Chapter 454: Martial Will


“The way I see it, you fellows should be the ones to back off,” Jian Xiaotian replied with a scoff. A sword intent began radiating from his body.

As Jian Xiaotian’s sword intent was only just radiating outwards, one of the sword marks on the surface of the meteorite responded. It suddenly released a sound of metals clashing. Immediately after that, a sword intent – with a greater level of profundity and sharpness than Jian Xiaotian’s sword intent – shot out from the sword mark and charged towards Jian Xiaotian.

“What a formidable sword intent!” Jian Xiaotian was able to sense it and he immediately understood that things were looking bad for him. He swiftly channelled out sword energy from his body. At the same time, the sword energy formed layer after layer of barriers, which flowed around him.

However, as the sword intent that Jian Xiaotian radiated rose, so too did the sword intent coming from the sword mark. Moreover, due to how much more powerful the sword intent was, Jian Xiaotian’s solemn expression finally turned distorted. At the same time, he began stepping backwards. It was as though there was an invisible force pushing him backwards.

“Eh? What happened?” Chen Feng was surprised. He did not understand what had just happened.

Seeing Jian Xiaotian backing away, the two black-clad cultivators did not do anything. They simply snickered as they watched the situation unfold.

“Hey, hey! This is interesting! Kid, this meteorite is a good item. It is even more valuable compared to the one I collected earlier; much more valuable,” Tower suddenly said with a chuckle.

“This meteorite can also repair your body?” Chen Feng asked, feeling both shocked and overjoyed.

“Its value does not lie there. Look at the marks left on the meteorite,” Tower said. 

“Hmm, the holes must have been created when it landed. As for the blade marks, sword marks, spear marks, palm prints, fist prints and others, those must be from cultivators. Is there anything strange about it?” Chen Feng said, assessing the meteorite.

“Is there anything strange? You’ll know soon enough. First, look closer at one of the marks left on the meteorite. You would do well to utilize some of your soul power for this,” Tower said with an amused tone.

After hearing that, Chen Feng swiftly found a sword mark. Before Chen Feng could utilize his soul power, he sensed a formidable sword intent gushing out from the sword mark. The sword intent was filled with an atmosphere of oppression and carnage. It was one that went straight to the heart, causing one’s heart to tremble. It was an overpowering emotion.

“What is going on here?” Chen Feng instinctively released his soul power to protect himself, but his soul power was instead riddled with holes, becoming like a honeycomb. Chen Feng could sense it. The sword mark was unleashing countless sword beams at a furious rate and every one of the sword beams was stabbing towards one of his vital spots.

“Longevity Sword!” Chen Feng swung his hand to condense out a Longevity Sword. Next, he displayed the Longevity Sword Technique. An overbearing and mighty sword energy swept forward, desirous of blocking the incoming sword beams.

However, each of the sword beams seemingly possessed a life of its own. It was as though there were countless cultivators performing various sword techniques to fight Chen Feng. After taking just three steps backwards, the Longevity Sword in Chen Feng’s hand was already shattered.

Puchi! Puchi!

Two sword beams stabbed into Chen Feng’s body, causing him to grit his teeth in pain. Next, Chen Feng condensed out another Longevity Sword and he blocked the sword beams while backing away. This time, the Longevity Sword he condensed was even more tangible than the previous one. It was already comparable to a grade 1 Prized artefact. Even so, Chen Feng had to retreat over 100 metres before stopping.

Chen Feng checked his body. There were no wounds on the two spots stabbed by the sword beams earlier. Even so, Chen Feng felt searing pain there. Accessing his inner vision, he saw that the meridians inside his body were already damaged. It appeared that they were cut by a sword.

“Humph, you don’t know your place. Given your cultivation base, you can only cultivate from a distance of over 100 metres away.” The two black-clad cultivators scoffed. Next, they ignored Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian and continued to study the meteorite and cultivate themselves. 

“Tower, what happened just now?” Chen Feng was shocked. What happened earlier seemed unbelievable to him. As for Jian Xiaotian, he had seated himself cross-legged on the ground, his great sword in his hand. Both his eyes were closed and he appeared to be comprehending something. Looking at the others, Chen Feng saw that they were also in similar states. Some were constantly brandishing their weapons. It was as though they were combating some other cultivators.

“Ha ha! The marks on this meteorite were left behind by some high-level cultivators. They contain martial wills. The sword mark that attacked you earlier was left by a mid-level Human Immortal,” Tower said, laughing.

“In other words, this meteorite is a priceless treasure that is even more valuable compared to a Sacred artefact!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“He he! If you ask me, even a Dao artefact cannot match its value. This meteorite is probably comparable to a whole Immortal artefact. Naturally, I am only talking about a low-grade Immortal artefact,” Tower said with a chortle.

“So outrageous?” Chen Feng found it hard to believe.

“I am not trying to exaggerate here. Firstly, the holes left on this meteorite are not ordinary holes. These are probably the handiwork of a void tempest in outer space or high-grade tribulation winds. As for the sword marks and imprints on it, the weakest amongst those who had left them there are at the mid-level Human Immortal stage. Tell me, is it not more valuable compared to a Sacred artefact?” Tower said.

“The weakest is at the mid-level Human Immortal stage? If so, what about the strongest?” Chen Feng asked.

“The strongest one is at the Earthen Immortal stage. Given your current level of strength, you cannot study it yet. Even if you recklessly try, you will be incapable of figuring anything out,” Tower said.

“Earthen Immortal stage.” Chen Feng nodded. That was one stage higher than the Human Immortal stage. It was not something that Chen Feng could come into contact with just yet.

