Chapter 451: Meteorite


Chen Feng, who had yet to enter the lake, was caught off-guard by the water monster’s sudden appearance. Moreover, after a series of clashes, Chen Feng fell into a disadvantageous position. It shocked Chen Feng. However, it also stoked his feelings of pride.

Thus, Chen Feng did not utilize any magic treasures and relied on his bare hands to combat the water monster.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After unleashing three punches in a row, Chen Feng shattered the durable yet pliable pillar of water. Even so, the power within the pillar of water managed to slow Chen Feng down.


Chen Feng had only just shattered the ropes formed by the pillar of water when he sensed a vibration within the surrounding space. Next, a tangible shockwave charged towards him.

I don’t believe I cannot finish off this water monster. Chen Feng grew determined. He tossed the Longevity Tower in his hand up into the sky and stamped his foot down, causing the surrounding space to quake. Immediately after that, he unleashed a punch.

Chen Feng had unleashed all the power within him for this one punch. The Force acupoint in his body churned and a volcanic power erupted from his fist. The power behind the punch had exceeded half a million kilogrammes.


With that one punch, the winds blew to condense into the shape of a fist and ripples spread out into the surrounding space. The fist was as fast as lightning and it gave off the impression that it could break space.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds reverberated into his surroundings as the luminescent fist silhouette pummelled its way towards the shockwaves created by the water monster, quaking them apart. After quaking the shockwaves apart, the fist silhouette continued forward to smash heavily against the water monster’s body, knocking it over 100 metres away.

Chen Feng was finally able to get a good look at the water monster.

A perfunctory glance revealed that the water monster had the appearance of a carp. However, it was tens of thousands of times larger than the average carp. Thin and shining scales densely covered its entire body and rows of bony spikes protruded out from its body. Its head was about the size of a building. The most shocking sight was of its wide tail and upright fins. They were even sharper than flying swords. By just waving them lightly, the sounds of space getting sliced could be heard. 

A powerful water monster. It is a powerful Great Yao with at least 3 Lightning Tribulations under its belt. However, its fleshly body is far stronger than usual. Additionally, it has quite an exquisite combat technique. I wonder how many cultivators had died to it? Chen Feng gave the water monster a rough evaluation.

“Human, scram. This is my territory.” The water monster hovered above the lake and its pair of eyes stared intently at Chen Feng as it spoke the human tongue. It was in no hurry to attack. It could already see that this human was not an easy target.

“I think you’re the one who should leave,” Chen Feng said, swiftly rushing forward. His domain power surged out and a capturing palm silhouette formed using his domain power descended towards the water monster.


The water monster opened its mouth to send a large pillar of water gushing out. Like a sharp arrow, it pierced the capturing palm silhouette.


Chen Feng arrived atop the head of the water monster and unleashed a heavy blow against it. Next, the waters within a radius of over 100 metres were pushed down into the lake before bursting upwards. It was as though there was a tidal wave. As for the water monster, the attack from Chen Feng sent it smashing into the lake and it disappeared from sight.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s body pulsed and one Longevity Lance after another flew out from his body, hovering around him. He was waiting for the water monster to emerge so that he could unleash a formidable barrage against it.

“Enough, kid. Stop playing around. There are people heading this way.” Suddenly, the Longevity Tower flew back into Chen Feng’s palm.

“Fine. Tower, I remember there is a small lake inside the Longevity Tower, right?” Chen Feng suddenly said.

As the Longevity Tower was gradually recovering its power, Chen Feng had begun regarding it as a small world. Not only did Chen Feng plant a high number of medicinal herbs inside, he had also planted some rare trees there. Additionally, there was also a mountain-like pile of spirit stones inside and the lightning pool for his cultivation. At that moment, Chen Feng felt a sudden impulse to take away the lake before him.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Tower did not retort. Instead, it displayed its magic powers and began sucking up the lake’s waters.

Hua! Hua! Hua! Hua! Hua!

A humongous pillar of water rose up from the lake and spun into the Longevity Tower. In less than one breath’s worth of time, the Longevity Tower had sucked in several million jin of the lake’s waters. The waters formed a small lake within the first floor of the Longevity Tower and it continued to grow in size. After getting sucked into the Longevity Tower, the various aquatic creatures like fishes and shrimps grew apprehensive. However, when they sensed the immortal energy within the tower, they grew overjoyed and they began jumping up and down. Some water monsters with cultivation bases began going all out, absorbing the immortal energy to cultivate themselves.

It did not take long for the water monster Chen Feng fought against earlier to be sucked into the Longevity Tower as well. To Chen Feng’s surprise, there were various other water monsters besides the carp-like water monster that had several Lightning Tribulations under their belts. Chen Feng even saw a 100-metre-long black python that was in no way inferior to the carp-like water monster.

The small lake within the Longevity Tower expanded to a diameter of 5 kilometres before it finally stopped expanding.

