, giving off a terrifying atmosphere of pressure. Although they were not erupting outwards, the cultivators there could no longer approach the meteorite as they had used to. Even from a distance away, they could clearly sense the formidable waves of the martial wills.

“I feel like this meteorite is getting bigger,” a cultivator said, a puzzled tone in his voice.

“The meteorite did not grow bigger. This is a form of spiritual impact. Looks like we can only practice cultivation at a distance.”

A group of cultivators, however, refused to give in. They strode forward. However, when there were still 100 zhang between them and the meteorite, a sword beam sent them all flying backwards. When they fell to the ground, they began coughing out blood.

Next up, the cultivators present began studying the martial wills on the meteorite. At that moment, everything would depend on their cultivation bases. Some could go closer while some could only practice cultivation from far away.

Chen Feng also caught sight of Young Master Tian Leizi, Young Master Wan Xie and the others who fought him earlier. Surprisingly, they did not hide themselves to recuperate. Instead, they stayed some distance away from the meteorite to study and cultivate themselves. Chen Feng noticed that there were some new faces beside Young Master Tian Leizi and Young Master Wan Xie. Many of them were experts.

Seeing Chen Feng’s gaze sweeping towards them, Young Master Tian Leizi, Young Master Wan Xie, Huo Sheng and the others revealed looks of dread. The earlier fight between them and Chen Feng had terrified them. Not to mention, there was a group of cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect beside Chen Feng right now. If one were to ask which one of the groups present was the strongest, the answer would certainly be the group from Extreme Celestial Sect. As one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects, Extreme Celestial Sect was an existence that those small sects and groups of loose cultivators cannot hope to match up against.

Thus, the group from Extreme Celestial Sect obtained the best spot available there. None of the cultivators there dared to voice opposition towards that. In fact, not even a smidge of dissatisfaction could be heard. Rather, they were quick to avoid the group from Extreme Celestial Sect. Avoiding a colossal existence like the Extreme Celestial Sect was not a shameful thing for them.

All of the cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect had higher cultivation bases than Chen Feng. Inclusive of Lei Feng, there were four level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators in total. Even the weakest amongst their group was at level 4 of the Sky Human stage. When they saw the marks on the meteorite, they instantly fixed their gazes upon the meteorite. One by one, they released their soul powers to begin studying the meteorite.

Naturally, Lei Feng had sent a message to the sect when he realized the value of the meteorite. He hoped that the sect could send experts over. Perhaps, these experts could move the meteorite away. Either that or have more of their fellow disciples study and cultivate here.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were in no rush to cultivate themselves. Instead, they focused on recovering their strength first. After they had fully recovered, they stepped forward to study the martial wills on the meteorite again.

Step by step, Chen Feng moved forward. The present situation was no longer the same as before. Even before releasing his soul power, Chen Feng could already sense an incomparably violent atmosphere pressing down on him. However, this was exactly the type of pressure that Chen Feng wanted. After the pressure bearing down on him reached a critical point, Chen Feng stopped. Then, finding a sword mark, he began cultivating himself, continuing to hone his Longevity Sword Technique.

Three days later, Chen Feng took another three steps forward. He had increased his soul power slightly and his understanding of the Longevity Sword Technique had grown as well. 

After another ten days, Chen Feng took another three steps forward. Seeing his rate of cultivation, the others secretly felt shocked. That was especially so after they noticed Chen Feng’s cultivation level. They grew even more shocked.

Shocking! This Chen Feng has yet to even overcome Lightning Tribulation, yet the power within his body is already comparable to a level 3 or 4 Sky Human stage cultivator, perhaps even more. This kind of monstrous existence is a Heaven-defying genius for great sects, even ours. This won’t do! After I return, I must report this to the Sect Master! We must escort him back and carefully nurture him, Lei Feng thought.

“Chen Feng is indeed a cultivation genius. However, due to this, it will be much harder for him to make breakthroughs compared to ordinary cultivators.” Hua Zhuliu was also discussing Chen Feng’s matter with Lei Batian.

“I don’t think it’s that simple. Perhaps, after entering the Sky Human stage, Chen Feng’s cultivation base would skyrocket to swiftly catch up to us. Besides, according to what I managed to gather, Chen Feng is only be in his twenties. He could cultivate up to this level at such a young age while we had to spend hundreds of years on cultivation. How are we supposed to take this?” Lei Batian said with a grin.

“Makes sense. Comparatively speaking, our rate of cultivation is indeed much slower than his.” Hua Zhuliu nodded his head.

At that moment, Chen Feng was taking a few more steps forward. During this cultivation process, Chen Feng had understood one thing. If he were to step forward while studying one of the marks, the other wills emanating from the other marks would not affect him. That was also the reason why he could continuously advance.

