Chapter 460: Terrifying Meteorite


Seeing someone take action, Chen Feng did not think too much about it. Instead, his figure flew backwards and he linked up with the Longevity Tower, absorbing the immortal energy inside it to recover his lost energy.

A young man with a mighty stature had suddenly appeared and bolts of lightning flashed all around his body. He was like a God of Thunder emerging from a pillar of lightning. After breaking He Xiaozi’s Heavenly Spirit Hand, he did not stop. Both his hands swung in a criss-crossing pattern and tens of fine-shaped lines, formed using the power of lightning, streaked towards He Xiaozi.

“Lei Feng! Are you not going to stop this? Do you think I am afraid of you?” He Xiaozi shouted as he swiftly dodged Lei Feng’s attacks.

“Ha ha ha ha! Didn’t you name yourself the Hand of Heaven? I want to see for myself if you are really that powerful!” Lei Feng laughed and his figure abruptly disappeared, leaving after-images in the sky to instantly re-appear before He Xiaozi. Next, he unleashed a lightning-fast punch.

He had only just unleashed one punch when another followed, again and again. Immediately a sky-encompassing flurry of fist silhouettes emerged. They flashed with the power of lightning, causing crackling sounds to reverberate non-stop. It was quite the impactful sight.

“Heavenly Spirit Hand!” He Xiaozi was furious. He had no choice but to use all his strength to block this mad display of attacks.

“Brother Chen, this fellow should be someone from Extreme Celestial Sect, right?” Jian Xiaotian asked, arriving before Chen Feng.

“Yes. He is Lei Feng, a member of the Lei Family from Extreme Celestial Sect. He should be the older brother of Elder Lei Batian. I wonder, does his appearance have anything to do with me?” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! It does have something to do with you and it also doesn’t have anything to do with you!” Chen Feng had only just spoken those words when Lei Batian appeared. Additionally, it was not just Lei Batian. Beside him were Hua Zhuliu, Yang Dingfang and some other cultivators. 

“Greetings, fellow elders and senior brothers!” Although Chen Feng was feeling shocked, he had still saluted them.

“All right, dispense with the formalities. I didn’t think we’d actually get to meet you here. Kid, you are truly extraordinary. Right now, the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace have become like mad dogs, searching high and low for your whereabouts. And yet, here you are, openly walking around,” Lei Batian said, laughing.

“I have no choice either. Right, by any chance, are you fellows here to capture me?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Don’t worry, we have no such intentions. I believe you must have heard as well. Back then, we had helped you hold back the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Hua Zhuliu said.

Chen Feng nodded. Naturally, he knew about that. Back then, he had felt very shocked. He did not think that there would be cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect who would start a fight with Nine Firmaments Palace for his sake. He had felt moved by their actions then.

“Cultivators who are opposed to you, like the Zhao Family, make up only a small portion of the sect. Most of the cultivators from our sect are actually applauding your actions. Unfortunately, the Sect Master is still focused on his cultivation retreat. Without his command, the others would not recklessly start a fight with Nine Firmaments Palace. Still, we had gathered up some hot-blooded members. We came out from Extreme Celestial Sect to provide you with some assistance,” Hua Zhuliu said.

“My thanks to you all. To think that someone as powerless as I can receive the assistance of fellow brothers,” Chen Feng said gratefully.

“You are a member of Extreme Celestial Sect. The other sects are trying to oppress and kill you. Naturally, the disciples of Extreme Celestial Sect are not going to just stand by and do nothing about it. Enough, let’s not talk about this. Are you willing to follow us back to the sect?” Hua Zhuliu said.

“That’s right. The Zhao Family has yet to reach the point where they can control everything. Our Lei Family is not afraid of them. Add the Hua Family into the equation and the Zhao Family wouldn’t have the guts to trouble you after you return to the sect,” Lei Batian said.

“Let’s discuss that later. We should first deal with our present situation,” Chen Feng said.

Truth be told, regardless of what they tell him, Chen Feng’s mind was already made up. He would leave the Northern Plains and head to the Central Plains. He knew that they meant well. However, he had killed a high number of cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. Even if Extreme Celestial Sect were to mobilize all of their forces, they might still be incapable of protecting him.

Additionally, he also did not want to spend his days getting hunted down. He wanted to go out on adventures, explore places that were even more prosperous. And when his cultivation base was high enough, he will carve a bloody path back into the Northern Plains.

“Don’t worry! Senior Brother Lei will surely win. His opponent is Heavenly Spirit Sect’s Hand of Heaven, He Xiaozi. Although his cultivation base is decent, he is surely no match for Senior Brother Lei. You should know this, but Senior Brother Lei is someone who is trying to assail the Human Immortal stage,” Hua Zhuliu said smilingly.

Even as they were chatting, the victor and the loser in the fight between Lei Feng and He Xiaozi were already revealed. Lei Feng had unleashed a tempestuous flurry of attacks from the very beginning to suppress He Xiaozi. In the end, three bolts of lightning struck He Xiaozi successively to send him flying.

“Lei Feng! I will remember this!” He Xiaozi had lost his dashing atmosphere. His clothes in tatters and his hair dishevelled, he cut quite the miserable sight as he fled far away.

“Ha ha ha! The next time we meet, I will definitely kill you.” Lei Feng laughed.


