Chapter 456: Unexpected Change


Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The two flying swords suddenly transformed into a stretch of sword silhouettes. Thirty-six sword silhouettes appeared to form two sword arrays, each enveloping Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian respectively.

As for the descending seal stamp, it rapidly grew in size as it spun, creating viscous and strong winds, which entangled Chen Feng. It seemed as though it wanted to smash Chen Feng to death with one hit.

The landscape painting attacking Jian Xiaotian was even more extraordinary. After unfolding, the painted image of mountains and rivers there seemingly came to life and they moved to surround Jian Xiaotian. Should Jian Xiaotian fail to extricate himself, the landscape painting would pull him in and seal him.

“Heh! You fellows are courting death” Chen Feng gave a harrumph and the Twin Swords of Life and Deaths flew out from his body. Everywhere they went, they would cleave out spatial cracks in their wake. Chen Feng had used all of his power to empower the Twin Swords of Life and Death. 

Every single one of the cultivators there felt a chilling sensation overcoming their bodies. Sensing the auras radiating from the two swords, the faces of the cultivators that were 100 metres away sank sharply. The same was true for the two black-clad cultivators from the Demon Order. They rapidly fled far away, fearful of getting hit by the two swords.

“Ah! Those are Sacred artefacts! Not good!” Chen Feng had brought out the Twin Swords of Life and Death right from the start. As for the three cultivators attacking Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, they promptly realized that they were in dire straits. However, it was too late for them to collect their magic treasures.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death swiftly swept forward and the 35 sword silhouettes surrounding Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exploded, reduced to bits. Next, the Twin Swords of Life and Death flashed and the massive seal stamp descending from the sky was hacked into two. As for the landscape painting, a sword beam flashed by and it was torn apart, its remnants scattered across the ground. It had become a pile of useless paper.

“No! Don’t kill us!” Seeing Chen Feng so easily destroy their magic treasures, the three cultivators felt their hearts aching. Even more so, they felt dread within their hearts. All they could do was to cry loudly, hoping that Chen Feng would spare them.

“Like I said earlier. You fellows are courting death.” Chen Feng extended his hand to jab out. The Death Sword flashed forward and all three were cut from the waist down. After getting attacked by the Death Sword, the three cultivators’ souls were instantly destroyed.

Turns out he is a God of Slaughter. Thankfully I did not offend him. Many of the cultivators there thought the same thing. Even the two black-clad cultivators from the Demon Order had contorted expressions on their faces. If Chen Feng had utilized the two Sacred artefacts against them during their earlier fight, they would absolutely have died.

Sou! Sou!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death circled around Chen Feng a few times before flowing into Chen Feng’s body. Next, Chen Feng looked at the surrounding cultivators nonchalantly before sitting down to continue his cultivation practice.

Surface wise, Chen Feng revealed calm demeanour. However, he was in fact hastily recovering his strength. At any rate, each of the Twin Swords of Life and Death was a grade 6 Sacred artefact. Given Chen Feng’s current cultivation base, utilizing them would exhaust a great deal of his powers.

Seeing Chen Feng utilize the Sacred artefacts to kill off the three cultivators stunned all the cultivators present. Although their eyes had turned red at seeing the Sacred artefacts, they knew that staying alive was more important. Subconsciously, they all put some more distance between them and Chen Feng. Even the two black-clad cultivators chose to move over to another spot. They were too close to Chen Feng. If Chen Feng were to suddenly throw a fit, the two of them were not confident that they could block the Sacred artefacts’ attack.


Suddenly, the massive meteorite shook. Instantly, Chen Feng sensed a warning cry coming from his heart. A powerful sense of crisis surged to his mind. 

Not good! There is danger! Chen Feng thought. Strangely though, he could not be certain where the danger would come from.

“Kid, hurry up and run away from the meteorite!” Tower suddenly said, his voice anxious.

Having no time to think it over, Chen Feng shouted at Jian Xiaotian, “Hurry up and leave this place!”

By the time the shout escaped Chen Feng’s mouth, he was already 100 metres away. On Jian Xiaotian’s side, he had already gotten a faint sense of crisis. When he heard Chen Feng’s shout, he too, rapidly dashed far away.

“If you don’t want to die, hurry up and leave!” Chen Feng shouted as he dashed into the distance.

Sou! Sou!

Besides Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, the two black-clad cultivators were also running far away. They possessed high cultivation bases, after all. They had sensed something amiss the moment the meteorite shook. When they then noticed Chen Feng running away, the two of them exchanged glances once before running away from the meteorite.

There were over 30 cultivators that were 100 metres away from the meteorite. They were all studying the meteorite to cultivate themselves. When they heard Chen Feng’s shouts, some reacted quickly to fly away. There were also those who ignored it and those who stood by, not knowing what was going on. Some were too deeply immersed in a state of cultivation and could simply not hear Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

When Chen Feng was 15 kilometres away from the meteorite, the massive meteorite finally made its move. Of the countless marks left on the surface of the meteorite, over 1,000 sword marks and blade marks suddenly flashed out and countless sword light, astral blades, sword beams, sword intent appeared, shooting out from the marks. The meteorite had seemingly transformed into a machine capable of firing out sharp arrows. The sharp arrows then shot out into the meteorite’s surroundings in a chaotic manner. At that very moment, the entire meteorite was shining with light and the released sword beams would create sharp, grating sounds as they sped through space.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Some of the cultivators who had remained were killed, their bodies torn to bits. Next, the sword beams utterly obliterated all that were left of their bodies, leaving nothing behind.