Chen Feng honed his mastery of the Longevity Sword Technique for half a month. He could feel that his understanding of the Longevity Sword Technique had reached a certain apex. If he could continue to break through in his understanding of the technique, its power would rise by another level. However, Chen Feng knew that he would need a cultivation base breakthrough before that, otherwise it would be very hard. 

Next, Chen Feng found a blade mark and began studying the blade intent within the mark. An incomparably violent blade aura covered the world to sweep towards Chen Feng.

Deng!  Deng! Deng!

Incapable of resisting the pressure, Chen Feng kept backing away. Then, he utilized the Longevity Blade Technique to fight back.

This cultivation session lasted for another half a month. Then, Chen Feng turned his attention towards a palm imprint that was deeply impressed into the surface of the meteorite.


It was just one glance. Yet, Chen Feng’s figure was sent flying. It felt as though he was struck by the hand of a Heavenly God. Even his soul was quaking as a result.

Impressive! The one who left the palm print must surely be a high-level Human Immortal. Chen Feng found himself suffocating. After circulating his longevity-type primary energy a few times, he began recalling the formula for the Great Longevity Palm. 

According to the records within the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng needed to overcome Lightning Tribulation before he could study and practice the Great Longevity Palm. For him to try this now, there was no telling if he could succeed in comprehending the skill. Even his ability to condense out a palm silhouette would be limited.

It requires overcoming Lightning Tribulation, eh? I use tribulation lightning to train inside the Longevity Tower. Does that count as overcoming Lightning Tribulation? Chen Feng revealed a self-deprecating smile. Next, he entered a state of contemplation.

Two months after the meteorite’s appearance, several hundred more cultivators appeared. Additionally, more cultivators were rushing over from various places. Some were disciples from the various great sects. When the great sects received news of the meteorite, they immediately dispatched their experts over, wanting to take the meteorite for themselves. However, after failing to do so despite utilizing various methods, the great sects simmered down. Instead, they began occupying a spot for themselves while sending out their top disciples to study and cultivate there.

The area around the 100-metre-tall meteorite was divided into various territories by the various powers there. It started from the bottom, going all the way up to the sky. There were cultivators seated cross-legged and cultivators hovering up in the sky. Cultivators from the various sides were surrounding the meteorite.

Extreme Celestial Sect, Nine Firmaments Palace and the other Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains occupied the largest share of the area while the cultivators from other sects could only obtain a very small territory. As for those with insufficient cultivation bases, they were simply incapable of moving forward. These people had to stay far away and peer at the marks on the meteorite from afar.

Naturally, during that process, some conflicts were inevitable. However, after some fights and deaths, the situation returned to a state of serenity.

The most intense conflict was naturally between Chen Feng and Nine Firmaments Palace. When the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace arrived, they saw Chen Feng. Instantly, their eyes turned blood-shot. However, the number of cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace was too small. In their first confrontation, Lei Feng and the others had beaten them back.

Thus, those from Nine Firmaments Palace went back to request reinforcements. They joined up with Purple Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace, intent on dispersing the cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect with one blow. They must capture Chen Feng.

“I didn’t think that Extreme Celestial Sect would put on such a forceful attitude. They are even looking down on Nine Firmaments Palace. Looks like the Northern Plains is about to get lively!”

“Not lively, but chaotic! If a fight starts between these sects, how many places would be affected? How many people would die?”

“Yes. However, this Chen Feng sure got guts. It is clear that Nine Firmaments Palace is aiming for him, yet he could still cultivate like nothing is going on. Does he not know that he will be captured once Nine Firmaments Palace’s reinforcements arrive?” 

“Hey, maybe he has a trump card. Enough, let’s not think too much about it. Make use of this opportunity to cultivate. After they start fighting, someone might take the meteorite away. We will not be able to find such a good opportunity again in the future!”

Naturally, Chen Feng was aware of his predicament. If it were not for the fact that this meteorite was too valuable, he would have left his place long ago. If Nine Firmaments Palace were to dispatch a few Human Immortals out, it would be hard for him to escape, even with the Longevity Tower. 

“Tower, how is your investigation panning out?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“This meteorite is more than meets the eye,” Tower replied solemnly.

“Naturally, I know that it’s more than meets the eye. Is there even a need for you to say that? I am asking you if you can move this meteorite,” replied a vexed Chen Feng. 

“Hey, hey! No rush. According to my investigations, there should be a pocket dimension beneath this meteorite. This meteorite is just the gate for the pocket dimension,” Tower said.

“Pocket dimension? You mean, similar to the Minor Dimension from Azuremist Mountain?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. In his opinion, this place must contain a great deal of treasures and benefits.

“It will definitely be different. This pocket dimension is of a higher level, otherwise I would have been able to collect this meteorite already,” Tower said.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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