Chapter 459: Huge Heavenly Spirit Hand


Many other cultivators who came together with them attacked at the same time as Huo Sheng. However, they dared not approach Chen Feng. They simply unleashed their various magic treasures at Chen Feng from afar.

“You are also courting death.” Chen Feng sneered. As Huo Sheng had not taken part in provoking him earlier, Chen Feng had considered letting him off. However, now that Huo Sheng had attacked him, Chen Feng turned his fury upon him.

“Barrier of Life.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Life Sword rapidly returned to swiftly circle around him to create a thick barrier made from sword energy. The barrier blocked off all of the incoming attacks.

“Death attack!”

Chen Feng jabbed with his finger and the Death Sword transformed into a beam of black light. Everywhere it went, the various magic treasures would be shattered and destroyed. Even the Firewind Vajra Wheel that Huo Sheng sent out was cut into pieces.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The Death Sword kept flashing forward and one cultivator after another were pierced by it. The vitality of any cultivator struck by the Death Sword would immediately fall and before long, the cultivator would end up dead.

With the Life Sword defending him, Chen Feng could ignore the surrounding attacks aimed at him. He then retrieved the Death Sword and rushed towards Huo Sheng.

Not good, this fellow is so powerful! If only I had known, I would not have attacked! Huo Sheng felt regretful. Seeing Chen Feng charging towards him, he lost any desire to fight back. Immediately, he utilized his sword driving technique to fly far away.


Chen Feng swiftly appeared before a cultivator with a sword in hand. Next, the cultivator and his sword were both cut in half.


Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward and sword light flashed out. Yet again, another cultivator was killed.

“Inescapable Net!”

Suddenly, four cultivators joined hands to unleash a forbidden technique and Chen Feng found that the surrounding space had frozen and his movement speed had slowed down to the extreme. At the same time, waves of viscous force attempted to bind his limbs.

However, the viscous force had only just appeared when the Life Sword sliced it apart. It had failed to affect Chen Feng in the slightest. After that, Chen Feng’s surroundings returned to normalcy and the Death Sword flew out from Chen Feng’s hand, flying in a circle to kill off the four cultivators. 

Young Master Wan Xie had watched as the cultivators on his side fell one by one to Chen Feng. At that very moment, Chen Feng had seemingly transformed into a God of Slaughter while making his way towards Young Master Wan Xie. Seeing that, Young Master Wan Xie’s face subconsciously paled and he tossed his identity away and shouted, “Xiao Qian, Du Huo! Are you two still not going to attack?”

“Are you kidding me? What does this have to do with me?” Xiao Qian smirked at him. Next, he mounted his big bird and flew far into the distance.

As for Wicked Gentleman Du Huo, seeing Chen Feng’s prowess, he had long since fallen into a stupor. He thought to himself: If Chen Feng had unleashed this level of power earlier, I would have died. Thus, when he heard Young Master Wan Xie’s words, he scoffed. Giving Chen Feng another glance, he then turned around. He didn’t even bother replying as he fled as fast as he could.

Thank goodness you fellows offended Chen Feng, otherwise I would not have known that he is so powerful. Truth be told, he does possess a good number of magic treasures on him. However, it would be wise of me to not prod him. Wicked Gentleman Du Huo snickered to himself as he quickly covered a distance of several li.


Another cultivator was killed. Meanwhile, the Five Thunderbolts Bead that Young Master Wan Xie hurled out earlier had failed to stop Chen Feng. Instead, Chen Feng had nearly cut his arm.

“Chen Feng! Do not go overboard! As humans, one should toe the line. That way, our future encounters won’t end up becoming problematic!” Young Master Wan Xie shouted loudly.

“By killing you, we won’t be encountering each other again in the future. You have yourself to blame for provoking me without rhyme or reason,” Chen Feng said with a derisive smile as he swung his hand and the Death Sword left his hand as it flew towards the retreating Young Master Wan Xie.


The Death Sword stabbed into Young Master Wan Xie’s body and his figure immediately exploded, giving rise to clouds of smoke.

“Eh, what happened?” Chen Feng retrieved the Death Sword. Although the attack had struck Young Master Wan Xie, Chen Feng sensed something odd about it. It was an inexplicable feeling. It felt as though the one killed by the Death Sword was not Young Master Wan Xie.

Five kilometres away, Young Master Wan Xie was fleeing, his face pale. He flew as fast as he could while swearing, “Why is this Chen Feng so powerful? If it weren’t for the fact that I possess a Puppet Talisman with me, I would have died. Really, I nearly died back there! However, this also means that Chen Feng possesses good items on him. Looks like I will need to contact some experts to come kill him!”

“So, it is a Puppet Talisman, and a high-grade one to boot. Forget it, since you can escape, consider yourself lucky. I hope you don’t come look for me again.” After the smoke had subsided, Chen Feng saw a broken talisman. Streams of energy were still flowing out from the talisman. The talisman had helped Young Master Wan Xie block the attack just now.

Young Master Wan Xie had fled, Huo Sheng was nowhere to be found, and the other cultivators were all fleeing in a haphazard manner. The Sacred artefacts in Chen Feng’s possession were so powerful. Who would stay behind to face death? Even Young Master Tian Leizi and Uncle Wang were attempting to flee, their bodies soaked with blood.

Chen Feng moved quickly, his body covered with light as he quickly caught up to Young Master Tian Leizi and Uncle Wang.

“Chen Feng! There is no grudge or resentment between us. Aren’t you being too ruthless here?” Young Master Tian Leizi shouted.