“In other words, this is indeed a peerless treasure. Tower, collect it then.” Chen Feng’s eyes turned fiery.

“If I could collect it, I would have done so long ago. This meteorite is not as simple as it looks. I am current inspecting it. I have this feeling that there is something even better beneath this meteorite.” There was a somewhat puzzled tone in Tower’s voice.

“Not even you can collect it?” Chen Feng was shocked. Back then, Tower had managed to easily collect Pot Mountain, a broken Immortal artefact. 

After spending some time thinking about the profundity of the meteorite, Chen Feng thought to himself: Hopefully, Tower will be able to collect this meteorite. Since we have already laid eyes on it, we’ll have to collect it. If others ended up taking it away, it’ll infuriate me to the point of puking blood!

Naturally, Chen Feng did not bother considering that his actions of taking the meteorite away would infuriate others to the point of puking blood.

As Chen Feng was chatting with Tower, two cultivators who were cultivating there suddenly got up before striding towards the meteorite. It was obvious that the two of them were still deeply immersed in a state of cultivation. As they had managed to gain an inkling of comprehension about something, they could not help but want to get closer to get a clearer sense of comprehension.

“Go back!”

One of the two black-clad cultivators who were cultivating there suddenly swung his hand and a formidable palm force sent the two fellows flying. After falling to the ground, the two of them began puking out blood non-stop.

“If anyone else dares step forward, do not blame us brothers for being rude,” the black-clad cultivator said with a sneer.

Rage burned within the eyes of the two wounded cultivators. It had not been easy to gain that inkling of comprehension. However, not only did the two black-clad cultivators disrupt them, they had even badly wounded them.

The other cultivators were also feeling furious. However, there was nothing they could do in the face of the two black-clad cultivators’ high-handed behaviour. All they could do was to swear inwardly. 

These two are quite overbearing, Chen Feng thought.

Eh? Brother Jian managed to sense something as well. Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up as Jian Xiaotian suddenly got up. His entire being was like an unsheathed sword as he strode forward. An indomitable will to progress radiated out from him.

“Go back!”

Seeing Jian Xiaotian stepping forward, one of the black-clad cultivators swung his hand and a palm force capable of rearranging mountains and overturning seas charged towards Jian Xiaotian. As for Jian Xiaotian, he was deeply immersed in a state of cultivation and was utterly unresponsive towards everything that was happening. Moreover, even if he could respond, he was no match for the black-clad cultivator.

Chi! Chi!

Chen Feng finally took action. A sword beam containing death energy flashed forward to cleave the palm force. Due to the corrosive power of the death energy, the palm force that had already condensed out astral energy was instantly dissipated. 

The confrontation between the two sides did not alarm Jian Xiaotian, who continued walking forward until there was a distance of 10 metres between him and the meteorite. Both his eyes stared intently at one of the sword marks there. Sword light kept flashing within his eyes as he was completely immersed in a state of cultivation.

“Sacred artefact!” The black-clad cultivator cast a look of shock at Chen Feng. A hint of fear glinted deep within his eyes.

Earlier, Chen Feng had utilized the Death Sword within his Death acupoint. It was a grade 6 Sacred artefact. If he possessed a cultivation base high enough to activate the sword’s true power, Chen Feng could instantly kill off the black-clad cultivator.

“If you dare to recklessly attack, I will kill you two,” Chen Feng said coldly.

“Insolence!” The black-clad cultivator grew furious. A black-coloured atmosphere of slaughter radiated from his body, converging with his killing intent before charging towards Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou!

Two more sword beams shot out from Chen Feng’s body. One was formed using life energy while the other was formed using death energy. The two beams formed a spiral, which broke the aura attack that his opponent had unleashed before spiralling towards the black-clad cultivator.

“No! Shadowless Palm!”

“Immeasurable Demon Force!”

Seeing Chen Feng’s attack, the faces of the two black-clad cultivators sank sharply. They responded simultaneously. One of them unleashed a black palm silhouette, which reeked with a retch-inducing stench. Its power was not to be underestimated. As for the other black-clad cultivator, he sent out two black energy balls from his palm. Next, the two energy balls abruptly exploded to transform into countless fine lines, which wrapped around the twin beams of life and death that Chen Feng had sent against them.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The forces unleashed by the three clashed continuously. By the time the twin beams of life and death that Chen Feng unleashed were fully dissipated, the attacks that the two black-clad cultivators unleashed had also been cancelled out. Even so, judging by the grim looks on the two black-clad cultivators’ faces, they had gone all out for it.

“Life and death energies! Could you have opened up the Life and Death acupoints? That is impossible!” One of the two black-clad cultivators cast a fearful gaze at Chen Feng. If Chen Feng were to unleash that attack once again, the two of them would have to flee.

When they realized that Chen Feng possessed a Sacred artefact, the two of them had considered seizing the Sacred artefact away. However, Chen Feng’s attack, using the life and death energies, had brought fear into their hearts.

“Immeasurable Demon Force. You two are from the Demon Order.” Chen Feng did not continue to attack. At any rate, his cultivation base was insufficient, making it impossible for him to bring forth the full power of the Twin Swords of Life and Death. Meanwhile, the two black-clad cultivators possessed high cultivation bases. Without utilizing the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng had no confidence that he could finish them off. Naturally, if the two black-clad cultivators wanted to continue, Chen Feng did not mind giving them a lesson. 

“Yes. You are also surely not some nameless character, esteemed one,” one of the black-clad cultivators said with a deep tone.

“You don’t need to know who I am. At any rate, this place is big enough. Everyone can go about their own business, but if you attack again, don’t blame me for taking action,” Chen Feng replied with a smirk.

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