Chapter 444: Kill Them All


Looks like my level of attainment in the Longevity Scripture’s weapons condensation technique is not high enough. Without the tempering of Lightning Tribulation, these condensed weapons are too weak. Chen Feng was not surprised to see the Longevity Chains broken. Rather, it was something that he had expected.

“Ha ha! And here I thought you are very strong. It turns out you are only so-so. I was careless earlier. Now, watch as I cut you in half!” After breaking Chen Feng’s attack, the beefy man laughed loudly.  Taking one step forward, he arrived before Chen Feng and the blade in his hand hacked down upon Chen Feng’s head.

There were no superfluous moves, only a tangible astral blade. As Chen Feng had wounded the beefy man earlier, the beefy man’s killing intent was now utterly provoked. This move contained all of the beefy man’s power. In his opinion, the immobile youngster would certainly end up getting cleaved into two by his attack.

They’re fighting. Very well. Let’s see what kind of abilities those two possess. By then, Ling Long has entered the lobby as well. When she saw the fight erupt, however, she did not step forward to stop them. Instead, she stood to the side to observe the result of the fight.

To everyone’s surprise, Chen Feng did not dodge. Neither did he bring out his own magic treasure to counter attack. Instead, his hand swiftly shot out to grab the blade.

When the blade was caught, the astral blade enveloping it was immediately shattered and the beefy man’s forward momentum came to a halt. He could clearly feel a thrumming sound coming from his Prized artefact. It was a sign that the Prized artefact had been damaged.

How is this possible? He caught my blade bare-handed? This blade is a grade 3 Prized artefact! The beefy man was extremely terrified. At the same time, he wept inwardly. If only he had known that his opponent was this powerful, he would not have stepped forward to pick a quarrel with him.


With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng sent a formidable force into the blade. Next, the beefy man – seemingly struck by lightning – blasted backwards to smash heavily against the wall. After that, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The kid is so powerful? No. It must be because he is wearing a defensive magic treasure on his hands, otherwise he could not have been able to so casually intercept the attack of a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator. Ling Long was initially taken aback. However, she quickly recollected herself.

“Ai-yo! It is so lively here. He he! The two of you came out for a break? Do you want me to get something delicious for you?” Ling Long said, moving with a highly flirtatious demeanour to arrive before Chen Feng. Putting a tender smile on her face, she sat down before Chen Feng.

“No need. We brothers just do not like getting disturbed by others,” Chen Feng said coolly. Next, he poured another cup of wine and slowly sipped it.

“Good wine. I believe it must be over 100 years old,” Ling Long said smilingly.

“Heh!” Chen Feng simply chuckled without answering.

Seeing Chen Feng’s response, killing intent glinted within the depths of Ling Long’s eyes. Humph! I’ll let you be smug first. It won’t be long before you fellows die!

“He he! Little brother, you look familiar. I wonder, which sect are you from? If I had to guess, you must be a disciple from one the Ten Great Sects, right?” Seeing Chen Feng ignore her, Ling Long then turned her attention towards Jian Xiaotian.

“Yes, I am actually a core disciple of Nine Firmaments Palace, Lei Sha. I wonder, have you heard of my name?” Jian Xiaotian said with a serious face.

“Cough!” Hearing Jian Xiaotian’s reply, Chen Feng nearly sprayed out the wine in his mouth. Thankfully, his cultivation base was high enough and he was able to stop himself.

“Tsk, tsk. This wine is really pungent. I hear that it has been kept for 10,000 years. I wonder if it’s true?” Chen Feng said, sipping the wine again. Then, he closed his eyes to rest as he refined the wine’s medicinal power.

“You are Lei Sha?!” Ling Long could not stop herself from exclaiming. Inwardly though, she was swearing at Jian Xiaotian. In the beginning, Chen Feng had already said that their names were Chen Lin and Chen Mu. It hadn’t even been all too long since then. And yet, they had already changed names? 

Kid, I already know your identity. You think you can put on an act in front of me? I want to see how long you can continue your act, Ling Long thought.

Nine Firmaments Palace aside, even Lei Sha was someone with quite the reputation within the Northern Plains’ world of cultivation. After hearing Jian Xiaotian’s words, some of the cultivators within the lobby turned to look at Jian Xiaotian, wanting to check out this famous figure from Nine Firmaments Palace.

“Eh? That’s not right! Why does he look so familiar? The same is true for the one who attacked earlier. Why do the two of them feel so familiar?”

“They look similar to the bounty portraits issued by Nine Firmaments Palace!”

“That’s right! They look like Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian!” 

“What do you mean they look like them? It’s clearly them!”

“Ha ha! That’s right, I am Lei Sha. What is it, Miss Ling Long? You don’t seem to believe me,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smirk.

“He he! It is not that I do not believe you. Rather, I was just a bit shocked. I didn’t think I would be able to meet core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace here. I was being too disrespectful before this. And what about this friend of yours?” Ling Long turned to look at Chen Feng. 

“He is Yan Luo. We are brothers. We came out this time to have fun,” Jian Xiaotian said with a chortle.

Humph! Lying with a straight face. Who do you think you’re bluffing here? Ling Long secretly sneered.

