Chapter 453: Strange Meteorite


Chen Feng brought out the Skysoar Warship that he had seized earlier. After boarding the Sacred artefact, the two of them piloted it to swiftly fly forward.

At that moment, somewhere far ahead…

A group of cultivators was surrounding a strange-looking meteorite the size of a small mountain.

Dark-grey in colour, the meteorite stood erect, rising to a height of at least 100 metres. Its surface was covered with holes, sword marks and palm prints.

One of the cultivators could not hold back and he abruptly swung his hand to fire out a sword beam, which heavily struck the surface of the meteorite. However, it only managed to create a ringing sound. It could not even cause sparks to fly, let alone leave any marks upon it.

“How peculiar! That sword beam could already kill off a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator. To think that it could not even leave a mark on its surface. If so, how strong were the cultivators who left all those marks on it?” The cultivator was shocked.

“Eh? This sword mark is more than meets the eye. It seems there are traces of sword intent within it.” Another cultivator there was attracted by a one-chi-long sword mark on the surface of the meteorite. 


The cultivator had only just uttered those words when his pupils suddenly contracted. Next, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, he hastily backed away, putting over 100 steps between himself and the meteorite. After that, he closed his eyes and sat still on the ground.

“Surely not! The fellow earlier was wounded by one of the sword marks on the meteorite!” someone cried out in shock. 

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Suddenly, another cultivator retreated while his chest heaved up and down. It was as though someone had just landed a heavy blow against him.

After taking tens of steps backwards, he finally stopped retreating. A look of surprise and joy appeared in his eyes. “What a formidable palm print! It actually contains a martial will!”

Next, the cultivator stepped forward again. When there was a distance of ten plus steps between him and the meteorite, he stopped and stared at the palm print to study it.

“The marks on its surface contain martial will!” By then, the other cultivators had also discovered the profundity of the meteorite. One by one, the shocked cultivators joyfully found a mark that suited them and began studying it.

“Humph, it is just a broken stone. I don’t believe it is so durable. What martial will? A load of bull! Watch as it break it!” Suddenly, a mighty-looking cultivator revealed a look of disdain. With a wave of his hand, he sent a dragon-shaped blast of formidable energy forward, which smashed against the meteorite.

In the end, the dragon-shaped energy blast disappeared. Not only did it fail to budge the meteorite in the slightest, it had failed to even leave a mark on it.

“Humph, I don’t buy it! Behold, my Fire Dragon Spear!” The cultivator’s face sank and a spear appeared in his grasp.

“This fellow has a death wish! He’s disrupting our cultivation practice!”

“Kill him!”

“Everyone, attack together!”

Everyone there grew infuriated and they immediately attacked the mighty cultivator. In just a flash, they had grievously wounded the mighty cultivator, forcing him to flee far away.

“Humph, a precious cultivation zone like this does not come about every day, but that fellow actually started doing crazy things. He’s lucky we didn’t kill him!” After saying that, they continued with their cultivation practice, either sitting down or standing up as they did.

“Truth be told, it is peculiar. I have been here in this Starsea Region for more than 10 years now and have gone to many places. I have come here before as well in the past. I don’t recall seeing this meteorite here back then.” A thin cultivator suddenly spoke up.

“He he! When it comes to this, none of you could know more than me. I have been spending my time cultivating here. Unexpectedly, when I opened my eyes after concluding one of my cultivation sessions, I suddenly beheld this big-ass meteorite. It didn’t even make any sounds. Back then, I was completely shocked by it. Isn’t it strange?” a young cultivator, seemingly only 20 something years old, said. 

“It suddenly appeared? Did it emerge from underground?” a nearby cultivator guessed.

“Who cares how it appeared? If you ask me, it must be a primordial relic. Just look at the many martial imprints left on it. Each and every one of them contains a martial will. At the very least, the ones who left the imprints must be at the Human Immortal stage. This is a priceless treasure. In terms of value, not even Sacred artefacts could match it. If those great sects find out about this, they will definitely go all out to seize it,” a cultivator analysed the meteorite.

“Your words make sense. I think we should think of a way to bring this meteorite over to a safe place. That way, all of us would be able to study it and cultivate ourselves. With this meteorite, our cultivation bases will definitely soar,” someone suggested.

Everyone there agreed with the suggestion. Thus, they began discussing how they should move the mountain-like meteorite away.

“Let me give it a shot.” A two-metre-tall, muscular man stood up. He had dark skin and his exposed arms revealed his explosive muscles.

“I know this fellow. He is Man Li. He cultivates the Mighty Ox King Formula. He has already cultivated it up to the point where he can exert a force of half a million kilogrammes.” One of them recognized the muscular man.

“Rise!” Man Li moved to stand before the meteorite and both his hands reached out to grab the protruding edges of the meteorite. Next, his muscles swelled as he channelled his magic power.

Unfortunately, he failed to budge the meteorite, not even a bit.

“Transform! Rise!” Man Li roared and his already muscular body grew even mightier, rising to a height of at least three metres while his arms grew one notch thicker. Layer after layer of light flowed across the surface of his firm muscles. Seeing that, everyone knew that Man Li was bringing out all his power for this.

