Chapter 458: Successive Fights


As Chen Feng was distracted, the flaming sword’s power began weakening. The red-haired youngster quickly made use of the opportunity. With a shout, flames swirled out around his body and the two large fire palms merged as one, becoming an even more condensed palm silhouette. With a grasping motion, it caught Chen Feng’s flaming sword.

“Good! This Prized artefact is now mine!” The red-haired youngster felt overjoyed.

Although the flaming sword was snatched, Chen Feng did not feel worried. Instead, he continued to display the Longevity Sword Technique to kill off the other cultivators. He had been spending the past few days cultivating before the meteorite, fighting against the meteorite’s sword intent every day. Thus, his swordsmanship had improved considerably. At that very moment, the Fire Wyrm Sword in Chen Feng’s hand was unleashing rays of sword light, reaping the lives of cultivators in its path.

There were originally close to 20 cultivators with the red-haired youngster. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng’s act of slaughter had reduced their number to only seven or eight. These survivors were fleeing in various directions.

“Kid, you dare offend our Holy Flame Sect? You’re a dead man!” Seeing that, the red-haired youngster grew enraged. He had only just wanted to collect the flaming sword when he saw an even more powerful fiery-red sword unleash a blazing beam towards him.

“No! It’s a high-grade Prized artefact!”


The Fire Wyrm Sword swiftly slashed down, slicing the fire palm silhouette apart. Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and his flaming sword transformed into a stream of light, which shot towards the red-haired youngster. At the same time, the Fire Wyrm Sword transformed into the shape of a fiery-red wyrm, which opened its mouth to exert a suction force upon the red-haired youngster.

“Wicked Poisonflame Dragonspear!” In the face of this attack, the red-haired youngster finally displayed his strongest move. A black spear, engraved with the picture of an aggressively majestic wyrm, appeared in his grasp. Fiery luminescence undulated without cease from the tip of the spear. It was as though there was a wicked wyrm swallowing a dragon pearl. The red-haired youngster swung the black spear and it transformed into a wyrm while releasing a roar.

“Eh, a high-grade Prized artefact? There must be a wyrm sealed inside the spear. However, it is not as strong as my Fire Wyrm Sword.” Chen Feng collected his flaming sword and focused instead on empowering the Fire Wyrm Sword to fight the red-haired youngster. Two flaming wyrms fought between Chen Feng and the red-haired youngster, tearing at one another. Instantly, dust rose and rocks scattered about even as the lands began cracking. It was a very ferocious battle. Originally, the red-haired youngster’s companions had wanted to rush forward to help. At that moment, however, they were all running as far away as they could in fear of getting hit by the resulting shockwaves.

“Ha ha ha! It is so lively here! It turns out Wicked Gentleman Du Huo is fighting someone!”

“Young Master Du Huo, you look like you are in trouble. Do you want me to help?”

As Chen Feng and the red-haired youngster were fighting, more cultivators came. Additionally, it seemed as though there were some grudges between the red-haired youngster and the newcomers. The newcomers watched the fight while pointing with their fingers.

“Humph! We’ll end it here, kid. I will be settling this account with you next time.” Wicked Gentleman Du Huo kept his spear and swiftly backed away, putting some distance between himself and Chen Feng. Clearly, he was wary of Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha! What a joke! If we continue this fight, I will definitely end up killing you.” Chen Feng laughed loudly.

“You!” Wicked Gentleman Du Huo’s face sank. However, he suppressed his emotions. Turning, he then flew far away.

“Ha ha ha! So, Wicked Gentleman Du Huo is actually such a coward. He was actually scared away.” The spectating newcomers uttered words of ridicule.

“Wan Xie, Huo Sheng, you fellows are provoking me!” Hearing those words, Wicked Gentleman Du Huo, who had gotten far away, finally could not endure anymore. He rapidly turned back, the wyrm spear in his hand roaring and he seemed ready to attack.

“We are provoking you. What are you going to do about it?” Young Master Wan Xie revealed a derisive smile.

“Die!” Wicked Gentleman Du Huo was furious and the spear in his hand shot towards Young Master Wan Xie.

“You think I am afraid of you? Swirling Sinister Clouds!”

Young Master Wan Xie swiftly swung the folding fan in his grasp and black, ink-like, sinister clouds roared forward to collide against Wicked Gentleman Du Huo’s attack, resulting in a burst of bone-biting wave of iciness.

So, it’s Young Master Wan Xie and Huo Sheng. What are these two fellows doing here? Right. They must have been the ones behind the bandits we encountered after leaving the auction house back then. With just one glance, Chen Feng recognized the two fellows.

“Wan Xie, Du Huo, stop with the fighting, will you? A divine object has appeared up ahead and many cultivators are already heading there. You fellows actually want to fight here?” Suddenly, a large bird flew over, leaving chaotic streams of air in its wake. Standing on the bird was a tall and gaunt-looking cultivator. A flute, made with unknown materials, was inserted down his waist.

“It’s Xiao Qian from Demon Sound Sect.” A cultivator recognized the newcomer.

“That’s right, Wicked Gentleman Du Huo. We did not come here to start a fight with you. It is said that a divine object has appeared here. Thus, all of us are here to have a look. If you want to start a fight, there will surely be more opportunities for that in the future.” Unexpectedly, Young Master Wan Xie actually decided to back off.

“Very well. Let’s go and see what the object is before we continue.” Wicked Gentleman Du Huo nodded his head.