All Chen Feng saw was a flash and Lei Feng appeared before him.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Lei.” Chen Feng stepped forward to perform a salute.

“Good, good. Not bad, you’re good!” After regarding Chen Feng for a moment, Lei Feng praised him.

“Senior Brother Lei, you overpraise me. By the way, are you fellows here for the meteorite?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Meteorite?” Hua Zhuliu was surprised.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“It’s like this. We received news that you are heading to the Central Plains, so we quickly came to this Starsea Region. Several hours ago, however, we heard that a divine object has appeared here. Thus, we rushed over. I didn’t think we’d encounter you two here,” Hua Zhuliu briefly summarized what happened.

“Divine object. It is indeed a divine object. Let me explain it to you.” Chen Feng nodded and informed them what he knew about the situation.

“What? There is such a thing? It is truly a divine object!” After hearing Chen Feng’s words, all of them exclaimed.

“Let’s not tarry any longer. Think of a way to move this meteorite back. If we can bring it back to the sect, we will have made a huge contribution!” Lei Batian said, a slight tone of excitement in his voice.

“It would be best not to do so. From what I can gather, even Sacred-tier storage-type magic treasures cannot collect this meteorite. It would instead trigger the martial wills within the meteorite,” Chen Feng hastily said.

“Naturally. Don’t be reckless when you fellows get there. Observe the situation first,” Lei Feng said.

They moved quickly and it did not take long for them to reach the meteorite. At that moment, a cultivator with powerful magics was displaying his magic power in an attempt to bring the big meteorite away. As for the cultivators who were cultivating there just now, they were all moving far away. They were furious, but too fearful of revealing their rage. Some of them were wounded. Clearly, they had just gone through a fight. 

“A level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator.” Lei Feng was the first to speak up.

A middle-aged cultivator was floating in mid-air and his figure emanated a terrifying atmosphere of coercion. With a wave of his hand, golden light flashed and layer after layer of nets descended like rays of light. The nets enveloped the surrounding space before moving to encompass the mountain-like meteorite.

He actually wanted to use the nets to collect the meteorite. Seeing his actions, Chen Feng felt amused. At the same time, he warned the others to quickly back away. He knew that something would happen next.

“Hah! That fellow has a death wish. We have a good show now!” The two black-clad cultivators from the Demon Order had run off to hide themselves some distance away long ago. However, there were looks of glee on their faces as they anticipated the cultivator’s wretched ending.

“Those nets are actually Sacred artefacts. What if he ends up collecting the meteorite?” Lei Feng felt concerned.

“Definitely not. Moreover, the one who tries to do so will most likely end up dying,” Chen Feng replied with certainty.


The cultivator extended his palm to control the nets to have it wrap around the meteorite. Next, he shouted and channelled his magic power, wanting to collect the meteorite.

It’s coming.

It’s gonna be lit!

The thoughts ran through the minds of many of the cultivators there. They were not concerned that this cultivator could bring the meteorite away. They were simply furious that his actions were cutting into the amount of time they could use the meteorite for cultivation.


As expected, due to the stimulations coming from the cultivator’s magic power, the sword marks, blade marks, spear marks, fist imprints and various other marks released formidable martial wills. To the shock of everyone present, even the holes on the surface of the meteorite were reacting to the magic power.

Amongst all the marks on the surface of the meteorite, the number of holes – a product of a void storm – was the highest. They were practically covering the entire meteorite.

The countless holes began releasing space-obliterating powers, causing a stormy sound to reverberate outwards. Every one of the holes was unleashing a massive storm power. Additionally, there were also sword beams, astral blades, fist blasts, palm blasts, finger jabs and various other powers, all created by the martial wills.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Next, the Sacred-tier nets began bursting. In just the blink of an eye, the various powers had shredded them away, leaving nothing behind.


The cultivator screamed out loudly, but was cut short as several bloody holes appeared on his chest, causing blood to spurt out in every direction. Next, a void storm charged forward and one of his arms silently disappeared.


A fist blast charged forward, sinking the cultivator’s chest. That one punch sent the cultivator 100 zhang up into the sky. Next, the cultivator rapidly made use of the momentum to fly high into the sky in an attempt to avoid the rest of the attacks.

Chen Feng and the others had already put a distance of over tens of li between them and the meteorite. This time, the reaction from the meteorite was several times stronger compared to the reaction that Chen Feng triggered previously. The grounds within a radius of tens of li were damaged beyond recognition. It was as though a meteor shower had smashed into the grounds there. If it weren’t for the fact that they had sensed a foreboding sensation and backed up more, they could have gotten caught in the aftermath and reduced to ash.

“What power! Even a Human Immortal would be torn to pieces.” Lei Feng was astounded.

If it could even shock Lei Feng, what more could be expected of the others? Lei Batian and the others were so shocked that their mouths were left hanging for the longest time.

“Too terrifying. This is practically like the end of the world.”

“Is this the aftermath of a war between Human Immortals?”

“Sii! Thankfully we were quick to back away. Did you fellows see that earlier? Those who were too slow in running away are no more.”

Everyone recollected themselves, feeling their hearts stirring. On the one hand, they were shocked by the scene before them. On the other hand, they were thankful that they had been quick enough in running away.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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