“Unexpectedly, I failed to recognize you fellows. I am truly blessed to be able to meet the core disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. I will go fetch some good tea for you two,” said Ling Long, who twisted her waist as she walked away.

“It really is the two of them. This is a good opportunity. If we can capture these two fellows, we can turn them in to Nine Firmaments Palace for the rewards. The rewards are enough for our cultivation needs for decades!”

“However, these two fellows are not easy to deal with. Didn’t you see what happened to Tie Niu earlier?”

“Hey, hey! There are so many of us here. What are you afraid of? If we attack together, we will surely be able to kill the two of them. Besides, didn’t you fellows notice it? That Ling Long chick is most likely harbouring bad intentions by inviting them up. Additionally, we are not the only ones here. If we don’t take action, the others will definitely attack!”

“That’s right, wealth lies in the midst of danger. Kill those two and we will be able to obtain a great amount of cultivation resources!”

“Attack! Attack together!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The cultivators were very decisive. After discussing it through, they immediately attacked both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. They did not even bother saying anything.

There was a total of eight attackers, six men and two women. Five of them were at level 3 of the Sky Human stage and three of them were at level 4 of the Sky Human stage.

Five flying swords, a spear, a seal stamp and a torrential palm force bombarded Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian from every direction in a chaotic manner. They wanted to kill off Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian with that one wave of attacks.

Seeing them unleashing attacks at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, the wounded beefy man sprayed blood out from his mouth. He then waved his hand and a black bead also shot towards Chen Feng.

“I knew you fellows were harbouring malicious intentions.” Chen Feng sneered. The Demon Sealing Sword instantly flew up to radiate a stretch of sword light, which enveloped both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

The Demon Sealing Sword’s power protected them and all the attacks unleashed by the attacking cultivators were unable to wound them at all. Firstly, the flying swords were all deflected backwards. Next, Chen Feng caught the spear with his hand while his leg kicked the seal stamp away. As for the palm force which seemingly contained a power capable of rearranging mountains and overturning the seas, its instead became like a river flowing against a small mountain. All it could do was create some splashes.

Jian Xiaotian and Chen Feng had fought side by side many times before. Thus, their level of cooperation was very high. The moment Chen Feng made his move, Jian Xiaotian, too, attacked. Several sword beams flashed out and the beefy man was riddled with holes. After struggling for a bit, he breathed his last.


When the black bead struck the barrier, it suddenly exploded and a formidable shockwave swept across the lobby to tear everything apart. The attacking cultivators were all swept off their feet. It even caused the Sacred-tier flying-type magic treasure that was swiftly flying forward to wobble.

Amongst all the cultivators within the lobby, only Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had remained unscathed. However, the barrier that Chen Feng had created using the Demon Sealing Sword grew thinner as a result. Chen Feng knew, another such explosion would definitely break the barrier.

“What is that thing?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“It’s a Thunderbolt Bead! Damn it! It’s a high-grade one to boot!” one of the cultivators in the lobby shouted.

Although none of them were killed, the cultivators were not in good shapes. All of them were suffering from a considerable number of injuries.

“Thankfully, it was not a Lightning Thunder Bead, otherwise it would have blown us all up!”

“You should be thinking about what to do now.” Chen Feng suddenly snickered.

“Not good. The two fellows are all right! They have magic treasures for protection. Not even the Thunderbolt Bead could harm them!”

“How is this possible? No! Hurry, run!”

“We are all inside a Sacred artefact. Where do you fellows think you’re going? I think you should just stay.” After saying that, Chen Feng jabbed a finger out and the Demon Sealing Sword transformed into an electrifying beam of light as it shot forward.

Puchi! Puchi!

The Demon Sealing Sword swirled around and astral lightning flashed out. Instantly, two cultivators were killed.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, the Demon Sealing Sword – under Chen Feng’s control – kept releasing flashes of astral lightning. Every flash would result in a dead cultivator.

“Argh! Mercy!”

“Don’t kill me! I am willing to surrender! I will do anything, anything! Just don’t kill me!”

“Mercy! Mercy! It hadn’t been easy to cultivate up to this level. I don’t want to die!”

“Don’t kill us! We didn’t attack earlier!”

Regardless of their pleas for mercy, Chen Feng maintained an expressionless face. In but one breath’s worth of time, he had killed off all of the cultivators who attacked him and Jian Xiaotian earlier, leaving only those who did not attack. Those cultivators huddled in the corners of the lobby, shivering as they watched the emotionless Chen Feng. There were looks of terror on the faces of those cultivators. Who could have guessed that this young cultivator who had been putting on a smiling face earlier would suddenly transform into a demon of slaughter?


Chen Feng waved his hand and the Demon Sealing Sword transformed into a stream of light, which flowed back into his body. 

“Sigh! You didn’t even leave a few for me,” Jian Xiaotian said with a displeased tone.

“I just don’t feel like dealing with them longer.” Chen Feng then beckoned and the storage-type magic treasures on the killed cultivators’ bodies flew into Chen Feng’s hand.

Realizing that Chen Feng had no intentions of killing them, the surviving cultivators left the lobby and entered their respective rooms. Staying at the same place as this God of Slaughter was too stressful for them.

“What happened here?” It was then that Ling Long came over, carrying a tea set over. When she saw the lobby, her face instantly revealed a look of shock.

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