Demon Order, Holy Flame Sect, Demon Sound Sect. Although these sects are not as strong as the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains, their powers are not to be underestimated. If even these people could appear, I wonder when the guys from Nine Firmaments Palace will appear, Chen Feng thought as he moved towards Jian Xiaotian. By then, Jian Xiaotian had already gotten to his feet. Although his face was still slightly pale, the sword intent radiating off his body soared skywards. It was an indication that his level had risen.

“Brother Jian, how do you feel?” Chen Feng asked.

“I’m fine. I am now at level 4 of the Sky Human stage. However, since I have only just overcome my Lightning Tribulation, I am still slightly weak,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think I would get to meet the renowned Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian here! My respects to you!” Young Master Wan Xie laughed loudly as he moved over.

It would appear that Young Master Wan Xie had deliberately spoken loudly. His voice travelled far into the distance and all the cultivators present turned to look at Chen Feng. Some did not even bother concealing the killing intent in their eyes.

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think I would encounter these two fellows as soon as I entered Starsea Region. Looks like I am quite lucky.” Young Master Tian Leizi appeared as well, leading a group of cultivators with him as he flew over.

“Looks like these fellows have a death wish.” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes as rage rose within his heart. Their actions could put him and Jian Xiaotian in a very dangerous position.

“These fellows are quite despicable.” Jian Xiaotian, too, was radiating an intense wave of killing intent. If it were not for the fact that he had yet to recover, he would have attacked.

“Young Master Wan Xie,” Chen Feng said coolly as he secretly gathered his strength.

“Yes, I am he. I didn’t think that I could be so famous. Even the renowned Chen Feng would know my name. However, Brother Chen, you are truly amazing. You dare to even kill cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Young Master Wan Xie said smilingly.

“The ones to die under my hands are not limited to disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. I have killed even more cultivators from smaller sects. Take this fellow standing before me as an example,” Chen Feng said as the atmosphere he exuded abruptly exploded. The Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out from his body and the Death Sword attacked Young Master Wan Xie while the Life Sword attacked Young Master Tian Leizi.

“Oh, no! It’s a Sacred artefact!”

“Young master, careful!”

Two black-clad bodyguards appeared beside Young Master Wan Xie at the same time, rushing forward to defend him. As for Young Master Tian Leizi, Uncle Wang appeared beside him to grab Young Master Tian Leizi before ducking to the side.


Chen Feng was furious this time around. His soul power poured into the Twin Swords of Life and Death, causing their powers to burst out violently.

“Young Master, run!” The two black-clad bodyguards standing before Young Master Wan Xie unleashed one attack after another, wanting to block the Death Sword’s attack. On the other side, Uncle Wang, holding Young Master Tian Leizi in his hand, burned his soul power to push his movement speed to its limit. However, the Twin Swords of Life and Death were both grade 6 Sacred artefacts while they were not even at the Human Immortal stage. How could they block the attacks from the Twin Swords of Life and Death?

First, the attacks unleashed by the two black-clad bodyguards were cleaved apart by the Death Sword. Next, the Death Sword flashed past the two bodyguards’ faces, causing their movements to come to an abrupt halt. Their eyes were filled with dread and a look of unwillingness and disbelief could be seen within them. They could not believe that they were going to die just because of a few words their young master said. The most aggravating part in all this was that the one to kill them did not possess a high cultivation base. Instead, their killer was simply utilizing a powerful magic treasure to kill them.

And that was the end of it. The thoughts had only just flashed through the two black-clad bodyguards’ minds when all their cognitive capabilities were destroyed by a formidable power of destruction.

With one sword attack, two cultivators with 8 Lightning Tribulations under their belts were killed. Young Master Wan Xie’s face sank sharply. There was no time to dodge the attack. He waved his hand and a quaint, circular shield engraved with densely-packed runes appeared before him.

“This Goldrock Shield of mine is also a Sacred artefact. I don’t believe it cannot stop his attack!” Young Master Wan Xie mobilized all of his magic powers and the circular shield protecting him instantly shone with a dazzling light.

On the other side, Uncle Wang, who was pulling Young Master Tian Leizi away, grunted. One of his arms had been cut.

“Guardian Talisman!”

During that critical moment, Young Master Tian Leizi brought out a Sacred-tier talisman. The talisman radiated a bright golden barrier, which enveloped him and Uncle Wang.

“As expected, you fellows have some trump cards. However, they are insufficient against me!” Chen Feng scoffed as he swiftly stirred his Soul and Anima acupoints to increase the power of the Twin Swords of Life and Death. Even their speed had gotten faster.

Puchi! Puchi!

Young Master Tian Leizi’s Guardian Talisman was sliced apart with one slash, sending Young Master Tian Leizi and Uncle Wang flying backwards, blood spurting out from their mouths.

The quaint shield defending Young Master Wan Xie was also cleaved apart by that one slash and Young Master Wan Xie – his body stained with blood – was thrown backwards.

“Eh, they are still alive? So, they are also wearing body armour. However, I want to see how you block my next attack.” Chen Feng was determined to kill them off. He ignored his rapidly falling reserve of soul power and attacked again.

“Everyone, hurry up and attack! He cannot unleash the Sacred artefact’s full power!” Huo Sheng shouted, waving his hand to send a rapidly spinning Firewind Vajra Wheel at Chen Feng.


Note: Young Master Wan Xie, Huo Sheng and Young Master Tian Leizi appeared not too long ago in the auction arc in Chapter 433.

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