Chapter 448: Three Sacred Artefacts


“Oh, no! The power behind the attacks is too strong. The mountains of our Skycloud Mountain are affected!” one of the bandits shouted.


He had only just spoken when one of the mountains cracked. Next, the mountain, which weighed over half a million kilogrammes, came crashing down, causing the ground to quake. It was as though there was an earthquake.

“What are you worried about? Our Skycloud Mountain is protected by magic arrays. Besides, even if the mountains are shattered, we can just use our magic powers to move a few more mountains over!”

“Eh? Where are they? Why don’t I see them? Did the attacks reduce them to minced meat?”

“That must be the case. So many of us had attacked together earlier, even a Human Immortal would have to dodge!”

“No, no, no! Chen Feng hasn’t died. How could he suddenly disappear? Hurry, put up a barrier. Do not let them escape!” The insidious-looking man was quick to notice something amiss.

The bandits’ attacks earlier had blasted all of the tied-up cultivators to bits and they were now unquestionably dead. However, the insidious-looking man and the others knew that Chen Feng possessed a Sacred artefact. As they could not see the Sacred artefact, it was likely that Chen Feng had utilized a certain method to hide himself.

“Who dares come to our Skycloud Mountain and raise a ruckus?” Suddenly, a massive sword flew forward from afar. It pierced through space to arrive at the sky above Skycloud Mountain. A majestic, world-encompassing atmosphere of coercion descended from above, causing Ling Long and the others to shudder involuntarily.

“Good, our men have finally returned. With this, no matter how powerful Chen Feng may be, he can no longer escape.” The insidious-looking man waved his hand to toss the Skysoar Warship out. The Skysoar Warship instantly expanded in size. In just the blink of an eye, it was already as big as a mountain. It hovered up in the sky beside the massive sword.

“Brother He, what happened? How did this place end up like this?” There were six cultivators standing on the massive sword. The one who spoke up was a youngster in a simplistic-looking combat armour.

“We caught a big fish today. However, this fish is too big and it keeps thrashing about. Thankfully, you fellows returned early, otherwise we could have died to the resulting splashes,” said the insidious-looking man, who then informed them about Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng!”

Every one of the newly-arrived cultivators cried out in shock.

“This is really a big fish. However, where is he?” The armour-clad youngster looked around.

“He should be hiding somewhere around here. He possesses a Sacred artefact. Everyone, be careful,” the insidious-looking man said solemnly.

“A Sacred artefact! No wonder Nine Firmaments Palace still cannot capture Chen Feng after so long. However, now that he has entered our Skycloud Mountain, he can forget about leaving!”

“That’s right! He is simply swimming into the net!”

“Activate the Great Mountainguard Array!”

“Mobilize the Sacred artefacts!”

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The surrounding mountains began trembling and the surrounding space turned blurry. Various powers from the void swirled about, intersecting one another. Lightning flashed out and thunder roared. Various runes appeared outside the mountains to form layer after layer of barriers, which enveloped the entire Skycloud Mountain.


A pitch-black command flag suddenly floated up from the top of one of the mountains. In the beginning, the command flag was only the size of a palm. However, when it rose up to the sky, it then grew larger. The pole of the flag grew to a height of at least 100 zhang. The command flag waved slightly and streams of light could be seen moving ceaselessly across the surface of the flag.

After appearing, the command flag instantly hovered up in the sky alongside the Skysoar Warship and the massive sword. The three objects hovered tall. The majestic atmosphere the command flag emanated was even stronger compared to the atmosphere of the massive sword.

Surprisingly, the command flag was also a Sacred artefact.

“With these three Sacred artefacts, not even a Human Immortal can trouble us. I don’t believe we cannot kill off the kid.” A look of pride glinted across the eyes of the insidious-looking man.

These three Sacred artefacts were why Skycloud Mountain could survive in the Starsea Region and keep on growing stronger.

“I want to see how long you can hide inside the void.” Another young cultivator who was standing on the massive sword flew forward, moving to hover before the command flag. He grabbed the pole of the Sinister Demonwind Flag and promptly waved it, causing sinister winds to blow. Strong winds blew, transforming into countless sinister wind blades, which sliced towards the sky.

“Hey, hey! Three Sacred artefacts. This time’s harvest is quite considerable.” Chen Feng, who was standing inside the Longevity Tower, could not stop himself from chortling.

“Kid, you will need to consider this thoroughly. Once I utilize my full power, there is the possibility that trouble will come knocking,” Tower reminded Chen Feng.

“You mean it might attract the attention of your old enemies?” Chen Feng asked.

“That’s right!”

Chen Feng pondered for a moment and said, “If I recall correctly, you mentioned that the possibility of that happening is small.”

“Yes, it is very small. It is as small as one in a trillion,” Tower said.


Chen Feng felt an impulse to jump up and swear at Tower. Can that even be considered a possibility? Chen Feng wondered if Tower was actually trying to fool him.

“In that case, are you worried?” Chen Feng asked.

“What is there to worry about? I am not worried at all,” Tower was very direct in answering.