Unfortunately for him, the mountain-like meteorite remained unbudgeable.

“Everyone, let’s work together,” someone else suggested.

“Fine! Behold, my Capturing Palm of Five Elements!”

“Godly Earthsplitter Art!”

“Overlord rips out the mountain!”

“Reverse the rivers and overturn the sea!”

“Divine Yellow Dragon Chains, rise!”

The cultivators there tried various methods and the resulting force exceeded five million kilogrammes. To their frustration, the meteorite had seemingly taken root and could not be budged.

“Perhaps, this meteorite really did grow from underground. In that case, I will use earth magic to give it a shot,” a short man said, pressing both his hands on the ground. Clumps of yellow light shone from his body.

Several breaths’ worth of time later, the short man stood up, soaked with sweat. “It’s useless. It feels like the soil has transformed into extremely hard rock. My earth magic is ineffective!”

“Is there anyone with spatial-type magic treasure? Collect this meteorite!”

“Stop joking! For a meteorite of this size, you will need a Sacred-tier spatial-type magic treasure. I believe none of us possess a Sacred artefact!”

“If so, let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s set up some restrictive barriers around to prevent others from coming over. We need to study it and cultivate as much as possible with whatever time we can get!”

The cultivators were quick to get to work. However, before they were done setting up the restrictive barriers, some other cultivators arrived. Additionally, the cultivation bases of these newcomers were in no way inferior compared to them. After a confrontation, these newcomers, too, stayed near the meteorite. 

Next up, the cultivators succeeded in setting up the restrictive barrier. However, cultivators kept appearing. Some with powerful cultivation bases simply broke through the restrictive barrier to arrive before the meteorite. Naturally, there were some who had wanted to take the meteorite away. However, all of them ended up getting disappointed. 

“How detestable! I forgot that many of the cultivators who enter this Starsea Region possess Myriad Induction Geocompasses. If so, there is no telling just how many cultivators would come,” one of the earliest cultivators to arrive said, gritting his teeth.

“Enough! Don’t talk anymore. Many experts have come and some will probably try to force us away. We will need to band together!”

“Naturally! We were the first to discover this meteorite. If anyone dares to mess around with us, I will go all out against them!”

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian arrived just in time to witness another conflict erupt there. Two powerful cultivators in black were forcing away the cultivators staying around the meteorite. The cultivators banded together to fight the two black-clad cultivators. However, the two black-clad cultivators had high cultivation bases and formidable magic powers. Their attacks were incredibly ruthless and they kept wounding or killing the other cultivators.

“Humph, you fellows are too arrogant! We were the ones who first discovered it. If you want to drive us away, then don’t blame us for going all out!” a cultivator roared. One of his arms had been severed in the fight and his eyes were blood-shot, seemingly having gone mad.

“You fellows are not afraid of death, huh? How about this? You can stay here. However, you cannot come close to this meteorite. You need to keep a distance of at least 100 metres between you and this meteorite,” one of the two black-clad cultivators said icily.

Although the cultivators were furious, they eventually compromised. The two black-clad cultivators were too powerful. There were two notches stronger than all of them. Continuing the fight would only result in all of them dying to the two black-clad cultivators.

“Looks like this meteorite is quite extraordinary. Let’s go down.” After saying that, Chen Feng collected the Skysoar Warship and flew down to land right above the meteorite.

“Someone else has come. These two fellows are very arrogant. They are actually landing right on top of the meteorite? This will surely provoke the two fellows!”

“No. The Skysoar Warship they were on earlier is a Sacred artefact. Additionally, there is the crest of Heavenly Origin Trade Association on it. These fellows must be experts!”

“That would be for the best. It would be even better if they could kill off the two fellows!”

“I fear that they would be even more ruthless!”

With just a glance, Chen Feng was able to recognize that the block of stone – the size of a small mountain – beneath him was a meteorite. He could not stop himself from exclaiming, “What a big meteorite! This must be the item that the Myriad Induction Geocompass is pointing at.”

“This meteorite is not an ordinary object.” Jian Xiaotian, too, spoke up.

Soo! Soo!

Suddenly, two sword beams shot towards both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. Although the two sword beams were not particularly powerful, they were fast. They contained the power of wind. Clearly, the attacker did not intend to kill Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. Rather, it was to teach them a lesson.

Bang! Bang!

Jian Xiaotian swiftly jabbed with his finger twice and two sword beams flashed out to smash apart the two incoming sword beams.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian floated down from the meteorite to land before the two black-clad cultivators.

“Were you two the ones who attacked earlier?” Jian Xiaotian asked with a sneer. His entire being was like a sharp sword that was on the verge of becoming unsheathed. A hidden killing intent radiated from his body.

“A level 3 Sky Human stage sword cultivator. Too weak. You don’t have what it takes to stay here. You have two choices. First, keep a distance of 100 metres from the meteorite. Second, we’ll throw you fellows out,” one of the two black-clad cultivators said icily.

1 chi = 0.333 m

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