“There is indeed no grudge and resentment between us. You can only blame your stupendously good luck. Since you have bumped into me, you’ll have to die. In your next life, whenever you see me, run away as far as you can,” Chen Feng said, swinging the Death Sword at Young Master Tian Leizi. The sword luminescence on the surface of the sword grew, giving the impression that the Death Sword had grown a notch bigger. Considering how much power was behind the sword, Young Master Tian Leizi and Uncle Wang was most likely going to die.

Just as Young Master Tian Leizi was about to die, however, a thundering sound suddenly rang out from the sky. Raising his head, Chen Feng saw a giant palm silhouette blasting through the sky at breakneck speed towards him.

Given the current situation, Chen Feng was still able to kill Young Master Tian Leizi. However, he would be struck by the giant palm silhouette as a result. Sensing the formidable pressure emanating from the palm silhouette, Chen Feng did not hesitate to back away.


Retracting the Death Sword, Chen Feng’s figure became like a fish in water, drawing an arc through the sky to re-appear somewhere over 100 metres away.

However, the palm silhouette charging in from the distance had no intentions of letting Chen Feng go. It changed its trajectory in mid-air and continued to smash towards Chen Feng.

The palm silhouette was huge and powerful, formed completely using primary energy. Everywhere it went, it would cause thundering sounds to reverberate outwards. It had a grand appearance, looking like the palm of a Heavenly God desirous of capturing the stars and the moon. 

“Humph! You think I am afraid of you?” Seeing the attack chase after him, Chen Feng scoffed. He mobilized all the soul power inside his sea of wisdom and the Death Sword in his hand grew even more violent. A world-obliterating sword intent radiated out from the sword. It was so thick, it seemingly gained tangible form, causing the surrounding space to turn viscous.


Chen Feng raised the Death Sword with both hands and furiously hacked down against the huge palm silhouette charging towards him. As astral sword, over 100 zhang in length, suddenly shot out to smash heavily against the palm.


To Chen Feng’s surprise, although his attack managed to break the huge palm silhouette, the astral sword he sent out was also shattered by the palm silhouette. The strong winds generated by the collision forced Chen Feng to back away continuously. He had lost the chance to kill Young Master Tian Leizi.

The strong winds had yet to subside when a middle-aged cultivator in scholarly attire appeared in the sky. He had an ordinary face and stature. However, the atmosphere he was emanating was like that of an exalted character with no peers.

This man is powerful. Chen Feng was surprised. Without the Twin Swords of Life and Death, even ten of him would be no match for this fellow. 

“Greetings, Sect Uncle.” When he saw the newcomer, Young Master Tian Leizi revealed a look of shock and joy. At the same time, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hmm.” The middle-aged scholar nodded his head. Looking around, he immediately noticed Uncle Wang’s cut arm.

“Your arm!” Killing intent glinted across the middle-aged scholar’s eyes.

“The other party is not to be underestimated. We should forget about this,” Uncle Wang said with a wry smile.

“We cannot simply forget about it. Not even those from the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects can casually bully us from the Heavenly Spirit Sect.” After saying that, the atmosphere emanating from the middle-aged scholar’s body abruptly swelled and he strode towards Chen Feng. He gave off a formidable and lofty demeanour similar to that of an emperor. Pressing his palm down, he caused another huge palm silhouette to rumble downwards, charging towards Chen Feng.

This time’s palm silhouette was different from the previous one. The previous one was dark-grey and solid. This one, however, was crystal-clear, seemingly carved out entirely from crystal. Even so, Chen Feng could already sense the terrifying power contained within it.

Chen Feng could not stop himself from weeping inwardly. During the earlier battle, he had forced himself to utilize the Twin Swords of Life and Death, over exhausting himself in the process. His sea of wisdom was already on the verge of drying up. Even his Soul and Anima acupoints were aching somewhat. Chen Feng knew that was due to him overusing them. Using this power occasionally would not be a problem. However, constant use of this power – a power that exceeded his limits – would bring about serious damage to his body.

Chen Feng practiced the Longevity Scripture and his longevity-type primary energy possessed the ability to swiftly heal his wounds. However, even for Chen Feng, constant usage of magic treasures that far surpassed his own level of strength would be detrimental towards his cultivation. The same was true for him using the Longevity Tower.

Given his current situation, however, Chen Feng had no choice but to utilize this type of power. Not doing so would mean that this palm slap would send him flying.

Sigh! Do I have to resort to using the Longevity Tower’s power again? Chen Feng felt frustrated. Presently, his soul power was no longer sufficient for him to utilize the Twin Swords of Life and Death. However, the Longevity Tower was different. So long as he desired it, he could unleash the Longevity Tower’s strongest power to stomp this fellow into meat paste.

Speaking of which, this very impulse had been burning within Chen Feng for a long time now. The constant provocations had caused Chen Feng’s temper to hit its limit. He really, really wanted to bring out the Longevity Tower to smash all of them to their deaths.

As Chen Feng was pondering whether or not to brutalize his opponents with the Longevity Tower, a loud laugh spread towards them. “Ha ha ha ha! He Xiaozi, you dare attack a disciple from our Extreme Celestial Sect? You must have a death wish! Do you want me to lead a group of men to flatten your Heavenly Spirit Sect?”

Accompanying the arrogant-sounding voice was a thick bolt of lightning, which had appeared out of nowhere. It struck the crystal-clear palm silhouette. It was as though a block of steel had smashed against a piece of crystal. First, cracks spread out across the palm silhouette. Then, with a booming sound, it shattered apart. 

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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