“Fine, I give my hats off to you. Now, display your full power and handle this situation,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! Are you looking down on me? You want me to display my full power for three little Sacred artefacts? Just one breath from me is enough to subdue them.” Tower reflexively laughed out.


Suddenly, all the bandits there saw Chen Feng emerging from the void. In his hand was a one-chi tall, nine-level dark-yellow tower. He hovered in the sky and the sinister winds rampaging about ceaselessly in the sky were all shattered by an invisible power before they could even reach Chen Feng.

“Eh? Chen Feng has emerged!”

“Ha ha ha! Kid, why aren’t you hiding anymore? Can you not hide anymore? In that case, I will give you a chance. Hurry up and hand over all the items on you. That way, maybe I can spare your life,” the insidious-looking man said as he laughed.

“Is that so? In that case, I will also give you fellows a chance.” Chen Feng, too, laughed.

“Oh, what chance? Tell me about it.” A ridiculing look appeared within the insidious-looking man’s eyes.

“Everyone here are to immediately hand over everything on them. Then, abolish your own cultivation bases and I will spare your lives. What do you think?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words shocked them. Then, all of them opened their mouths to laugh. Some would laugh skywards and some would clutch their stomachs as they laughed. It was as though they had heard the funniest joke in the world.

As there were too many bandits there, the erupting sounds of laughter continued for one joss stick’s worth of time before subsiding.

“Are you fellows done laughing?” A ridiculing smile could be seen on Chen Feng’s face.

“Kid, did you damage your head? Or are you sleepwalking and have yet to wake up?” the insidious-looking man could not stop himself from asking.

“I am absolutely confident that he must have damaged his head. How could any normal person utter those words? How laughable! I have never seen, no, I have never even heard of something like this before,” said Ling Long, who giggled.

“Something’s not right. I have a faint feeling that something’s not right!” the young sword cultivator, Xiao Jian, whispered.

“Xiao Jian, what are you on about?” the cultivator beside him was quick to ask.

“He is too calm. I am feeling concerned,” Xiao Jian said.

“What is there to feel concerned about? This is already in the bag. You are overthinking it, kid.” The cultivator pursed his lips to the side and ignored Xiao Jian.

“All right. Everyone has had their fill of laughter.” The cultivator wielding the Sinister Demonwind Flag abruptly waved the command flag and a wyrm swirled out from the command flag. Roaring, the wyrm then charged at Chen Feng. The wyrm was at least 100 zhang long, condensed using the sinister and demonic energies of the Sinister Demonwind Flag. With just one pounce, the wyrm had arrived before Chen Feng.


Chen Feng stretched out a finger to rap the spire of the Longevity Tower. Immediately the spire unleashed a beam of dark-yellow light. Although the beam of light did not appear dazzling, it penetrated the head of the wyrm before proceeding to pierce through the wyrm’s entire body.


The wyrm, which had been displaying an aggressive air of might just a moment ago, suddenly halted. A high number of cracks spread out through its body. Finally, with a booming sound, it shattered into pieces and transformed into strands of sinister and demonic energy.

“All right, I don’t have time to waste with you fellows. I’ll finish you off now.” After saying that, Chen Feng tossed the Longevity Tower in his hand upwards and it flew 1,000 metres up into the sky.

“Eh? Something isn’t right! There are barriers in the sky. How did the little tower fly all the way up there?” At that moment, some of the smarter bandits noticed that something was amiss.

After flying 1,000 metres up into the sky, the Longevity Tower began falling. As it fell, it grew in size. By the time it descended to the same altitude as the highest mountain peak there, it already had a height of 10,000 zhang and a width of 3,000 zhang. Its figure fell, causing the sky to turn dark. It seemed as though the sky was falling down. 

The most terrifying matter for the bandits, however, was the reaction of their Sacred artefacts. As the Longevity Tower descended, the Sacred artefacts of Skycloud Mountain began trembling. The few cultivators controlling the Sacred artefacts could clearly sense the feelings of dread and submission from the Sacred artefacts. A majestic, world-encompassing aura of coercion that was even more powerful than Heaven and Earth bore down upon them. 


The three Sacred artefacts instantly shrank before falling to the ground, not moving in the slightest. Many of the bandits there – with lesser cultivation bases – fell to their knees. As the Longevity Tower continued descending, even those with high cultivation bases had to bend their waist. Finally, they too, were incapable of holding on. All of them fell to their knees. It was a type of pressure that went all the way into the depths of their souls. An inviolable will had enveloped the bandits’ minds.

Finally, the Longevity Tower landed on the ground, its body enveloping every one of the mountains there. As for the bandits, not a single one managed to escape.

“Tsk, tsk! So powerful!” Chen Feng stared with a dumbfounded expression. This was the first time Chen Feng had witnessed such a domineering and ferocious display of power from the Longevity Tower. Though, his feelings of joy exceeded his feelings of shock.

“How is it, kid? Are you surprised?” Tower assumed his human form and appeared before Chen Feng. There was a bright smile on his face.

“I am very surprised. In the past, when you talked about how powerful you are, I had assumed that you are just boasting. Today, I finally get to witness it for real.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Ha ha ha ha! If I can completely recover, I will be a trillion times stronger than this!” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Tower immediately laughed out.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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