Puchi! Puchi!

Some cultivators failed to run far enough and were pierced by the sword beams. Some, knowing they could not escape, swiftly brought out their magic treasures to fight back.

Sou! Sou!

Two sword beams shot towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. The two sword beams were strong and fast, giving off the impression that they could pierce through everything. However, Chen Feng merely waved his hand to break the two sword beams.

“It’s too far away. These two sword beams no longer possess any power inside them,” Chen Feng whispered. 

“Humph! That’s because the martial wills on the meteorite did not completely erupt, otherwise the surrounding space covering a radius of 50 kilometres would be turned into nothingness. Not even Human Immortals can fight against it,” Tower said with a harrumph.

“What happened?” Jian Xiaotian flew over. Although Jian Xiaotian was fine, there were plenty of sword marks on his body. There was also blood staining his body.

“It is probably due to me using the Twin Swords of Life and Death earlier,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

After the meteorite’s attack subsided, Chen Feng was shocked to behold its aftermath. The attack had reduced everything within a radius of 10 kilometres to ruins. The hard ground was filled with seemingly-bottomless craters. Of the 30 plus cultivators who were cultivating there, only seven to eight managed to survive. Additionally, all of them were wounded. Some were seemingly on the verge of death.

“So dangerous! If we were late by just one breath, none of us would have survived,” said a shocked Jian Xiaotian.

“Sigh! All of them died because of me.” Chen Feng sighed. Next, he moved forward, bringing out some medicinal pills to treat the wounded cultivators. The surviving cultivators quickly understood what happened and all of them cast furious stares at Chen Feng. However, not a single one of them dared to say anything.

“Looks like we cannot recklessly utilize our magic powers here, or we’ll end up triggering the martial wills on this meteorite.” The two black-clad cultivators managed to escape the calamity and they returned to the meteorite.

The more power is used, the greater the backlash. I will have to be careful. Thankfully, only the wills left on the sword marks were triggered. If the other marks were triggered as well, or, if those from the void storm holes decide to join the party, I will have no choice but to hide inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng brought out some magic treasures as compensation for the wounded cultivators. Then, he led Jian Xiaotian back to the meteorite again.

The two black-clad cultivators looked at Chen Feng and suggested, “He he! This works too. The way I see it, we should kill off everyone here. It’ll save us the trouble of having others come forward to ask for a share.” 

“I will not attack. However, this proposal is not bad. If I kill off all the cultivators present, there will only be the two of us left here,” Chen Feng replied with a snicker.

“Humph!” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the two fellows snorted before moving to the side.

“Ha ha! The way I see it, those two fellows don’t look like good guys. You should just kill them,” Jian Xiaotian said with a laugh.

“How many good people can there be in the world of cultivation? Who knows how many cultivators have died under our hands? Those two are from the Demon Order. They are practically saints for not killing off all the cultivators present right from the start. All right. Let’s continue with our cultivation. I had some gains earlier, but those three fellows disrupted me,” said Chen Feng, who sent out a strand of his soul power to continue studying the meteorite.

Jian Xiaotian pondered for a moment before quickly flying away. He flew over 50 kilometres into the distance where he found a 10-metre-tall stone. Next, he erected the stone somewhere 100 zhang away from the meteorite. After that, he carved some warning words on the stone before returning to the meteorite. 

Jian Xiaotian was a pure sword cultivator. Thus, the sword wills within sword marks left on the meteorite was fatally attractive for him. After just one glance, Jian Xiaotian once again entered a state of cultivation.

As for Chen Feng, he was once again utilizing the Longevity Sword Technique to fight against the will contained within the sword mark. Each time they fought, Chen Feng would grow stronger. When Chen Feng was able to block the sword moves unleashed by the martial will, Chen Feng would increase the strength of his soul power to trigger a stronger response from the martial will.

It was similar to his cultivation practice within the lightning pool inside the Longevity Tower. Only when there was a formidable pressure bearing down on him could he rapidly progress. As for Chen Feng, he had long since gotten used to this type of pressure.

The Longevity Sword Technique is truly wondrous. Using this sword technique alone, I can sweep aside everyone that is on the same level as me. As Chen Feng’s cultivation base grew, his comprehension of the Longevity Sword Technique grew as well. It caused Chen Feng to grow even more shocked. He was shocked at the might, unpredictable changes and profundity of the Longevity Sword Technique.

The days went by and it did not take long for a good 10 days to pass. Coincidentally, no other new cultivators came during the past 10 days, allowing the others to cultivate with peace of mind.

On this very day, Jian Xiaotian abruptly stood up. Waves of formidable sword intent emanated out from his body and sword light kept flashing within his eyes.

“Eh? Did he get a breakthrough?” Chen Feng was surprised.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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