“All right, let’s stop here first,” Tower said.

Chen Feng nodded. He carried the Longevity Tower in his left hand as he moved down the lake. The spire of the Longevity Tower radiated a faint-yellow halo of light, which enveloped the descending Chen Feng. The water surface of the lake split open, allowing Chen Feng in before closing up again.

Chen Feng descended at a very swift pace. It did not take long for him to descend over 100 zhang down the lake. At the same time, Chen Feng spread out his soul power to continuously scan his surroundings.

“Remarkable, this lake is actually so deep.” Chen Feng was surprised.

“It is a crater created by the collision of a meteorite from outer space. The core part of this lake must surely be much deeper than the average lake,” Tower said.

“Tower, what exactly are you looking for? Is it a meteorite?” Chen Feng asked with a grin.

“You are right, I’m looking for a meteorite,” Tower replied.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Not long after Chen Feng entered the lake, five cultivators appeared above the surface of the lake. One of the cultivators was carrying a plain-looking geomantic compass. It seemed as though he was looking for something.

“Brother Wang, is it here?” one of them asked.

“According to the Myriad Induction Geocompass, there should be a large meteorite here. I think we’ll strike it big this time.” The eyes of the cultivator holding the geomantic compass shone with light.

“Huh! Unexpectedly, after spending more than one year in this Starsea Region, we finally found something!”

“However, we need to be careful. Do not forget the water monster we encountered at the last lake. This lake is so big. There must surely be some powerful water monsters inside.”

“Yes. Eh? Something is amiss. I get the feeling that a battle was recently fought here!”

“I sense it too. Did someone beat us to it?”

“I’ll go down and explore the situation below first. You fellows wait for me.”

“All right. Third Bro, the two of us will head down to investigate.”

Sou! Sou!

Two of the cultivators dived into the lake while the remaining three waited above the lake.

“Be ready for battle. Let’s hope that our opponent is not too strong.” The cultivator holding the geomantic compass said as he waved his hands to set up layer after layer of restrictive magic arrays.

After descending through a distance of 1,000 zhang, Chen Feng’s soul power was finally able to clearly see what was beneath the lake. He then extended one finger to rap the Longevity Tower, causing it to send out a ray of light, which cleared away all the dirt at the bottom of the lake.

A block of black iron, the size of a building, appeared before Chen Feng.

Landing before the block of black iron, Chen Feng could immediately sense a faint power of stars coming from the block of black iron. The power of stars here was different from the power of stars that he normally absorbed. This power of stars was more ancient, more pure.

“He he! If I am not mistaken, this meteorite should be around 5 million years old. A pity it is not a star core, otherwise it would be even more valuable,” Tower said. Despite that, Chen Feng could feel the happiness emanating from the Longevity Tower in his hand.

Chen Feng utilized his Domain Palm to grab the meteorite. After grabbing hold of it, Chen Feng found that he could not move it. He continued to channel his magic power. Finally, he even had to borrow the Longevity Tower’s power. The force that Chen Feng was exerting had exceeded half a million kilogrammes, a force capable of pulling out a small mountain. And yet, the meteorite remained immobile.

“It’s so heavy?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Hey, hey! The heavier it is, the better. It proves that this meteorite is very dense, suitable for repairing my damaged body.” Next, the Longevity Tower released a stream of light, which engulfed the meteorite. With a swooshing sound, the meteorite disappeared before re-appearing inside the Longevity Tower.

“Sii! The meteorite weighs at least 15 million kilogrammes!” Chen Feng sucked in a breath of air. There was a close connection between Chen Feng and the Longevity Tower. Now that the meteorite was already inside the Longevity Tower, it was only natural that Chen Feng could sense how heavy the meteorite was.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before asking, “Tower, this meteorite should be able to patch up most of the cracks on your body, right?” 

“Far from it,” Tower was quick to reply.

“No rush. Didn’t falling meteorites create this Starsea Region? I believe there must be more meteorites in other locations. We can stay here for a while,” Chen Feng suggested.

“It is very difficult. This place has been around for tens of thousands of years. Who knows how many cultivators have searched through this place? We are unbelievably lucky to be able to find this meteorite as it is.” Tower did not agree.

“Since we have already acquired the item, let’s head up,” Chen Feng said and his figure slowly rose upwards.

Tower flicked his finger to throw a clump of flames on the block of meteorite to melt it down. It was Tower’s essence-bound flames, capable of easily burning down even Sacred artefacts. However, nothing happened to the block of meteorite. It did not even turn red.

“Sigh! I didn’t think it would be so hard to melt down this piece of meteorite,” said Tower, who opened his mouth to spray out a stream of flames. With that the power of the flames grew and the meteorite slowly turned red. Even so, there was no sign of it melting.

“Ha ha, the harder, the better. That way, it will be even more useful for me.” Tower suddenly laughed.

“Eh? Some people are coming down.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he quickly retracted his spread-out soul power.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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